My Baby , I Like Women with Curves

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Author’s Note: This is a collaboration work written by myself and the man whom I will affectionately refer to as the Fucking Genius.


My baby and I don’t go out much. We usually prefer our home entertainments to anything that others can come up with. But that night, there was no way of getting around it; I wanted to dance.

The club was in the sleazy part of town that most everyone avoided at night except for the actual havic-reakers themselves and those so desperate to leave middle-class suburbia that they would risk the menacing sorts for jello-shots and music with a pulse. It was always cold when we got out of the car to go into one of those places. My long black boots kept my legs warm; up to the knees but the short skirt of the velvet black dress provided only a bell to catch the air in. The front almost did not exist, tied together with only a sliver chain that braced it together from the hips to the neck. The convenience of a jacket was not one we could take since there was no place to put it once we got inside.

I rarely saw Jared dressed as he was there. No one would have recognized him, but yet he seemed comfortable in the oddity of wearing those tight black leather pants and soft blue shirt. It was classy and seductive. I watched that leather hardened ass slip out of the car and immediately began to have second thoughts about spending the night fondling this man and not being able to release the built up tension. The full front of the cold slapped against my hardly shielded pussy as I got out of the car, and caused a bit of regret over my excitement.

The heated sweat smell of liquor and mashing bodies was welcomed. It meant warmth, and the bouncer checked our ID’s and nodded us through.

The music poured off of the walls and the grinding people radiated energy, and the music flowed from them as much as around them. I grabbed Jared’s hand and pulled him threw the multitude of skin, sweat and attitude. Their warm beings sent the cold of my exterior running away shirking. When I felt we had stuffed ourselves among the crowd, I turned back to my Baby and wrapped my arms about his high neck. It took a moment for the weight of music to push us into a timed dance, but when it did, it felt blasphemous to step outside the rhythm.

I pushed the full front of my breasts against his chest. I wanted him to feel them, and wanted him to be tempted. I wanted him to wish he could grab them. The silver chain strained to hold the dress over them. I could feel the soft cotton of his shirt against the bared portion of my body. I looked into those blue eyes and couldn’t resist licking my lips. He settled his hands about my hips, feeling the velvet of the dress. I gave him a troublesome smile, and turned around. I felt the heat of his warming body caressed my skin through the velvet and the brush of a hardening appendage against the small of my back. I reached my hand around behind me and gave it a fond tug, and reached around enough to kiss him, his arms sliding around the front of my body, pulling me closer. When I pulled away his eyes, flickered between a demanding and laughing expression. After a moment, I turned back around to grope his chest, I could feel his hard on trying to push through his pants and up my skirt. I grinned and nibbled lightly at his neck.

That is when I felt the obvious brush of boobs on my back, and though my first thought was that it was just another passing by us in close contact, then they stayed on my back, and I gave a quick breath in response. I saw Jared’s eyes get really big as another set of hands not his own slipped around my waist and squeezed my breasts, and pinched the nipples. I couldn’t help but to sigh. I twisted around to see our attacker and I know we both thought she was a fine looking woman.

She wore a long black skirt about her hips, pulled so tight her hips gave it shape, for a top she wore only a green satin corset, embroidered with black vines. Her cleavage filled the corset entirely, and then some, with milky skin.

She was toned, just enough that her arms showed muscle, and her emerald eyes peered out from under a mass of full, long, beautiful black hair. Some of it hung over her shoulder slightly covered one of those gorgeous tits, and a small Celtic rose tattoo seemed to be peaking out from under the unruly tresses.

“I’m sorry,” she said stuttering a bit, “I was just…no…I guess…yes. All right. I thought you were someone else.” Then she fled. I saw her duck into the bathroom. I turned to Jared.

“I’m going to go make sure she’s okay,” I told him. He just sort gaziantep escortlar of nodded, still picturing the stranger I think. I went in after her. She was standing at the sink, a bit shaken up.

“Are you alright?” I asked. I was wondering why I had followed this stranger at all. Because she’s really hot…. my mind was trying to tell me. I mentally scolded it. She looked over at me.

“I’m SO sorry about that, my friends just sort of disappeared and just when I was pretty sure they had left I thought I saw her and it was you and…” she just kept babbling. I patted her shoulder.

“It’s okay, really…so…you like women then?” I asked. Not really sure why I was asking. She suddenly seemed less bashful.

“Well, ya didn’t you notice?” she said with a chuckle. I couldn’t help but notice how she jiggled when she laughed.

“Oh I noticed. And you’re alone then?” I asked, compulsively pushing a strand of loose hair behind her ear.

“Yes. I’m alone. And horny. And feeling mischievious…not a good combination.” I couldn’t agree with her more.

“What’s your name?”


“Hi Deri, I’m Sady, and the tall guy with the cute butt in leather pants is Jared. Would you care to join us?”


A quick introduction and a few drinks later, Jared excused himself to the bathroom. Deri simply closed the gape where he had been by moving up behind me.

Her hands were smaller then Jared’s and more aggressive. She wrapped her arms around me and pulled at the tight strings of the dress. I turned around to face her. She was so much calmer then when we had first met; she smiled dreamily, and was blushed from the heated dancing. The touch of our breasts made blood race. I kissed the base for her neck.

She was immediately on the up take. Her hands cupped my ass, and I jumped when she squeezed it. I was already panting and hot. I’d never been with another woman before though I had a number of the times had the urge. I licked the sweat from her neck and her jaw line. Horny from the hard dancing, my nipples ached with prolonged stiffness, and I pressed my hips against hers. We had edged ourselves of into a corner of the club, and no one seemed to notice. When I stepped back from her neck, she pulled me in for a kiss on the lips. They were so full and warm, and it sent a chill up my spine when she licked the roof of my mouth. I couldn’t resist her beautiful figure anymore. I pulled at the strings of her corset, to loosen it enough that I could pull those bountiful breasts from their containment. I ran my hands up and down the cover of her hips and globes. The large nipples greeted my eagerness with a welcome, and I felt her shudder against my body. She pinned me against the wall, and I ran a hand through her hair, as I pinched her tattooed breast.

I saw Jared peak into our little corner just as I felt her hand sliding up the side of my skirt. I watched him for a moment to look for his approval. The approval was apparent in the pitch of his pants. I smiled at him and nibbled on Deri’s ear lobe. Her hand under my skirt, she felt along the line of my thong, and I tried to squirm from being tickled but she held me firmly against the wall. I leaned into her to lick her exposed nipples and suck on her soft tissue. I was gentle then when I felt her start to relax into my suckling, I nibbled sharp enough for her to groan aloud. She pulled her hand away from my skirt and stood up straight.

“Come with me,” she said in harsh command, pulling me along with her by the strings of my dress. I smiled and signaled Jared to come too, though I’m sure he would have followed anyway.

The storage room she lead us too, seemed to have been deserted just for us. There was couch in there, and a few other furniture odds and ends.

“This place used to be a coffee shop.” she said, “They never got rid of the furniture I guess.” I was only able to respond with a moan, the capacity to form the English language having left me, and she gently pushed me down on the couch, and kissed me aggressively, and I melted. She pushed my thighs apart with a hand and tickled me under my skirt. My breathing increased, and I unhooked the front buckles for her corset until it fell again.

The pale skin of her stomach was so smooth intercepted only by the small green gem she had through her belly button. I pulled up the front of her skirt, and tried to reach her wet, heated core but she pulled away just enough to keep me from it. In that moment of my disgruntled response she pushed aside my thong and pushed three fingers into my pussy. I yelped with excitement, and pushed up against her. Her lips went to my breast and sucked hard as she rubbed the upper wall. I groaned with contentment and pushed into her more. She chuckled a little and rewarded me with another finger and a thumb, and knuckle of her thumb rubbing harshly against my G-spot. I squealed, with something with a mixture of pain and pleasure.

It was like losing my virginity all over again. I panted helplessly, and when she bit my nipple I felt myself come in waves. As soon as I had regained my sanity, I kissed her deeply and rolled over on top of her. The closet smelled richly of sex, and I saw Jared was watching wide eyed from a few feet away. I grinned at him, as I pulled the long skirt from Deri’s legs.

She was well shaven, except for a patch in front that gave proof to her womanhood, and her skin was the same white color everywhere. Naked and beautiful, with a light scar above one leg. She was drenched with wet sex, and I ran my hand over her legs. She sat on the couch, he dark hair tossed behind it, her breasts rising and falling as they sat there waiting to be touched. I let one massage a breast and the other the inside of her thigh. She smiled as I straddled across her round hips, and in her lap. Her eyes just sparkled. I kissed her deeply as I continued to feel her smooth skin. I pulled her tight and let our breasts rub against each other. It was fabulous.

I pushed a single finger down to her little knot at the top of her vagina. She was already soaked and I pushed against it hard. She started to moan, and I eased off her lap and knelt before her parted legs. I had always wondered what another woman would taste like. I kept my finger on her clit while I pushed my tongue into her as far as it would go. She was so sweet and salty. I then used the full front of my tongue to lick all along her slit and circled around her clit, which was stiff and swollen. I nibbled her a little bit, and she groaned, so I knew I was in the right. I pushed two fingers into her pulsing pussy and felt the interior of her. Felt for the sensitive spots, while I continued to tongue her clit.

The time between her moans shortened, and her wetness dripped from her pussy. She started thrusting her hips against my fingers and tongue and then sighed with relief. That’s when I saw Jared start to approach.

He knelt down, and helped me massage Deri’s thighs as she finished coming. From the look in his eyes, I could tell he couldn’t stand being in the background anymore. He wanted to join in the action on center stage. Deri gave one last sigh and opened her eyes to find she now had two eager attendants. She looked at my man with eagerness dripping out of her green eyes, and cupped her hand around his neck, pulling him in for a kiss which he readily have her. I sat and watched as their lips wrestled, and I noticed that his hand had ventured onto her breast and was eagerly massaging it. I had never seen him touch another woman before, and instead of feeling the jealousy I often imagined I would, rather I could hardly contain my excitement. I reached down to fondle his manhood through his leather pants, only to find that her hand was already there.

He now broke away from their kiss, and leaving one arm around her, he used the other to pull me closer. He clearly liked the idea of having his arms around two naked women both pulling at his dick. Deri and I both tore at his shirt and it was quickly liberated from his body. His now naked torso glistened with the perspiration of dancing and his more recent excitement.

He guided me so that I was now sitting next to Deri on the couch. He reached down pushed our breasts together, so that when he bent down and licked them, his tongue slip between the two bulges of feminine flesh. We both gave a little squeal, and looked at each other, surprised we had given the same reaction. Jared couldn’t keep from giving a little giggle at the expression on both of our faces.

He released our breasts and let his hands venture down to our dripping wet slits. As he set to work rubbing our clits, we turned to join in a warm, sloppy kiss, our tongues not necessarily even bothering to find lips or mouth, but hungrily searching for any human flesh. Jared’s firm pressure on my clit soon had me ready to come again, and I could tell from Deri’s breathing that she was getting close too. Right at that point, Jared rammed his fingers into each of us, and we orgasmed convulsively so that our legs and arms tried to wrap around each other, losing Jared somewhere in between a tangle of hot, sweaty limbs.

As we calmed down, Deri said, “I think it is time for Jared to get some of the attention.”

“I couldn’t agree more,” I said with a mischievous grin.

We separated our bodies and pulled Jared up onto the couch to fill the gap we left. The bulge in his leather pants was threatening to burst right through the seams. Between the two of us, we managed to pull his pants off, and his penis sprung into the air like a drowning man finally reaching the surface. Deri reached his throbbing member first and quickly engulfed it with her mouth. I sat and watched as her head of raven tresses bobbed up and down along my boyfriend’s shaft. Soon his breathing was becoming rapid and little gasps escaped his usually stoic lips, and I could tell that he was ready to come.

Deri seemed to sense this almost as soon as I did, and so she relented from her steady pace and pulled back to give him a rest. Instead she let her tongue roam up and down the length of his shaft, slowly exploring all the bulges and bumps along the way. I wiggled up beside her, and cupping his balls in my hand, joining her in licking his smooth, hard rod. It wasn’t long before our tongues found each other, and began to play among themselves with Jared’s cock in between. We found that we could have our lips reach around him and meet, so that we began to make out right around his cock. Jared could hardly take any more, and was moaning fervently as he ran his fingers through our hair, pushing our heads even closer around his cock. As we were doing this, Deri’s hand found its way onto my ass, and ran along the crack, brushing both my asshole and my slit.

Jared then slipped out from us and backed around behind Deri. We continued to kiss, kneeling before the couch, with her hand exploring my nether regions. In mid-kiss, Deri gasped, and I opened my eyes to find that Jared had mounted her doggie style and had rammed his dick deep into her pussy. He then began a steady rhythm of in and out strokes that left Deri panting. I slipped around the two of them, and reached between their set of legs, so that my hand explored the wet conjunction of their parts.

I let my fingers slip around her bulging vaginal lips to find her rock hard clit, and began to work slow circles around it, all the while still feeling Jared’s dick slide in and out of her. It didn’t take long before she was coming in waves, and I could feel her pussy rhythmically constrict and relax on my boyfriend’s shaft. It was kinda weird to be feeling that from the outside. Jared pulled out and they both turned their heads to me, and both had that hungry look. Now it was my turn.

Jared rolled me over so that I was on my back, but my legs were up in the air and his shoulders were resting on them. This was always one of our favorite positions. In it his dick could reach deep inside me, and it always seemed to be pressed right up against my G-spot no matter how he moved. After only a few strokes, my eyes rolled back into my head and I was in sexual heaven.

However, when we had done this before, it was always just the two of us. Now there was another element that I wasn’t prepared for. Deri had lain down next to me and proceeded to attack my nipples with her lips and tongue. She mercilessly worked on them while Jared pounded away at my pussy. I could feel my body rising to heights and tensions that I had never known before, when I got a most unexpected surprise. Deri slid a finger in my pussy with Jared’s dick, and then swirled it back and forth while the rest of her hand clenched along my ass. I couldn’t take any more; my body was rising to heights of pleasure so intense that mere words fall short of describing the experience.

I came with a rush so incredibly intense that it must have knocked me out, because the next thing I knew Jared was across the room putting his clothes on, and Deri was nowhere to be seen. I slowly shook my head and raised myself up onto one elbow. My pussy was still convulsing with the last vestiges of that amazing orgasm, and tears were leaking out the sides of my eyes. As I was wiping them away and trying to sit up, Jared said, “Welcome back. That must have been pretty intense. I know it was for me.”

“You have no idea,” I said. “Where is Deri?”

“She took off, muttering something about trying to find her friends so she could get a ride home.”

I must have had a dejected look on my face, I really had enjoyed that and hoped it wouldn’t just be a one-time thing, because Jared quickly said, “But she left her phone number. I don’t know about you, but that was awesome. We have to give her a call sometime and do that again.”

I just smiled. This may have been my first threesome, but it was definitely not going to be my last.

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