Mrs. Fletcher , Me Ch. 7

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I sat on the front porch steps of my parent’s home for quite a while after Ellen had left, feeling the warm air of another hot day build around me. The painful loneliness, I was so convinced I would feel with Ellen’s departure, never came. In its place, I took pleasure in remembering, and fantasizing, about what had happened between her and myself. The wedding of her daughter and my brother, of which I had no real interest in the first place, became the catalyst to an unbelievable point in time of my life. Sitting there, I allowed my mind to wander down a hundred different roads, some more interesting than others. I recalled all of our sexual encounters, from the first to the last. I have to admit that my favorite was when Ellen gave me a blowjob in our upstairs bathroom, with my mom just outside of the door. I thought my heart would explode from both excitement and fear. Meandering down a boulevard of make believe, I imagined my future sister-in-law staring in disbelief, as she entered Ellen’s room on one of those days and saw me, her soon-to-be, teenage brother-in-law, lying between her mother’s out-stretched legs and pounding my hard cock into her wet cunt.

” Welcome to the family,” I heard myself saying, in between grunts of hard work and pleasure. ” I’ll be with you as soon as I finish over here with mom. Boy, I tell ya’. She’s really pretty tight for an old lady. If you want, you can be next. I’m sure your mom won’t mind.”

I chuckled at my little fantasy and felt some solace, knowing that I would see Ellen again; I just didn’t know when. I also knew that her sexual appetite could never be satisfied. I was positive that in just a few days, maybe less, another young guy, like myself, would be fucking Ellen, filling her cunt with all of the cum he could make. Instead of feeling jealous, I thought of it as her way of keeping her pussy in shape while she waited for me. As I sat, letting my mind drift among my many visions, the phone inside the house rang. I scrambled to my feet and hurried inside the kitchen, hoping that the voice I would hear would be Ellen’s. Instead, it turned out to be my mother’s.

” Hello dear. It’s me,” she said somewhat cheerfully. ” Did I wake you up?”

” Hi mom,” I answered, trying to not sound disappointed. ” No, I’ve been up. I was outside when you called.”

” How was your night?” she asked. ” Did you sleep well?”

” I had a great night mom,” I answered, remembering how I slept, holding Ellen’s naked body next to mine, her tit cupped in my hand. ” I wish all of my nights in bed could be like last night. How ’bout you?”

” Well, not so good. I just called to let you know that your father and I will be home soon,” she said, anger creeping into her voice. ” I didn’t sleep at all last night. Your father kept me up. He was as sick as a dog. Throwing up every hour, on the hour. Serves him right. We’re coming home to sleep now. I’m afraid that neither one of us is going to be much company. You’ll have to think of something to do to keep yourself entertained today.”

I put my hand in my pocket as I suddenly remembered the key and Lilly. How could I have forgotten? My thoughts immediately focused on Lilly. I remembered the first time I saw her in the restaurant and how nice her ass looked when she bent over. I saw her sitting naked next to Ellen, kissing her gently. I recalled her blond hair, the freckles over her chest, and how wet she was when I had my cock deep inside of her cunt. I moaned quietly as I relived the moment when my cock spilled its hot cum into her. I had to see Lilly. Ellen had given me this key for the sole purpose of spending the day with Lilly, and doing whatever we wanted to do with each other. This was my perfect way out.

” Well mom,” I said slowly. ” I do need to see someone. I thought I would have been able to get away during the wedding, but I had to take care of Mrs. Fletcher, if you know what I mean?”

” Yes David, I know what you mean,” said my mother.

” No, you don’t know what I mean mom,” I thought.

” You did a great job,” my mom added.

” Yeah, I guess so. Mrs. Fletcher sort of let me know that she really got a lot of pleasure out of what I did to, …ah… for her,” I said. “Anyway, I need to see this girl and today might be my best chance,” I continued. “You wouldn’t mind if I took the car and went out for a while, would you mom?”

” Not at all dear,” my mom replied. “So it’s a girl this time, not one of your guy friends? It’s nice to know that you have an interest in girls. What’s her name?”

” Her name’s Lilly,” I said, wanting to hang up as soon as I could.

” Lilly,” my mom said. ” That’s a nice name. I bet she’s a very nice girl.”

” A very nice girl mom, and very talented,” I said, holding back a laugh. ” Let me go so I can call her and tell her that I can see her today. Bye.”

I hung up the phone quickly and went to find the phone book. I opened it and then realized that I didn’t know Lilly’s last name. I froze with panic. How could I screw up this badly? Here, I had a hotel key in my pocket, a woman that was willing to spread her legs for me, and I didn’t know how to get in contact with her. I held my head in my hands, trying to think of what to do. If Ellen were here, she would know. I took a few deep breaths, trying to calm myself so that I could mull over my options. Finally, I came up with a plan. I prayed that it would work. I’d call the hotel and tell them that I was a friend Ankara bayan escort of Lilly’s. She had given me her phone number last night at dinner and somehow I had misplaced it. I desperately needed to get in contact with her and they were my last hope.

“That should work,” I told myself.

I called the hotel as fast as I could. It was the longest two rings I had ever lived through.

” Hello,” I said when they answered. ” I wonder if you could help me?”

I told the person on the other end my story. I tried to sound as frantic as I could, which took very little effort. The answer I got nearly made me cry.

” She’s in the phone book,” was the clerk’s response.

” No, no, no,” I screamed in my head. ” This can’t be happening.”

” Please,” I begged. ” I’m at a payphone, and the book is missing. Please help me.”

I was desperate, and I didn’t need to act in trying to convey my state of being. I think that I scared the clerk, because the next thing I heard were numbers rapidly being said over the phone.

” Did you get that?” I heard the voice ask in the earpiece.

” Could you repeat them?” I asked, fumbling for a pad and paper.

I copied the number, thanking my savior over and over. I hung up quickly and dialed. My heart pounded as I waited for Lilly to pick up. Finally, the phone stopped ringing, and I heard a pleasant sounding voice on the other end. A feeling of relief flooded my body.

” Hello,” she said softly. ” Who is it?”

I forgot to answer, overjoyed at hearing her voice.

” Hello?” she said again.

” Lilly,” I said as calmly as I could. ” It’s me, David. You remember me, don’t you?”

” I’m sorry,” she said. “This is Lilly’s sister, Valerie.”

” Oh,” I said somewhat shocked. ” I didn’t know Lilly had a sister. You sound just like her. Is she there? Can I speak to her please?”

” So you’re the David she’s been talking about,” said her sister, with a tease in her voice. ” Lilly’s been waiting for you to call. She’s done nothing but talk about you. Don’t you worry David. She remembers everything about you. Everything.”

” Lilly,” I heard her call out. ” It’s David.”

A short period of silence followed and I wondered what Lilly had told to her sister about me and what had happened on that night with Ellen. By the way she sounded when she talked, it seemed as if she knew and that she would have probably enjoyed being there too. I heard the sound of another receiver being picked up and the sound of the first being placed back into its cradle.

” Hello David,” Lilly said. “It’s me. How are you?”

” I’m fine Lilly,” I said, relieved that I had finally reached her. ” I didn’t know you had a sister. She sounds very nice.”

” Oh, she is very nice David,” Lilly said proudly. ” Don’t worry. You’ll get your chance to meet her. So what’s up David? Is there something you want to ask me?”

” I guess there is Lilly,” I said. ” Ellen did a little something for the two of us. Do you have any idea what it is?”

I stopped talking and listened, waiting for her to reply.

“David,” she said, her voice becoming very sexy. ” I know quite well what she did. Ellen told me all about her plans for the two of us the night we all fucked. She said that she would leave it up to you to find me. I guess you did okay. I’ve been waiting all morning for you to call. I’ve been waiting very patiently. I’ve had nothing to do all this time and it’s been very boring. Wouldn’t you like to make my life a little more exciting David? I’ve been trying to amuse myself today, but I need more than just my fingers. I need a stiff hard cock to keep me amused David. Won’t you let me play with your hard cock? Wouldn’t you like to put that big hard cock of yours back into my pussy David? Don’t you want to fill my cunt up with your cum? You do remember how good that felt, don’t you? I’m very wet David. My fingers slide so easily into my hole. You should see how far I can stick my fingers into my cunt. It feels so good, but I’m sure that a big hard cock would feel better. You know David, I’m not naked, but I’d gladly take all of my clothes off for you. Would you like me to do that for you David? You do want to see me naked again, don’t you? I’m on my bed now and I’m unbuttoning my shirt. Wouldn’t you like to be next to me David and hold my tits in your hands? Wouldn’t you like to play with my nipples? I’m playing with my nipples right now. You should see how hard they are. You do remember what my nipples look like when they’re hard? Don’t you want to suck my hard nipples David? Or maybe you want to eat my pussy instead. Would you like to eat my pussy David? You could stick your tongue as far as you can into my juicy hole. Do you remember what I taste like David? Didn’t my pussy taste good? After you do that David, you could slide your stiff cock into my slippery cunt. In and out and in and out. Doesn’t that sound like fun? Or maybe, if you want me to, I’ll suck on your cock. I’ll give you a blowjob David. I swallow David. You can cum as much as you want in my mouth and I won’t mind. Do you want to cum in my mouth David? I won’t spill a drop. I’ll swallow all of it David. I’ll be waiting for you at the hotel David. Ellen gave me a key too. Hurry David.”

I heard her gently place the phone down and the line go dead. I realized that I was breathing deeply and that my cock was as hard as a rock. I looked down and gazed at the aching bulge Escort bayan Ankara in my shorts. Unwittingly, I reached down to touch my overly excited cock, immediately triggering my balls to begin to pump cum out. Horrified, I grabbed for my cock, hoping to stem the flood. Instead, it lurched into overdrive, dumping more and more cum into my pants. My hips rocked back and forth automatically, as if I were pushing my cock into Lilly’s cunt. I large wet spot grew on my shorts as my cock and balls became coated with cum. The air in the kitchen filled with the aroma of cum, as a large drop fell from my shorts and to the floor. I looked down panting, wishing I could have saved it for Lilly.

“No need to worry,” I thought to myself. ” There’s a lot more where that came from. Lilly will just have to work a little harder for it.”

The pleasurable adventure of the moment quickly turned, as I heard the familiar sound of my parent’s car. I waddled as fast as I could to the counter, groping for paper towels to wipe up my mess, hoping to finish before my parents walked into a very unexplainable situation. With speed that even amazed myself, I cleaned up the floor and headed for the upstairs bathroom. I stepped into my bedroom to get some clean clothes and made it into the bathroom before they got in the door. I stripped off my dirty shorts and turned on the shower. I could hear my parents talking as they brought their belongings back home. I got into the shower and washed. The temptation to try to jerk off was great, but I decided stockpile my cum and save my energy for the real thing. Lilly knew what she was doing to me over the phone. She deliberately teased, striving to make me want her desperately. I don’t think, however, that she had any idea how good she had been. She’d be proud to know that she made me fill my shorts with cum, just by talking to me.

I finished my shower, dressed, and tossed my sticky shorts under my bed, electing to let them dry and stiffen there, instead of in the hamper. I happily went downstairs, hoping to cheer up my parents, even though my brain was filled with the thought of going to the hotel and fucking Lilly a few times. My parents were in the kitchen, both looking very tired. We talked about the wedding, trying to help my father remember what he never would be able to. My mother had eased up on him, realizing that he really didn’t mean to get as drunk as he did. They both wanted to get to bed, and I really wanted to get to Lilly, so I decided that now was the time to go.

” I think I’ll get going now. I told Lilly that I would try to “cum” as soon as I could,” I said smiling. “She’ll be waiting. The sooner I go, the sooner I can do what needs to be done.”

” Okay David,” my mom said with a tired voice. ” Don’t worry about us. I’m sure we couldn’t go anywhere today if we wanted. You and Lilly have a nice time together. Treat her as well as you treated Mrs. Fletcher and you’ll have a girl friend for the rest of you life David.”

” That’s exactly what I had in mind mom,” I said. ” If I do to her what I did to Mrs. Fletcher, I’m sure Lilly will be very satisfied. Heck, I’ll have her begging for more.”

I grabbed my keys and ran out the front door to the car. My cock was beginning to fill with blood once more, pushing at my clean shorts and wanting to stretch out as far as it could. I awkwardly got into the car and was soon on the now familiar roads that took me to the hotel, which Ellen had burned forever into my brain. Traffic and turns became a blur while my mind filled with the image of Lilly. I imagined seeing her on the hotel bed, spreading her legs as far apart as she could, waiting for me to put my hard cock into her. I thrust my hips up off of the car seat, trying to simulate the inevitable. What I did, however, was cause a lot of pain to myself, bending my cock against the steering wheel. The discomfort brought me back to reality and the scenery informed me that I still had a distance to go. Feeling somewhat uncomfortable, and courageous, I decided to unzip my shorts to let my cock expand to its limits. With some difficulty I pulled my hard cock out of my shorts. I looked at it proudly as it stood at attention like a good soldier. A bead of clear fluid began to appear at its hole, sparkling when the sun hit it just right. I touched it with the fingers of my left hand, gently spreading the slippery substance over the head of my cock and enjoying the sensation. I grabbed my shaft and squeezed it as hard as I could. I watched the head of my cock expand and turn a reddish-purple in color as more clear fluid came to its tip. I released my grip and tried to concentrate on my driving as I approached a red light. Another car pulled along side of mine on the driver’s side, a typical looking mother behind the wheel, two young children in the back seat. I looked at my cock, speculating if she wouldn’t mind pulling over and giving me a blowjob. I could picture her two kids screaming and playing in the back seat as their mother pushed her face between my legs and sucked my cock. I looked back at her and was surprised to see her looking at me. Unconsciously, I smiled at her, and without warning, she smiled back. My chest tightened and my heart pounded, and I wondered if she knew what I was thinking. Hell. I wondered if she was thinking the same thing.

” How many more older women are out there just like Ellen and Lilly?” I asked myself. ” They all can’t be nymphos, …but wouldn’t it be Bayan escort Ankara nice?”

The light changed as I sat and watched what I was sure to be a woman with excessive sexual desires, turn and drive away. Horns blew behind me as I slowly pulled ahead. Looking down at my hard cock once more, I was grateful that Lilly would soon be taking care of it. I reached the hotel ten minutes later, my hard cock still basking in the sunlight, like a beached whale. I’ve been told since then that the analogy was totally unfounded. I located a parking space away from most of the other cars but close to a door that would take me quickly to the elevators and up to the room where Lilly would be. I sat and waited for my cock to shrink, and then easily slipped it back inside of my shorts. I left the car and walked quickly into the hotel; the door allowed me to gain entrance without going by the front desk. A turn to the left and a twenty-foot stroll down the corridor put me in front of the elevators. My heart pounded, knowing that a few hours of sexual merriment were near. I pressed the up button and waited as patiently as I could. A hotel worker passed by and I tried to present an impression that I belonged. I smiled as he passed, not hearing a door behind me open. I was startled when I felt a hand gently settle upon my shoulder after he had gone. Somewhat flustered, I turned to see the smiling face of Lilly looking back at me.

” Lilly,” I said with surprise and delight. ” What are you doing down here? I thought you would be upstairs waiting for me.”

Instead of answering, she grabbed my hand and pulled me through the door from which she had just come. Before I knew what was happening, I was inside of a very dark and very small room. I banged into what I believed to be mops and brooms inside a maintenance supply closet. She locked the door and pushed me against it, placing her mouth over mine in a second. Lilly forced my mouth open with her tongue and propelled hers as far as she could into it. I responded in an instant, feeling the coarse, but yet sexual texture of her probing tongue. We moaned with delight, elated to be with each other once again. I felt her hands quickly find my hardening cock, her fingers pawing at my zipper like a starving animal digging for a scrap of food. In an instant, my cock once again found freedom outside of my shorts. The cool air of the room sent a chill through my body. I felt Lilly’s soft hands envelop my cock, holding it as an appraiser would hold a fine work of art. I gently pushed her away so I could speak.

” What are you doing Lilly?” I asked softly. ” I thought we would do all of this upstairs?”

” I couldn’t wait,” she replied breathing heavily. ” I want to have some fun with you right now David. I’m going to give you a blowjob right here. Don’t move and don’t make any noise. The door’s locked, but someone might go and get a key if we make too much noise.”

Lilly pushed my shoulders to the door and then it was as if she had disappeared. I stood with my eyes open and yet seeing nothing. In the totality of the blackness, I felt my body seemingly float as if I were weightless in the depths of outer space. Suddenly, the unmistakable feeling of a probing hand was followed by the sense of a warm mouth covering my hard cock. A spasm went through my cock, causing it to lurch deeply into her mouth. I heard a weak moan emanate from where my oral gift giver was. I felt her warm mouth continue to navigate the entire length of my cock. Deeper and deeper my cock traveled into the tropical conditions found within her mouth. Heat and moisture encircled my cock. The blackness and silence of the small room only heightened the surreal feeling of what was happening. I thought my cock was as long as a yardstick as she slowly pushed her face further onto it. Finally, I felt her nose push its way into the hairs that surrounded my crotch. My expanded senses allowed me to hear the rustle of my hairs as her nose nestled within them. I was aware of her breath, weaving its way through my hairs and finally landing upon my skin. I felt her hands grabs my ass and force my crotch into her face. I couldn’t believe that all of my cock was inside of her mouth and deep down her throat. She stayed in that position for a long time, gently humming to a somewhat throbbing beat. I felt the vibrations of her vocal chords travel from the tip of my cock all the way to my balls. In this room of deprived stimulation, this woman’s oral talents were multiplied ten fold. The only thing that my brain knew was that my cock seemed to be the only part of my body functioning at that moment. My brain focused entirely on what was occurring there; nothing else interfered. I dreamed that my cock expanded to twice its size as her mouth worked over my cock like a high priced hooker. I believed that I would have drowned her in cum if I had let my load escape now. Finally, I felt her mouth pull back over my cock. Fantasy was replaced by realism as my blowjob began in earnest. Slowly, softly and gently, she began to pump her mouth over my cock. She caressed my shaft with her tongue skillfully, causing neurons to fire in my brain to the point of overload. I struggled to stay as quiet as I could, moans of pleasure aggressively fighting to be released. I bit my lip and clenched my fists, trying to stay as silent as I could. She increased her speed, now bobbing up and down on my shaft with the sole purpose of having me cum in her mouth. I suddenly remembered our conversation on the phone; Lilly proudly telling me that I could cum in her mouth and that she would swallow. She specifically told me that I could cum as much as I could and that she wouldn’t spill a drop. The time to back up those words was here.

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32