Mrs Lansdowne Next Door. Pt. 07

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If you’ve followed the previous episodes you will know of the fantasy life of Billy, but his carefree attitude comes back to bite him.


‘Your mum knows about us. Just to warn you.’

The text confirmed to me the fact that mum had been told how I’d been involved with Hanne and Andy Higgins, our next door neighbours, and also Becky and Ray, who were their friends.

Mum had gone home with Hanne and Andy Higgins after the party at Anne Lansdowne’s. I knew that she had taken part in some ‘swinging’ with them, but she hadn’t known that I’d fucked both Hanne Higgins, and her friend Becky.

I hadn’t picked up the text until after my chat with mum, so I replied, ‘All is good, we discussed everything, it’s all out in the open.’

The openness with mum was about to lead to many more adventures.

Sunday was a lazy one for me, but it brought bad news, I had a text from Lucy telling me that she’d had further arguments with her parents, and they had decided that she was to return to France immediately, for another four weeks. At that point she would come home and restart her studies at a college of further education.

There was at least, only one month before we could meet again.

Later on Mum went next door and had a lunchtime drink with Hanne and Andy, and I just hung around, not even bothered to do any gaming on my console. She returned and got on with some work that she had to complete, but she casually mentioned that she was going to be out the next Saturday evening as she was going to a ‘club’ with the Higgins’.

I naturally asked which club, and she told me that she thought it was called ‘The Sunset.’ As anyone would do, I looked online, and its website was very clear that it was an ‘adult’ club, aka, a ‘swingers’ club!

Now this was a massive advance in mum’s ‘rehab.’ I smiled to myself as I thought about it in those terms. I’d never really known how adventurous she’d been before she had met my dad, and now that she had exorcised his memory, I was intrigued to see how far she would go.

Parents, especially mums, don’t really discuss their sex lives with teen age sons! Already she had been involved in a foursome with the Higgins’ and Becky and Ray, so would she go further?

Whether she realised that I had ‘sussed’ what sort of club it was, I didn’t know at that point, but the real surprise came on Monday when I saw Hanne and Becky at the gym.

Having coffee after our respective workouts, Becky said, “Do you want to come to a club on Saturday evening with Ray and I?”

Immediately I looked at Hanne, knowing that there was some conspiracy here.

She smiled, “I thought that now you and your mum were being completely open with each other, we might break down a few barriers. Me and Andy are taking her to the club, and maybe you could go with Becky and Ray, completely separately, but finding out a bit about our lifestyle.”

I must have looked a bit perplexed.

“No pressure, if you don’t want to, then say no. I’ll tell your mum about the idea, if she says no then so be it, but we thought it might open your eyes a bit.”

With a young man’s bravado I said, “I’m up for that, I bet she’ll want to remain separate from me though, but in any case I expect she will only watch.”

Becky added, “The club is huge, it’s on three floors, so you probably won’t see her, and on a Saturday it’s really busy, the one good thing is that they limit the number of single guys, you’ll be signed in as our guest.”

I came away from the gym with some measure of excitement. Not because of mum, but because I’d never been to that sort of club before. I went straight home, and studied the website in more detail.

I fully expected mum to put a spanner in the works, I doubted that she’d accept us both being there at the same time.

What a surprise when she got home that evening, and agreed to the whole jigolo escort gaziantep thing, just adding, “Well we’re only going to see what goes on!”

The week passed slowly, and apart from gardening at Gracie’s mum’s house, nothing much happened, even Gracie failed to appear, and I had to resort to teenage repetitive action!

On the Saturday morning I began to think that mum was having second thoughts.

“You will be careful tonight Billy? I’d prefer it if we kept pretty separate from one another.”

“Look mum, like you said, you’re only going to be nosey, to see how it works, Hanne and Andy will look after you, stay with them.”

Mum left in a taxi at about 8pm, with Hanne and Andy, I followed about 8.30pm, when Becky and Ray arrived to collect me in their taxi.

There was an air of tension, and nervous excitement as we drove, and Becky was being flirty, which made me wonder how ‘active’ she would be that evening.

When we arrived I was signed in, and I was asked for age ID, indeed I was definitely the youngest guy there, and many heads turned as I accompanied Becky and Ray to one of the bars.

Ray nodded to one or two couples as we found a seat on a leather sofa. My eyes were opening wide as I took in the scene, There was a vast array of folk, all ages, and dressed in a variety of ways. Most of the women were very scantilly dressed, in quite revealing dresses, and I was quickly aware of a couple of older women trying to make eye contact with me.

It wasn’t long before one couple, probably in their thirties, came over to talk to us.

“Hi Ray, hi Becky, who’s this young man, and where have you been hiding him?” It was the woman who spoke.

“Hello Zoe, this is Billy, Hanne’s next door neighbour, it’s his first visit.”

Zoe leaned over, to kiss me on the cheek, allowing me a view of her breasts as they almost fell out of her dress.

“We’ve just seen Hanne and Andy upstairs, with another friend.”

“Yes that’s Billy’s mum, she’s here, but keeping away from him, she’s here for the first time too.”

“Are you here for the ‘Dark Knights’ room? I really fancy trying it.” Zoe asked.

Becky smiled, “I tried it a few months ago, it’s very exciting, Ray wants me to have another go, but I’m not sure, or brave enough again.”

This conversation intrigued me, whatever was the ‘Dark Knights’ room?

Zoe saw my puzzled expression.

“Billy, you should try it!” She went on to explain. “You go in as a couple, but first you get a wrist band each, and some ear pods from the bar, you have to be naked of course!”

It intrigued me even more!

She giggled, “Anyway the wrist bands have a luminous number on, so for example the number six is on both the man and woman’s. Then you go into the ‘Dark Knights’ room, it’s pitch black so you can only see the numbers on people’s wrists.”

“The men have blue numbers, and the women have red. The ear pods have music playing so that you’re deprived of sight and sound, the only thing you have is touch!”

“Every ten minutes or so, there’s a prompt, advising you to change partners. You just take pot luck with whoever’s in there. You stop for as long as you can last!” Then she whispered aside, smirking at her partner, “which isn’t long for some people.”

“Fancy it? Becky nudged me with that miscievous look.”

“Go on Billy, I dare you,” said Ray, “Take Becky in.”

I was just sitting there, a little bemused, but greatly tempted.

Becky saw my weakness, “Come on, you can come out whenever you want to.”

I nodded, still unsure, but Becky and Zoe, both let out ‘whoops’ of joy.

Zoe’s partner, who was called Kev, joined in, “Do you want to have a go with them?”

Zoe smiled, “As long as I know Becky and Billy’s number!”

Ray watched us as we all went to the bar to gaziantep lezbiyen escort bayan sign up, When we’d all booked our place I went with Kev to the locker room to get undressed. We got our towels, wrapped them around our waists, and waited for Becky and Zoe to appear.

Becky and I were number three, while Kev and Zoe were number eight. We got to the ‘Dark Knights’ door, and put on our wrist bands, followed by putting in our ear pods and adjusting them. Immediately the music blocked out any exterior noise. We hung our towels on the hooks, and holding Becky’s hand, we all stepped nervously through the door.

Inside was a small dark cubicle with another door into the main room.

It was difficult to see anything at first apart from a green exit sign on the wall with an arrow pointing downwards. Still holding Becky’s hand we moved tentatively forward, holding out our hands in front of us, until I felt the padded wall, and gradually my eyes saw the dim glow of coloured numbers on wrist bands spread around the room.

Becky let go of my hand, and I saw her red number three, seemingly ‘pair up’ with a blue number nine, and then disappear.

In my ear pods the music was overlaid by a voice saying, “It’s ten minutes since we changed, it’s suggested you move on.”

A hand grabbed my arm, a red number four, and there was the feeling of soft breasts, against my arm, which then moved round to press up against my chest. Lips were suddenly kissing me, arms were around my neck, and then I was being pulled to the floor.

A mouth closed over my cock, and naturally in response it stiffened. The female body was in a hurry to mount me, and only then was I gaining the impression that this was a younger girl. Her slim hips rapidly found a rhythm, and her pussy pounded against me. I felt her cum, although I was still a long way off myself, my mind was still trying to come to terms with the odd situation.

“It’s ten minutes since we changed, lt’s suggested you move on.” The voice in the ear pods seemed robotic.

The woman slid off me, and even before I could stand, another woman, a red number two on her wrist, pushed me down, her mouth starting to suck me, but this time the weight of her, indicated a very large woman, and in seconds she was straddling my face.

The musky smell of her pussy, her juices smearing my cheeks, demanded that I eat it. My cock was being devoured, and I was finding it hard to breathe with her body and large thighs engulfing me.

I found her clit, and sucked it hard, rubbing my tongue across it. She was taking my cock deeper, but I was determined to make her cum. Sucking harder, licking faster, her pussy began flooding my mouth. It was so strange that there were no sounds, just music.

The reminder on my ear pods prompted yet another move.

This time I managed to get to my feet, and taking two steps in the dark, I bumped into number seven. The soft flesh of her hips, the plump breasts, and the delicate fingers tracing their way down to my erection, indicated firstly a more mature woman, and secondly a definite knowledge of a man’s body.

Pressing me down to my knees, she turned and knelt in front of me, offering her ass to me. My cock slipped inside her, and as I started to fuck her deeply, I could feel her buttocks pressing back each time I thrusted.

We fucked for the whole ten minutes before the prompt came. I was on the brink of cumming when we parted, and she just moved away.

The music was now annoying me, but when a hand grabbed me, and I saw a red number three, I knew it was Becky, and I knew I wanted to cum. Becky knew it was me too, as she mounted me, her pussy seemed incredibly wet, and I realised that there was someone else’s semen dribbling from her pussy. How many of the men in that room had cum inside her?

I was gaziantep escort masaj salonları beyond caring, because I was about to cum too. I’d barely been inside her for a minute before I started to spurt. It was a long, dramatic orgasm, pouring out inside her. When I’d finished she took my hand and we found the exit.

Outside, we blinked, it took a couple of minutes to adjust, and then, wrapped in our towels, we returned the wrist bands and ear pods, and went to shower.

Back in the bar I found Ray, beaming all over his face, “Enjoy it? you look knackered.”

As he laughed out loud, Becky returned, and gave Ray a kiss, “Thank you so much darling, that was fun, you’re so kind allowing me to do that.”

“As long as you’re happy, I think Billy has enjoyed his initiation.”

Ray went to the bar to get more drinks, and Becky whispered to me jokingly, “You didn’t last long, you lightweight.”

“Fuck,” I replied, “your pussy must have milked three or four other blokes.”

With a giggle, we shut up as Ray returned with the drinks. Zoe and Kev joined us, after their shower, and Zoe looked bright eyed and buzzing.

The evening was drawing to an end, but it was over an hour before we saw any sign of Hanne, Andy, and mum. They appeared together, and came and joined us. Hanne and Andy obviously knew Zoe and Kev, and everyone was soon laughing and joking.

Mum seemed to fit in well, although she sat away from me, and kept any conversation with me to a minimum.

“Bet you three have been upstairs in the private rooms?” Ray enquired of Andy.

It was explained to me about upstairs. Apparently there were several private rooms where small groups of people, or couples could go without others seeing. There was also a communal room where people could watch others having sex through a glass screen.

“We had some time drinking and watching others, yes,” Andy said, “Then we went into the Dark Knights’ room for a while.”

I looked up instantly, to see Andy obviously referring to himself and mum.

Hanne laughed and in a surprised voice said, “Yes, I was left on my own, fending off men, while these two enjoyed themselves, so much for coming along just to see what goes on!”

She looked pointedly at mum.

The blood had drained from my face, as I realised the implication of the conversation that was taking place.

“Yes, well I got my lucky number seven wrist band. I can tell you, I wasn’t expecting an evening like this.”

Becky looked directly at me, thinking what I was thinking, and processing the ramifications of this.

“Have you just come out from there?” she asked mum.

“No, we were in there an hour ago, its taken me some time to get over it!”

Mum was laughing, Becky was looking slightly aghast, but trying desperately to maintain some sort of normal expression.

I got up quickly, and excused myself to go to the loo, I had to get out of there to gather my thoughts. By the time I returned, the topic of conversation had moved on, and everyone was ready to leave. Ray had phoned for a taxi, and Becky, myself, and Ray said our ‘goodbyes’ and made our way outside.

Just as the taxi pulled up Becky took me to one side, “For god’s sake don’t tell anyone about this. It’s only me and you who know about this, keep it that way, we’ll talk about it later when Ray’s not here.”

The taxi ride home was a quiet one, I hardly spoke, and Ray asked if I was ok?

I told him I was tired, and he made some joke about not being surprised.

I was stopping at Becky and Ray’s in the downstairs bedroom that I’d recently decorated. I heard them upstairs, and Ray was obviously quite horny as he’d not taken any active part that evening.

I couldn’t sleep, but as I was finally dropping off, I heard someone in the kitchen next door, pouring themselves a drink, it was Becky.

She came in and sat on the bed.

“Billy, I’m not going to say anything apart from the fact that this must stay just between us, it’s something you must take to your grave, if your mum gets any hint of it, it will destroy her.”

All I did was grunt in agreement, the night had brought home to me that my carefree attitude might have consequences. As Becky went back upstairs, I wondered if I would really change.

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