Movie Night Moaning

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Here I am. There she was, right next to me. She’s wearing that fishnet and miniskirt combo that, secretly, gets me going. I can see her belly button because she’s wearing a black crop top that outlines her small top curves. We can see her house at the end of the block. What a nice, big suburban house she lives in. You glance over at her again and see that she’s holding her arm at the elbow behind her back while staring down at her black and white converse through her glasses.

She has just finished talking to you about how amazing it was to spend first Friday with you and the reason why you’re going to her house is because you’re going to Netflix and chill, with emphasis on the “chill.” It’s obvious that she’s terribly shy, but she wants this. You both reach her house, she steps in, and invites you in as well. While making your way to her room, you notice how short her skirt really is, especially when you follow her going up the stairs because you can see her black and white polka dotted panties as her skirt bounces up and down. When you reach her room, you kick off your shoes and socks and both lay down together on her bed and start watching a movie. It’s an old one, but it’s good she tells you. You wrap your arms around her body and pull her close into you. Your legs intertwine while you’re cuddling her, and you find yourself to not be interested in the movie, but in her.

You start trailing kisses up her shoulder to her neck while moving your arm down from her neck closer to her breasts. She tried to stay focused on the movie, but is starting to smile.

“Stop, I want to watch the movie,” she says, but you can see her biting her lip and smiling.

“Oh come on, please, even if it’s just for a little,” you whine, wanting her really bad and in that moment. She looks sancak escort into your eyes, her big eyes trying not to budge, and says, “I…”

You continue trailing kisses down her neck, more intensely now, and one of your hands is on her boob, squeezing it. She is now moaning quietly and her eyes are rolled back in her head. Raising your mouth to her ear, you tell her, “shh, your parents are home and asleep, we don’t want to wake them with our fun,” and you can’t help but smile at yourself.

With your free hand, you move up from her knee to her thigh, to her inner thigh, higher and higher until your hand is placed under her skirt, right on top of her panties. You can feel her wetness, the arousal that you’re giving her. You move your fingers so they are now inside her panties and you can really feel the wetness now. As you try to find her pussy through all her wetness, you realize that her hole is so tight and tiny that your pointer finger is gonna struggle to go in. At this point, she is moaning significantly louder at you kissing her neck, squeezing her boob, and rubbing her pussy. You take your hand out from her panties and cover her mouth with it to silence her, and some of her pussy juice goes into her mouth. She removes your hand and sucks on your pointer finger to get all the juices off. This sends your hormones crazy and you rip her panties off, throw them, and drop your face down to her pussy.

You aggressively begin eating her out which, once again, causes her to moan loudly so you take you take one of your sweaty socks (it’s what was closest) and stuff her mouth with it to keep her quiet. She is squirming from how well you are tonguing her pussy down and is basically waterfalling at you doing this. sarıyer escort You attempt to stick one finger in now and it surprisingly goes in. With only half of one finger inside, she is already convulsing and moaning loudly yet again. You decide to keep going and stick the entire finger in. She is jumping at this, so you immediately stick two fingers in and she practically grabs the bedsheets for dear life as she has an orgasm. You get up, take off your pants, and pull her by her legs to you so her face is now up to your dick. You lower your boxers to release your 9 inch, very thick monster for her. She gasps in disbelief and, while her mouth is still open, you grab her head shove your dick into her mouth. She begins gagging and choking, but you don’t stop.

You continue to face fuck her and force yourself down her throat until you see the tears coming down her face. You take advantage and force her head down and yourself into her throat until she’s swallowed your entire 9 inch thick dick. You hold her there for a few seconds before letting her head go and she pulls away and falls backward onto her bed.

“Thank you for lubing me up,” you say to her and give her an evil smile.

“I’m on birth control so I want you inside of me. Right now.” You don’t hesitate. You pull her legs apart to reveal a large wet spot on the bed where her pussy is, you pull her pussy up to your dick, and you place it on top of her stomach. It reaches up between her boobs, and you know there’s no way you’re fitting it all inside of this tight, tiny girl.

“You have to beg me for it first,” you tell her, wanting her to tell you how bad she wants you.

She begins pouting and says “come on, i need you inside of me right now, sefaköy escort I can’t wait any longer. Please, please fuck me as hard as you can.”

“Okay, you asked for it,” you said and place your tip at her entrance. You try to push yourself in, but she is way too tight for you.

“Damn, you are too tight,” you tell her. You slam 3 fingers inside of her to loosen her up and her body convulses again because you’ve just caused her to have another orgasm. She loosens up a little, so you once again place the tip of your head at the entrance of her tight, wet pussy and, without trying to see if it would fit, you slam all of your 9 inch, thick monster right into her virgin tightness. She screams through your sweaty sock you put into her mouth and tries to push you out, but you grab her arms and begin to roughly fuck her. You can feel her small pussy grip your massive dick as you shove yourself in and out of her. She cannot stop from orgasming, and continually cums. You begin twisting her nipples while you pound her pussy and this sends her over the edge even more. Her eyes are rolled back, her back is arching upward, and she can’t stop squirming.

After a few minutes of being in the missionary position, you spin her around so she is now doggy style. You place the tip at her entrance, which is still extremely tight, but instead of going inside all the way, you tease her pussy by sticking just the head in and out and rubbing in the wetness up and down. She is begging you to pound her again, but you know that this is what turns her on the most, the teasing. When you feel yourself about to cum, you slam all the way into her and stay completely inside of her while you bust all the way into her stomach, and she orgasms with you, except she cums twice.

You lay on top of her for a minute while you enjoy the orgasm and, as you slowly and teasingly slide yourself out of her, you can feel the damage your massive 9 inch thick dick did to her super tight wet pussy. You pull your sweaty sock out of her mouth and throw it on the floor. You both fall asleep together, and you wake up with a massive morning wood boner. That’s part 2 though.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32