My Alluring Aunt Ch. 04

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One liner to the first 3 segments

“I had incestuous rough sex with my huge boobed widowed young aunt and later with her similarly equipped elderly sister, all during the funeral of my dead uncle… Shabina and Rubina were made eskimo sisters …”

Please read the previous segments to better understand this part.

Rubina continues

I opened my eyes after Saurav had ejaculated his huge load in my now extended belly and I could sense someone was seeing us and there was gasp like sound at the door.

I was frightened to my wit’s end.

What if Saurav’ s parents had seen us?

Did they come back so soon?

I whispered my fears to Saurav and he looked anxious.

We wiped the kitchen floor as best as we could & dressed ourselves. My pussy pulsed and ached severely with the rough action and I was barely able to stand straight.

I now remembered dear Shabina as she walked in from the gate yesterday evening and she was like me now.

Oh Saurav, you will be the pretty sinful death of both of us …

We closed the kitchen door from outside and went to the hallway and checked each room but all were empty till we reached the last one, Shabina’s …

When we saw her door locked from inside, the whole event flashed in front of me. It was my sister who had seen us!

I was relieved it wasn’t his parents or the workers…

I knocked twice and she opened the door after a long time. She looked pale and sweaty and she must have been crying as her eyes were red. She just opened the door and turned back to her bed and sat down. Saurav was not entering inside but I pulled him in and locked the room.

I went and sat near her and Saurav pulled up a chair in front of us and was intently looking at the window avoiding her eyes.

I asked Shabina not to worry as Saurav loved her too much to leave her. That was when Shabina looked up into his eyes to confirm if that’s true.

He nodded sincerely and took her hand in his.

I kept my hand on the top of theirs .

Shabina was wearing a blood red Kameez with a black dupatta and she looked so beautiful that for a moment we all forgot it was Iddah for her …

I whispered in her ear that Saurav will satisfy our needs in every way from now one and we are indebted to him.

Her face brightened for the first time and I could understand the magnetic pull that Saurav has on her … no wonders we ladies are willing to pour out our life, our dignity, our love to him… He was our fucking God.

I turned to Saurav and said to him his final birthday present is ready for him now …

“You have to fuck both of us together … first you punish your busty little aunt and then you get to rape your even bustier little mommy”

He needed no hint as he almost tore apart his shirt at the proposal and looked at my shy sister with a lust that only predators have.

“I am really sorry my boobs are not as big or give out milk as my elder sister, Saurav … But they are still pretty big, right? Do what you wish Saurav…”

Shabina had undressed by now and he was pulling her one inch nipples and causing her legs to buckle as she orgasmed.

I helped him pull down his boxers, revealing his 11-inch pussy killer ready to launch…

I moved behind Shabina and hold her boobs and Saurav put his cock between them and spat for some lubrication.

“Fuck her slutty big tits Saurav” I said as I pressed and moved her boobs as Shabina was moaning with pleasure …

We were using Shabina’s body like a sex toy. It felt amazing, but his glazed eyes said he wanted a lot more.

He took her in his arms, lifting her completely off the floor, and carried her to the diwan bed (A bed base which is constructed of a wooden frame surrounded by material which sits on the floor).

“Oh god!” she cried, her body quivering in anticipation. “I’m such a whore! Please don’t rape me, Saurav!”

He threw her on the side like a doll, grabbing her by the waist – he could wrap his hands all the way around her tiny body. I crawled over and, while positioning his huge cock at the entrance to her slippery pussy, I whispered to him,

“Fuck her, till she passes out.”

Saurav needed no prodding. His cock was dripping precum on Shabina’s belly like a dog’s tongue when it sees its favourite cookie.

He stabbed with such a force that we both fell over.

She screamed in pleasure and began to buck her hips to meet his thrusts. As he kept drilling, I would alternate between deep, passionate kisses and whispers of naughty encouragement:


Her vagina pulsed around his cock, he was going faster and deeper than he intended to. She screamed every time he gets deeper than before.

“Oh god, watching your beautiful boner fucking her is making me so hot.” I said.

As if she were made of elastic, Saurav flipped her over, her huge boobs flopping around as he did. She was bent over the Diwan and he entered her from behind. Her heavenly ass jiggled with each brutal stroke of his cock.

Without stopping, he looked over at me and pulled me by my hair and bit my tongue like a mad beast. With his two big hands, he tore my Kameez from neck to belly and ripped apart my poor worn bra. He was really getting into a fast pace now, acknowledging the fact that he had two lavish, top-heavy women – completely at his sexual disposal.

He started to really pound his cock into Shabina – now in the midst of yet another orgasm – as he stared at my exposed milkbags. Without stopping the rape-like fuck, he suckled milk from my teat. I moaned loudly and soon the entire house filled with the sounds of fucking, moaning and the occasional shriek of searing pain from Shabina as he kept invading into her boiling intestines.

The painful howls were too much for Saurav and he was shooting rope after rope into his aunt’s bloodied pussy.

As he came down from his orgasm, he realized Shabina had fainted. He pulled her body off his still-rock-hard cock and placed her on the bed.

“It’s your turn, Mommy.” He turned to me with his monster cock coated with blood and cum.

“Oh god, sweetie! I hope you’ve enjoyed your birthday present: your aunt and your loving “Mommy”. We’re both your little sex dolls, ready to be raped like sleazy whores whenever and wherever you have the urge.”

We kept at it until my eyes started blurring and our bodies were glistened with sweat and cum.

By now Shabina showed some life in her and was leaning sideways on her hand and was seeing us with unabated lust. Her pussy was still leaking blood mixed cum from where Saurav had deposited his huge loads. She still wanted more!

Just then we heard the car crawling up the driveway to our villa. It was already 7 and we had lost count of the time.

Saurav picked up his clothes in a hurry and we sat on the bed disoriented. Shabina and I decided to use the bathroom in the room to wash and clean ourselves, while Saurav ran to his room and pretended to be asleep.

We decided to meet after dinner to talk.

I continue

The hallway was dark and the rooms bolted when I ran back to my room. There were 4 attendants waiting near the huge iron gate to welcome the guests and my parents. Everything seemed to be ok and I hoped no one will ask for my presence immediately.

I crept to the attached bathroom; opened the hot shower and lied back on the tub and let the water wash away all the stains of my tryst with the ladies.

There was a bad rugburn on my dickhead and it was painful when the hot water touched it. I kept squirming and hoped the pain will subside eventually for me to walk straight.

I made a mental note to muff slap the crack whore sisters next time before I enter their butt holes.

I spent around half an hour in the shower, applied loads of Aloe Vera balm to the chafed skin around my groin, shoulder and chest where the sisters had scratched and bit hard while I ravaged their pussy.

The very thought made my cock stiff again… “This isn’t the time buddy” I patted it back to sleep …

I went without an underwear as it was too painful where it touched the burnt skin and thought of wearing a typical Kachha (loose Indian drawers, worn under a Sarong like Dhoti).

I put on a silk embroidered gold Sherwani (long coat-like garment worn in the Indian subcontinent, very similar to a British frock coat) and a black Dhoti below, complete with traditional Jutti (leather, silver embroidered footwear).

The man looking back at me from across the mirror looked positively royal, almost a crown prince.

The evening fest dragged on uneventfully, but I could see the looks the sisters were giving me, practically raping me with their eyes.

I was chatting with Shahid, when his daughter came up to me shyly and stood there silently…

“The young people need to spend some time as well” said Shahid and took my leave with a bow.

Was Shahid onto some match making plans? Does Rubina know about his husband’s idea?

How will the sisters reach to this? Marrying a mother, her sister and her daughter! Will the zenci porno society even allow me to live in peace?

Was I thinking too far ahead …

“Aren’t you Ruhina?” I said turning to her and she nodded back with a shy demeanour. She didn’t talk much but kept looking up to me with her big sea-green eyes “You are really handsome as everyone says”.

I complimented her and she was really stunning even with a simple evening gown of pink colour and a white dupatta draped on her busty top. I banished the wild thoughts and kept my mind clear.

“So, what plans do you have after your studies? Want to go out for higher education or start working?”

She told me of her intent to pursue a crash course on business management and then dive into her father’s furniture dealership. She talked of her plans to set up the base at Bangalore in India and bring the skilled workers from Dhaka. She was smart and I was intrigued by her interest as well her wide knowledge on the logistical aspect of a business …

“I wanted your help in finding an ideal location to set up the business here and I would appreciate if you can find the time to guide me” My father and I would really owe you big time and I would repay you in “any way possible” as you would like”

May be she didn’t know how kindly her mother and her aunt had repaid me for the endeavour and would keep doing so, at my beck and call.

I laughed “You are welcome. Tell your father he needn’t worry and you can probably stay back after the funeral to spend some time learning the nitty gritty of the work.” You got to do your course first thing … that’s a must before you come to join me …”

Ruhina thanked me for all the advices and ran back like a little gal to the barbeque area where my two most favourite pussy owners were in hushed conversation with each other…

Dinner was served and post the smoking and chatting between the men, guests started to disperse… I was intently waiting for the last person to leave so that I can run back to my lovers … I needed them so bad it had started to hurt…

It was almost 11: 30 in the night when I said bye to my parents and came upstairs where Shabina was waiting with her elder sister … Rubina had requested Shahid that henceforth till the 11th day, she would be spending the nights with her lonely sister to comfort her and the ignorant sod agreed to it!

4 more nights of unabated fun awaits me …

Shabina continues

We were discussing about how to plan further on the developing triangle between us and Saurav and Shahid had given us a new headache by including Ruhina into the picture.

I told Rubina that my ass hurt a lot with Saurav’s maniacal sex and the hours of penetration has made the pain almost unbearable. My pussy was hurt as well but it was the thought of his cock in my tight puckered butthole that gave me the jitters.

Rubina, it seems was not bothered with the thought as she had not yet taken it up her’s …

“You’re such a slut,” I smiled, “Ignoring your old alive husband like that and staying here just to be fucked crazy by Saurav”

“I know,” she smiled as she sipped from her soda.

“So, what now? Where do we go from here?” I looked at her quizzically.

“Hey, don’t look at me, I am his fucktoy mommy… just a dumb, willing old pussy… big milk laden tits to feed and to cum on and… when you would be pregnant with his babies he will ride my ass whole day and whole night” she replied with an evil grin.

“Ok, I got it!” I interrupted her as her nasty talk was starting to make me wet again.

I heard a knock and it was our monstrous lover at the door.

He looked full of lust …

He grabbed both of us in his huge arms and gave our boobs kisses and we licked him all over like his pet bitches seeing their master after a long time … he didn’t even have to undress as we did it for him … his lovely monster cock came out like a cocked spring and hit Rubina’s face who was trying to blow him …

He whispered to me … “First my dear mommy and then my dearest aunt”

I just stood there, butt naked, watching him finger fuck the shit out of his mommy!

Rubina moaned and slithered against the wall, holding onto his shoulders with both hands. Her screams were getting louder and sluttier with every passing moment; she wasn’t going to last much longer.

“Oh Saurav… oh, yes… oh fuck… oh… OOOOOOOHHH!” she screamed as she clenched her eyes shut and her body convulsed several times.

After fingering her through her orgasm, he pulled his fingers out of her, rather rough, causing Rubina to gasp. aldatma porno

Suddenly he turned walked towards me like a lion and lifted me up and sat me down on the table, pushing me onto my back as he placed the tip of his cock against my cunt.

Somewhat relieved that he wasn’t going after my ass again, I reclined a little bit and looked down as he pushed his dick into me. Very quickly my raging lust allowed me to start enjoying the pounding I was receiving, again. After about ten minutes of fucking me up my slutty cunt, he pulled out and positioned the tip of his cock against my asshole.

Frightened, I whispered, “Please give my already gaping ass some rest … aaaaaaaaaaahhhh… oh my god.”

It was too late, he had already shoved it in; I closed my eyes and grunted.

After fucking my ass for about half an hour, he pulled out again and rammed it back up my cunt; when Saurav came about an hour later, he took a step back and pumped the thick cum on my face and tits.

He looked at Rubina and gestured her to lick me clean … Before I could open my mouth, Rubina had almost jumped on me and was using her tongue across my body like a vacuum and swallowing my lover’s tasty goo. Before she had the last gulp, she was kind enough to share the last mouthful, by parting my lips and spitting into it.

It was so filling for both of us.

We looked like two big titted whores, knelt in front of our master and swallowing his love juices off our lusty naked bodies. It was like we had no will of our own.

We both tried to be more okay with the situation than the other person, it was like a contest of who was the biggest slut.

The scene must have had its effect on Saurav as he was feeling up Rubina as his cock started to rise again …

Realizing he was coming for her, she stood up, turned and wiggled her bubble behind. He walked up behind her, put his hands in her sides and guided her into the same position as I was in, right across from me.

We were now only about 3-4 inches apart. As we looked at each other, Saurav pulled down her panties – she hadn’t bothered with putting on another Salwar – and inserted his big dark donkey dick into her willing, wet cunt. She closed her eyes and I noticed her fingers of both hands opening and attempting to claw at the stoned floor. With her mouth wide open and her eyes closed, she took the next thirty minutes of hard pounding my love was giving her.

As he fucked her, he also was cupping and kneading her swinging breasts. Her huge boobs were flat against the floor while she was on her knees.

Allah knows, the mommy slut deserved to be raped by my future husband so fiercely. She was being punished for being bustier than his wife. Milk was spraying all over the already wet floor and my knees were slipping from under me.

I was thinking of going to the bed to rest for some time …

“Stay like that,” he said, now to me, as he pulled out of her and walked over to me, positioning himself behind me. As he entered me again, it seemed like he had grown another inch or so.

My god, he was fucking huge! I could feel him bumping almost into my lungs as I moaned and groaned unabashed. If he had sprayed his cum now, it might have come out of my mouth, such was the length and girth of his penetration.

I was occasionally opening my eyes and looking at my sister. She looked flushed and clearly horny as she was constantly playing with one of her pendulous tits. She had an idea and crept to my face and started spraying milk on top of me. I took one of her tits and suckled hard to forget the pain Saurav was unleashing on my slippery cunt.

An unbearably long time later it was her turn to get fucked again. Saurav kept switching between our cunts, his rock-hard cock veering up and down. I knew it was probably the result of his secret erection pills, but it was still an impressive sight nonetheless. After ramming it into each of our cunts at least ten times and fucking us hard for several minutes every time, he decided he had had enough …having sprayed my insides, he just pulled his cock out of my battered cunt and picked us up like broken straw dolls and laid us on the bed.

We were both panting like a couple of asthmatic old whores … He got on his knees in between us, his throbbing erection right in the middle of the gap between our faces, and used both hands to nudge our heads closer together.

We both licked our lips and each started slobbering over half of his cock, running our lips and tongues over his fat length. The skin of his cock was so taut that it seemed like it was going to burst open, his tip was dark purple and his balls felt extremely warm.

With two slutty mouths stimulating him, he couldn’t last long.

Barely ten minutes later, he arched his back, howled and pushed our heads together and we opened our mouths as fat ropes of cum splattered against our jaws and we gulped and licked like addicted sex freaks.

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