M’s Chronicles Ch. 03

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After New Years Eve, Dan and I talked on the phone whenever we could manage, between my class work doubling and my mother breathing down my every neck hair. She had not one clue or suspicion of Dan and my meeting one another, and that is how it was going to stay. Phone sex was our only way to keep our fire for one another temporarily abated. His hot thick voice in my ear as he described everything that he would do to me, while keeping my pussy spasming, aching with each word. I was a vampire fan so every now and then I’d be the one speaking Dan’s cock to hard, his hand pumping away as I told him what my little mouth and sensitive tongue would give his thick meat. And one evening I started to picture small trickles of blood from bite marks left by him as it slid down my breasts and this sent Dan into a wild frenzy of arousal, as I described what my mind was imagining his panting moans fluttered in my ear. I knew he was not just aroused by my words, it seemed that he wanted to bite me, love bites. Gentle at first but ever to grow more intense until I flesh broke ever so slightly as to release beads of blood. It was a fantasy that may be viewed as wrong or disgusting but hey, to each his own; right.

Dan’s cock shot cum from his thick heated cock and as he pictured my breasts decorated with little trickles of blood his cock burst a second time to the sound of my voice. My pussy was soaked at my own words as well as listening to his pleasure, I longed for his hands on me, I moaned to feel his kisses on my tits. My pussy was aching and tight with need for cock, to be split open by his girth.

My mother had made plans in January to spend Valentines day with her boyfriend, and I had that day off from school so Dan and I made plans for him to come spend the day with me. Unfortunately it was one of the denser winter seasons that year so when Valentines day came it was blizzard, white outs all day prior and on that day. Yet that didn’t stop my mother from leaving me alone to escape her own personal nightmare, to visit her boyfriend. All night I fretted and worried about my Dan because he left before the weather had gotten too bad, but he drove on through the blizzard, all night til he arrived in town around 10 pm. My mother had left around 7 am the day before Valentine’s, so having to wait for his arrival had me jittery with worry and excitement. After pacing and getting sporadic text messages from Dan all through the day, finally there came the text: I’m here baby!

I nearly jumped out of my pajamas, I answered the text informing him to come up the back stairway entrance to my mom’s apartment rather than the front. Roughly 5 minutes later there came a gentle knock at the backdoor in the tiny kitchen. I eagerly went to answer it and there was Dan. Heavy winter coat and jeans, winter’s chill drifted from him in waves.

Dan stepped into the little space while I closed and bolted the door shut. I skipped around to the front of him and smiled at him. I hugged and kissed his chilled lips. Happiness exuded from us both as he took his coat off and set his backpack down. To spend the time in my mother’s bed gave me a giddy mischievous sense of delight.

The heat mecidiyeköy escort of the little apartment began to warm Dan up as he moved into the living room. I did all that I could not to tackle him, I knew he was tired and needed some rest after his white knuckled 8 hour drive to see me. My cheeks flushed with heat as Dan easily slipped his out wear off. While he changed into his own pajama bottoms I went into the next room to turn down the bed.

My mother’s yellow egyptian 450 thread count sheets felt so soft against my fingertips.

“Can I get you anything Dan? Something to eat? Drink?” I offered returning to the kitchen, finding him in his comfy clothes.

“No I’m fine. Thank you though.” Dan was always so gentle with me, even in the way he spoke. Dan silently followed me into my mom’s little bedroom, only big enough to hold a full sized bed and a small computer desk; an even smaller bathroom was just off to the right of the bed.

I climbed onto the bed and sprawled out comfortably. Dan stood simply looking at me, what was going through his mind I didn’t really know, yet his gaze held a look of awe and love. As if he still couldn’t believe that I wanted to be with him, to share myself with him in the most intimate of ways.

I raised my hands to him inviting him to join me, Dan smiled as he joined me.

Laying down next to me Dan moaned with utter relief as he finally had a chance to be horizontal after the grueling drive. I smiled at his settling in, glad to at last have him with me. Our bond, our friendship had grown strong over the past few months, more then either of us could have dreamed of, to those around us that knew of our relationship… The age difference was just wrong to their eyes. Only one or two people from both of our inner circles seemed just fine with us as a couple.

Dan had four children by his first wife, of 20 plus years of marriage. Annie had passed away in 2006, and Dan’s youngest child, Andrew who was only 18 at that time had suddenly died of heart failure just two years after in 2008. Both were unimaginable heartbreak to Dan, and his three remaining children; despite the many family dynamics he loved his kids very much.

Dan’s two daughters were completely opposed to him being in any kind of relationship, because to them it would be dishonoring their beloved mother. Yet Dan’s oldest boy, Sam, was in a relationship with a young girl who was ten years younger then himself and Sam was 29. And had had a child with the girl while she was still under age, so needless to say, Sam had no trouble with his father’s choice of woman.

Sam was more then happy to see his father happy with someone that at least for him, he approved of, and genuinely liked. The only person that I had on my side, so to speak, was my counselor. My mother bitched and verbally beat me down on numerous occasions out of fear and distaste of my choice.

Dan rolled over kissing me with all his heart, our lips melded together in recognition and love. My tongue eager to flatter and dance with his as he parted his lips to let me enter. Groaning as our tongues twirled and flickered across each other. Dan’s focus was on me şişli escort as his palm ran the length of my torso, flattening as he reached up under my cotton pink t-shirt. I wiggled and whimpered as his fingers found my breasts, petting and massaging my fleshy orbs made me even more eager.

His thumb and middle finger circled around my left nipple bringing it to a stiff peak, my moaning sighs were all I could express as my inner walls clenched and ached, it had been some time since we last coupled; over a month. I was tight and needy but I didn’t want to rush him even though my body screamed otherwise. I gasp and buck my hips as Dan pinches and rolls my left nipple, the ache deep within me doubles to almost being painful.

His wet warm kisses hold me still while he attends to my other nipple. Shifting I sit up to take my shirt off so he could have full access to me, returning to my position in mere minutes. A groan of delight comes from Dan as he leans over to capture one of my tan-pink nipples, I mew as he laps and sucks on my poised breasts. My hand wiggles between us as I seek out his erection, my eyes roll with pure delight and anticipation as my fingers come to rest on his hard cock. It twitched at my touch.

“Does Emmy want to suck me?” his voice was husky and hot with desire, but still gentle in manner.

“Oh yes please.” I tried not to sound as if to beg. I sat up and moved so we could do a loose 69, of course Dan couldn’t exactly eat me out because of my shorter height, but I wanted to play with him. He helped me to remove his pj’s and my eyes were riveted on his cock as it bobbed slightly as Dan settled down to face me on his side.

His dark curls only enhanced his beautiful cock, I instantly buried my nose in them drinking in the sweet tang of his natural scent. His skin as it stretched over him smelled so good to me, my tongue bathed his shaft slowly, root to tip. My hand wrapped around his thick base as my mouth captured his wonderful crown, oh the taste of him.

I moaned deeply as his essence filled my tastebuds, my tongue licked and lapped just under his glands, Dan moaned as his fingers entwined in my brunette curls. I didn’t even care that he wasn’t returning the favor along with me, the fact that I enjoyed so thoroughly sucking and loving his manhood had me wetter then anything that I could imagine.

“No one has ever sucked me the way that you do M. I love to watch you enjoy me.” his fingertips caressed my face as I sucked and stroked Dan. At hearing the pure love and encouragement in his husky voice instinct that I never before encountered within myself drove me to bury his thick hard cock deep into the back of my throat, past my gag reflex; as far as I could.

“Ohhhhh god!” growled Dan, his trembling arch spoke to his volume of pleasure. Only moments later did I withdraw his throbbing cock from my throat, coated with my saliva his crown was red with undeniable pleasure.

“Oh my god M, I didn’t know. It felt so good… Oh baby.” cooed Dan, his eyes gleamed with a light of newly awoken pleasure. I smiled up at him, delighted that I could throat his girth and make him feel as good as he did me.

I stroked taksim escort his shaft and kissed his pulsing crown, my eyes bright with thrill and wonder.

“Oh does my sweet tiny love baby need my cock?” Dan purred as I felt his fingers caress my pussy lips, dipping gently into the juice that had gathered there. My cum was dripping down my legs as I shifted onto my hands and knees, wiggling my ass to coax my lover.

The heat from Dan’s body engulfed me as I felt him shift to a kneeling position, his palm smoothed across my cheeks. Holding his cock he rubbed his crown against my pink pussy lips, lubricating his head.

“Here you go baby, it’s all for you.” his voice was darkened with desire as I felt his cock slip into my juicy pussy, bottoming out.

“Ohhhhhhh.” was my reply at his entry. Gasping as he withdrew partway then slipping back in.

“Fuck M you’re so wet and tight. You feel so good baby.” Dan managed as his hands gripped my hips. His words enflamed me and I found myself nearly lunging backwards onto his rigid cock, wanting him to tap my cervix with his bulging ridged crown.

“Yes baby that’s it. Fuck yourself on my cock, it’s all for you.” Dan breathed as his grip tightened, while he focused on delivering long firm strokes to my quivering vice.

“Oh Dan, oh Dan!” I cried out as that perfect rhythm drove me higher and higher. Suddenly I felt one of his hands release my hip and grab ahold of my hair, tugging on my curls I cried out as his dick struck my cervix just as he pulled.

“Oh fuck oh fuck!” I yelled.

“Oh yeah baby that’s it, cum on me, squeeze my cock.” Dan’s voice was heavy and dripping with sex as he moved in and out of me. Feeling his crown rooting around deep inside my body as he pulled on my hair gave me bolts of tingling sensual sensations.

The way he owned me without being cruel or demanding fit me well, dominating me in ways that I had never before fathomed could be true in a love relationship. My wet heat coated his cock well, we both loved it. I felt Dan lean down and kiss my right shoulder, trailing along to my neck then…

“Meeeeeeeoooowww fuck oh fuck yesssssssss!” I screamed as his cocked slammed hard while he simultaneously bit into the back of my neck. His bite was firm and passionate, my body zinged with a pleasurable near pain as he held me fast, his cock hammering home with each definitive thrust.

Quickly he released me only to bite again on the left backside, sending me into shivering fits of hissing meows. I bucked backwards into Dan with all the combined sensations, loving his thick meaty cock as it plundered me squeezing depths. A deep feral moan came from Dan as his teeth released my now marked neck; “Mine.” he pronounced.

“Yes oh yes Dan.” I breathed hotly, he tugged my hair again, fucking me harder. Our bodies moving to a new found beat.

“Oh god M, I’m going to cum, ohhhhhhhhhh ohhhh.” groaned Dan as he buried his throbbing cock deeply, spilling his cum inside my warm body.

We stilled, trembling in our creative aftermath. Our hearts beating in unison, as we descended from the heavenly heights of bliss. Dan moved from me, my moan of disappointment as we felt his softening manhood slip from my juicy entrance. Dan helped me climb underneath the covers as he came to settle next to me.

It was a perfect end to our first Valentine’s day together as a couple.

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