My Adventures in Pleasure Ch. 08

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Big Tits

Having arrived in the US in 2000, I had become almost celibate, masturbation being the only release I had in a while! Then of course, I got paid with interest, so to speak!!

I was asked by an old friend of mine in Hong Kong to be a sort of guardian for a young girl she had helped look after. This is a 22 year old Chinese girl, very sweet and innocent looking, who is here in the bay area, attending under graduate school. She has a husband (a boyfriend she brought over from Hong Kong and married here). His name is Ken, and he is also 22, attending the same school as her, while also working part-time. They are both of small build, and like Chinese, very smooth skinned and soft looking!

Last weekend, we went on a trip to Monterey Christy (the daughter of my friend), her boyfriend Ken and myself. As it was projected to be a nice warm day, we were all casually dressed, us two guys in shorts and t-shirts, and Christy in a short skirt and a tank top (and very obviously, bra and panty – I could see the outline).

We started off about 9 am, and after driving for an hour, we stopped for breakfast. Christy had been sitting in front, with me driving, but she had made herself comfortable sitting sideways, with one leg folded, so she could chat with both of us. (That’s when I knew she had panties on). After the usual small talk about what we had been doing we were talking about life here, especially my lack of girlfriends, and complaints about how her landlady (an old Filipino woman) who did not like their noisy lovemaking. Ken joked that Christy was loud, and Christy saying it was over in minutes anyway, something we had never gone into earlier. I, like an old man, was advising them to take precautions, as they were still students, etc, and they both spoke quite freely, but I was not too surprised, as that is quite common amongst Hong Kong Chinese.

As the day grew warmer, half way through lunch, they spoke in Chinese about taking off things, and then Christy returned from the restroom bra-less. We went through the aquarium in Monterey, with Christy walking in between, holding our arms close to her – with the white tank top leaving little to the imagination, or my burning elbow! At the end of the visit to the aquarium, (about 4pm) Ken’s return from the restroom made it obvious that he had removed his briefs too!

The next stage was the 17-mile drive, famous for expensive homes, and the Pebble beach golf course. We then stopped at a small beach, and went barefoot, to sit an look at the sunset. That was when she asked if we had to drive back that night or if we could stay over that night. Then she said it would be nice to stay, and we could share one room, to keep cost down. Ken agreed too, so we drove around looking for a reasonable motel. We found one close to the water, checked in about 6 pm – a single room with two queen beds.

We then went out on to the beach, again walking around with her in the middle! After a quick dinner, we sat down on the beach with some beer (wine coolers for her) to watch the sunset. The chat was casual, but the cool breeze seemed to have a fantastic effect on Christy’s small breasts.

We got back to the motel, and I went in for a shower first. I came out istanbul escort with just my shorts on, and they went in together. On the way, Christy brushed my hairy chest with both her hands, saying how soft the hair was, then took Ken’s hand to run it through, asking him to feel too. That was a turn on, and I moved away quickly to prevent them seeing anything.

I lay on one bed, and kept flipping through the channels, just to avoid the noises from the bathroom, while trying to keep the tent from growing in my shorts. When they came out finally, I almost creamed – she was in panties and a slip, he was in a pair of boxers that left very little to the imagination. Christy then came over to see what I was watching, and sat next to me on the bed, taking the remote from me. When she found a music channel, she just stretched out next to me, then asked me to move so Ken could lie next to her.

While lying back, and chatting, she would alternately pat our thighs – mine and Ken’s, then started commenting about how hairy I was, and how nice it felt again, taking Ken’s hand to make him feel it. When he roughly touched my thigh, she corrected him, by taking his hand and gently brushing me – boy, I almost came. I joked about more hair on my chest, and she sat up and started running both her hands over me. Not wanting to start anything, I joked that Ken would get jealous and made her sit back while I went for beer. She replied that Ken was fine with it, and anyway, Ken did not have hair like that, so she was just checking out. When I came back, she took Ken’s hand and made him brush my chest, and I just decided to see where it went. She then climbed on to me, with a leg on each side and started running both her hands along my chest, saying Ken had no hair, so I said of course he will, at least in one place!

Now, Ken was right next to me, and she had taken one of his hands to show him how my chest felt. At my comment, she said not at all, and pulled his brief down, when his little erection popped up – he is just over 5” long, and quite hairless. He seemed to be quite ok with showing himself, so I said I shave myself there. I reached out to fondle him, and cupped his balls, and it felt quite small. At my words, she just lifted off me, and unbuttoned my shorts, and pulled them down – then sat back right on it! What a struggle it was not to come! I just reached and lifted off her slip, and pulled her forward to nip and suck on her breasts – they were small enough to take it in fully into my mouth. She kept moving on my dick, so I told her I would come if she did that. She lifted herself off me, and Ken slipped off her panties.

We were all naked now, and she gripped my dick, with her little hands hardly going around it. Ken reached around her, and got both his hands on me – one on the shaft, and one cupping my balls, saying I was big. I grabbed Christy, and started nibbling her, all the way from her ears down across her neck and breasts down to her belly. As I moved further down, I began using small nips with my teeth, and her noise output started to rise. Ken came over, and started kissing her too, while I continued down. Ken’s dick was at eye level, so I reached kadıköy escort and grabbed it, stroking him slowly, while I finished a short kissing tour of her thighs.

As I got to her pussy, I just clamped down on it, and started sucking, with my tongue inside – boy did she come – her thighs were clamped down over my ears, so I could not hear anything, but it was difficult keeping my mouth in place. All this while, one hand was on her breast, and one gripping Ken, but the rhythm was not right. When she relaxed I moved up, and started kissing her, when Ken was doing it too. He started licking my cheeks, to taste her, so I turned and kissed him on the mouth – don’t know why I did that.

Now Christy was pulling me, asking me to enter her, so I pulled my bag at my bedside, and got out the Trojans, and got ready to slip one on, when she said something to Ken in Chinese. At this point, he went down on me, and tried to suck – an obvious amateur. She was rubbing herself on the side of my thigh, while we kissed.

Then I put on the rubber, and pulled her over me. Ken moved back, and held me, while I opened her, and was she tight! Despite all her wetness, it went in slowly as I saw her biting her lips! She moved up and down a few times, and then started moaning in Chinese that she was coming! She fell on me, with me still hard and inside, to take a rest. At this, I pulled Ken by holding his dick, and brought him close, so I could suck him, and Christy recovered enough to do the same – we were kissing with Ken’s dick in between, and he began to move.

Then she took him fully into her mouth, and did a little tickle on his balls, making him get up on his knees and move faster. I started bucking now, telling her I had to come, and she pushed back. It was such a sight to see, with her little tits jiggling, Ken still in her mouth, and me inside her tight pussy. I came hard, and she came too, just as Ken came in her mouth! A small load, as she could swallow it at once – as she had obviously done him in the bath.

I pulled out, and we three lay there, hugging together, kissing each other alternatively. When I removed the condom, Ken bent over, and sucked me clean, and getting me hard again! Ken & I made Christy lay back, and started kissing and sucking her starting from opposite ends till we met at her pussy. Pulling her knees back to her chest, and spreading them, both Ken & I made place to kiss and suck each lip of her pussy at the same time, getting her all steamed up again. This time, she wanted Ken in her, so I slipped a condom on him, got behind and guided him into her, holding him with both my hands. When he was fully in, I moved my hands up, and started massaging his chest, and tickling his small nipples, while he was playing with her breasts. He began stroking fast, so I moved up close to him, and pressing my dick against his ass I told him to slow down. I set the pace slowly, so that my dick was slightly wedged against his ass, and made him slowly pump her. Christy wrapped her legs around both of us, and started enjoying the slow, full strokes. Each time Ken moved into her, his ass cheeks would grip my dick, and I was getting turned on. I could not kağıthane escort help but increase speed. I was telling them how hot I was, and how I was thinking of entering Ken from behind, when Christy came, I could not help, and I leaked on Ken’s buttocks, and that triggered Ken again! I lay back on the bed, pulling Ken and Christy on top of me – his back to me, and she facing me.

After a rest, we all three went into the bath, and showered, but us two guys could only get a half hard on each, so we dried, fell into bed together and slept. It felt wonderful, two soft hairless bodies on each side, only that one had a dick.

When we woke, it was just 6 am, we decided a quick shower would be good, but it took us all a while, cleaning each other up! Christy made Ken dress up and go get breakfast, while we remained naked, on the little balcony, looking out at the sea. As we were cuddling, she started moaning, so we went back to the bed, where she sucked me till I was wet. When I put on a condom, and tried to mount her the missionary way, she wanted to be on top, saying she felt the length more, so we had a relaxed session, and I spent, but still half hard and inside her when Ken returned. When I sat up, she held on to me, and said we should have breakfast with me inside her! That got me hard, and Ken stripped too, sitting next to us on the bed. After a simple Macdonald’s breakfast, I was hard enough for her to ride me till she came. This woman would have probably killed me, if we had stayed another day!

We rested, watching some inane TV show, after which Ken wanted a round, which he finished in his quickie style. By noon, I said we should be getting ready, as we needed to check out, and then drive 3 hours. At this, they spoke something in rapid Chinese that I could not understand, when Christy pulled me on top of her. Ken took a condom, and fitted me, then guided me in to Christy. She wrapped her legs around me and pulled me in and just held on without moving. Meanwhile, ken had moved up behind me, and taking a tube of her lotion, applied it around my asshole. My attempt at resistance melted, when I looked over to see Ken put on a condom. I leaned over Christy, widening my legs slightly, and Ken slowly inserted his thin long dick into me. It hurt a bit, but spreading my legs a bit more helped. He reached around and began gently pinching my nipples, while I kissed Christy, and we got into a kind of rhythm. It was a bit confused at first, but in a few strokes, we got it just right – Ken and I would pull out of the respective holes slowly, then Ken would ram me. When he was in, I would ram Christy. This was absolutely heavenly, especially the sound of flesh hitting in a kind of double whack! Ken came first, but I was quite drained, so I could hold on just until Christy came, and we all collapsed.

We had another shower (quick, this time), and managed to check out before we got charged for a second day. Driving back was slow and relaxed as we were all tired. While I was trying to digest all that happened, Christy said that they had heard a lot about threesomes, and both wanted to try it out. I was their safest bet, as she knew I was not screwing around, and that both had only slept with each other.

The tone of her explanation was that this could possibly be the only time, so I just kissed them both, and gently squeezed their nice parts, when I dropped them off. I have not attempted to contact them again, so that is also fine by me – it was a nice experience, but I am not sure I could really be comfortable with it!

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