My Assistant

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Lauren was my new assistant. 21, hard-working, and fresh out of College, she was perfect for a middle-aged, single, successful bachelor like me. She had just arrived last week at the law office where I served as a district supervisor, and she soon became more of my servant than anything. She brought me my coffee on time, scheduled everything flawlessly, and wasn’t bad to look at.

She dressed very formally, often in a business suit and pants, but sometime she wore a miniskirt that didn’t leave much to the imagination. Lauren’s eyes were a bright blue, and her lips a crimson red. She had her long, blonde hair in a tight bun tied to the back of her head and had a terrific smile.

I, on the other hand, was nearing 40, but didn’t look that part. I was tall, well over 6’5 and well-built. My jet-black hair was naturally spiky, thanks in part to my Japanese roots, and despite my heritage, I was very tan, seeing as I spent many of my vacation days in my beach home near Miami.

Today, I wasn’t in the greatest of moods. One of my guys had lost a big case, and I was forced to let him go. He was a good friend of mine and I had dinner with him and his wife on more than one occasion, but it’s a cutthroat business and there was nothing I could do. It was his job or mine.

Anyway, Lauren was busy with some paperwork, and I watched her from behind from my desk. Her round, little ass was a sight for sore eyes, as were her perky, young breasts. She crossed the hall to my office and placed a folder on my desk.

“Is ataşehir escort there anything else you’d like me to do, Mr. Jusuki?”

“Well, some sex would be nice,” I laughed.

Her expression, however, remained professional.

“Would you like to schedule that for right now?”

It took me a few moments to realize that Lauren was being completely serious, and I certainly didn’t want to waste this opportunity.

“Erm, yes, if you don’t mind.”

Lauren smiled, something I rarely saw her do. She quietly closed and locked the door to my office and shut the blinds before unbuttoning her suit, pulling it off, and laying it neatly down on a nearby chair. She walked over to my desk and I spun my chair around to face her. She then straddled my lap and I reached around the back of her head and undid her hair, letting her soft, blonde locks to fall free all over my arms. She leaned forward and kissed me softly on the lips.

I slid my tongue into her mouth, and she did the same. We made out for a good five minutes as she took off my jacket and tie and I did the same to her blouse and silky, red bra. I took a moment to admire her breasts, which I estimated to be at least a small C cup; a good handful. I felt up her chest, gently pinching her nipples while she nibbled my bottom lip and continued to kiss me. I felt my way all the way down her back to her ass, which I proceeded to squeeze and spank much to Lauren’s delight.

Meanwhile, avcılar escort Lauren had succeeded in pulling off my pants and boxer shorts as well as my shirt. I kicked off my shoes and peeled off my socks. She did the same, and soon all that was left was her skirt.

We broke our kiss and I slowly slid down her skirt, leaving her only in her g-string. I was surprised that the extremely proper Lauren would wear such sexy underwear, but I definitely wasn’t complaining.

She modeled for me, spinning around and giggling. I nodded my approval and glanced down suggestively at my erect eight-incher. She eyed it as well and licked her lips. Kneeling before me, she softly seized it and began to work it in her fist. She moved her mouth forward and brushed the head all over her soft lips. She then slapped the underside against her tongue a view times before kissing my balls lovingly and licking my cock all over.

Finally, after a good few minutes of teasing, she slid the first few inches between her lips and sucked them ferociously. I tried to keep my moaning to a minimum, but it was difficult. I bent down and kissed the top of head, holding it against mine as she slurped my dick harder than ever.

After about five minutes of the best cock-sucking that I have ever experienced, Lauren popped my penis out of her mouth and started working it with her hand again.

“Where would you like to put it, now, Mr. Jusuki?”

I bent down and avrupa yakası escort slapped her ass hard. She seemed to get the message and stood up, proceeding to lean over my desk. I pushed my chair aside and pulled down her thong, flinging it across the room and watching as it landed on a plant. I parted her as cheeks and gripped her shoulders, and with a furious thrust, entered her. Lauren had grabbed a pillow from an armchair near the door and buried her face in it, screaming.

I pumped my cock in and out of her, clenching my jaw and holding her tight. I was continuously watching the door for fear of someone trying to enter. Both Lauren and I would be out of work for sure if were found.

I could feel my climax approaching, and I pulled out, giving Lauren a moment to rest. She got back up and fell to her knees. She grabbed my throbbing cock and moved her mouth inches away from it before jerking me off more powerfully than me or any woman I had ever slept with had ever done. This girl had skills.

It was near impossible for me to last more than a minute or two. I wanted to stop her and tell her to slow down, but this felt way too good.

I finished by spraying my seed down her throat and all over her lips. Lauren made sure to shake the last few drops off on her breasts, and we both rested as I lazily worked it in and she lay on my lap.

We kissed for a while more, but we knew that our time was up. We reluctantly got dressed and I helped Lauren fix her hair. Soon, we were both back at work. I don’t think that anyone suspected a thing.

Since then, Lauren and I have been making love non-stop. It’s difficult to get any work done anymore, and I often think of firing or transferring her so I can focus more on my job, but when I watch her devotedly tongue my cock, I just can’t find the will to.

Lauren, needless to say, has gotten a big raise.

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