Muscle Men Studs

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Summary: Straight Guy becomes obsessed with big strong men.

Note 1: This is dedicated to Mark who requested this story.

Note 2: This is a NUDE DAY 2020 CONTEST STORY.

Note 3: Thanks to Tex Beethoven and Robert for editing this story.

Muscle Men Studs

Every guy goes through a mid-life crisis.

Most buy some extravagant unnecessary purchase to prove their manhood.

I, on the other hand, got in shape following a lengthy scolding from my doctor. I dropped from 250 pounds all the way down to 200. It was a major rush to see those two trailing zeros scroll down next to the leading two.

Unfortunately the gym near my home went under, so I needed to find a new one. I found one close to my work, and then figured instead of going to the gym, then coming home to shower before heading to work, I would simply go to the new gym, work out, and then shower there before going straight to work… it would save me some valuable time traveling.

What I didn’t know was it would completely change my life.

The gym I had been going to was never busy in the morning, and sometimes I’d even be the only one there working out… plus, most of the people who went there were guys my age — in our forties or fifties. I don’t know how it got a reputation as an old guy’s gym, but it did, and then could never break that stigma and be able to attract the younger crowd it would have needed to be successful.

This new gym on the other hand, was not only busy pretty much anytime, but it also had a wide range of ages patronizing it.

I was working out my first day there, just taking it easy as I checked out the various pieces of equipment to see which of them I preferred, this gym not only having more equipment than my former one, but more variety, and in a lot better repair. I’d had no idea I was getting so little for my money, since I was paying ten bucks a month less at this new gym, but nevertheless was using better equipment and more variety, and It even boasted a swimming pool and sauna.

The other thing different was the eye candy. There were lots of beautiful girls there, almost all of them half my age. There were also a few ridiculously good-looking guys there, including a breed of guy I’d only ever seen on television, or at the beach on the rare occasions I went down there: muscle men.

I don’t know why, perhaps because they were the polar opposite of myself in every physical feature, or perhaps because they reminded me of the many bullies I’d had to try to avoid back when I was a scrawny runt of a kid, but I was in awe of them.

I was in awe of their muscles. They were so big and foreboding. Every one of these muscle men oozed confidence, commanded attention, and seemed to be in complete charge of pretty much everyone around them.

The way they could take three hundred pounds and bench press it like it was a feather.

The way their arms sweated and their veins pulsed when they worked out.

The way their ripped arms, abs, legs… everything really… were so defined.

The way the shapes of their muscles were prominent even under their clothing.

How their forearms, biceps and chests had individual characteristics for each man, even though they worked together as a team to lift weights and work out.

How they each somehow had a chiseled stomach you could bounce a quarter off of.

How even their calves were meaty and strong.

Each of these muscle men were beings I had long fantasized being: brawny, beefy, stacked, tough, built, robust, powerful, chiseled, ripped.

Now I want to point out I wasn’t gay. I’d never had daydreams about guys. I wasn’t drooling over these muscle men. I was admiring their bodies and wishing I looked like that myself… the same way I admire Brad Pitt and wish I looked like him.

Yet, as the first couple weeks went along, I’d be lying if I claimed I wasn’t spending more time watching the young muscle men work out than I did the pretty young girls.

So much so… that I ended up googling the term ‘muscle man’. I couldn’t explain why I was becoming so entranced with these guys, like I said I wasn’t gay at all. I just found them intriguing.

I found a website of muscle men videos, including ones of them fighting each other in contests, often wearing only male thongs, which didn’t look too comfortable. But they did give me a new admiration for muscle men’s asses. Like the rest of their bodies, they were rock hard and impressive.

Watching the wrestling oddly made a certain muscle of mine hard as I watched them manhandle each other, and I somehow started imagining them manhandling me that way.

As I researched more deeply, I found there were also lots of videos of muscle men stroking their big dicks… they always had big dicks… much bigger than mine. I don’t know why I became so fascinated by these videos, but I was entranced. I was captivated by how each muscle man’s entire upper body worked in smooth concert to stroke his escort bayan gaziantep impressive cock.

His chest, his arm, his bicep, all worked fluidly together to jerk him off.

My eyes would dart all over the screen like following a pinball, as I was visually overwhelmed.

The massive pecs flexed with each stroke up and down, and they really grew when he was about to come.

His forearms and biceps pulsed, making the veins throb.

His firm chest, whenever it was in view, was stiff, with just the odd crease.

His cock was always big and hard.

These features all combined with his manly groans, and then the climactic orgasm, when a few ropes of cum exploded from his cock which for some reason, made my cock ache in my pants.

I also learned that in porn these men were often called muscle hunks. And that most muscle hunk videos were gay porn. Sometimes it was one muscle hunk sucking another one, more often it was a twink sucking and getting fucked by a muscle hunk, other times it was a guy in his forties or fifties (like me) sucking or getting fucked by a bigger, stronger muscle man, and other times it was a threesome, or even a gang bang of meaty muscle hunks.

Regardless of which, I couldn’t get enough of them.

I must have watched over the next few days:

-a couple dozen solo muscle hunks jerking off… enjoying their groans, their muscles, their cocks, and their eruptions.

-a couple dozen twinks, or else older men, sucking muscle men and/or getting ass fucked by muscle hunks.

-A few group sex scenes… so many hunky muscle men… muscles everywhere… cocks everywhere (yes, always unfathomably large).

It was only then, after a few days of watching only gay porn and slyly checking out the real life muscle men at the gym, that I had to admit to myself I’d become obsessed… although it should have been blatantly obvious… as I always ended my porn sessions with coming while I imagined I was the one being dominated in some fashion by a dominant muscle hunk.

Again, I wasn’t gay, I simply wanted to have a body like that. I’d been working out for a year, dropped 50 pounds, but that had been almost entirely belly weight, and at my age, 55, I was never going to have a body like these young hunks in their twenties and thirties.

I was envious of their bodies, and I couldn’t stop admiring them.

At the gym before work I’d be on a treadmill appearing to be watching the morning news on my monitor (yes, almost all of the workout stations at this upscale gym featured a wide variety of streaming video in addition to details about my workout), but the truth was I was slyly checking out the two muscle men I’d become particularly obsessed with during these few weeks. They were always there the same time I was, both wore muscle t-shirts that allowed me to see lots of their muscles, and they both pushed each other to go harder, faster, throughout their strenuous workouts.

What I hadn’t felt daring enough to do… until today… was to follow them… oh so casually, this just happened to be when I decided I’d worked out long enough for the day… to follow them to the showers. I wanted to see their bulging muscles with their shirts off… I wanted to see their rock-hard glutes… and I was very curious to see whether their dicks were as big as those muscle guys sported on the internet.

So I followed them slyly, my cock hard under my shorts. They went into the change room, took off their shoes and socks, took off their shirts (their back muscles even looking impressive), as I bent down to untie my shoes and not look like I was checking them out. I felt oddly giddy like I had the day of the high school prom, when I’d been promised I’d lose my virginity to my girlfriend. They then pulled down their shorts and underwear and grabbed a couple of towels, awarding me a very brief glimpse of their cocks… but not clearly enough to actually see anything.

Not wanting to get caught checking them out, I scurried into the sauna, my cock hard, and sat down immediately, just before they walked into the sauna as well… which I wasn’t expecting at all!

They both went to a bench directly across from me, set their towels on the bench, suddenly completely naked!… and sat down on their towels… I wondered if that was the etiquette in a sauna like this.

I tried to act casual and not to appear I was looking, but was unable to contain a slight gasp when they spread their legs, presenting me with a very clear view of both of their cocks (one completely flaccid and the other semi-erect, in case you wanted to know, and I certainly would if I were in your shoes), as they dangled appealingly between their legs.

I couldn’t help it, but I stared at the two cocks, only for a couple seconds, which even so was a couple of seconds too long for etiquette in public even with only men present, before I looked away, likely too quickly, trying to look casual. I trust I’ve conveyed that I was a complete emotional mess at this juncture, because I was.

I kept my towel in place because first, their cocks put mine to shame, and second (and more importantly), I was embarrassingly rock hard. I considered getting up to leave, but I felt a rush because I was in a secluded room with these two hot muscle hunks, and the hot sauna was already making their amazing chiseled chests sweat… which made their skin glisten… enhancing their already perfect male bodies.

So although I knew I should get up and leave right now, I decided to linger a couple minutes and then feign it was too hot in there and leave.

“Hey, you’re new here, right?” one of them said.

“Yeah, coupla weeks,” I admitted, trying to act casual, trying to maintain normal eye contact and not to admire any of their many impressive assets… never mind their cocks.

“I’m Dave, this is Bryce,” the same one said in a friendly way.

“I’m Mark,” I said, Dave seeming more like a Chuck or Charles, although Bryce seemed the perfect name for a muscle hunk.

“Nice to meet you,” Dave said.

“Yeah, you too,” I said, really struggling not to look down and admire their entire bodies as they heated up.

“Bryce here tells me you’ve been checking us out for the last few days,” Dave said, astonishing me, just as I happened to glance down at his chest.

“And he’s doing it right now,” the blonde Bryce observed, busting me.

“What? No!” I said too quickly, likely only making me look even more guilty.

“Riiight,” Dave said in a long-drawn-out syllable. “So now that we’ve established that you’re a perv… Are you also a cock sucker?” as he parted his legs wider to give me a better view of his cock… which now that I’d taken a very good look at it, looked quite big.

“What? No,” I repeated, this tactic of blatant denial falling apart rather quickly, since I couldn’t help glancing down at his cock again.

“Probably a bottom then,” Bryce said.

“I’m married,” I pointed out, looking at his eyes and then his cock in rapid succession.

“Figures. Most cock sucking bottoms are,” Dave said.

“I’m not either of those,” I said as I stood up to leave. It was one thing to admire their bodies and jerk off to gay muscle hunk porn, but this was becoming an entirely different level of involvement. I didn’t want these men to think for even a minute that I was gay. So I clarified as a parting shot, “I just admire your sheer strength and aesthetic beauty.”

As soon as I heard myself saying the words ‘aesthetic beauty’, I knew I couldn’t have sounded any gayer. So I tried to clarify, “I mean I just admire your dedication to fitness.” Which just made it worse as I kept wading into quicksand of my own making.

“I bet you do, since it’s pretty obvious you’ve been checking us out every morning for almost a week,” Bryce smirked, spreading his legs wider, and bringing his semi-erect cock into even clearer view.

“I should get going,” I said, trying not to appear in awe of their bodies and their cocks, while my own modest cock remained completely erect beneath my towel.

“Lose the towel, Mark,” Dave ordered.

“What? Why?”

“Well, if you simply admire our bodies for their aesthetic beauty, then you won’t be concealing an erection under that towel, will you?” Dave said, bursting right through my façade.

“I’m not sure that statement even makes logical sense,” I argued as I felt my cock flinch under my towel.

“I think it does,” Dave said, standing and walking up to me, his chiseled perfect chest glistening in sweat, making his body look even hotter.

I should have fled that sauna in a record-breaking sprint, but my legs felt like they were encased in hardened concrete.

Dave stood before me, naked, then grabbed my hand and placed it on his chest. “Mark, have you ever wondered what a chest like this felt like?”

My eyes went wide, my cock flinched again, as I felt his firmly muscled chest. Shit, it was so hard and muscular! I mindlessly moved my hand across his chest in awe, forgetting where I was and with whom.

“That’s the way. Now use both hands on me,” he said and I did, allowing my towel to fall to the wooden floor as I helplessly rubbed my hands all over his sweaty chest.

Bryce said with a chuckle, “Bingo! Just like all the others, our latest conquest is already rock hard.”

Even as I realized I was now naked in front of these two muscle men, my tiny cock inarguably rock hard, I had no control over my own actions… I was just mindlessly reacting to whatever was happening. I was completely captivated by this perfect physique I was touching.

Dave said, “Go ahead, wrap your hands around my biceps.”

“They’re so big,” I said in awe, doing just like he said while he flexed. His arms were so big! I’d researched that the average man’s bicep is 13.3 inches around, while muscle men were often 22 inches, which is almost double that. Mine were a mere 12.6 inches, thus below average, while Dave’s were so big and hard that his veins were pulsing as I wrapped my hands around them. Or tried to. His upper arms were so enormous, I couldn’t succeed in wrapping my hands completely around them.

“Yep, 24 inches,” Dave said, clearly proud of his measurements, and likely having them all memorized.

“Wow,” I said in a daze, as I enclosed my hands around his arm the same way I’d cupped my first pair of breasts… completely captivated.

“Nope, they’re only 23.9 inches,” Bryce corrected him.

“Yeah, yeah,” Dave said in irritation, annoyed by the reminder he wasn’t actually 24 inches quite, but nevertheless I was mesmerized by his body in the same way I was first mesmerized by touching a woman’s body.

“I’m 24 point two inches,” Bryce said, flexing his own bicep of grandeur.

“You’re both impressive,” I said, admiring Bryce’s body… both of these men something I wished I was more of… masculine. Their bodies were so well defined and tight, not an ounce of fat anywhere… this mixed with their good looks, towering frames (Dave was a good 5 inches taller than I was while Bryce was even taller, at around 6’8″). Add this to their confident demeanor, and they had me completely at their mercy.

“Suck on my nipple, Mark,” Dave ordered, changing the focus of the conversation.

No longer in charge of my own decisions, just basking in the physical glory of these two young gods and doing whatever I was told, I leaned down a bit, opened my mouth, and sucked on his hard nipple… tasting the salty sweat on his body.

Wanting to feel his flat, muscled stomach, I moved a hand to it and slowly caressed it, while I sucked on the hard nipple in my mouth.

“You like my body, Mark?” Dave asked.

“Yeah,” I said in a lustful stupor.

“Ever sucked a cock?” Bryce asked, as he stood up and brought one over to me.

“No, never,” I denied, realizing I was now too deeply in this quicksand to back out.

“But you’re about to be sucking mine,” Bryce predicted without the need for much psychic awareness, as he settled his big, strong hands onto my shoulders and steadfastly guided me to my knees.

Again I should have fled. Yes, I had already worshipped Dave’s arms and even sucked on his nipple, but sucking a guy’s cock was an entirely different commitment. Yet I didn’t flee, I just stared helplessly at a now fully erect cock, about nine inches long. It was beautifully majestic, two words I realized sounded pathetically gay, but which were the only semi-adequate descriptor available to me at the moment.

“Stroke it, Mark,” Bryce ordered me.

Feeling compelled to obey, I reached for his thick dick and wrapped my hand around it. “So big,” I moaned, more to myself than to anyone else.

I stroked it slowly, unable to do anything but stroke and stare worshipfully at his dick.

“Suck it, cock sucker,” Bryce ordered a moment later.

The term ‘cock sucker’ pulled me out of my trance and I stammered, “N-n-n-o, I-I-I need to go.”

“No, what you need is to suck my cock,” Bryce corrected me, as he shoved his cock into my mouth.

“No, to suck our cocks,” Dave corrected him, as I suddenly had an additional cock in my mouth.

I’d imagined in the heat of the moment an experience very much like this one while watching those hot muscle hunk videos during the past few days, while sucking an imaginary cock, but that fascination was crushed the moment I came… and then I cursed my pathetic weakness.

What you can’t possibly imagine unless you’ve been there, is what it feels like to have a long, thick, pulsing cock inside your mouth. A cock so long and hard that it stretches your mouth… well, unimaginably. And It tasted salty, since it was full of sweat from the workout and the sauna.

I should have felt diminished and weakened, yet what I did feel was appreciative and curious. I felt this new experience was a natural position and a natural act. I didn’t even notice I was bobbing on a cock at first, until I heard Dave’s groan. “That’s it, cock sucker, suck our dicks.”

Hearing myself being called a cock sucker was so surreal… I sure the fuck wasn’t gay. Yet at the moment I was assuredly performing as a cock sucker, and therefore I was gay. And not just because of some technical definition. No, I loved the feeling of bobbing on a dick or two; I loved the sensations of having a cock in my mouth, and I loved the taste of Bryce’s masculine nature.

“Don’t forget about me, Mark,” Dave spoke up.

I took Bryce’s dick out of my mouth and looked at Dave’s longer ten-inch cock, although his wasn’t as thick.

“Ready to become our cum bucket, Mark?” Dave asked.

“I don’t really know,” I replied honestly, even as I swooned at the sight of his big cock.

“That wasn’t really a question, you pussy,” Dave retorted. “Now suck my cock, you effeminate little cock sucker.”

The name calling was humiliating, and yet oddly stimulating, as I obeyed just like every twink and faggot in the porn films I’d been watching, as I leaned forward and took his cock in my mouth, my own cock raging in response to being told what to do.

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