Mounted By Three Cowboys

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There was a light wind blowing that evening and the campfire flames danced in the moonlight. They were out on a distant part of the ranch rounding up stray steers. It was too far to return to the bunkhouse for the night, so they had pitched camp in a hollow by a small stream.

The 3 young cowboys sat around the campfire, drinking coffee and smoking. There was Jesse, the oldest at 28. His parents had been killed by Indians and they’d taken him on at the Flying Arrow Ranch. He’d been working at the ranch since he was 11 and when he’d reached 18, he became a regular ranch hand.

Jake, at 24, was the next oldest and had joined the Flying Arrow 3 years ago. He was a drifter and had worked at several ranches since he was 17. He was very friendly and easy to get along with.

The last cowboy was Milo. Milo was 19 and had just been hired a year ago. He was a happy, friendly guy, always willing to help out others, usually with a smile and a quiet laugh. Like the rest of them, he was tough and calloused and handled his horse well. In addition to that, Milo was also lean and sexy and was one of the best looking cowboys on the ranch.

There was one other guy there and his name was Joey and today was his 18th birthday. Joey was a cute kid. He was 5’10” and weighed about 140. He had a great smile and a smooth body with a great ass – one everyone on the ranch had noticed and often hoped that they could get a piece of it someday. He had started work at the ranch last year and did all the junk jobs, like packing the mules and cooking and cleaning up. He rode pretty well and helped out on the round-ups as much as he could, but the older guys really did most of the work. He was hoping that he’d become a ranch hand this year and that they’d let him go on the next trail drive in a few months.

He was scrubbing the tin plates when Jesse yelled, “Hey, Joey, stop what you’re doing and come over here for a minute.”

Wondering what he wanted, Joey sauntered over and looked. “What is it Jesse?

Jesse grinned – “We’ve got a surprise for you Joey. Go get it, would you Milo?”

Milo jumped up and went to his saddle bags and pulled out a small box and brought it back to the fire. “Go ahead and hand it to him, Milo,” Jesse told him.

Joey opened the box and there were 4 slices of spice cake. Joey looked up foolishly.

“Happy Birthday!!!” they all cried. “Make a wish!”

Joey closed his eyes and wished he would become a real ranch hand soon, something he wanted more than anything. And he was touched that he had these 3 friends who had gone to so much trouble for him.

“Gee, thanks, guys! I really appreciate it!” Joey said, moved.

“No problem,” Jesse said, “glad to do it. You’re a great kid, always friendly and helpful and we really like that. You’re almost a man now and soon you’ll be a full cowboy just like us. We have another surprise for you that’ll man you up some, but we’ll give that to you later. But don’t worry, you won’t have to wait too long! Now go get in your bedroll and we’ll wake you when your surprise is ready.”

Jesse watched the boy’s cute ass as he walked away to get his bedroll.


The 3 cowboys continued sitting around smoking, talking quietly and listening to the singing of the coyotes out on the range. When they were sure Joey was asleep, the 2nd part of Joey’s birthday ‘present’ became the subject of conversation.

“OK, guys, Jake knows the drill,” Jesse explained, “but you’re relatively new here, Milo, so I’ll fill you in. Basically, every cow puncher on this ranch has to be willing to take a hard cock up his ass. I know you like it, Milo, since I fucked your sweet ass just a week ago. If young Joey is going to join us as a full fledged member of this ranch, he has to be man enough to take it too.”

“So tonight, Joey is 18, and we have to ‘break him” if he’s going to become a cowhand on the ranch.”

“Break him?” Milo asked. “What do you mean by that?”

“I mean that all of us are going to ride him and ‘break him to the feel of a hard cock up his ass! And in a way, we’re going to ‘brand’ him by shooting our loads of jism into his hot ass and ‘brand’ him on the inside!”

“Of course you won’t be able to see the ‘brand’ on the outside, but you’ll see it in his eyes. I knew you had been ‘branded’ the first time I met you, Milo, when I looked in your eyes – and I was right, ’cause you certainly weren’t no virgin!”

Milo laughed, “You were sure right, Jesse. I got fucked for the first time when I was 13 – and I’ve loved it ever since!” Milo grinned.

Jake laughed, “This sounds great, Jesse! I’ve wanted to fuck Joey’s cute ass for a long time!”

“OK then, we’re all going to ride his ass, one right after the other, the only question is what order we’re going to do it in, and for that we’ll draw straws.”

Jesse held out his fist with 3 straws sticking out. “The guy with the longest straw gets to take the kid’s cherry, the next Ankara bayan escort longest is 2nd and so on.”

Milo pulled one out first and then Jake and Jesse got the last one. “Ho, ho, lucky me,” Jesse drawled, “I get to ride him first! Hot damn! I’ll give the kid a fuck he’ll long remember! Milo’s got the longest, so he goes last.”

“Here’s what we’ll do, boys! First, we’ll go over to Joey and wake him up and I’ll explain to him what’s going to happen. I’ll want you two to be ready in case he tries to run. When I tell you to strip him, take all of his clothes off.”

“Jake, take a bedroll with you to put under him to get his ass into the air.”

“Milo, get some of that special dick grease we have and have it ready. If you don’t have any, check my saddle bags – I’m pretty sure there’s some in there.”

“Each of you guys needs to understand that we’re definitely not going to rape him. I won’t stand for anyone getting raped. If he isn’t willing, we just won’t do it. Of course that would mean he’d have to leave the Flying Arrow and I’m willing to bet he won’t want to do that.”

“Any questions, boys?”

“Yeah,” said Milo, “what happens next?”

“Provided he agrees, the two of you will lay him ass up on the bedroll and hold him down, while I grease him. After I mount him, you’ll both let go and I’ll ride him. Once he realizes he’s going to get his ass fucked no matter what he does, I’ll give him a proper fucking. Since Jake had the next longest straw, he’ll go next and should have his dick greased and hard. As soon as I cum and pull out, he’ll replace me and so on.”


Jesse, Jake and Milo walked over to where Joey was sleeping.

“O.K., Jake, you get on his right and Milo on his left,” Jesse whispered. “If he tries to get away, I want you two to grab him and hold him.”

Jesse knelt down by Joey and shook his shoulder. The boy woke and looked up, rubbing his eyes.

“Oh hi, Jesse, what’s up?” he said sleepily.

“Well you know we said we had another ‘present’ for you. It’s time to give it to you. That is – if you want it.”

“Of course I want it, Jesse. Why wouldn’t I?” Joey asked.

“That’s goin’ to take a little explanation, Joey. You want to go be a full-fledged cowpoke on the ranch and go on the next trail drive, right?”

“You’re darn shootin’, Jesse. I want that more than anything!”

“But you don’t know what that means – leastwise not all of it, Joey. In addition to all the other things that you would do on a trail drive, or even around here sometimes, like wrangling steers or cooking or building a fire or fighting Indians and rustlers, there’s another duty that all of us share that you might not want to do.”

“I’d do anything, boss – just name it,” Joey answered.

“Well you see on a long trail drive, a man gets sorta lonely – and he sometimes wants some companionship when he settles down for the night. And each of us has to be willing to provide it. You get what I mean?”

“Not really,” Joey answered mystified.

“O.K., I see I’m not making myself clear,” Jessie said. “Let’s just say that sometimes a cowboy gets, well horny, and needs a way to relieve himself. Of course the ole five finger method is one way – but there’s an even better way if you know what I mean.”

Jake and Milo smiled and nodded.

Looking confused, Joey asked,”What ‘better way’ are you talking about, Jesse?”

Jesse looked at both Jake and Milo before he answered – they both nodded.

“To be blunt, Joey, we fuck each other, dammit!”

Joey’s eyes widened when he heard this. He was totally surprised.

“No, fuckin’ way are you or anyone else going to fuck me!!! Joey cried.

At that, Joey jumped up and tried to get to his horse.

“Grab him boys!” Jesse hollered.

Both Jake and Milo were ready and they grabbed the boy and held him in place. Joey struggled until he realized he was helpless. Hot and sweaty, he spat at Jesse’s feet.

“You gotta be kiddin’, Jesse!! You actually expect me to let one of you fuck me?!!?”

“That’s right, Joey – after all, you just said you’d do anything, So if you want to join the rest of us as a full cowboy on this range, that’s the way it’s going to be. Of course you don’t have to join up with us and you could try and find a place with another outfit. But believe me, it’s not as bad as it sounds – in fact a lot of us really like having a dick driving up our asses once in awhile. Milo there loves it – hell, I fucked him just the other day – and he’s one hot fuck believe you me!!”

“You mean I could fuck Milo – or even you – on a trail drive?” Joey asked.

Joey looked over at Milo as he asked this.

“Goldarn, Joey!! I’d positively, absolutely love it if you shoved that beautiful cock of yours up my ass, Joey! Anytime!” Milo exclaimed and rubbed his crotch.

Jesse replied, “That’s enough, Milo, but yeh, sure. But of course you’d have to have your other chores taken care of first.”

“I Escort bayan Ankara just don’t know, Jesse, if I could let another guy do that to me,” Joey said, worried.

“Consider this a sort of initiation, boy. And our ‘gift’ to you will be our dicks in your ass – provided you agree. We’re damn well not going to rape you! It’s your decision of course, but all of us like you and hope you’ll join us. Naturally though, we expect you to give it a try and see what you think and I’m guessing you’ll like it. But if you won’t try it, you can pack up your things in the morning, stop at the ranch and get your pay and move on.”

Joey was almost in tears at the thought of leaving the ranch and his friends and he really didn’t want to do this, but it seemed like he didn’t know what else he could do. He admired these men and he wanted so much to be like them and be one of them.

“O.K., I suppose I’ll have to give it a try since I don’t seem to have much choice,” he said nervously. “What do I do?”

“Take off your clothes then,” Jesse told him as he started to take his own clothes off. “Milo, put the bedroll crosswise on his blanket, so his butt will be in the air.”

Joey didn’t move, so Jesse told the boys to strip him.

After Joey was naked, Jesse made him kneel down on his hands and knees on the blanket with the bedroll under his stomach. The boy was very nervous and somewhat scared because he didn’t know what this was going to be like.

“Jake, have that grease handy, ’cause I’m going to need it,” Jesse told him as he stripped his clothes off and fondled his cock. His long lean cock hung at half mast down his front and hardened quickly. He walked in front of Joey.

“Joey, listen carefully. You’ve never done this before, so your ass is going to be pretty darn tight. I’m going to loosen you up first with my fingers and use plenty of grease so my fingers and dick will slide in as smoothly as possible – but, it’s still goin’ to hurt some. There’s just no way to avoid that, so it’ll be a little painful for the first minute or so. I’ll be going slow so you can get used to it. After that, the pain should go away and you’ll probably start getting some pleasure out of it.” And then he chuckled. “And believe me, so will I!”

“Are you ready?”

“Do I really have to do this?” Joey asked.

“If you want to be one of us, then yes.”

“Go ahead then,” he said resignedly.

Jesse was a big man. He was over 6′ in height and had very broad shoulders which tapered down to a narrow waist. There wasn’t an ounce of fat on him and it was clear there was a lot of strength in those hips of his.

Jesse walked behind the boy and took the can of grease from Jake.

“I want you and Milo to get on either side of the boy and hold him down until I’ve mounted him. When I tell you to let him go, release him and we’ll see how it goes,” Jesse told Jake.

“I’m going to break you like a young bronc, Joey. But I’m not going to break you with a saddle – I’m going to do it bareback! And I’m goin’ to breed you too, son. I’m gonna shoot a mansized load of hot cum deep into your ass!”

Jesse stuck a couple fingers in the can and pulled out a big wad of grease and applied it to the boy’s ass crack. When he was satisfied he had enough, he pushed his index finger into the boy’s hole. Joey jerked when he felt the finger penetrate him, but Milo and Jake held him down. Jesse pushed his finger in and out until it was sliding smoothly in the boy’s ass. He then repeated the procedure with two fingers and then three. Joey had stopped resisting and had settled down and Jesse felt it was time to mount up.

He stroked his hard 8″ cock and applied plenty of grease to the shaft and flared head and kneeled behind the boy. He placed his hands on the boy’s shoulders and slid his cock up and down the boy’s ass crack. He continued doing this, stopping each time he felt his cockhead against the boy’s pucker. When he was ready and his cockhead was at the boy’s hole, he paused and pushed his dick slowly in until he was sure it was securely in place, then with a sudden push from his strong hips, he pushed his cockhead through the anal ring and became securely lodged in the boy’s asshole.

At this, Joey screamed at the sudden pain and jerked trying to free himself from the invader, but Milo and Jake held him down until he stopped moving. His jerking about had not dislodged Jesse’s rod, but had only caused it to go into him further. Jake held onto the boy’s hips and slowly pushed it in inch by inch until his pubic hair was mashed up against the boy’s ass.

“OK, boys, you can let him go now. I’ve mounted him good and proper and I’m ready to ride this young bronc until he’s broke!!!”

When Jake and Milo let him go, Joey bucked and writhed and twisted trying to get Jesse off of him, but it was no go. Jesse’s cock was firmly lodged in his ass and Jesse held him as steady as possible so the boy could not throw him off.

When Joey realized that it was useless, he stopped, panting, the tears of Bayan escort Ankara pain and frustration running down his cute face.

Jesse took this as a sign of submission and pulled out slightly and then pushed back in. God, this boy’s tight young ass felt good! He wished he could fuck this boy all night long! He began making longer strokes until he was pumping the boy’s ass steadily.

Meanwhile, young Joey realized that the pain had ebbed and unbelievably, he found he was beginning to enjoy the feel of Jesse’s dick sliding in and out of him. It wasn’t long before he found he was pushing back each time the dick slid into him. He wanted it as deep in him as possible. His own cock was rock hard now and he began moaning with pleasure and lust.

Jesse, sensing the change in the boy, rose to his feet and grabbed the boy’s shoulders and began fucking him in earnest with long hard strokes, his cock flashing in and out of the boy’s ass.

After a few minutes of this, Joey cried out and his hard young cock began spewing a large load of hot cum on the blanket.

Jesse was close too. Realizing the boy was cumming, it put him over the edge and he felt his cock swell and it began planting his seed deep within the ass of the boy. He closed his eyes and his face grimaced as his orgasm overcame him and his cock kept cumming inside the boy while he let out a loud cowboy yell. Finally, it was over and he dropped onto the boy’s back exhausted.

“Man, that was one hot fuck, boss! You rode him real good!” Jake exclaimed.

“I never seen the like, Jesse!” Milo said excitedly. “That has to be the hottest fuck I ever did see – and I’ve seen a lot!!”

Jesse pulled out of the boy’s ass, his cock dripping cum. “Man that was a workout, but damn it felt good.”

Joey just lay there. His ass hurt but it had felt good and he had never been so turned on in his young life. And when Jesse had shot his hot juice into him, he almost came again.

Now it was Jake’s turn. Jake was short, stocky and powerful. His cock, while only about 6.5″ was very thick. He stripped off his clothes, applied some dick grease to his rod and then pumped it until it was good and hard. He was really looking forward to fucking this young kid. He’d never fucked anyone under 20 before and he figured it was about time.

Jake turned Joey over onto his back. “My turn now, kid. Now that you’re broke, it’ll be a lot easier for you – and more fun too for both of us. I’m pretty thick, so my dick is going to stretch your hole even more, but I’m sure you can take it.” Jake smiled, “I want you on your back with your legs in the air, so raise them.”

Joey raised his legs part way up, but it wasn’t enough for Jake. “Milo, take his feet and pull them back over his head until his ass is raised up, would you?”

Milo did as Jake asked and Joey’s hole came into view. It was red around the edges and leaking Jesse’s sperm – and, more importantly, it was still open and waiting for more.

Jake went on, “I like to look a guy in the eyes when I fuck him, Joey. I want to see what he’s feeling and I want him to see me while I’m fucking him. It’s a extra turn on for both of us. I think you’ll like it.

With that, he leaned over the boy and placed his cock at the boy’s hole, then twisted the boy’s nipples until he cried out and then slammed his hard dick all the way into Joey’s ass.

“Damn that’s good!!” Jake cried out. He saw Joey’s eyes widen with surprise at the sudden penetration, but Jake felt the boy’s ass receive him greedily. It was clear that young ass wanted more and Jake’s hard cock was what it wanted. Jake thrust vigorously and hard and Joey was humping him back just as hard. The two of them made a loud slapping sound together each time Jake’s body met Joey’s cheeks. It went on so long and they made so much noise, even the coyotes stopped to listen. Jake’s pounding was relentless and the feeling in the two of them grew more and more intense.

“OHHHHHHH FUCK THAT”S GOOD!!!” Joey cried as lust took over and he became a slut animal for Jake’s hard cock. Joey’s cock was getting harder and harder and turning red. “FUUUUUUUCCCCCCCCKKKKKKKKK!!!” he shouted as his sperm boiled out and shot all over Jake’s chest and then dripped onto his own.

Jake plunged about 5 more times into the boy’s ass and his own orgasm took over. He looked deeply into Joey’s eyes as his cock emptied its load into the boy. They rested a few minutes, still joined together, Jake laying on top of the boy and kissing the boy deeply.

Jake finally pulled out and stood up. He was sweating even though it was a cool night. He wiped off his forehead and looked over at Milo, “Your turn, Milo. He’s got a great ass – you’re gonna love it.”

While Milo was as tough as the rest of them, he sorta felt sorry for young Joey, but a guy’s gotta do what a guy’s gotta do. Besides he thought Joey was very sexy and he was really looking forward to getting into his ass.

At 5’11”, Milo was almost Jesse’s height, but he was much slimmer. He had a very lanky build and was very flexible – few of the cowboys could stay on a horse as well as Milo. When he took off his clothes, his cock was already hard and dripping pre-cum. It wasn’t as thick as Jesse’s or Jake’s but at 9″ it was longer than any of theirs.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32