My Baby Gave Me a Baby

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When I was 17, I thought I had found true love. Little did I know, I had only found true lust. After months of resisting, I finally made love to Jim in the back seat of his Ford Falcon. I never heard from him again after that night. He pumped my belly full of semen and then took me home. I had lost my virginity to an absolute jerk. Three weeks later, I missed my period…

My parents nearly killed me when they found out, but they supported me, helped me go to college and today, I am successful and happy. My little angel, David, is my pride and joy. While I regret ever laying eyes on his father, he is the greatest joy in my life. He’s grown up so fast. He had to grow up without a father. I never really dated after his father knocked me up and left me.

Sadly, the last time I got laid was when I got pregnant with him. I guess you could say that I have some serious trust issues. I was so proud when David graduated 1st in his class from high school. After the graduation ceremony I came running up to him and threw my arms around my baby. A tear was running down my cheek as I said “You’re a man now baby, I’m so proud of you!”

“Thanks Mom, I love you.”

“I love you too baby,” I whispered into his ear. I must say that he grew up into one gorgeous man. Sometimes, when we go out, I link arms with him and tell him to call me Susan, instead of Mom, so that people will think I was able to land such a hunk.

“I’m taking you out tonight son, anywhere you like.”

“Great Mom, let’s go downtown and see what we can find.”

“Alright, but let’s go home first, I want to change into something fun,” I said to him with a smile.

When we got home, I kissed his cheek and said, “Why don’t you go get dressed up and we’ll go some place fancy.”

He rolled his eyes and said “Ok Mom, whatever you want,” with an adorable smirk. Naturally, he was ready before I was. As he began to get impatient, he called upstairs “Mom, come on, I’m hungry. I’m not exactly the President you know. You don’t have to get all gussied up.” As he was finishing his sentence I slipped out of my bedroom door and walked to the top of the stairs. “Mom will you hurrrrrrrr, holy cow…” as he glanced up at me.

“How do I look?” I asked, knowing the answer, but still wanting to hear the answer. “Are you kidding?” he asked.

“You look hot!” he exclaimed. “Sorry,” he said “that didn’t come out quite right.”

I was thinking, “actually, that came out perfectly.” Now, I would not say that I’m a goddess, but I rather like the way I look. I exercise regularly. My legs are my best trait. They are firm and long and give way to my smooth hips and firm waist. My breasts are not huge, a large B or small C, depending on the bra, and they have not begun to sag much. My nipples are small, but perky, and very sensitive. My long bursa otele gelen escort brown hair cascades down to the middle of my back, when I don’t put it up. Usually I have it up, so when I walked out of the bedroom with it flowing freely, David was taken a little aback. I was wearing a form fitting black dress that came to just past mid-thigh, black high heels, black stockings, and my favorite diamond earring/necklace set.

I walked down the steps to my son and took my hand to the bottom of his chin to push up his gaping mouth. Giving him a gentle kiss on the lips I said “Ready to go?”

“Uh, yyyeah,” he uttered. We got in my Mercedes and headed downtown to a wonderful restaurant called Gianelli’s. I ordered a bottle of wine and two glasses and we both ordered our meal. “But Mom, I’m only eightte…”

Interrupting him I put my hand up and said, “Thank you, that’ll be all” to the waiter. With an understanding smile, the waiter left to get the wine. “I said earlier that you’re a man now David” I said with a playful smile. We talked for hours, eating, drinking, and enjoying each other’s company for the first time as adults. By the end of the evening, the wine was starting to hit me. I paid the bill and handed the keys to David. “Can you drive home baby?” I said.

“Sure Mom” he whispered with a smile. As he was helping me into the car I stopped and looked at my beautiful boy. I guess the alcohol was making me brave. I kissed him on the lips and held it. It wasn’t a porno kiss, but it was more than a mother-son kiss. We broke the kiss and looked at each other with mutual surprise. We didn’t say anything, but got into the car and started for home.

As he opened the front door for me, he stepped back to let me go first. I felt his hand on the small of my back and paused. Our eyes met again, and I think we both knew what was happening. When the door closed behind him, I had my back to him. I could feel his eyes on my body. I turned and without a word took a step to meet him. My arms wrapped around his big shoulders and I kissed him passionately. His strong arms wrapped around me and we both knew that we had wanted this for so long.

I felt his tongue brush my lips and I thought, “I’m going to make love to my son!” I opened my mouth and our tongues met. After just a moment we were kissing like crazed lovers, panting, moaning, and moving our hands all over each other.

I broke the kiss and look into his eyes. “Baby, if you want to stop, it’s ok. I don’t want you to feel like you have to.”

David looked back at me and said, “Make love to me, Mom.” We kissed some more and he picked me up. He set me down as we reached the door to my room and I pulled him by his tie over to the bed.

To say that I was getting wet would be like saying the escort bayan Titanic sprung a little leak. I pushed him down to sit on the bed and took a step back. The lamp light was dim, but bright enough that he could see me clearly. I reached back and slowly unzipped my dress. As it slid down my body, I was slowly revealed to him. There I stood, in a black lace see-thru bra, matching thong panties, thigh-high stockings, and a garter belt.

“Oh my God” was all he could manage. I reached behind me and unhooked my bra. Slowly I let it fall and I let him look at the breasts that he had not seen since he nursed from them. His throbbing cock was about to tear through his pants. I wanted it.

I told him to take off his clothes and as he frantically did so, I slid my panties off. I told myself that I had not planned this, that I had put my panties on over the garter belt so that it would be easier to go to the bathroom. He sat on the bed wearing nothing but his boxers. He was strong. He worked out a lot, so his chest and abs were, well, the sexiest I’d ever seen. I walked over to him and knelt down in front of him.

We kissed again, deeply, passionately. He began to fondle my breasts and I reached down and began touching myself. Our tongues were intertwined when the first orgasm ripped through my body. It had been so long.

I reached down and helped him slide off his boxers. I kissed my way down and looked at his cock for the first time since he was a little boy. It had grown. I looked up at him briefly, then lowered my head and wrapped my mouth around his throbbing member. “I’m sucking my son’s dick!” I thought to myself incredulously. I quickly got into a rhythm. I wrapped my hand around the base of his cock and pumped it as I took it into and out of my mouth, furiously flicking my tongue at the sensitive part of the tip. I kept trying to think about the many porn films that I masturbated to and tried to do as they did.

He must have liked it because he began moaning loudly “Oh Mom, oh, that’s amazing, right there, yeah, ooooohhhhh, I love you so much Mom.” At that I paused. I loved him too. Not as his mother, I was in love with him. He never hurt me, always thought about me first, and made me feel good about myself. “Mom, you have to stop or I’m going to come.”

“Go ahead baby, you can come in my mouth,” I uttered before going back to sucking his cock.

“No Mom, I want to look in your eyes the first time I come with you.”

“That’s my boy” I thought. Nothing like your bastard father.

He pulled me up to him and then pulled me on top of him as he lay down. “Let’s make love Mom. I want to make love to you.”

I smiled at him and leaned down to kiss him. Right before our lips met I whispered “I’m in love with you David. Make love to me.” I reached mudanya escort down as we kissed and wrapped my hand around his hard cock. I guided it into place, and lowered myself onto it. I used a dildo almost daily, so it didn’t hurt, even though David was quite a bit bigger than my dildo. I was so wet that his cock slid effortlessly inside me.

We both let out a loud moan as our sex organs joined. I sat up on top of him so that he could see me. I played with my tits while I rode him, up and down, in and out of me. He slid his hands from my hips, down my legs to my stockings and gripped my legs. I did not last long. I began to moan louder as I felt it coming.

“YEEEEEESSSSS!!!” I screamed as I felt the most powerful orgasm of my life rip through me. My whole body tensed up and shook uncontrollably. What made it even more exciting was looking into my son’s eyes while I came on him. I wanted him to come. I wanted to feel him explode inside me. I looked at him and said “That’s right baby, fuck me. Come inside me please. Don’t pull out, I need you to come inside me.” I picked up my pace and squeezed the hard rod inside me with my pussy. Soon his face began to contort.

“Oh Mom, I’m going to come in you. OOOOOHHHHHH!!!!” His cock began to quiver inside me and a huge amount of his semen spilled out into my belly. He ejaculated for what seemed like ten minutes causing me to go over the edge again.

“That’s right baby, come with me, come inside your mother.” Out of breath and trembling, we looked at each other and started to laugh.

“Well, I guess this means that spanking you will no longer be a punishment!” I laughed.

We made love all night. I guess I was making up for lost time. He fucked me in almost every position I could think of. Missionary, doggie style, me on top, 69… I even convinced him to come in my mouth and I found it so hot. He even fucked me in the ass. I was surprised at how much I liked it. Eventually, exhausted, we drifted off to sleep.

In the morning, I awoke, naked, lying with him. It wasn’t a dream. I fucked my son last night. He looked down at me and said, “Good morning.” “David, I need to know that you’re ok with what happened last night.”

“Mom, I’ve wanted you for years now. Last night was a dream come true.”

“Well, neither of us thought about protection last night. What are we going to do if I get pregnant?” I asked.

“Well, I guess I’ll have to learn how to change diapers.” He said with a smile. We decided to move to another state. Fortunately, since I gave him my name at birth, we didn’t have to change our names. Four months later he came home from work to our new house.

“Hey baby!” I exclaimed. “Can you help me up?” He came over and took my hands and helped me out of my chair. It seems that my belly has been steadily expanding over the last few months. He placed his hand on my pregnant belly as we began to kiss each other. As our lips separated I looked up at him and said “So, wanna go make some noise?” He smiled at me and said

“You’re insatiable,” he said. “Let’s go make love Mom, I mean Susan,” as he gave me a wink.

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