My Assistant Rebecca

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Let me tell you what happened to me at work about a month ago. I’m self-employed and have a small office primarily for telephone services. I have two women and one guy working for me. Two of them work on a part-time basis a couple days a week and the third works full-time as my assistant. Well this story is about my assistant, Rebecca.

Rebecca is a beautiful young lady of thirty three years old. To look at her you would say she was twenty or maybe twenty two years old. She really does look that young. When she had told me her age I found it hard to believe. I’ve never seen such a woman before who oozes so much sexual energy. I wondered what she looked like when she really was twenty.

She’s an absolute knockout with her five foot 7 inch tall petite body. She’s got shoulder length kind of a dark brown almost black hair. She’s not really what I would say a black, yet close to it. Her hair is always perfect, that is to say, it is never out of place. And what a gorgeous face with a perfect complexion. There isn’t a flaw on it. You could stare all day into her lovely emerald green eyes and never get tired of looking at her beauty.

Rebecca’s tits are more than average, about a thirty-four E inch chest, but they’re perfect too. At least I imagine they are visualizing them through her clothes. I’m sure her lovely breasts are firm and full which any man would be dying to caress, squeeze and of course suck on them. When she’d wear a sleeveless dress I’d always manage to catch a glimpse of her full firm tits through her open sleeves. Even though they were clad in one of her many sexy black, red or white bras, I knew how full and gorgeous they were. Often I’d walk by her for no other reason than to get another look at her chest through her dress.

Then there’s Rebecca’s legs. What an incredible sight. She almost wore a dress or a skirt. When she would sit down nearly three thirds of her thighs would be exposed. I’ve often fantasized about reaching up under her skirt to pull her stockings down those beautifully long legs. I imagined feeling her up, running hands up her silky soft inner thighs until I reached her moist panties. I’d rip them down in order to caress and squeeze her soft ass. Once she was horny I would strip the rest of her clothes off her and go down on her. How I so desperately desired to bury my face in that warm juicy cunt and eat her delightful juices. I daydreamed of eating her out to a tremendous orgasm; afterwards she would then beg me to fuck her.

In my fantasy I would do everything and something some guys only dream of. So of course after Rebecca had my dick in her pussy for awhile, I moved to her tight little asshole, which I assumed to be virgin. There was no way this sexy young lady had ever been fucked anally. I could only imagine how wonderful that would be. Rebecca, my assistant, taking my cock in her asshole. Just thinking about it makes me as hard as steel.

Of course I’d love to play with her lovely cute round tight ass too. I could spend a day kissing and fondling that cute butt of hers leaving marks all over it. She definitely possesses the most delicious ass I’ve ever seen. I’d have no problem dining on her behind.

Her whole body is the ultimate of perfection. And when she speaks, she has the loveliest soft sexy voice that makes you dream what she would sound like in throws of passion. Unfortunately, Rebecca is married. I don’t know much about her husband, but he sure is one lucky guy. To be able to get in bed with this lovely creature every night can only be the ultimate in pleasure. It’s been almost a year now that she’s worked for me and its’ gotten to the point she’s all I can think about. Wondering what would it be like kissing her and touching her gorgeous feminine body. How wonderful it would be to have sex with her. I’m making it sound so innocent when in fact I’d like to fuck this beautiful woman in every hole she’s got. That would be the ultimate pleasure for me.

Well, it all started one Saturday morning. Rebecca is the only one that works on Saturday. The other two are off. I needed to leave the office for while to run to the shops. I said I’d be gone a half hour or so and told her to look after the office. I got to my car and realized I had forgotten my wallet and the list of things I needed to pick up. So back I went upstairs to the office. As I was ready to enter the door, I looked in through the small window Escort Arnavutköy and saw Rebecca sitting on her desk with eyes closed and her hand between her legs. From the side view I had, Rebecca’s dress was up to her waist and she was fingering herself quite intensely. She had no idea I watching her get herself off. I was amazed. Here I thought Rebecca to be this quiet, shy young lady. Instead in front of me was a young woman who secretly must be very unsatisfied at home and needed to masturbate herself for fulfilment.

I figured if ever there was an chance to get into this gorgeous creature’s pants, was it. I opened the door quickly and locked it behind me. The expression of horror and shock filled Rebecca’s face. She was caught in the act of masturbating herself. Her face literally turned whitish green as the blood drained from her. As I walked over to her she was speechless. She couldn’t find any words to say. She looked down in embarrassment while quickly straightening her dress pulling it back around her legs.

I walked right up to her and stood next to her waiting for her to look at me. I knew how embarrassed and ashamed she must feel. At this point I probably could have done anything to her and she wouldn’t have stopped me. But I decided to play this out slowly.

It seemed like hours as I stood there next to her waiting for her to turn my way but must have only been minutes. When she finally turned and looked up at me, I leaned down and kissed her full on the lips while grabbing at her tits through her dress. I kept our lips pressed together forcing my tongue in her mouth and squeezing her soft jugs with my hand. Then I slipped my hand up her dress and stroked her pussy through her panties. At first she resisted, but within seconds she responded kissing back, putting her tongue in my mouth. Maybe it was the guilt she felt making her respond or maybe she was afraid to resist in fear I might tell someone what I saw or perhaps it was just the pent-up lust and arousal that she was trying to relieve when I walked in on her. In any case, she was kissing me back and allowing me to feel up her gorgeous body.

Our kiss broke apart and I softly told her, “You’re the most beautiful woman I’ve ever seen. ”

She replied, “God I’m so embarrassed I just want to die. ”

“Don’t be,” I replied. “Instead of you making yourself cum with your fingers , I’m going to do it for you. Let me take care of satisfying and caring for that beautiful body of you possess. ”

“I’ve never ever done anything like this with anyone other than my husband. ” She said nothing more. So I kissed her gently again and began removing her clothes as slowly as my heads would allow. I stripped her down to her bra and panties and started running my fingers between her legs. Not once did she try to stop me. Her panties crotch was soaking wet. The built up sexual tension in her must be tremendous I thought. Her juices were flowing from only kissing her. I was beginning to feel that she was allowing my advances on her body because I caught her in the act of what she thought was something dirty, nasty or immoral. Was she letting me do this in hopes of what I saw would be our secret? Was this payment for my silence? I wasn’t really sure. She wasn’t saying anything. It was kind of like blackmail I thought. I wondered how far she would go.

I looked at her still sitting on her desk as I continued fondling her breasts and caressing her crotch with my hand. Then I suggested, “Take my cock out and suck me. ” She got a scared look on her face.

“I’ve never done that before,” she replied.

I couldn’t believe what I heard. Here was a gorgeous woman of thirty-three and never had a cock in her mouth.

“I don’t even do that for my husband. We just have intercourse, but I never put him in my mouth. ”

“Rebecca,” I said. “It’s about time you learn to try new things and how to enjoy different feelings your body can give you. There are many ways to have sex. All of them can be pleasurable. You just have to let yourself go and experienced them. And what’s this “intercourse” talk? Say what you mean. You just like to fuck and that’s it. You obviously aren’t satisfied at home if you have to masturbate here in the office. “

The embarrassment came back over her as I mentioned what I caught her doing. I unbuckled my trousers and dropped them to the floor. Avcılar escort “Now c’mon. ” Take my cock and suck it into your mouth. ” She looked at me for a moment, and then pulled my underwear down exposing my already hard eight inch cock. She looked up at me again, hesitated for a moment again, and placed my cockhead to her lips. “Go ahead, don’t be scared. Do it. ” Her mouth opened and she took me in about two inches. “Put your tongue on it and lick. ” She did as I told her and while she tongued my cock I grabbed her head and pushed a little more in. What a wonderful feeling. Her mouth was so warm and moist and seeing her beautiful angelic face in my crotch sucking my cock was such a turn on.

While she sucked me we inched our way down on the carpet until she was sitting on the floor with me standing over her feeding her my cock. She was getting into it. She was getting turned on and was actually giving me a good blowjob for a first timer. “That’s it Bec,” I complimented. “You are a great cocksucker. ” I pulled out for a second and she smiled, “I didn’t think I would like it, but I instead I love it. ”

She took me back in and started sucking me faster and deeper. She then took me to the back of her throat. I figured it was time to take a step further. “Bec,” I said while she continued sucking. “I’m going to push it down your throat. Just relax and hold your head back. ”

Amazingly she obeyed. I don’t think she knew exactly what I was about to do. But she tilted her head back keeping my cock in her mouth as I stood directly over her. I had a straight path to push my eight inch cock all the way down her throat. I squatted down and slowly began impaling her. She was incredibly tight. She starting gagging or maybe it was gurgling; at least I knew she didn’t know how to handle the invasion to her throat. Her hands clutched my upper legs instinctively in an attempt to push me away and stop the intrusion into her throat. I couldn’t blame her, in fact I expected it since she’d never done this before.

“No, no,” I reprimanded. “Don’t push me back. You will and can do it. Relax and let it slide down. ”

She amazed me because she listened to what I said. Her resistance stopped and she let me push further into her throat. I’ve never felt anything as pleasurable as shoving my cock down Rebecca’s tight sweet throat. The sounds of her gags made it an even more incredible turn on. “Aaarrgghh gggaahh awwwggg”. I was totally dominating this goddess by making her swallow my rock solid dick and she was choking on it. It made me want to cream right then down her throat. I continued on squeezing my way down her hot throat until my balls were resting on her chin and she was looking up at me from between my legs. My cock felt so unbelievably good in her.

“You are incredible Rebecca. You swallowed my whole cock. ” I left it right down her throat awhile so she’d get used to it. Then I grabbed her head and slowly started pulling out. But in the process, I couldn’t resist fucking her throat in and out a few times to feel the wonderful tightness of this young woman’s mouth and throat. Then I withdrew. She sucked in a lot of air and I fully expected her to started screaming at me for making her do such a thing. Instead, she took my cock and started sucking and sucking again. She was giving me an incredible blow job. In fact, she was sucking my cock like a whore you’d pick up on the street. ” Oh my God, Bec. You’re fantastic. What a cocksucker. ” She swallowed up my cock on her own taking me into her throat again with ease. She deep throated me over and over until she was out of breath. Then she literally began begging.

“Give it to me,” she exclaimed in a frenzied voice.

“Give it to me. ” Then she swallowed my eight inch shaft again.

I backed off letting her come up for air again only now I made her lie down on the floor. I just had to fuck that delicious cunt. I spread her legs as wide as possible and placed myself between them. As I placed my cock near her hole she raised her legs up to allow me easy entrance to her cunt. She wanted this. She wanted me to fuck her. I drove right into her. Her cunt was so wet, my cock slid into her body with ease. Rebecca then wrapped her arms around me pulling my body fully on top of hers. I began my fucking of the most beautiful lady I’ve ever known. I was in my glory. It felt so good fucking this Bağcılar escort bayan princess. Her hole was so hot and juicy as I buried my cock over and over again into her body. Rebecca moaned in pleasure non-stop with an occasional “It feels so good,” and “oh, yes,” comments of ecstasy. I fucked her about ten minutes when I realized I better take it easy. I didn’t want to blow my load just yet. I wanted to prolong my time of Rebecca as long as possible, especially since she’d become so willing.

So I dismounted her and quickly straddled her sixty-nine style. I knelt down over her face letting her take my cock once more into her hot mouth. While she sucked me I spread her lovely legs and began eating at her cunt. Was she ever wet after my fucking? She was dripping with juices that actually were running down her inner thighs. I began lapping them up. She moaned over and over as I licked her cunt stopping at times to nibble on her hardened clit and occasionally sinking my tongue deep inside her wet hole. I had her going crazy and I knew she was getting near to an orgasm.

Then I started moving my hips up and down fucking her mouth slowly at first till she got the rhythm down. Then I began longer and faster strokes sinking my cock down her throat completely, over and over and over. She laid there taking it, swallowing my cock while I licked her. I pulled her legs up higher toward me allowing me to move further back with my licking. I wanted to get toward her asscrack. With each lick I went further back until my tongue was slurping in between the soft crease of her buttocks. Her moaning increased and became louder even with my cock in her throat. Then I reached the spot I was looking for. I gently spread her beautiful ass cheeks apart. There it was, Rebecca’s magnificent little puckered asshole. I wondered what her reaction would be feeling my tongue there. Down I went and my tongue lapped at her cute anus. I licked it, tasted it, and probed at it. Rebecca was going nuts with my tonguing of her anal hole. Once I got her puckered hole nice and wet I put a finger on it and pushed it in. Rebecca tightened up a moment then quickly relaxed.

“How do you like that,” I asked.

“Like it in your ass?”

She didn’t answer and I didn’t expect one. I pushed my finger all the way in and wiggled it so Bec could feel that I had invaded her most private hole. I began finger-fucking her asshole, jamming my finger in and out while I returned to licking her cunt. I thought Rebecca was going to swallow my cock whole.

“So you like me playing with your asshole, huh?”

She couldn’t get my cock deep enough down her throat. Her lips were plastered in my groin. My fingering of her asshole was putting her over the edge. Her whole body tensed and tightened. She was cumming. Her whole body was exploding into an orgasm.

Seeing what was happening to her made me lose control too. I was going to cum either in her mouth or down her throat. I could hold back any longer. Her cocksucking was just too incredible.

“I’m going to cum Bec,” I bellowed out. “I’m going to cum in your mouth. “

She pushed me out of her throat to speak.

“Yes, yes give it to me. Give me your cum. Do it in my mouth. “

This was unbelievable. A half hour ago this shy young lady was totally inhibited sexually. Now, she was willingly waiting for a mouthful of my sperm. She kept sucking and sucking on the head of my cock until finally I exploded. Cum burst from my cock like I’ve never experienced before. She had me so turned on heavy streams gushed into her mouth. She backed off slightly after feeling the gooey substance hit her tongue, but she kept her mouth open taking several more shots of my jizz in her mouth. Then a string of cum landed across her cheek and upper lip. Finally sperm just dribbled from me as she jerked my cock trying to milk all of it from me. I could see cum all over the inside of her mouth. She was moving her tongue around playing with the thick white stuff. Having never experienced a mouthful of sperm she must have been curious as to what it felt like.

She looked up again kind of in an asking way what to do now. “Swallow it,” I quietly whispered. She closed her eyes, and then closed her mouth and I could see her throat move as she swallowed. Damn, unbelievable, I thought. She swallowed my sperm. Beautiful Rebecca ate my cum. She opened her eyes and got a grin on her face as she took my cock back in her mouth sucking the last drops from me. What an overwhelming sight to see Rebecca’s beautiful face covered with my cum. What a tremendous turn on. My cum was running down her lovely silky smooth face as she licked her lips.

To be continued… All feedback welcome xxx

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32