Mr. Black: The delivery

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“Mom, are you home?” asked Jake as he walked into the house. Jake had just stopped by his parents’ house from work to pick up his laundry. By all accounts he is pretty lazy and still relies on his mom to take care of laundry and cooking when he doesn’t get fast food.

Since he heard no response he proceeded to the laundry to see if his mother had left his clothes ready for him. As he walked past the living room he noticed a figure sitting quietly on the sofa staring straight at him. As soon as he realized who it was his heart sank.

“Mr. Smith” said the figure “you are late. You should know by now that I do loathe tardiness.”

The figure sitting directly in front of Jake was Mr. Black. He sat there in his crisp Alexander Amosu suit with a stern look and hands clasped just below his chin. His short black hair perfectly combed back and brown face clean shaven. Jake slowly took a step back but he was mostly petrified, “Why is Mr. Black in my parents’ house?” he thought.

As soon as he took that step back he felt another presence. When he turned he saw Frank, Mr. Black’s enforcer. The man stood 6.5 feet tall and weighed 300 pounds of pure muscle. Frank held a glass of water and a blue pill in his hands. Jake knew he was in trouble now, but why?

“How did you know I was going to be here?” asked Jake trembling.

“Mr. Smith I make sure I know everything about my employees. I know today is laundry day for you and you would be here around 4 pm. Why don’t you go ahead and take that pill Frank has.”

“What is it?” asked Jake.

Mr. Black raised an eyebrow. He does not like to have to explain himself. At that Frank’s booming voice said, “Mr. Black asked you to take the pill.” Jake didn’t ask again and just took it.

“If you must know it is half a Viagra. What I am more interested in knowing is what happened to the package you were supposed to deliver for me?”

With that it all came to Jake, he know knew why Mr. Black was there and he knew he was in very deep trouble. The previous day Jake was supposed to deliver one of Mr. Black’s packages. He had misplaced it however and try as he might he couldn’t find it. Rather than telling Mr. Black he misplaced it he claimed that it had been stolen from him.

Mr. Black went on, “You see it is very curious to me that you told me yesterday the package was stolen. However Frank is holding the same “stolen” package in his hands right now.”

Jake turned and saw the package as Frank shoved it in his chest making him take a couple of steps back just to regain balance.

“This afternoon someone came to my office and left this package at the receptionist saying that it had been left in their fast food restaurant yesterday by a man whose description fits yours very well.”

Jake’s expression changed as he now remembered where ge had left the package.

“I took it upon myself to visit the restaurant; first to reward the person for their honesty and second to see if they had any security cameras behind the counter so that I could see for myself what happened. From what little I could see on the videos it seems you entered the restaurant with the package and exited without it. It also took you a full 4 hours to report the package stolen, why wouldn’t you report it immediately?”

Jake was very concerned. What was going to happen to him, he thought as Mr. Black went on.

“On top of that a restaurant employee returned the package which only cements my belief that you accidentally just left the package there.”

“Please, I…” Jake tried, but Frank grabbed him by the back of the neck and kindly told him, “I don’t believe Mr. Black is done yet.” immediately silencing Jake.

“Do you realize you cost me $10,000? But what irritates me more is that there truly is nothing I hate more than lying.”

“Please, I will do whatever you want let’s just get out of here before my parents get home.”

“Actually we are here waiting for your mother.”

Jake’s eyes widened. No please don’t you dare touch her.

“Don’t worry we won’t be touching her. That Viagra you took should be kicking in soon, just in time for your mother’s arrival.”

“No! I can’t do that with my mother. Please anything else. PLEASE!”

“We will wait until your mother gets home and let her decide. When she does get home I want you to go and greet her in the kitchen before she gets a chance to see us and give her the great news that her very own son is going to fuck her.”

“What about my dad, what will you do to him when he gets home?”

“Your father won’t be home for a while; his boss owes me a couple of favors so your father will be working involuntary overtime most of the night.”

“I can’t do this. What am I supposed to tell my mom?”

“I believe I have made it clear that I hate lying. You are going to tell her that you lied about a delivery for me and now you have to fuck her as punishment.”

Jake was about to protest when everyone heard the door shut. Jake’s mother was home. Mr. Black looked directly escort bursa at Jake and motioned his head as if to say, go greet her in the kitchen now.

Jake turned around and Frank stepped aside allowing Jake passage to the kitchen. Jake was shaking, there was a lump in his throat and he was holding back tears.

As he turned the corner to enter the kitchen he saw his mother standing there. She had just come back from work and was wearing a skirt suit. She just finished removing her blazer and draped it over a chair near the breakfast table.

She was left in her skirt and white button down shirt. She wore her long black hair in a bun, at 41 she was very much still gorgeous. She was 5’4″ and only 120 pounds. Her shirt could barely contain her 34 C breasts. Her round rear beautifully filled in the skirt. She seemed exhausted from her day at work but as soon as she saw Jake she lit up.

“Hi honey, since you are still here I take it you are staying for dinner? Did you find your clothes? I finished washing them and…” she paused when she saw the concerned expression on her son’s face. She immediately rushed to him. “Jake, is everything alright?”

Jake managed to stammer, “Mom” as his lips trembled “I messed up.” Jake couldn’t get another word out. His mother became more and more concerned continuously begging him to please tell her what’s going on.

Suddenly Jake’s mother’s eyes widened and there was intense fear in her expression. Mr. Black had just turned the corner into the kitchen and towering behind him was Frank. Jake’s mother knew exactly who this man was and she was petrified from all the stories she had heard.

Most of the stories were exaggerations of course but then who really knows. All she knew is that Mr. Black was not a person you wanted trouble with. He was connected, not just in their town but the entire state, country and many other countries. If Mr. Black wanted something he got it.

“I am disappointed in you Jake. I gave you another simple task and once again you failed to deliver.”

“What is he talking about Jake?” asked his mother.

“Mrs. Smith, your son here was working for me and he lied to me and cost me $10,000.”

“That’s impossible he works at the delivery company in town.”

“I see he lies to you as well. Mrs. Smith, do you truly believe that working at that company your son could afford that car he has, or the apartment he lives in? Are you truly that delusional? He used to work for me and he lied about a package he was supposed to deliver.”

Mrs. Smith, looked at her son, he could do nothing but look away. “I can get you the money, I will go now and get you $20,000 even.” she begged.

“Mrs. Smith, I do not care about the money. I have billions, $10,000 is nothing to me. If I wanted money I am sure your son has more than that saved up from everything I have paid him while he worked for me.”

“Then what do you want?”

“As I told your son, his punishment is to fuck you, his own mother. You see among other things in my business one of the ventures I make most money in is selling videos of family members having sex.”

Jake’s mother’s expression turned to disgust. Mr. Black continued.

“I get top dollar because my clientele trusts me and knows that the videos they are getting are 100% real. I chose this punishment for your son because you are absolutely gorgeous. I do hope you take that as a compliment. Frank has been recording this the whole time, and I will be quietly directing. Of course I always give 10% of the profits to the actors.”

“There is no way I am having sex with my own son! Besides my husband will be home soon.”

“Well you do not have to; I personally don’t like forcing anyone. This must be done by your own choice. Though, if you do not do this I would suggest moving out of the country because life for you and your family will be quite difficult here. Both you and your husband will be fired effective immediately and you won’t ever find another job. Also I suggest learning a new language because I have influence in all english speaking countries. And your husband won’t be home for a while, that has been taken care of.”

Mrs. Smith looked at her son again who still could not look at his mother. “How could you work for him? Haven’t we done everything to help you live a good honest life? LOOK AT ME WHEN I AM TALKING!”

With that tears started rolling down her cheeks. Jake turned to look at his mother who immediately slapped him hard across the face leaving a red mark on his face identical to her hand.

“Let’s just get this over with.” She said as she began to unbutton her shirt.

“No, No Mrs. Smith. I am the director remember. Now just stand facing your son. I am sure Mr. Smith would like to have the honor of undressing you. Mr. Smith, please don’t waste time. As your mother said just get it over with. Be sure I am not bored.”

Jake stood before his mother, now it was her that couldn’t look at him. She struggled to hold back her tears. As Jake reached bursa merkez eskort over to her shirt he said, “I’m sorr…”

“Shut up, just shut up. Finish this so they can get out of here!” she could barely say as her voice cracked.

Jake began to unbutton his mother’s blouse. His trembling hands having some trouble working the buttons. To make matters worse, thanks to the Viagra he had taken he could feel his erection becoming harder and harder regardless of the fact that it was his mother before him. This made him sick and angry at the same time.

He watched as tears fell on his hands as he moved down to the next buttons. His mother lifted her arm to wipe the tears away with her sleeve. When he finished unbuttoning the blouse he slid it off his mother’s shoulders and down her arms allowing it to pool on the floor behind her. His mother stood before him in just her skirt and white lace bra, trembling with her arms crossed before her chest.

“Mrs. Smith, please lower your arms. I am not interested in the shy act. In fact it’s your turn. Get on your knees and remove your son’s pants and underwear and give him the best blow job you have ever given. If it helps, you could imagine it’s your husband’s or the special friend you go visit every Tuesday and Thursday during your lunch break.”

Jake’s mother was surprised he knew about that and was completely ashamed that Mr. Black revealed it in front of her son. Jake was equally surprised and disappointed that his mother would cheat on his father.

“And Mrs. Smith; make it good. I don’t want to have to direct too much.”

She uncrossed her arms and slowly got down on her knees in front of her son. She noticed the bulge in her son’s pants. She thought to herself that he could not be turned on by this. The mere thought of her son being turned on by what was going on disgusted her.

She reached out to unfasten his pants and unzipped them. She inserted her thumbs in the elastic band of his underwear and pulled both the pants and underwear down at the same time.

Immediately she noticed that the bulge was real when her son’s penis sprung to life just inches in front of her face. She turned and lowered her head in shame that her son would be turned on and enjoying this. When she turned her head she saw Mr. Black staring at her his penetrating gaze was enough to get her focused again.

She finished pulling the pants down to her son’s ankles and motioned for her son to step out of them. She set them aside and worked up the nerve to look at her son’s penis again. Once again her face was just inches from the tip of his shaft. She let out a defeated scream as if to ask “Why?”

The scream startled Jake, who at this point was just standing there statuesque hands at his side and heart pounding. Disappointed in his own erection that he couldn’t control he couldn’t bear to look as she worked below.

She finally relented closed her eyes and grabbed the base of his penis opened her mouth and took it in. Just to get it over with she tried her hardest to follow Mr. Black’s advice and she imagined it was her lover whom she visited every Tuesday and Thursday as Mr. Black had pointed out. She moved her head in and out, moved her hands to her son’s ass and pulled him closer to her and deeper into her mouth.

Jake couldn’t believe what was happening. His mother was going down on him seemingly without caring that he was her son. Even though his mother’s warm mouth felt great he wasn’t turned on the slightest. Looking down on her he saw her eyes tightly shut and knew she wasn’t enjoying it, she was just going through the motions to get done with this.

“Mr. Smith, undo your mother’s hair bun and then grab her by the head and thrust your hips. Help her out a little stop being so stiff. And Mrs. Smith, please open your eyes and look up at your son, he was just looking down at you and I do enjoy when you are looking in each other’s eyes as you enjoy each other.”

Jake undid his mother’s hair which flowed and draped down just past her shoulders. Then as instructed he placed his hands on either side of her head and began to pump his hips back and forth.

Once she felt his hands and his thrusts she couldn’t hold back the tears she was fighting knowing her own son was fucking her mouth was just too much. She too did as she was told and opened her teary eyes to look up at her son as he thrust his hips back and forth shoving his penis into her mouth.

Jake noticed Mr. Black signaling him to slow down so he began to slowly move his hips back and forth. As he held his mother’s head in place his penis slowly went in to just over half and then he pulled it back till only the head was in and then pushed it back in.

He looked at his mother with feelings of anger that he made such a stupid mistake. He saw the humiliated look in his mother’s eyes as she looked back at him with his penis in her mouth.

“That’s enough Mr. Smith, help your mother up.”

She immediately released bursa sınırsız escort his penis from her mouth as soon as she heard it was enough. Even though he was told to help her up, she pushed him away and got up on her own.

“Mrs. Smith, I will not tell you again to cooperate.”

Mr. Black looked directly at Jake, “Escort your mother to the kitchen table and help her be seated on the edge. Mrs. Smith, once at the table, remove your son’s shirt and then remove your bra and offer your breasts to your son. Take him by the head as he took you and have him enjoy your exquisite breasts. Mr. Smith do be sure to enjoy her breasts like you mean it.”

Jake took his mother’s arm to escort her to the table. She was instinctively going to pull her arm away but she felt defeated knowing Mr. Black had told her to cooperate. She walked with her son to the table and allowed him to boost her up to sit on the table with his hands on her hips.

She looked him in the eyes as she reached for his shirt and as he lifted his arms she pulled it over his head and just let it fall from her hand to the floor.

She reached behind her, without removing her gaze from her son, and unclasped her bra. She slid the bra off her shoulders and arms and let it fall on top of her son’s shirt. Her beautiful breasts were now exposed for all to see. She desperately wanted to cover up but knew she shouldn’t. Her tears had dried up she just took a deep breath and placed a hand behind her sons head and pulled him in towards her.

Jake noticed his mother’s resignation and realized at that point that there was nothing they could do but get it over with in a manner that pleased Mr. Black. He opened his mouth and accepted his mother’s nipple.

He placed one hand behind her and his mother guided his other hand to her other breast. She looked at Mr. Black and observed him as he sat with a blank expression. She could almost see a smile on the corner of his mouth but she wasn’t sure and didn’t care. She saw as he signaled Frank to change positions and get better angles.

She could feel her son kneading her breast in one hand as he eagerly sucked and licked her other breast. She felt her son pushing her backward forcing her to lie down on the table. He would suck and nibble on her breasts alternating between one and the other. As she was lying down, she just stared blankly at the ceiling, thoughts swirled in her head, was her son enjoying this? Was she?

Jake was licking, sucking, rubbing and caressing each breast. He decided to begin working his way down her abs. Keeping a hand on each breast he started kissing, licking and nibbling down her abs. He was hoping to just quickly get to the fucking and be done with this humiliation.

Every time Jake pinched and twisted her nipples she felt a tinge of pain. She also felt herself getting wet as she pictured Mr. Black just sitting there observing. Wondering just who is this man everyone fears so and why did he have to be so handsome.

“It seems we are finally on the same page. Mr. Smith, help your mother off the table and have her face the table. Then you may unzip and remove her skirt since it seems you desire to. Please do not remove her skirt and panties at the same time. I am eager to see what kind of underwear your mother wears. Mrs. Smith, once you are completely nude lean over the table and open your legs I fully expect your son to have his way with you then so just make it easy for him.”

Jake got off of his mother and held out his hands. She placed her hands in his and he pulled her up and off the table effortlessly. She stood in from of him tilting her head up to look him in the eyes, trying to determine if her own son was enjoying her.

His expression was blank, just resigned to get it over with. He grabbed her shoulders and turned her around so that her shapely ass was pointed toward him. Jake grabbed the top of her skirt’s waistband with one hand and began to unzip it with the other.

Once completely unzipped he grabbed the hem of her skirt on each side and pulled down with both hands. As the fabric slowly slid down her round ass and creamy thighs came into view. She placed her hands on the table to step out of the skirt and then asked defiantly.

“Are these panties to your liking Mr. Black?” though in her head she added ‘you disgusting bastard.’

She was wearing a white lace thong that allowed full view of each globe of her ass. Her son was surprised she would dare say anything to Mr. Black. He was worried he wouldn’t like her defiance.

“They are quite pleasant Mrs. Smith. Though I would watch my tone if I were you. Now bend over.”

She bent over the table supporting her weight on her elbows and giving everyone a good view of her panty covered vagina. The outline her vagina made was absolutely stunning.

“You truly are beautiful Mrs. Smith. I am sure I will make a lot of money on this video. Mr. Smith, what are you waiting for? I am sure you will never see another pussy like that in a long time, enjoy it while you can.”

Jake was still in shock from his mother’s comment. Mr. Black snapped him out of it. Jake realized Mr. Black was right. He had never seen a vagina that looked so perfect. He was still very much erect thanks to the Viagra. He grabbed her panties waistband and began sliding it down.

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