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Note: Hi Everyone, This is my first story submission to the website. This is a true story of how I seduced my cousin Priya over the course of time, hope so you guys like it.

I am Jai, and I look good enough well built with good physique. It all started few years back in the year 2014 when I have finished my engineering. I have moved to my grand parents home in Hyderabad from my hometown.

I have reached their home early in the morning by train and was really tired of the journey, since I am the guy who doesn’t get much sleep in journeys.

Everyone were happy to see me after the long gap, since I have not visited their home after I have joined my engineering.

My grandfather asked me about my whereabouts, and I took blessings of him by touching his feet. My grandfather suggested me to get fresh, so that I can have some tea to fresh up my mood, and I agreed it was a good idea and moved to washroom.

Inside Washroom

Once I locked the washroom and started to pee, I looked around the washroom as I was remembering my childhood days in the same house. Suddenly my eye caught some cloths in the laundry basket. They belonged to some young girl, and soon I realized they were cloths of my uncle’s daughter, my cousin priya.

Once I am done with pee, I walked towards the washbasin to get a soap to wash my face, and the strong female scent struck my nose, Yes! It was coming out of the cloths of priya. I got an instant Namıkköy Escort erection, since that was the first time I smelled something so strong.

I thought of touching the cloths, but again changed my mind and washed the face and walked out of washroom.

Tea Time

Once I came out of washroom, I sat with my grandpa to have some tea. I was sipping the hot tea and was have a chat about what were my plans and how I was thinking to get a career. Then I heard her voice for the first time, it was Priya. I looked in the direction of her, and for a second I was awestruck.

Within the seconds of looking at her, my eyes started to scan all the important parts, and she has grown up into a beautiful girl from a geeky girl who I saw four years back.

She wearing a night dress, and she had the perfect breasts for a 19yr old, She walked past me into her room and I was able to get a peak of her best part, her Ass!!

I had to adjust in my seat, so that my grandpa doesn’t notice my erection. She came out of her room after few minutes and sitting in front of me talked about all the stuff.

I tried not to get caught, as I was not able to control my eyes that were moving towards her breast.

Back to Washroom

After a brief talk with me, priya went to washroom to take bath and get ready to collage. Once she came out, my grandmother insisted I needed to get bath.

I went into Namıkköy Escort Bayan washroom, and it was filled with hot vapors since she took a hot water bath. Once I started to take bath, and again reached to basin for the soap, the same feminine smell greeted me, and It was coming out of the freshly cloths thrown into the basket.

I got an instant erection, and the flashes of her beauty caught me and this time I was not able to control my urges and started to masturbate. I took hold of her night pant, and put my nose to the crotch area and I could smell the aroma.

I came very quick than my usual time, since this was all new to me and I used to only masturbate for the porn in the past.

Once I am done with masturbation, I put the cloths back to the basket and made sure it was in place as before.

I came out of washroom, and I had no feelings for her. I thought it was just a passing cloud, but I was wrong.

After a week

Once I was done with all the family meetings, I started my hunt for the jobs in the city. Whenever I used to return home after an unsuccessful interview my only boost up was this young hot girl who would entertain my eyes with all her feminine beauty.

I still remember that day, when for the first time I was able to get a glimpse of her undergarments. I was watching a movie and she was sitting across me having her snacks.

I used to glance at Escort Namıkköy her occasionally, as savoring her beautiful white figure had become my routine when no one were around or when everyone were busy in their works.

There was more food on the table in front of me, and once she was done with the food in her plate, she walked to the table and bent normally to refill her plate.

That was the moment, I got the glimpse of her beautiful cleavage , her tits were quite big for a girl of 19 years. She had worn black sports bra, which was holding her boobs tightly. I quickly looked around to make sure no one was observing me, and everyone were quite busy in their work.

I was lucky, since she was serving herself Gulab Jamoon(Indian sweet dish), and since she needs sugar syrup for the better taste, she was in that position for more than couple of minutes, and I was rewarded with such a long view of her inner parts.

I have made sure I got the perfect view, so that I can memorize it for long time. Once she was done with serving, she went back and sat in the same position.

I was sitting there uncomfortably waiting for the right time to walk into the washroom, since I had this raging hard on and I was afraid of someone noticing it.

Days started to pass rather quickly, and getting glimpse of her hot figure whenever I can had become a routine for me.

There were days, when I couldn’t control my feelings for her figure, but I was pretty much scared to do anything.

Soon I started to gather information from and other websites on how the people in stories were seducing their sexual partners, and then I have got a wonderful idea “Movie time”.

What is Movie Time?

To be continued….

Feel free to comment.

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