Mutual Pleasure

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Watching you, stroking your hard cock, I can barely contain myself, stop myself from touching you, too. I lay against the pillows, watching you hungrily, my own fingers circling and rubbing my clit, keeping my excitement high. As your body arches and your cum shoots out, covering your stomach, I can’t stop myself and I crawl between your legs, sliding my fingertips lightly along your thighs, locking my eyes on yours as you watch me. Your hand is still holding your cock lightly and as I kneel between your legs, I take your hand in mine bringing it up to my mouth.

Looking into your eyes, I flick my tongue out in tiny licks, cleaning the cum from your fingers, your palm, the back of your hands, before sliding my mouth over your index finger, sucking it deep into my mouth. I see the smile playing on your lips as I tease you, alternately licking and sucking the finger in my mouth, knowing now what I have planned. Finally, releasing your finger, I move your hand and put it on your chest, smiling and telling you: “Get comfortable, love.”

Leaning down, I begin licking the little drops of cum off your thighs, flicking my tongue, lapping your skin with delicate strokes, intent on finding every drop no matter how well hidden. I slide my hands up your sides, skimming the surface lightly on the way up, raking your skin as I bring them back down to your hips. Flicking my tongue on your skin, I move up along your hip, my fingers curled into your hips on either side. I can feel your body moving restlessly and I glance up, seeing that look in your eyes, and smile at you, knowing you want to join in. Your cock, barely softened from your orgasm, is hardening again and I can feel your skin heating up.

Dragging my tongue across your stomach, my breasts brush against your cock and I hear you moan at the touch. Smiling, I deliberately brush them against it again and I’m rewarded with another low moan. Taking my time, I continue licking all along your stomach, darting my tongue into your bellybutton and circling it, pressing my breasts fully against your cock, letting it slip between them and rubbing along them, between them, your cum rubbing on them.

Sliding my hands to the outer edges Trabzon Escort of my breasts, I squeeze them around your cock, slowly sliding them up and down your cock, squeezing them around it. Your legs jerk up, knees bending slightly, pressing up against my body and holding me. Glancing up at your face, I smile – your eyes are half closed watching me, your lips parted, breathing shallowly.

Your cock is so hard now, sliding slickly between my breasts. Looking down, I see the head popping out between my breasts with each thrust and I slide my tongue across the head, earning a low groan from you. Slipping my mouth over the head of your cock, I tighten my lips and let it slip in, sucking it gently down to the rim, slowing the thrusting between my breasts and then let it slip almost all the way out. Your moans are growing louder; your hips thrusting harder and I know that the time for teasing has come to an end.

Letting go of my breasts, I slide my mouth fully down your cock, pressing my tongue flat against the sensitive underside, taking it deep into my throat, sucking harder for a moment. Glancing up, I look deep into your eyes, slowly sliding my mouth back up the shaft, up to the head, swirling my tongue over the head lovingly.

Crawling up your body, your hands reach for me hungrily, helping me to straddle your hips. Lifting myself high for a moment, I stroke my fingers lovingly down your cock, squeezing the base lightly and holding it steady. Your hands slide from my arms to my breasts, cupping them underneath and slowly stroking up, circling the nipples, teasing me before wrapping a finger and thumb around each, pinching and rolling them. A shudder passes through me, pleasure coursing through me.

Rolling my head briefly, watching you through half-closed eyes, I bring your cock between my pussy lips and slide the head up to my clit, pressing it hard against me and sliding up and down, letting the friction spur me on, my wetness spreading over your cock head. Your fingers tighten almost painfully on my nipples, pulling them hard and I moan, almost slumping against you, your cock poking out from between my lips.

I can’t wait any longer. Sliding Trabzon Escort Bayan your cock head down between my lips, pressing it against my wet entrance, I press down, letting it slip slowly in. I can feel your cock stretching my pussy open, the sensation as thrilling as ever, and I thrust down hard, pulling your cock deeper, letting it penetrate fully, not stopping until my pussy is grinding down against my hand, still holding the base.

Opening my hand, I circle your cock with my thumb and forefinger as far as they will reach, squeezing lightly, letting my pussy settle further. The sound of our harsh breathing fills the air, the scents of both of us filling my nostrils and I look at you, catching your eye and grin. Your hands are still massaging and playing with my breasts and I press into them, leaning forward to kiss you hard, plunging my tongue in to duel with yours. Raking my nails of my other hand down your chest, I feel you moan into my mouth and your hands slide roughly down my body to cup my ass and thrust me down hard onto your cock, earning a gasp from me.

My eyes fly open to find you looking at me and we gaze at each other as we kiss, grinding against each other slowly. I see the look in your eye and know that it’s time. I draw my hips up slowly, letting your cock slip almost out before tightening my muscles and starting to slide down, intending to go slow and easy.

Your hands tighten on my ass and pull me down quickly, as you thrust your hips up, sending your cock deep into my tight pussy. I shudder and feel my body tightening all over, knowing I won’t last either for long, needing you now. Leaning down on your chest, rubbing my hard nipples against your chest, I let the kiss deepen and begin thrusting against you harder moving with the rhythm you’re setting, taking your cock hard and deep, driving against you, letting the heat take over.

I can feel little fissures of pleasure spreading all over my body, your moans are filling the air with mine and the scent of us is driving me wild. I can feel my orgasm approaching and I begin to thrust harder, my fingers tightening around your cock, drawing my knees up closer against your body Escort Trabzon to brace myself to thrust harder.

With a swift move, you thrust up deep into me and push me over onto my back, keeping your cock deep inside me. Grasping my legs, you slip your arms under each of them, letting them slip over your shoulders and driving deep inside me. Your back arches in pleasure, briefly, before you begin thrusting into my tight wet pussy, hard and deep, your hips moving faster. I can see your muscles tightening all over your body and I reach up, raking my nails across your chest again, digging them into your shoulders and thrusting up to meet you.

A shudder passes through both of us and I feel your hands as they reach down to squeeze my ass again, your body forcing mine into the bed as your lean down and take one of my nipples roughly into your mouth, sucking it, biting down. The pain is exquisite torture and I cry out, reaching to pull your head closer, to feel your teeth again.

Whimpering now, I try to form the words to tell you that I’m cumming, but none come out and I look down to see you watching me and you know. I feel your fingers sliding between my ass cheeks, your cock filling me deep as one finger slides down the crack of my ass, pressing hard against my ass slit. My orgasm hits at that moment and I cry out, my body tightening, wrapping around you, thrusting wildly, as your finger slips into my ass. I feel you twist the finger around as my whole body shakes and shudders, the pleasure flowing through all my limbs. I dig my nails into your shoulders again and hear you groan and then cry out, too, driving hard into me as you come with me.

I can feel your hot cum hitting the walls of my sensitive pussy, mixing with my juices, your cock pressing deep inside me now as far as you can drive it. Our bodies are slick with sweat as we shake against each other, moaning loudly, the waves of pleasure crashing over us. The smell is intoxicating and I breathe deeply, burying my nose against your neck, trying to pull you so close our bodies will meld.

Breathing hard, I slip my legs off your shoulders and slide them down against your body, hooking them around your legs. You press down on top of me, kissing me, running your tongue across my lips, meeting mine, letting the kiss deepen and express the feelings that words can’t right now.

Pulling slightly back, our lips clinging and then parting, I smile up at you. “Welcome home, my love.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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