My Angel

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“Can you take off your glasses for a while? They get in the way…” Audrey softly smiled.

I breathed a sigh of relief. “Sure, but I can’t see very well without them… You’ll have to come real close so I can see your face.”

Audrey moved closer until our bodies touched, “Can you see now?”

I could. I gazed down at her, her dark eyes sparkling in the candlelight. “Are you sure you want to do this?”

With a shy kiss softly on my lips, Audrey acquiesced. “Yes, for us… But promise me don’t talk dirty, ok?”

I pressed my lips against hers, marveling in their softness, their fullness. Her body sank close into my arms as I whispered, “I promise… It will be beautiful, Audrey…” I looked deeply into her eyes, and I lost my soul. My fingers reached up and gingerly traced the edge of her soft lips, memorizing ever dip, curve, and arch. I longed for her lips against mine. “I live for your kisses…”

Audrey’s heart skipped a beat as I kissed her, then began to race, her breath quickening. Ever so possessively, my tongue plunged into her mouth. Her shy tongue glistened in the ambient light cast off by the many scented candles around the bed. I felt the warmth of her mouth as it neared the skin of my lips, felt it melt as I felt its firm yet soft flesh touch me ever so lightly. Its wetness clung to my lips like dew, and I couldn’t help but sigh at the sensations it evoked in me.

I leaned closer, my face inching towards hers, our gazes locked together in gravity, like the moon and the earth, revolving around each other, pulled closer to each other in an inevitable crush. Fiery with passion, she threw her arms around me, holding me closer, kissing me madly, deeply, passionately. “Don’t make me feel guilty…” she whispered into my mouth.

“No guilt, lover… I want you to know how you make me feel, how my soul boils at your slightest touch, how my spirit aches at the sight of your body…. “

With her eyes downcast, she whispered, “There’s guilt though… My brain is not working perfectly. I want to please you to please me, yet… I’m scared…”

I swooned as her body squirmed against mine. Our mouths joined, our tongues entwined as my fingers slipped between hers. “You’re a wonderful kisser, Audrey… You’re getting me hard just by the touch of your lips.”

She felt me start to kiss at the edge of her lips, moving lower to her neck, stirring her hidden passion for this wonderful man who had been a friend to her for theses past few days of need. Audrey moaned.

“Just tell me how your body feel, Audrey… Listen to it when I make you melt, when my touch makes you moisten…” I nuzzled my nose in her hair, breathing in deeply the aroma of her perfume. It was heady, like alcohol, and I was getting drunk on her. Loosing my control and inhibitions to the sweet liquor of her aromatic scent, I was hers…

Parting her lips in a gasp, “I like you holding my hand like that, ever so protectively… Twinning the fingers… Like no man has ever done so to me… I like you, really…” She guided my hand to her breasts and blushed. “…touch me…”

I whispered in her ear as I peppered her neck and shoulders with gentle butterfly kisses, “I treasure you… I want you… You are so wonderful, so desirable… my lover… my baby… my angel…”

Her lips pouted and her eyes began to tear, “Oh, I hate myself! I get so dumb when it comes to the one I really like… I’m not good in pleasing you…” Her shoulder drooped as the sweet angel in my life began to fall into sadness.

Keeping her hand in mine, I gingerly skimmed my fingertips across the fullness of her bosom. I twirled and swirled our entwined fingers in an intricate pattern across her young flesh, an erotic dance of our fingers pirouetting around her areola, coming closer, ever so much closer… “Oh, Audrey, my precious angel… You are pleasing me… I’m on the verge of crying… This is so beautiful… Thank you, Audrey… You make me feel masculine, which is something Gaziantep Grup Escort I never feel… You make me feel like a man…”

She melted from my words, and could feel herself wetten a little, loving my soft touch on her, wanting more. “Touch me, Benjamin, til they can stand proudly under your palms…” Empowered, I swept her up into my strong arms and carried her over to the bed. The feel of her young, taut body in my grasp making my mind race.

I laid her down on the satin sheets of her four-poster bed, the silky covers caressing her bare back like a midsummer brook. I gazed down at her, the glaze of yearning that washed over her vision made my heart break. “I want you, Audrey… I want to make love to you, bring you pleasure like no man ever has…”

A pink flush swept her whole body as Audrey knew I was taking every inch of her into my eyes… “Do you wanna leave the lights on? You can have a better look at me if you leave it on, but I’ll feel slightly uncomfortable… lying naked in front of you…”

I climbed onto the bed next to her, the mattress sagging under my weight. “No… Let’s turn off the lights, and make love to each other in candlelight…” I extinguished the lamps, and looked at my angel, her alabaster skin being stroked by the flickering light and my probing fingers both.

I lay down next to her, our bodies in silhouette, ambient flickering candlelight sweeping across our nakedness like each other’s hands. “I like looking at you, Audrey… Your body arouses me… Do you like knowing that? That your supple young body brings out urges in me…?”

Her heart had been racing ever so fast since we kissed; she started to slightly notice she could even smell her sex…. Getting a quick glimpse of my shaft, she blushed again, thinking it all so beautiful, extraordinary unbelievable. “Yes, I feel happy and proud to know that you’re aroused just by looking at me…” A coy smile crossed her lips, and I could see the sensual woman inside my angel replacing the shy girl outside.

I brought my body closer to her prone frame. She could feel me next to her, my body pressed against her side. I slid a leg over hers, and she felt my manhood resting against the smooth flesh of her upper thigh. My hand closed over one of her breasts, my palm engulfing its full weight as I kneaded it, needed it, and fondled her firmness. I could feel her nipple under my thumb and forefinger as I rolled it back and forth, feeling it harden and heat up like a tiny ember from a blacksmith’s forge. I returned my lips to their mates, and kissed the burgeoning woman that made me feel so sexual, sensual, alive…

With a long silent hiss-like gasp, she went limp as I teased her body, wanting me more than she ever wanted any man. She lifted her other leg and rolled to the side facing me, resting her bare leg on my hip. The scent of potpourri and lavender mixed with the scent of our perspiration. Against her thigh, she sensed my manhood beginning to grow, to thicken, harden. She could feel it throbbing, pulsing to the beat of my erratic heart, which she heard as my chest pressed against hers.

With a tender kiss, Audrey carefully, timidly reached out for my manhood and touched it slightly. “Do you like that? I can feel it hardening…”

I kissed my way down her chin, her neck, her chest. My lips traced a path of kisses down her cleavage. I licked her breasts, tasted the salt on her skin, and moved my mouth over her exposed, tender nipple. Just as shed touched me, my erection swelled and jerked visibly in her small hand. “Be careful, my angel… I’m very sensitive there… don’t make me climax too soon…”

With a more subtle touch, she stroked me lovingly. My lungs heaved. “Ohhhh, yeessss Audreeyyyy… I love you touching me there… No woman has ever felt my hardness… It belongs to you; it’s yours, all yours…. No one else can ever have it…”

She tried to stop herself from moaning out loud as I fastened my mouth on her nipple, biting her lower lip to make herself quiet. She withdrew her from my manhood as she wanted me to hold a little longer.

I suckled on her breast, my tongue swirling around the outline of her areola, my teeth gently nibbling her pert, hard nipple. Her breast swelled under my attention, filling with lust and need and yearning. I tried to pull more of her flesh into my hot, watering mouth. She placed her hands at the back of my head, loving the closeness, forcing me into her chest. Her bosom rose and fell as her breath became faster and faster.

Sensing her reluctance, I called to her, “Let it out, angel… Moan for me… I like hearing the gasps and groans my touch brings out of you… I want to hear my name passing through you lips as easily as my tongue does…” A growl welled up in my chest, a deep feral howl of sexual excitement that seems to reverberate through my whole body, seems to shake her body like a tremor, shaking her stifled moans free.

“Oooooohhhhhhh Benjaminnnnn…” She was soft and damp enough now, more than ready for me. “Please, I can’t hold it back any longer… I want you in me… …please…”

I ran my fingers over her back, my nails smoothly caressing down her spine, sending jolts of electricity through her quivering body. I heard her gulping for air, and I pressed myself harder against her thighs. Her every subtle move, sound sending me closer and closer to the edge of ecstasy. I climbed over her, supporting my body above her with my arms. Her legs parted naturally, automatically, wanting to feel me there in her valley. We locked our gazes, both wanting to see the expression on the other’s face as we gave our most precious gift to our lover.

My erection stood straight out from my pelvis, proud, strong, and heavy. I slid it across her labia, the petals to her sex as the heat billowed up from deep within her. Her wetness began to seep from her, and I coated myself in that nectar, that ambrosia of the gods. She saw a gleam in the dark, and realized that a tiny drop of lubricant has begun to bead on my swollen penis. Placing her hands on wide chest, Audrey caressed it, moving my slim fingers to my shoulders as my shaft poised at her opening. She dug her nails into my flesh, fearfully yet deliriously whispering, “…slowly, please… It will hurt…”

“My shoulder…” I urged her… “If it hurts, bite my shoulder… Share the pain with me as you share yourself…”

I pressed my helmet against her petals, and they parted slowly as I pushed into her virgin depths. We gasped in unison, our eyes locked. At that moment, we were one — in heart, soul, and now body. I entered her…

Moaning softly, she jerked as I started to penetrate, fluid flowing out of her to lubricate our movement. I slowly pressed into her further. God, she was sooo hot! Volcanic, like molten metal, liquid silver, devouring us in its flames of lust. My penis filled her canal, the muscles in its walls clamping onto the welcomed stranger in a vice-like embrace. Her dew trickled over my manhood, and I penetrated deeper into her, deeper…

“Oohhhhhhh…” Audrey panted. “Benjamin… Oohhhhhhhhhh…” She raised her hips further up to meet my thrust, feeling herself mounted by my strong arms.

I kept pressing into her, until my helmet met her hymen. “My shoulder”, I reminded… “Bite my shoulder…” I pushed, and she sensed a tearing within her as we claimed each other’s bodies. As it broke, a sharp pain lanced through her whole body. She clung to me… “…no…” She tried to stop the pain, grabbed my arms tightly but would not bite me.

“…ahhhhhhhh…” Tears began to flow from her eyes, “Benjamin…”

My pelvis is flat against hers, and I could feel her whimpering in my arms. I kissed her, needing to ease her pain, my lips like a balm for her soul. My tears mixed with hers, wounded that her first time must be so painful. “Oh, Audrey… angel… I’m sorry…” I cried.

Somehow soothed by my gentle kiss, my soulful tears, my tenderness, she shook; her head slowly, telling me “No, it doesn’t hurt anymore… Go on…”

I rubbed away her tears, but otherwise didn’t move. Like the Rock of Gibraltar, my hard body locked there, letting her cry the pain away.

“No… Go on…” She kissed me lovingly. “It’ll be alright… I know you will do it right to minimize the pain… I trust you.” She smiled weakly at me, so vulnerable and willing, and I lost my heart to her all over again.

I began to pull back, my thickness sliding out of her slowly. She ached as she felt me leave her depths, a hollow empty feeling left behind. Slowly, as not to hurt her, only to make her feel the blissful beauty of our moment together, I continued. She went limp again as I slid it out, and she quivered down there, trying to control her muscles to keep me there, to keep herself wrapped around my manhood, to keep me in her… “Benjamin… Do it…”

My hips rocked forward, a little faster this time, nudging into her and filling her again. My erection, slick with our combined fluids, slid easier into her this time. I pushed until I was flat against her, then pulled back again, but shorter. Too eager to thrust into her again… Awaiting the next thrust, she enjoyed the way I made love to her. She was eager for the next thrust too, as she couldn’t help but move her hips to meet my thrust, making it go deeper.

I rocked into her again, pulled out quicker. My pace increased, and she saw my jaw go slack, my breathing grow shallow. God, the sensations she was sending through my shaft… She quivered over my penetrating penis, her body thrusting up to meet me like a desperate lover in a garden swing.

I thrusted fully into her now, and our pelvises clapped together. My chest pressed hard against hers, her nipples tickled by the hair on my chest. I pulled out, and my soul died… I thrust in, and I was reborn… I began to grunt as I penetrated her vagina, deeper, into her womb, into her soul… Audrey moaned louder as I quickened my pace sliding in and out of her, like brave sailors voyaging on our bed.

“Oohhhhhh… Benjamin, you’ve got me so close to it now…” The bedsprings beneath our lunging bodies began to creak. I slid my arms up under her back and hooked my hands over her shoulders. I began to pull her onto my penis, using her body for leverage, and I thrust and thrust and thrust into the hottest, tightest, sexiest woman to grace the Earth from heaven…

“Can you feel it welling up in your belly, Angel?” I groaned. “Building up, swelling, expanding, threatening to wash over you like a tidal wave against the rocky surf?”

“Yesss… Ben? Do you… do you think we can release it together?”

I started shafting in and out of her, impaling her, spearing her on my length. My throat tight, my voice hoarse, moaning, “I’ve got to explode… Yes, Audrey, my angle… I want us to climax together…” I kissed her face, squeezed her body, thrusted uncontrollably into her as I my mind was dominated by the need to shoot my seed deep into her womb.

“I’m sooo close…. I want you to orgasm on me… I want you to cum… Audrey, cum for me… I’m so close…”

Feeling the tensed muscles in both of us, I quicken to the maximum pace. She pressed her body against my, needing to touch every inch of her pliant flesh against mine, her nipples trapped between her body and mine. “Aahhhhhhh… Mmmmm… Benjaminnnnnn…”

“Yes… Oh, yyyeesssss… Soon… Audrey… AAAAUUUDRRRRREYYYYY!!!” My loins spasmed as I felt her inner muscles rippling along my shaft, her body quaking and her voice joining mine in unison as we both released together. I planted my seed in her womb, safe from the weather outside, quenching the years long aching we both suffered. We panted, our bodies heaving, unable to breathe…

“Audrey… ooohh… so hard to think…”

“Benjamin, hold me… Stay inside me, forever?”

I whispered “yes…” and held her as tightly as my weakened trembling arms could. Still inside her, not wanting to pull out. Staying there, coupled, in love, like this, forever… With my Angel.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32