Mr. Right Now Ch. 05: Fred Pt. 02

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Ava Addams

It’s Sunday afternoon and I’m waiting for Fred. Last night, I met him at a gay nudist party. We had sex in front of a bunch of naked men. Today, it’s just going to be us.

The doorbell rings. I sing, “I think we’re alone now / Doesn’t seem to be anyone around” as I get up and cross the living room floor.

Fred’s a big black bodybuilder with skin the color of chocolate milk, tightly buzz cut hair, and an angel’s face. I’m tall, rugged, and moderately athletic, but he makes me look tiny. He’s four inches taller and 40 pounds heavier then me. It’s all muscle—arms, legs, chest, butt—all bulging muscles, more machine than flesh.

He’s wearing sneakers, an athletic tee-shirt, and tight sweat pants that show off his muscular legs, sculpted butt, and big basket.

I say something and he answers. It doesn’t matter. We’re on each other as soon as I’ve closed the door, kissing hard with open mouths and aggressive tongues, grinding crotches, and kneading each other’s butts.

“Damn, you’re hard!” I step back and grip Fred’s rod through his clinging sweat pants.

“Help me with it.” Fred puts his big hands on my shoulders and pushes me to my knees. Fred’s stiff cock makes an immense tent in his tightly-stretched sweats.

“Oh yeah.” I fondle Fred’s heavy rod through the soft cloth, running my fingers over its shaft while licking and kissing its head, getting the cloth covering it wet.

Fred’s dick is still pointing downward. I push it into an upright position and close my hand around it, then jack his hard rod and knead his balls through the sweats.

“Fuck,” Fred whispers. He puts his hands on the waistband of the sweat pants and pushes them down, freeing his cock and balls.

I stare at Fred’s crotch. His cock is long and thick, with a broad, deeply furrowed, plow-head. Not all black men are well hung, but he has the biggest tool I’ve ever seen. His balls, like the rest of his body, are hairless. He probably gets it waxed, but I don’t care about that or the obsessive workouts required to build and maintain those amazing muscles.

“Oh man!” I wrap my hands around Fred’s shaft. Both hands, one over the other, like I’m gripping a baseball bat. It’s too thick to close my fingers completely. His broad plow-head and the upper inch of his shaft stick out from my closed hands. “Your dick is so fuckin’ big.”

I stretch my mouth and clamp my lips around his crown, then swirl my tongue over his cock-head, probing its cum-slit and stroking its deep furrow. Fred moans softly and runs light fingers through my hair. I move one hand to his hairless balls and knead them gently while I run my not-quite-closed fist up and down his thick shaft.

The taste of precum and raw man is strong as I suck Fred’s oversized cock-head. My painfully stiff cock is trapped in my blue jeans. I let go of Fred’s cock and balls, then unfasten my fly and release my straining rod. It snaps up instantly, tall and proud, already leaking precum.

I grip Fred’s pole again and lower my mouth onto it, taking more of its head and shaft. I manage about four inches and end up with his giant cock-head blocking my throat. I can lick a little of his shaft, but that’s about all I can do. One thing I can’t do is breathe, but I’m not thinking about that right now.

My hands are free, so I go back to jacking his baseball-bat shaft and squeezing his nuts as I hold his monstrous cock in my overstretched mouth.

Fred Ankara escort slips his hands over my ears and laces his fingers behind my head, holding it immobile. The prospect of him fucking my face with his giant dick is terrifying . . . but my cock gets even harder, jerking in time with my pounding heart.

Fred pulls back and I’m able to get some air. I inhale deeply through my nostrils, feeling slightly dizzy. He pushes back in, stopping just before the point where he cuts my air off completely.

He slow-fucks my face, pulling completely out so I can grab a couple of really deep breaths, then pushing his big plow-head through my compressed lips to the back of my stretched mouth. I’ve never worshiped a cock like I’m worshiping Fred’s massive member. And I’ve never met one so worthy of worship.

I’m getting him close to coming—sucking his cock-head, jerking his shaft, and brutally squeezing his bulging balls—and he’s working his oversized rod harder and faster.

Fred releases my head and pulls away. I look at his cock, rock hard and slick with my spit and his precum, and then up to his face. He’s smiling.

He pulls me to my feet like an adult lifting a child. “Let’s see your bedroom.”

“Oh yeah.” I step out of my jeans and leave them on the floor, leaving me dressed in a tight-fitting tank top. I drop it on the floor beside the jeans. “Let’s go.”

Fred pulls his sweat pants back up so he can walk without tripping. I kiss him and then take him down the hall and into the bedroom. He sits on the edge of the bed to take his shoes, sweats, and tee-shirt off.

Naked, he stands up, walks over to me, and wraps a big hand around my stiff cock. My rod is bigger than average, although nowhere near the size of Fred’s mammoth tool. “You’re sure hard.”

“So are you.” My heart is pounding and my throat is dry as I stare at Fred’s hard cock.

Fred smiles. “I’m going to fuck you now.”

“Okay.” I’m scared and excited. Fred’s taking charge, like I’d hoped he’d do last night. I’m usually dominant—and a top—so I love a man forcing me to be a submissive bottom.

I get the lube out of the nightstand drawer. “How do you want me?”

“On your back,” Fred says. “In the middle of the bed.” I get into position, with my legs folded against my chest, lifting my ass. He kneels between my spread thighs, studies the mammoth mahogany pole sticking up from his crotch and then the elevation of my butt, and puts a pillow under the small of my back, raising my ass higher. “You ready?”

“Uh . . . huh . . .” Part of me still wants to jump off the bed and run out of the room screaming. The rest, including my rock hard cock and tight balls, is eager to take the challenge of Fred’s immense black pole.

“Good.” Fred coats a finger with lube and slides it up my ass. It’s bigger than a lot of men’s fingers, but not as thick as a cock. He twists it around, distributing the lubricant evenly. “Because you are getting fucked. Right now.”

He slathers lube on his towering rod and presses it into the center of my puckered hole. “Oh fuck!” I gasp as the big plow-head stretches my anus. At first, it’s all right. Fred’s going slowly . . . gradually opening me wider and wider. It hurts a little, but mostly feels good. That’s why so many men are butt sluts—taking a cock up the ass just feels so fucking good . . .

Maybe this will be easy. I may be mostly a top, but I’ve had Ankara escort bayan a fair number of dicks up my ass. Some of them were pretty big. Fred’s bigger—actually, a lot bigger—but still, that’s just a matter—

Ow! Oh fucking Jesus! I scream in pain and try to get away from the monster cock tearing my asshole open. My struggles force Fred’s mammoth cock head deeper into my anus, making it hurt even worse.

Fred pulls back and the pain diminishes, although it doesn’t fade away completely. “You okay?”

“Uh . . .” I look into Fred’s face, blinking the tears from my eyes, still feeling the pain but realizing it was accompanied by a burst of intense pleasure. “Yeah. Fuck me.”

He puts more lube up my butt and then presses his massive plow-head into my hole, gently pushing forward and then drawing back, gradually stretching me wider. The pain—mixed with the pleasure—is tolerable.

The pain overwhelms me again. I scream and then black out for an instant. Fred jerks his dick away from my butt and kisses me, then picks me up and sets me on my unsteady feet beside the bed.

“Let’s do something different.” Fred moves the pillow and lies in the middle of the bed with his cock sticking straight up. “Sit on my dick. That way, you’re in control.”

The part of me that wanted to run is gone. All that’s left is my determination to take Fred’s big black cock up my ass. I put a LOT more lube on his hard dick and up my asshole, then straddle his hips and lower my anus onto his broad cock-head. “Fuck!” I gasp as it stretches me open.

Fred smiles reassuringly and grips my waist to steady me. I rock my hips slowly, gradually relaxing my painfully stretched ass muscles and taking more of his big plow.

I’d been afraid to jack off earlier. I’d been so close to coming that even touching my straining cock would have set me off. Now, my stiff dick is as painfully hard as ever, but the need to shoot has faded.

I squirt a blob of lube into the palm of my hand and then stroke my hard cock, slowly working its hard shaft and swollen head in and out of my closed fist, while I roll my hips, pressing down on Fred’s hard cock until the pain gets too intense, pulling back to let my tortured ass muscles relax, and then pressing down again, sending waves of pain and pleasure through my body.

The pleasure is winning now. I push down harder and scream in surprise when Fred’s cock-head slips through my anal ring and all the way up my overstretched asshole.

“Oh man!” I roll my hips, lifting my butt and shifting the big thick rod filling my hole. “I’ve never . . .” The pain is gone, but I’m dangerously close to coming.

“You’ve got a sexy ass.” Fred wraps a big hand around my stiff dick. I expect his touch to set me off. Instead, it pulls me back from the edge. “So hot and tight.”

I’m dizzy, my heart is pounding, and it’s hard to breathe. I ride Fred’s cock, starting slowly and carefully, but gradually increasing my speed and tightening my ass muscles. Waves of near-orgasmic pleasure radiate through my body as he jacks my throbbing pole.

“Oh fuck!” The cum explodes from my straining cock, sending long streams of shiny fluid splashing onto Fred’s bulging pecs and grinning face. He strokes my throbbing dick, keeping me coming. It finally starts to hurt and I push his hand away. “Man . . .”

“Well, you sure came.” Fred moves his pelvis, shifting his big stiff rod Escort Ankara in my ass. That hurts. It’s not the pain of overstretched muscles, but the hypersensitivity that follows an intense climax.

“Oh yeah,” I groan. My softened cock hardens rapidly as I lift my asshole off Fred’s towering pole. “I never imagined a man as big as you would fuck me.” His swollen cock-head slips out of my anal ring. That’s a relief, but I already want his big log back inside me.

“I don’t do a lot of fucking,” Fred says. “My cock is too big for most men.”

“So I’m special?” Fred nods. I curl my fingers around his big stiff pole. “You didn’t come.”

“Nope.” Fred picks me up by my waist and then sets me on the bed beside him. “Not yet.” He pushes me onto my hands and knees and then moves behind me.

“No!” I’m scared again, bent over and helpless, about to be ruthlessly butt-fucked by a gigantic black bodybuilder stud. “Please don’t.”

“You don’t mean that.” He lubricates my asshole with a rough finger. “You want my cock.”

“Yes,” I whisper. “I do.”

“Good,” Fred growls. “Because you’re getting it. Hard and fast.” His big plow-head pushes into my anal ring. I take deep breaths and jerk my cock as Fred’s rod stretches me open. It hurts, but not nearly as much as the first time, and feels even better than before.

My ass muscles suddenly relax. My cock throbs as Fred’s oversized tool slides into my depths. “Fuck!” I gasp as his balls slam into my butt cheeks.

“Oh yeah.” Fred holds still with his big hard rod all the way up my ass. “I’m going to fuck the hell out of you.” He grips my hips to hold me in place, then draws his dick back and presses it home again.

“Yes!” My cock jerks as my anal muscles clench his sliding rod. “Please!”

I brace myself with one hand and use the other to jack off while Fred fucks me with long slow strokes. My cock throbs each time he hits home, but I don’t come. “Come on,” I moan. “Pound my ass.”

The tension in my tight nuts builds as Fred fucks me roughly, slamming his pelvis against my buttocks and shaking my body.

He groans and thrusts into my ass. A hard hot jet of cum splashes against my anal walls. I jerk my throbbing cock frantically as Fred hammers me relentlessly, firing another pulse of cum each time he hits bottom.

“Yeah!” I gasp. “Shoot it!” The cum boiling in my balls explodes from my straining dick and I squirt long streams of cum onto the sheets under me.

“Man!” Fred slowly pulls his cock out of my asshole. I tighten my anal muscles, trying to keep it inside. My rod is still stiff, despite my coming twice in the last few minutes. It jerks violently as Fred withdraws. “That was great!” He turns me over, lies between my open legs, and kisses me passionately.

“Oh yeah,” I answer. His cock is still hard. He’s pressing its head against my nuts, keeping me aroused. “You’re such a stud.”

“So are you.” Fred rolls onto his back, taking me with him. He spreads his legs in a wide Vee, lifting his muscular butt and showing off his sexy little puckered hole. “And you haven’t fucked me . . . Yet.”

* * * * * * * * * *

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