My 18th Birthday

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My 18th birthday started out like many others, before and since. I was woken up by my phone bouncing around on my bedside table. I unhappily squinted and grumbled, wondering who would be rude enough to call me early on a spring Saturday morning. But I smiled once I saw the name on the screen. It was Julie, a married woman I had met online about three months before.

Julie and her husband Mark had been looking for a young girl to join them for a threesome. They had met in college and married their sophomore year. Now in their late thirties, they were full-fledged swingers. We chatted a few times, and she told me about how they often had a third person join them. Sometimes men, sometimes women. We finally met up and I realized she was more beautiful that her photo led me to believe. At 37, she still had a fantastic body. Her long dark hair was pulled back into a braid. Being winter, she was warmly dressed, but it was still easy to tell that her figure was perfect.

We chatted for a while, and I was very interested in joining her and Mark, but I had to be honest about my age. I came clean about being 17, and she was naturally surprised. I told her that it wouldn’t be my first time with a married couple. I reassured her that things I do in my private life are private, and that I would never mention our foray into the taboo to anyone. (Except for now I guess)

We chatted for a while longer, but she seemed tense and nervous. She kept looking around as if somebody could now know our ages and our desires simply because she now did. I was sad when she said she had to go, but only gave me a handshake instead of the warm hug I received when we first greeted each other. I assumed that I had scared her off, even though I knew it was the only right thing to do. If she felt uncomfortable about the idea of having sex with me, I hate to think how she would have felt if I had sprung the news on her after the deed was done.

So needless to say I was surprised when I got a message from her a few days later. She said it was absurd to worry about ages when we had a connection like ours. And the fact that my birthday was just over three months away made it even less of a worry. So it happened.

I visited them several times over the next three months. They told me about their sex lives. They were active swingers and had many other swinger friends. They even occasionally had parties where it was just one big orgy. Various swinger friends and a couple neighbors would come over. Swim, eat, drink, and fuck. The biggest party they told me about was a group of over thirty people. They knew that I was sad that I couldn’t go to the parties, but I wasn’t foolish enough to think that I could attend at my age.

So when Julie asked if I wanted to come over for a birthday celebration, I was more than happy. I told her that I knew that she just wanted to take advantage of my barely legal body; she just laughed and said, “You have no idea how right you are.” I agreed to be at their house at 10, and we hung up.

I pulled on at large t-shirt and some shorts, and happily bounced down the steps and into the kitchen. My mother was there cooking happily away at breakfast.

“There’s my birthday girl!” she cried out. “Happy birthday.”

“Thanks mom.” I said

“I’m making your favorite for your day. Pancakes and sausages.”

“Link sausages I hope.” I said, acting as if I were a small child, demanding things her way on her birthday. She gave me a look that said that I had better watch my step or breakfast might end up on the floor. “Of course. The little Princess must have her way on her day.” My big smile and a hug made her smile in return. “Go call your father for breakfast.” She told me. “He’s in the garage.”

Out in the garage my dad was working on his weed eater. “Playing with your toys again I see.” I laughed. He stopped what he was doing, and gruffly said, “Repairing. Not playing.” He then looked over his shoulder, and smiled. “Happy birthday my dear.” He gave me his usual, big bear hug, nearly lifting off my feet. “Come on and get some breakfast while it’s hot.” We went in and joined mom in the kitchen.

While eating mom asked what I had planned for today. “Well now that I’m 18, I’m going to go to the store, buy a carton of cigarettes, and smoke them all. Just because I can.” My dad laughed, but my mom scowled and said I had better be joking. “You know I’m a good little girl. No smoking. No drinking. No drugs. I’m the most boring girl in school.” My mom just shook her head. “I’m going to a friend’s house. I want to swim, tan, and just lounge around.”

“Well we want to take you out to dinner tonight.” My dad said. We agreed that if I wasn’t home by 6, that I would meet them at an Italian restaurant downtown at 7.

After helping to clean up some, I went up and took a quick shower. I made sure I was well shaved everywhere. I knew that there would be hands touching my body soon, so I wanted to be nice and smooth all over. I diyarbakır escort put on my bikini and pulled on a shirt and shorts over it. I grabbed a towel, put a dress and shoes on a bag for dinner. I slipped on my sandals and went downstairs. I told my parents that I would see them tonight, and I headed out to my car.

I drove over to Mark and Julie’s house. When I got there, I was surprised to see cars that I didn’t recognize. I was expecting to be naked within 5 minutes of going through their door, but I was figuring that it wouldn’t be happening now. I walked up to the front door and rang the bell.

Julie and Mark answered the door together and greeted me with a big hug. “Happy birthday sexy.” They brought me into the house. “We’re glad you could come over to join us.” Julie said. “You know I’ve not yet turned down an invitation. I was surprised by the cars in the driveway though. I was expecting one of my usual visits. They smiled and told me not to worry.

We walked to their den where there were several people waiting. They all looked up and smiled as we entered the room. Julie said in a loud voice, “Everyone, this is Christine. It’s her birthday today.” Smiles, and calls of “Hi Christine.” and “happy birthday.” came as a reply. Julie then went on to explain to me that these people were fellow swingers, and that they had come over to help celebrate my birthday.

Needless to say, I was shocked. They had said that I would be invited to one of their parties once I turned 18, but I never expected that it would happen on the day I turned 18.

Groups and orgies weren’t anything new to me, but this really did come as a shock. I looked around the room at the faces before me. Besides Mark and Julie, there were eleven strangers in the room. I got instantly wet knowing that even though I didn’t know any of them, we would soon all be naked and have a most intimate knowledge of each other. They were all looking at me, and I blushed like a shy young woman. Mark gave me a hug, “We have told them all about you, now let me introduce them to you.”

There were 7 men and 4 women in the room. The first two were married couples. Ron and Michelle were the first introduced. He was 44 and she was 38. They had been married for several years and Michelle had a son who was a freshman in college. Next were Alan and Susan. They were both 25 and had been married less than a year.

Four single men had also been invited. Ben and Larry, both in their mid twenties, were coworkers at a local restaurant that had been picked up one evening by Julie while Mark had been out of town. Ian, while technically not single, was there without his wife because she was at work. Finally there was Evan. Evan was the only black man in the room. Even if he hadn’t been, he still would have stood out. He was nearly 6 and a half feet tall and built like a football player.

The only single woman in the room was Valerie. She moved to Nashville from Alabama, to be a country music star. She had the voice it seemed but not the luck. She was working in a grocery store when a boyfriend introduced her to the swinging scene. The boyfriend was gone, but not the sexual desire.

Next came the most attractive woman in the room. She couldn’t be more than 20, full C breasts, long straight red hair that was pulled back into a pony tail. I barely held back a giggle when she was introduced as Scarlet. She piped up and notified me that her parents thought it was the perfect name when they saw the red hair that she had been born with. I was slightly confused by the fact that she was sitting in the lap of a man who was well past old enough to be her father. Richard was in his late 50’s but still quite good looking. His hand was wrapped around her and he was kneading her thigh. Mark leaned in and whispered “sugar daddy” into my ear.

I then paused. Even though I went there to get fucked, all those new faces caused me to forget what I was supposed to do. Thankfully Julie knew what needed doing. I felt her arms wrap around me from behind, her hands moving over my body. She grabbed the bottom of my shirt and pulled it up over my head. I looked at the people watching me be undressed. She kissed my neck and continued exploring with her hands.

When she pulled the ties on the back of my bikini top and removed it, I could see the lust in the eyes of those watching. Julie played with my nipples. Squeezing, twisting, and pulling on them. She knew they are sensitive and that I love them being played with. Her hands slid down my stomach and untied the string on my shorts, pushing them and my bikini bottoms down around my ankles.

So there I was. Standing as naked as I was when I was born exactly 18 years before. This time I had a room full of people where there to fuck me. It wasn’t as if I hadn’t had sex with a group of people before, but I had some serious butterflies in my stomach. It had been a long time since I had been this nervous. So I was thankful for what Julie did next.

She turned me sideways where I saw Mark standing there. He had stripped naked as Julie stripped me. She put her hands on my shoulders, and said, “It’s time to show everybody what you love doing with that beautiful mouth of yours.” She gently pushed me down to my knees in front of Mark. His semi erect cock stood out in front of me. It made it much easier to take my mind off the eyes staring at me when I took his 7 inch cock in my hand and started stroking it. I leaned in and ran my tongue over the head of his cock. Swirling it around and getting it good and wet. I lifted it up and ran my tongue down the underside of it to his balls. I took turns sucking them into my mouth. First one then the other all while his cock was draped over my face. I went back to sucking him into my mouth. One hand was working his cock, and the other was playing with his balls.

I felt Marks hands on my head, and he began to thrust into my mouth. I could hear Julie undressing, but I was unable to see her because her husband was holding my head in place. I tried to turn and see, but Mark wouldn’t let me. I felt her hands between my legs, pushing them apart. She slid between my legs and started licking and playing with my pussy. I moaned and squirmed.

She was so good with her tongue. Making it hard for me to concentrate on Mark. But he just continued fucking my mouth.

After a few more minutes Mark started to groan. I knew him well enough to know that he was soon to cum. I was ready for it. Ready to swallow every drop. So I was let down when he quickly pulled out of my mouth and said he didn’t want to cum just yet. He stepped away and let go of my head.

I finally was able to look down between my legs and see Julie’s beautiful eyes looking up at me as her tongue explored my pussy.

I then looked at the other people in the room. They were now in various stages of undress. They were all still watching me, but every cock had a hand around it, and every pussy had fingers in them. They were all watching the live porn show that I was putting on for them. I was mesmerized by what I was doing and what I was seeing.

Julie’s fingers and tongues brought me back to my part in the show. I ground my pussy onto her mouth. I put my hand on her head and rode her tongue. The tension built up inside me until my orgasm caused me to cry out. I fell to my hands and knees, and heard a gasp from those watching.

I crawled off of Julie and rolled over to sit down. It seemed as if my orgasm signaled the start of the orgy proper. Susan and Michelle had started sucking on Alan’s cock, while Ron licked Michelle from behind. Scarlet lay on her side on the couch. She was greedily sucking on Ian’s cock as Richard slowly began pumping his into her pussy. Ben and Larry stood by and stroked their cocks as they watched the beautiful redhead get it from both ends. Then I saw a glorious thing. Valerie and Evan were on the floor in a 69. She was trying her best, but his massive, 10 inch cock was just too big. She just couldn’t get more than the head into her mouth. She used both hands to jerk it off, and kept her tongue moving all over it.

I got up and walked over between Ben and Larry. I took their cocks in my hands and took over stroking them. I asked if they enjoyed seeing Scarlet getting fucked. And they replied that they did. Then, without taking my eyes off of Scarlet and her ecstasy, I asked the boys if they wanted to be my first legal fucks. They seemed to pause for a long time, letting the idea process in their minds.

In response, they pulled me down to the floor. Larry in front of me, and Ben behind. Their hands grabbed at my breasts and ass and pussy. Larry and I kissed deeply, our tongues exploring each other’s mouths. Ben pushed the fingers of his right hand into my pussy as his left grabbed at my breast. Larry backed away from me, and Ben pushed me down to my hands and knees. Instantly Larry pushed his cock into my face, and I happily sucked it into my mouth. Ben continued to finger my pussy for just a moment, but he was eager to fuck me. I felt the head of his cock inch its way into me, but then he suddenly shoved the rest of it in. I gasped and nearly choked on Larry, but managed not to.

The two friends quickly fell into a rhythm. It wasn’t the usual one in and one out rhythm though. They both thrust into me at the same time. Filling me up in a way I had never been done before was a thrill to me. I enjoyed the feeling of being pinned between them. I could hear them talking about me. “Damn, what a sexy little girl.” And “This is as barely legal as barely legal gets.”

With a slap to my ass I felt both cocks pull out of me, and I was told to turn around. Now it was Larry’s turn to fuck me, and Ben’s turn to have his cock sucked. They continued to fuck me for what seemed like a blissful eternity before I heard Ben say he was about to cum. He pumped into my mouth a few more times before I felt his cum jet into my mouth. I swallowed as much as I could, but a few drops escaped my lips as he pulled his cock out of my mouth.

Larry, though wasn’t through with me just yet. Now that his friend was done in my mouth, he started talking to me.

“You love getting fucked, don’t you?” He asked.

“God yes!” was my reply.

“I’m about to cum” he told me “Where do you want it?”

“Inside me.”

“Say it like you mean it.”


With a laugh he slapped my ass and picked up the pace even more. His balls slapped against my clit with every thrust. His fingers dug into my hips as he held on tight to me. Another orgasm was quickly building within me. Then, with a groan, he pulled me back against him and held me there. His body stiffened, and I could feel his cock jerk and spasm deep inside me. Jet after hot jet of his semen coated the inside of my pussy. Al l these sensations quickly pushed me over the edge.

The muscles in my pussy tensed up around his cock. My arms gave out and I collapsed onto the floor with my ass still up in the air. I gasped, trying to catch my breath. He continued to pump into me, but each time just a little less deeply than before, until he completely pulled out.

I rolled onto my side, and put my hand between my legs, trying to keep his cum inside me. I scooped it out of me and brought my hand to my mouth. I licked our mixed cum off of my fingers, enjoying every bit. “Damn, what a nasty little girl” Larry said. “I think I’m in love.” I simply smiled in response.

The sound in the room was amazing. All the grunting, groaning, and moaning was quite loud. All I wanted to do at the moment was to rest for a bit and watch. Mark was sitting on the couch next to Richard. Julie was riding Richard, facing him, and Susan was riding Mark, but facing away. The two women were locked in an embrace and were making out as they rode the two men. Scarlet was riding Ron, and Michelle was between his legs licking his balls all while Alan fucked her from behind. And Valerie was riding Evan but was having a hard time of it. He was so big that she had to take her time and go at her own pace.

Ian came over and sat down beside me and we watched the action together. We chatted as we sat there, and he told me how he had met Julie and Mark through mutual swinger friends. He told me about his wife. She was a nurse at a local hospital, and was unable to get out of work that day. She had wanted to come and help celebrate my birthday, but couldn’t. He invited me to come visit them sometime so the two of us could meet, and I said I would love to.

As we sat there, I reached over and took his cock in my hand and slowly stroked it. “Does your wife mind your coming here alone to fuck other women?” I asked. “Not at all. She enjoys watching me with other women.” “Good” I replied, and I leaned down and took his cock into my mouth. I sucked him good and hard. I wanted him to have a good story to tell his wife when he got home and she asked for all the details.

When he was good and hard I turned around and straddled him, and sat in his lap. His cock was between our stomachs, and I reached down and took hold of it as I leaned in and kissed him. Then without breaking the kiss, I lifted up, positioned his cock, then slid all the way down onto it. I grunted into his mouth, and it caused him to smile. I wrapped my arms around his neck, pulling him close, my breasts pressed tightly against his chest, and started to ride him.

We never stopped kissing as his moved up and down my back. They lingered each time on my ass when they go there. He seemed to enjoy grabbing my cheeks and pulling them apart and kneading them.

I broke our kiss and whispered into his ear, “I take it you prefer ass to tits.” He simply nodded and let one of his fingers slip over my asshole. I shuddered at the touch, and he just smiled more than he already was. He took it as an invitation to play even more. He used his middle finger to tease my asshole. Pressing on it and making small circles around it. My lack of complaint made him even braver. He reached down to where his cock was sliding in and out of my pussy. Getting his fingers wet he then proceeded to insert a finger into my ass. I gasped loudly and stopped riding him as he lubed up my ass. A second finger was soon worked into me, and I just sat there with my eyes closed and my mouth open. I finally looked into his eyes and said “Do you want to fuck my ass?” “More than anything.” was his reply.

I got off of him and turned around. That is when I realized that I was being watched again. I oddly blushed as I reached between my legs for his cock. I positioned him at the opening to my ass, and slowly used my weight to get him into me. I played with my pussy as I slowly rode him. He pulled me back and forward on him. By the time I had fully gotten going, everybody in the room was watching me again. Everybody seemed transfixed by the sight of a young girl riding a cock with her ass. I just looked back into their eyes and I continued happily along.

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