MTV Awards Pt. 02

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The suite is very large, I look around and the first thing I see is the room full of packages and full of people. Then I look better, and there are indeed a lot of packages, but the people are just two. Frizo, with his customary braided white hairs and a woman, forty years old, perhaps.

“Hi Jeff, hi Trish. I was waiting for you. This is Anna, my associate, and my wife, she’ll help us to set you up. Jeff, I have to thank you for the 3d model, I hope you did follow my indications.”

Once again, I’m speechless, Jeff is behind all this! He has always been! I’ll get him.

Then I decide to restrain myself from my revenge desires and use my poker face and smile to everybody. Frizo starts to talk, very business like.

“Ok, we got no time to socialize, we must get to work. Lots to do. So, Jeff you will help me here, and we let the two ladies get prepared over there?”

So Anna directs me to the bathroom.

“First you got to shower, then you got to shave your pussy, armpits, and your head.”

“My head? Oh God, my head, no.”

“Else you will wear a latex cap, and, trust me, it will get itchy like hell after a while, it’s your choice, but first get into the shower.”

I start to take off my clothes, lost so deep in my thoughts, that I don’t actually care if there is someone else in the room while I’m stripping. Once naked, I jump into the huge shower and start to soap myself. Water is steamy hot, as I like it. I’m still thinking about shaving my head bald.

Mind you, when I first saw Demi Moore doing the”G.I. Jane” on screen I was pretty turned on, but then again, tomorrow I will have to do my life, go to the office, go shopping…

“Damn, this is life. Remember, no refunds no replay.”

So when I exit the shower I made up my mind, I’m gonna cut them short, Natalie Portman in “V for Vendetta”, no more no less.

So I tell Anna and she is quite ok with me. She gets me a robe on and makes me sit on a stool, first we start with the head.

The shears’ buzz is quite scary at first, but after a while, I see my new face looking at me from the mirror in the bathroom.

Without a word, Anna start with the armpits: first right, then left.

Then abruptly, as I am still looking at my new face, she asks: “Can you open your legs and the robe?”

I mechanically obey as she sits in front of me cross legged and starts to shave my pussy.

She is so immersed in the job she is doing, that I feel like an object.

Nevertheless her touch on my skin is very light and the only feeling I sense is her gentle rubbing on my tender skin.

In the end, as I feel her cleaning my crotch, I see that she has something in her hands.

“This will be a little uncomfortable, but don’t worry, I’m trained as a nurse!”

II wonder what she is referring to, when I realize she is wearing surgical gloves, and in one of her hands there is a tiny white tube. I recognize it instantly, it is a catheter. I had to put one on when I went into surgery for a broken leg, some years ago. I wince as she inserts it, then when it is fully set, I feel the flow of my own piss running down the tube without any control from me. At the end of the tube there is a plastic bag, that immediately starts to fill.

“Now, stand up.”

I’m a bit embarrassed by the whole situation, but without any further explanation she instructs me to bend and to grab the sink, while she is lifting the rear of the robe.

Once again,I can feel her hands on me, this time they part gently my buttocks. I clench and immediately start to stand right. She puts a hand on my back and forces me down.

“Don’t worry, first I have to give you an enema, then I have to fit you with a buttplug. It’s for the dress!”

I promised Jeff I would wear Frizo’s outfit so I try to keep calm, while I feel her fingers inserting something in my butt, then there is the”Swoosh” as the water starts running.

Maybe it is just my imagination but I feel my belly getting heavier as there is more water in me. I try to protest but she tells me to keep quiet. Then the flow stops and in that moment, I start to feel cramps and the urge to evacuate.

“No, clench. Keep it inside. Stand up!” Her tone is the one of a marine sergeant giving orders.

I stand up and she carries me to the toilet, where she makes me sit. She is still telling me to keep it all in, but the sitting position is making it definitely harder.

“Ok, let go.”

It is always a strange feeling, as I feel the waste running out of me. I’m lost in my thoughts as she quips.

“Ok, ready for round two?” Anna carries me again to the sink and starts administering another enema. This one I receive and I have to retain it for more time. Then to the loo to release.

The third is just the same, but at the end of it she uses two two fingers to massage my orifice.

“I am going to insert the butt plug, I’ll use some lubricant.”

She has just said it, and I feel pressure on my hole, relentless. As I fight to relax myself, it enters zonguldak escort and then it’s stretching my hole. I moan but Anna doesn’t budge, firm but gentle she continues to push until the larger part of the plug has gone past the sphincter.

I force myself to look away, I try to imagine what kind of outfit needs these kind of preparation. Then I hear a pump and feel the plug growing in me. One push, two, three, four.

“Stop it, please, it hurts.” I say, pleading.

“Don’t worry, my dear, it is over. No need to stretch further. You ok?”

I try to stand up, my legs are wobbly and I’m a bit shaky, then I grab the robe to cover me, as if to protect me.

I try to walk in the other room, but the piss bag is down on the floor and the catheter pulls my vagina.

“Wait.” Anna says as she picks my robe and opens it. Then she takes a leather belt and close it on my waist, there is a D-ring fitted on a side, she attaches a chain to the ring, then she connects the bag to the chain letting it dangle between my legs.

“Better like this, is it?”

She covers my body, closing the robe. We are starting to leave the bathroom as she looks at me directly in the eyes.

“Honey, are you still game, or you want out? Tell me.”

She is looking at me, and seems worried. I’m still a bit shaken, but as I look at her I begin to calm myself down. I feel the fullness of my ass, and with my fingers I explore my new haircut. Under my breath I’m wondering if I want to go on or if I want to quit. Part of me wants to test the limit, part of me wants to return home. I trust my husband with my life, so if he is behind all of this, I’ll be safe. Damn, just one life, remember? I take a deep breath and say: “We go on, that’s ok.”

Convinced, she takes my hand and we return to the other room, where Frizo and Jeff have obviously been busy themselves, as we come in they interrupt their work.

“Oh, what we got here? Young lady, you are a beauty.”

Jeff is transfixed with my new appearance, then he opens his mouth as if he wants to tell me what is waiting for the day just thinking about him. I can sense his enthusiasm, but Frizo is eager to do his little show just for me and so he begins his explanation.

“So, young lady, I hope you are not too uncomfortable, but I think that right now you best not sit, don’t you?” My face is blushing red, and he continues. “But let’s keep it simple. Some months ago I received a very special order from a very well known rap singer. He wanted to attend the Awards with a sex doll, he fancied it since a sex doll was in one of his most discussed video. Since I am a creative man I decided to give him a real doll, so…”

He then makes a dramatic gesture and shows me something that is displayed on the king size bed in the room.

“I will make you a doll.”

I was once again speechless, in front of me there just pieces of clear plastic, disposed as if mimicking a human form. I can clearly see a bust piece, arms, feet, legs.

“I am to fit into these?” I’m amazed.

“Don’t worry, my dear. It’s your perfect fit, I took the measures from a 3d model of your body Jeff sent me, it’s perfect. So, are we going to do it or what?”

Oh my god! I will be in public as a sex doll, without anyone recognizing me? Damn, life is short so I say “Where do we start?”

They all smile, as if they feared there was the chance that I chicken out, Jeff is shining with joy and anticipation. Without waiting further, Frizo immediately turns around and starts to fiddle with the thing I will wear in a little while and tells me: “Ok, strip. We start with the torso. But first, the corset.”

He picks up the torso part of the statue, then he gets something transparent. As I’m able to see, it is a transparent plastic corset. He pries it opens with Jeff’s help. I immediately take off my robe and with Anna’s help, I position myself within it. It is quite high, from my waist to just below my breasts, it is made of strong plastic and as Frizo and Jeff let it go, it starts to hug me again, returning to the closed position. My tummy is crushed as in a vice, on the front there are some sort of indentation, where the two parts lock together.

I notice that there is still a centimetre there, but as Jeff and Frizo push them together, they just click and close.

Once set, it is very form fitting, straightens my torso and leaves me panting as I adjust myself to the vice of the corset.

Oblivious to my problems, Frizo sets some plastic bags on the outside of it. It appears they are full of some liquid, with tubes fitted.

“These are containers for everything that will enter you, and for everything that will leave you. They are on both sides of the corset, in one side there are nutrients, high energetic fluid, on the other there is your piss bag, young lady.”

Then I see Anna disconnecting my catheter tube from the bag and plugging it to the container positioned on the back of the corset. Meanwhile, Frizo takes a tube and connects tunalı escort it to the other. This tube then runs between my breasts reaching under my throat, then he takes a rigid plastic tube, connects it.

“Open your mouth, young lady.”

As I obey, he starts to shape the tube to fit it in my mouth, placing it to rest behind my teeth, and when he is happy with the work, he blocks it with adhesive paper on my cheek.

I try to speak but he signals me to keep silent.

“This will help you, close your mouth and try to suck.”

I do as he says and some liquid arrive in my mouth near the throat. I swallow.

“Is that ok?”


“Ok, now you have to sit, here on the edge of the bed.”

I had already forgotten the butt plug, and as I sit I feel it pushing in my ass, Frizo knees in front of me and takes my right foot in his hands, while Jeff gives him something that I cannot see at first.

Frizo starts to put it on my foot and I see that this is a sort of a sock, in rigid transparent plastic. Like the corset, it can be opened by pulling it apart but it will struggle to regain its form. I slid in it without any problem, it seems it was done on my body, and yes it was sort of.

The corset prevents me from bending to have a better view, but this is not a sock definitely.

It is more like a corset, with recesses for each of my fingers and when Frizo releases it, it forces my foot and ankle in position. To my amazement I realize that the damn thing is designed to keep my foot arched down, like I have to walk on points!

Oh god! He lets down one feet and start to work on the other, meanwhile I realize, that while I feel strange, it is not uncomfortable, then I try to set my feet straight but I can’t, I try to wriggle my fingers but I can’t

“How am I supposed to walk like this?”

Frizo looks at me, and smiles.

“You are not, remember you will be a doll!”

This endeth the lesson, doh!

I stand there, on the edge of the bed, with both my feet forced in tip toes, as Jeff, my husband, and Frizo produce another piece of the doll suit, the legs.

The first thing I notice is that the leggings are curved to block the leg at a 90 grade angle, at the knees, fitting the first leg, I see that it connects perfectly with the foot part and that, infact, I cannot straighten my leg anymore.

“Ok, young lady, now on the floor.”

Anna, Jeff and Frizo pick me up from the bed and help me to the floor. Since my legs and feet are both blocked, I can’t help them a lot, then Frizo tells me to remain doggie-style on the carpet and now all I can see is the carpet itself!

I hear the two men preparing for something, while Anna sits on the floor near me.

“So, now we are preparing for the crotch piece, ok? This might be a tad uneasy on you, but you will be brave, ok?”

I mutter something like”Yes” and force myself once again to stay still. I try to look down, between my legs, and I see it. It is something that resembles those biker panties, still made from transparent plastic, from what I can see it is shaped and will block me in sitting position.

As with the other parts, they are forcing it open on the sides as they are pulling it on me. When they release it, I see that it extends also from my upper thighs to the abdomen.

Jeff and Frizo push it until the indentures close together, as I hear the clicks, I try to move myself and I realize that only the shoulders and the arms are still free, my whole body is just blocked as one piece.

“”Ok, Trish, now I will remove the butt plug, then you will be fitted with these.”

Anna shows me see a butt plug, still in transparent plastic, it’s empty on the inside, and the other thing she has in her hands is even better, so to speak. It is cock shaped plug, very large. I’m speechless, once more, when I sense someone pulling the butt plug out, and I let it out with a little shriek. Then something else is pressing to enter, once again I try to relax, not to offer any resistance, as the damn thing slids in. It is longer than the butt plug, but not bigger, and it seems to me that it takes forever to be placed. The last part of the intruder seems larger and I gasp with surprise when it enters my butthole, then it seems somewhat to return to a shorter width.

“Ok?” I breath then I say:”Yes.”

“Ok, let’s pick her up and put her on the bed, again.”

The three of them pick me up and put me on the bed. As I suspected, my legs are completely blocked in a sitting position, knees forced a feet and a half apart and even if I try I cannot absolutely close them.

With my hands, I touch the legs and it feels strange, because I see my own skin through the plastic but I can not feel my fingers touching it.

Still, it is not uncomfortable, there is pressure due to the positions it forces my body, I feel it in my feet pointed down like that, but overall I feel great.

As I’m exploring, I sense that my crotch is still in the open, in the tunceli escort meanwhile I see Anna putting some lubricant on the cock that she gonna insert. Boy, it is huge.

They lean me on the bed on my back, and then Anna starts by spreading my labia with one hand and pressing the plug in place with the other. I fear I’m gonna rip open!

I feel the plug invading me, becoming bigger and bigger as it is inserted, like the one that is now lodged in my anus.

Also, this one seems to take forever to find its place, because Anna is very slow, I even wonder if she is caring or if she wants to drive me crazy.

Then there I hear a click and the indentations on the crotch shield are joined sealing everything inside. My hands run to my vagina to get a feel of the situation.

Everything is covered by hard plastic, and I slid a finger into the hole at my crotch, finding it’s large enough for three fingers. The plug is devised in a way that it may seem that this one is the vagina of a sex doll.

Inspecting further, I touch the inside and once again I can’t feel the touch of my fingers on myself.

I’m set upright once again as Frizo replenish the container with the beverage.Then it’s time for the bust.

“Put your hands here.” He says gesturing for me to enter a sort of a jacket that he and Jeff are struggling to keep open. It covers my bust completely, from crotch to neck, and once they release their grip it starts to close. While it is open, Anna uses her hands to put my breast in the breast cups, and after that both men push to close the indentures on the front.

Once sealed, my back is totally blocked in place. I relax but the bust piece totally keep me right.

Needless to say, the bust connect seamless with the crotch piece, taking away another piece of my mobility.

“You ok?” Frizo asks as I’m investigating on how much I can still move of my body. The bust blocks both my shoulders and I find I can no longer move my arms since they are blocked open, this time I nod without hesitation.

Boy how I’d like to caress my new plastic breast. At this point, Frizo adjusts a collar around my neck, that connects seamlessly with the bust and reaches under my jaw, and is designed to force me to keep my head straight and my chin high. As I relax my neck, I can appreciate how it sustains me.

“Now, I hope you will enjoy.”

So they put a mirror in front of me and for the first time, I can see my predicament in its totality. I’m stunned: I can see my labia stretched around the plug, I can see my feet pointed down, I can see everything through the transparent plastic. I’m placed under an armor, and still I’m completely nude.

“Put your hand in here, will you?”

Frizo instructs me to insert my right hand in a sort of a glove, shaped like my hand and, obviously, rigid enough to block it in position. Once set, I’m not able to close my fingers anymore and both hands soon are shaped like the ones you get on a mannequin at a department store. Actually they are not closed, nor flat, but slightly open as if they are just about to grab something.

After the hands, it’s the arms’ turn and once Frizo has finished I can see that both my arms are fixed apart, unable to cover myself, positioned as if planning to hug someone in the throng of passion. I’m stuck, unable to open them and yet unable to close them. At this point, only my head is not covered in plastic.

“Anna, the suit.” Following Frizo’s request, Anna grabs a pink bundle of latex and as she lays it open, I recognize immediately a bodysuit. She flats it on the carpet right in front of me and then she starts to spread some lubricant on my armour. As she is covering my legs with that jelly, I realize once more, that I’m not able to feel anything through plastic.

Finally, she starts to put my legs in the suit. The fabric is stretchy enough to insert my legs and in short time, she is working the suit past my knees.

As the suit arrives to the crotch, I can see that there are some shafts near my vagina and my anus, their purpose is apparent when she gets the suit to my belly and she stops to insert the shaft in front of me into my outstretched vaginal cavity, and then, helped by Frizo, they turn me on my hands and knees and she inserts the shaft in the buttplug as well.

I cannot feel anything, absolutely nothing at all. I feel as being treated like a doll, pushed and posed as if I do not have the ability to move. As a matter of fact, I do not have that ability.

After the crotch area is dealt with, there comes the bust, the pink suit has an opening on the back, and first Anna puts some jelly on the bust then starts with inserting the arms.

Since they are stretched out, it has to be maneuvered a lot, but in a little while I’ve been covered from neck to toe in pink latex.

I look at myself in the mirror once more and I’m stunned. The suit is fantastic, and as they zip it up the back, I can see it was designed to measure around my body as it is in the plastic suit in which now I’m closed.

Seeing my crotch makes me blush, because the suit somehow enhances the contour of my sex. Out of modesty, I try to close my legs to cover myself, but I can’t. Then, by instinct, my hand runs to cover, but I cannot move, the. I feel my body but I cannot move it!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32