Ms. Laura Ch. 09

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Coming back to the room I was feeling good. Having made peace with myself and terms with my new freedom I knew it was only a matter of time before this punishment was over. After all Ms. Laura wanted me as bad as I wanted her.

Opening the door I found the room quiet, enough so to give me pause. Coffee slowly burning my hand I preceded anyway. Entering the main room I expected Ms. Laura to be on the bed where I had left her, but she was nowhere to be seen.

I put down the coffee and had a look around. The bathroom was the only place she could have hid in the room without him seeing her, but the door was open and the light off. Did she leave? It wasn’t long before I saw it on the small couch. It was a slip of paper with a hand written note.

“Just dump out the coffee I have a mission for you. I need you to shower, shave, and then get dressed. Once your done there is a blindfold on one of the pillows, stuff it in your pocket and go to the Kohls down the street. Head to one of the changing stalls put the occupied clip on the door, but do not lock it. Take off your clothes, put on the blindfold and wait for me.”

The note gave to time hack or details as to what was going to happen. All I knew was I had to get naked in a department store changing room and leave the door unlocked. Up until now I had faced myself and myself alone, but this was against the law I’m sure. I couldn’t do this.

I stared at the note for a good while, Ms. Laura was nuts if she thought I’d do this, but she wasn’t. The entire time I had been with her I had felt she had a master plan, an ace in the hole for whatever we were doing. Was this a test what she testing my loyalty, my obedience. She had something planned maybe she knew I was going to back out, maybe she wanted me to fail so she could punish me.

Thinking of her made my member stain against its prison walls. This was truly torture a thought suddenly came to my head what if I did it? What if I showed up? Would she be disappointed or proud? Either way she might let me out. She might let me orgasm.

The fact it wasn’t a sure thing only made me crave it more. It was like a gamblers addiction. I remembered how it had felt to cum and to be denied.

Suddenly a snapped back to reality clawing out of the rabbit hole I remembered if I got caught I’d be in jail. If… Either way I still needed to shower and shave. I would call Ms. Laura and let her know I wasn’t coming after.

In the bathroom I ran the water so it would heat up then began to undress. I once again looked myself over in the mirror. I was naked and bald from the neck down, but without shame. Ms. Laura had let me be comfortable in my own skin, I had that to be thankful for.

Steam Tipobet began to fog up the mirror and I stepped into the shower. The hot water combined with the smell of the fruity soap took me back to my first shower with her. I remembered the way my skin felt after shaving. My heart started to pound in my chest and I felt the cage pinch and my organ filled. My tension grew and I wanted to rip it off. It was a sexual rage like I hadn’t felt. Everything was held back but my thoughts and they turned to the only thing that could give me release.

As I shaved myself smooth again the thought of her touching me the way I was touching myself gave me great pleasure. Rinsing it off and felling the warmth of the water radiated through the clear plastic cage. It reminded me of her sex as we swam in the pool. I needed to feel it again.

By the time I was done cleaning up I had almost made up my mind. I would go to the store and check it out. I could then say I showed up and give a good reason like it was packed or I was going to get caught. At least if I had gone she couldn’t be too disappointed.

I got dressed and as I stepped out I remembered the blindfold, slipping into my pocket to humor my desires. The Kohls was literally three blocks from the hotel and I could was without calling a cab. Walking down the street in broad daylight, the device fixed to my cock felt obtuse and altered the way I walked. I did my best walk normally, but it only made it worse.

The other pedestrians looking at me funny and I’m sure they thought something was wrong. Once in the store I eyed up the greeter. She was an elderly woman and had no idea my original purpose. I felt like a super villain hiding my identity and mingling with those that would be my adversaries. I was no longer normal I had secrets and hidden agendas. My only partner was Ms. Laura.

I felt the blindfold. It would be easy to do I only had to find the clothing department, but then I remembered the consequences. My hand shot from my pocket like it was being burned. I couldn’t go through with it.

As my thoughts surged with conflicted I saw an auburn mop of hair navigating between the racks of clothes. It was her, she was here.

A soft memory of her scent caused a building of pressure in my prison. The same sexual frustration which had brought me here started to build. She was here I thought. She was in control as knew more about what I could do than myself. I could trust her.

I had to do it. I had to prove my worth to her. I made and obvious “B” line to the stalls and grabbed one of the occupied tags. After putting it on the door I stepped inside. The stall was narrow and painted all white. The opposite was from the door hung Tipobet Giriş a large dressing mirror and there was a bench to my right.

I was here I gave myself a disgusted look in the mirror, but a force stronger than me was driving me forward. I started to undress folding my clothes neatly on the bench. She hadn’t given me directions to but like instinct I kneeled before putting on the blindfold. I was ready.

Sitting in the dark images of someone walking in on me floated through my head. Several times I almost got up as the sound of footsteps were heard just outside the door. My heart was now pounding in my chest I could have sworn they could hear it clear across the store. She had to come soon.

Suddenly there was a slow click and I heard the door open. I braced for a scream, but it didn’t come. My hands behind my back balled into fists and my legs prepared to jump to me feet. Quickly I felt a rush of air as the door once again closed and there was a warm presence in the tiny room with me.

Click! The door locked and my tensions eased a little, but not completely. I was at Ms. Laura’s complete mercy.

Suddenly I felt something touch my chest. It was her hand, but she was wearing gloves. It took a second to click, why was she wearing gloves? They were rudder and I could very clearly feel feminine fingers in them, but it was strange.

Her hands worked their way down my abdomen till they were at my crotch. My member was swollen and pinched between the gages joints. I felt the lock put and its weight lifted. The cold air rushed around my cock as the cage was suddenly pulled off.

Unbound at last I felt my pubic muscles stretch and my cock fill rapidly. I was free. The sensation was quickly double as the gloved hand wrapped around my cock and began to massage it. Instantly I forgot where I was and started moan softly.

Like lightning one of the hands covered my mouth and I heard she hushed me. Snapped back to reality I forced myself to keep quiet as the strokes continued. A few minutes later and felt a whoosh of air and some cloth and hair brush my skin. I felt her breath hover over my naked genitals then the warm wet of her mouth. After being locked up the feeling was ecstasy.

I started to softly moan again, but was quickly silenced by what I could only guess was my sock. I felt her tug on my arm as she pushed me back, her mouth still on my cock’s head. I couldn’t resist any more my body was sapped of strength. I laid back surrendering to anything my Mistress wanted.

She let me go then I felt her straddle me. My now ever so sensitive head brushed against the smooth skin of her inner-thigh before finding her mark. I slide neatly into her slit. Tipobet Güncel Giriş Instinctually I started to pump in and out. I felt her Kegal muscles grip me tight forced me to fight against them with my thrusts. Her gloved hand cupped my mouth keeping the sock firmly jammed inside.

Every bit of sexual frustration I had felt the last few days returned full force and I used it to fuck harder and deeper. I suddenly felt her body writhe and the hand covering my mouth let go. I started to trust harder. I knew what was happening and I wasn’t going to let her tortures go without penance.

She started to settle as her orgasm passed, but I didn’t. It was my turn I knew she wanted it. I had earned it even if she didn’t. I felt my threshold pass and I grabbed her hips so she couldn’t escape. Several thrusts later I felt my prostate cringe and I let go.

My cum filled her womb as I slowed down. I felt my cock become coated in my own fluids. I spat out the sock to catch my breath then reached for the blindfold. The gloved hand stopped me holding the blindfold in place as she got up. I was confused, but too tired to ask questions. I was covering in sweat and my own cum.

The door opened with a click and I felt her presence leave. It was over. I cleaned up with the sock as it had already been shoved down my throat, and then got dressed. Waiting a few more minutes so things would not look suspicious, I left casually.

My cock was free of its cage and I felt lighter. I needed to find Ms. Laura and thank her. Searching the store she was nowhere to be found. Standing at the door I check my phone. Sure enough there was one message from Ms. Laura.

Meet me at the diner from Saturday

I thought back, she must have meant the one we had lunch at. I realized it was already ten and I hadn’t eaten. Ms. Laura must have wanted to get some food. The diner was in the exact opposite from the hotel and the store it must have been a good thirty minute walk. As I rolled I saw Ms. Laura at a table she was talking to Danielle. A dangerous conversation, but I had confidence Ms. Laura knew what she was doing.

I entered a found the two finishing conversation. As I approached Danielle picked up a plate from in front of her and walked passed me not saying a word only smiling. It suddenly clicked, she couldn’t have gotten from the store to the diner and ordered the food, gotten it, and eaten it before I arrived. What was going on?

I sat down and she must have read the bewilderment on my face. The gloves, the blindfold, I didn’t have sex with Ms. Laura?

“What was that?” were the only words I could get out of my mouth.

She smiled, “it’s a good think I called her before you did?”

I saw her look over at Danielle she was standing at the receptionist podium staring at us. She gave me a soft wink and a smile. My jaw hit the floor. I had a lot of questions, but I was afraid to ask. A woman with this kind of power should not be questioned.

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