Movie Night Gone Right

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Rachel came home after a long day at school. She was getting bored with senior year and hoped it would quickly come to an end. Fortunately, it was finally a Friday, and she was having a movie night with her friend Toni. As Rachel trudged up the stairs to her room, she overheard her parents talking about their dinner plans for the night. Great, she thought, maybe Toni and I can sneak some boys over after hours.

In her room, Rachel shed her tight jeans and v-neck to reveal a gorgeous body without a speck of fat on it. She had shoulder length blonde hair, fierce blue eyes, perky, well-formed breasts cupped gently into a new, pink lace bra, and a flawless body that was just starting to gently tan at the start of summer. She examined her tight little ass in the mirror and thought about how it had been a while since she had hooked up with a guy. It had definitely been too long.

After she had changed into pajama bottoms and a tight, white t-shirt she watched television until Toni arrived. Her parents had left for the night and probably wouldn’t be back until quite late. She heard the doorbell ring.

She opened the door to a stunning little brunette.

“Hey Toni, what do you want to watch tonight?”

“Anything’s fine,” Toni replied as she bounced lightly through the door.

Toni made up for her short stature with a large pair of perfectly round breasts, a cute smile, and a tight ass barely covered by her yoga pants. For the first time in her life, Rachel felt a small tingle run down her spine when she noticed the way her friend’s breasts were peeking out of her tight blouse.

They went right up to Rachel’s room, sat on her bed, and began to watch one of the many romantic comedies strewn around her floor. Both girls were less interested in the movie than the gossip about relationships and boys at the local high school.

“How long has it been since you and Ben hooked up?” Toni asked bluntly.

“Far too long, about a month. But he was way too into getting head. And he hated going down on me…” Rachel said, “What about you, Toni?”

“It’s been even longer,” she said with a giggle, “Rob was my last. But he didn’t last very long. Wish he could have kept it going a little longer. He rarely made me cum.”

As they talked, Rachel could feel herself starting to get a little wet Bycasino thinking about her exploits with Ben. She loved the feeling of having a rock hard cock in her tight pink slit, but she wished he had learned to eat her out. As she was thinking about Ben, Toni’s hand brushed against her leg. At first she thought it was just an accident, but then Toni brushed her gently again. What was she doing? Rachel wasn’t sure, but she was starting to get excited. She could feel her pussy getting warm and wet.

Was Toni starting to share her thoughts? Rachel coyly brushed her hand against Toni’s outer thigh as the two sat next to each other, supposedly watching the movie. Toni looked across at Rachel and met her gaze. In that instant, Toni moved close to Rachel, pressed her breasts against Rachel’s firm chest, and kissed her. Rachel felt Toni’s tongue flit its way between her soft lips, slowly at first, then more quickly. Her mouth was filled with her friend’s lively and soft tongue, quickly caressing her own gentle tongue. Rachel pulled herself close to Toni;, she had never been this horny in her entire life.

As they kissed passionately, Rachel’s hand slowly made its way under Toni’s shirt and began to gently caress her breasts. She was surprised at her lack of a bra. At first, she rubbed her entire breast, feeling its firmness and softness in her hands. Then she slowly began to rub her fingers around her friend’s tits, causing Toni to let out a slow moan. Toni’s nipples were perfectly shaped, firm little peaks on beautiful hills that became increasingly harder with every stroke. As Rachel continued to kiss Toni, she felt her white t-shirt being slowly removed. Next, Toni carefully unclasped Rachel’s bra, allowing her magnificently firm C cups to hang freely, pink nipples standing proudly out.

Toni ran both of her hands along Rachel’s chest, cupping her breasts. She slowly kissed down Rachel’s neck, driving her slightly more wild with every soft kiss, until her lips and tongue slowly caressed Rachel’s breasts, moving from nipple to nipple. The warm tongue made slow circles around her nipples, leaving glistening wet trails on her young breasts. Without warning, Rachel felt Toni’s soft hand plunge into her pink lace panties and begin to rub the outside of her soft, shaven mound. Rachel fell back on the bed Bycasino giriş in pure ecstasy as Toni quickly slid off Rachel’s pants and panties.

Toni slid her middle finger slowly and deeply into Rachel’s soaking pink pussy. Rachel moaned Toni’s name as she began to finger Rachel more and more quickly. Then Toni pulled off her top and slowly slid out of her yoga pants to reveal she wasn’t wearing panties. First, she slowly rubbed her body against Rachel’s firm physique. Next, she teased Rachel with her tongue, running it slowly around her breasts, down her quivering stomach, to her sopping wet pink slit.

Rachel gasped as Toni’s tongue entered her pussy. She felt the soft, thin tongue running around her pussy lips, darting swiftly in and out. Toni’s hand slid up Rachel’s inner thigh and slid two fingers back into her pussy as she continued to eat her out. Rachel could barely control herself as Toni’s tongue quickly began to circle her clit in a perfect figure eight. Without thinking, her back began to arch and she started to rub her tits together. Rachel had never felt so aroused; it was as if an electric pulse had shot through her young, thin body. Toni smiled as she watched the power she held over this blonde goddess.

Back arched in the air, Toni’s tongue in her tight wet pussy, Rachel began to feel the throes of an organism. Toni was using her soft tongue to tantalize Rachel’s pussy and her middle finger to tickle her g-spot. She felts pangs of ecstasy travel from her soaking young pussy to the tip of her spine. The entirety of her body, firm young breasts included, experienced an almost supernatural sensation. She could feel Toni’s tongue pushing deeply into her gushing slit, massaging her clit and lapping up her juices. Finally, Rachel couldn’t take it anymore; she let out a strangled cry and her entire body began to buck as an orgasm passed over her in passionate waves. Her blonde headed rocked on her pillow as her legs came together around Toni’s neck. She had turned herself into an orgasmic arch, pointing her young, round breasts towards the wall. Toni kept eating her pussy, forcing her tongue deeper and deeper, causing Rachel to burst into a second round of orgasmic bliss. She could feel her body convulse and contract as wave after wave of nirvana rocked across her body.

“Oh Bycasino güncel giriş Christ, Toni, fuck me!!” She moaned out loud.

After Rachel finished, Toni playfully climbed on top of Rachel, placing her sopping pussy over Rachel’s face. Rachel’s cute blonde face was now surrounded by her friend’s smooth legs and dripping pussy. Rachel buried her face into this sopping buffet, and began to vigorously eat out her friend, tongue delving for the first time deeply into a pussy. It was a new experience, but Rachel was already in love with pussy eating. She loved the sweet taste of her friend’s juices and the moans Toni let out as she ran her tongue lightly across her friend’s pussy lips. Toni’s moans increased in volume as Rachel forced her tongue more deeply and vigorously into her friend’s pink honey pot. As she flicked her friend’s clit with her tongue and simultaneously fingered Toni, she heard a gasp.

“Eat my ass. Please, God, eat my ass girl!”

Rachel was surprised by her friend’s request, but after the monumental orgasm Toni had given her, she wasn’t about to argue. Toni slid forward as Rachel spread her ass apart, revealing a freshly bleached asshole. Although she was a bit nervous, Rachel slowly moved her tongue from her friend’s slit into her tender, young asshole. As her tongue breached this puckered barrier, she could feel Toni’s entire body tense above her as she reached up to stroke Toni’s massive breasts.

In tight circles, Rachel moved her tongue deeper and deeper into her friends quivering asshole. The juices from her flowing mound were making Toni’s ass and Rachel’s entire face wet. She was slowly rubbing her friends clit while she continued to eat her asshole, whipping her tongue quickly back and forth, then deeply inside her friend. After another minute or so of this increasingly rapid motion, she felt Toni’s asshole tighten as she began to cum. Her wet pussy turned into a soaking fountain as Toni screamed out in bliss as she was pounded by an orgasm that had more waves than a stormy sea. Rachel loved the feeling of her friend’s tightening little asshole on her tongue as she continued to delve more deeply into Toni’s ass as she came.

When Toni rolled off of Rachel’s face, they made eye contact and began to giggle.

“Looks like we missed most of the movie,” Rachel said.

“Aw well, I liked your performance better. I think we should have these movie nights more often.” Toni replied, panting heavily.

“Definitely, maybe we’ll have to invite a few friends next time, perhaps one of the cute boys from gym class…..”

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