Mountain Getaway

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“I’m just going to spend the night up here. I don’t really want to drive down the mountain this late. It’s almost 11:30pm already. I’ll see you tomorrow.” She spoke on the phone with a soft voice to not raise any suspicion as to why she wanted to spend the night alone at a mountain retreat, after visiting with friends that day.

“That’s fine. I’ll see you tomorrow, drive safe. Goodnight.” said her husband.


It’s settled

A big smile began to form on her face at the thought of what she was actually up to.

Open chat-

Text: To him

Me-Hey 🙂

Him-Hey 🙂

Me-I’m spending the night…

Him-How’d you pull that off??

Me-I told you I would try…and I did.

-Come over

– 😉


Me-Mmmmm …now??

Him-Ok. cumin 😉

They met for the first time at a mutual friends party, many years ago. Several more parties and a few flirtatious conversations later they found themselves laughing while having coffee one spring day. They mostly had texting conversations after that. The kind that could allow one conversation to spread out over a full day and night. Sometimes even days. Both had busy lives and little time for chatting. But they always managed to respond and continue the conversation. Chatting about life and problems. Being able to stay open minded and honest with each other allowed the relationship to develop and grow. Eventually, they talked about sex and what was missing from his broken marriage and her childless one. This made the attraction grow between them. One day it happened. They slept together. The connection was so strong between them that they both couldn’t resist. After that, they only met physically when the time presented itself, a couple times a year at best. They consented to lean on and use each other for many reasons. They were not in love but the best of friends. Virtual sex is what kept things hot.

Midnight. All the lights are off in the apartment except one dim light, strategically placed near the bedrooms, stays on for emergency use. The soft glow slightly illuminates the full length of the long hallway, from the bedrooms to the front door. Time is going by ever so slowly until he can get to her. She took a quick shower to freshen up then put on one of her sexiest nighties. Black and grey printed silk with just a little lace outlining the shape of a V cup breast line. The mosaic pattern on the dress gives the image Sakarya Escort of strobe light reflecting off of it as the soft hall light hits it. The idea of pulling some lace stockings up her legs crossed her mind because she remembered how much he loved them last time they were together. He never took them off her, just caressed her legs up and down, over and over, breathing her scent in while kissing her thighs. She closed her eyes as a wave of memories took over her mind taking her back to that moment. Her skin was starting to crawl with goose bumps and she couldn’t help but open her mouth to let out a sigh of pleasure. Her nipples began to perk up. She Patiently waits to hear him coming up the stairs to her apartment. He always preferred to use the stairs instead of the elevator, using any opportunity to stay in shape.

A soft tap could be heard at the door. She ran swiftly to open it. As quietly as possible she unlocked the chains and twisted the squeaky door handle open. There was no need to turn on the front light as enough light came in from the street lamps. She opened the door. There he was, glowing under the LED lighting that flowed in from the left. A devilish smile broke out on his face and lustful thoughts filled his mind when he saw her. She opened the door wide to allow him to walk inside and pass her just a few steps. She didn’t turn around until the door was firmly locked once more.

He gazed at her backside. Noticing the pretty pattern on her nighty. His eyes focused on the natural line that flowed from her hair to the straps of the nighty to the lowest part of her back where the nighty goes in at the waist. Her hair forms a perfect V shape down her back reaching a little above her waist line. He couldn’t wait to wrap that hair up in his hands and pull on it , causing her just enough pain for her to feel pleasure. She turned around to face him and stared into his eyes from the short distance between them.

“Hi”, he said.

“Hey”, she said with a slight sexy smile.

He took three steps forward towards her never letting her eyes gaze away from his. She leaned slightly against the door anticipating his body pushing up against hers. He leaned in for a kiss. His lips softly brushed against hers. He knew he had hours of moonlight to do with her whatever he wanted, whatever she wanted. She softly kissed him back and breathed in his air. All she wanted was to wear him out and feel him inside of her Sakarya Escort Bayan over and over. She closed her eyes and kissed him softly again this time turning her head slightly to the right. He breathed her in. Their lips parted slightly then pressed together, opening up a little more. Once, twice, over and over again, each time the kisses are lingering a little longer and gaining more passion. Their tongues touch. In her mind she thinks “He tastes so sweet. When will he grab me and do me hard?” In his mind he thinks “I want to fuck her so much. She tastes so good!” His hand lifted up to hold her neck. The kisses became deeper and their tongues began to swirl. Her hands lifted to his waist and pulled onto the material of his shirt.

Never has lust turned to passion so quickly, wild determination always brings them together. The thrill of the chase ignites the spark that sets them both on fire. Cooling off is impossible until they find a way to physically touch and relieve the built up tension they have from chatting online. Virtual fucking is a normal between them but the real fire is lit when they meet.

“How many times will he do me tonight? How many ways can i make her scream?” They were both thinking the same thoughts. Chatting online can be confusing sometimes. What seems to be a statement of fact can be easily understood as a line in a game of seduction or vice versa. It’s not always real. But this, this is real. This is raw. This is not just a flirtatious attempt to see how far they can push each other into crossing any moral lines. This is temptation at its very best. Live and in the flesh. Skin on skin, breath on breath. Hair pulling, body ravishing, skin sweating, holding onto her hips while he fucks her doggie style from behind. Grinding into her, gritting his teeth and she screams for him to go harder and faster in every position they choose. All the sounds that fill the air are his deep breaths while grunting with every thrust forward into her. Her moaning is loud while he sucks on her erect nipples and she shivers with pleasure when they cum together as he holds her in his arms. He pounds into her in various ways throughout the night making them both reach a new climax each and every time.

4am she wakes up. There he is. Sleeping peacefully next to her. A night of unconditional lust, at one time was typed and read about on a screen, had once again come true. These memories she would live on until Escort Sakarya they met again. They will spend the next few months texting and reliving all details of this spontaneous night the best they can constantly creating new feelings in their minds. Imagination can create hope and when hope becomes a dream that turns to reality, that’s when a new game begins all over again.

She knew he would leave soon and wanted to have him for herself one more time. She slowly peeled away the sheet that covered his naked body. And took deep breaths while looking at him so exposed allowing her to admire his body. He always boasted to her how he took care of himself and this glorious physique before her proved it. She brought her hand to his warm manhood keeping her eyes on his face. Limp? Not for long. She slowly worked him up to a full erection while he was still asleep. She wanted to put him in her mouth so badly. She wanted to taste him. She wanted to taste herself on his cock. Gently she began to move around in the bed. Her plan was to wake him up by finding himself in her mouth. The thrill of giving him a blowjob while he was asleep excited her. “He won’t be able to stop once he wakes up. Then ill ride him. Ill make my breasts dance in front of his face, teasing him, tempting him to grab one with his mouth and suck on it.” she silently thought, making herself wet.

But he knew. He felt her moving and immediately came back from a deep sleep. The kind of sleep that comes from the satisfaction of thrusting into her all night. He opened his eyes and put his hand in her hair. “Don’t move.” His alluring , soft voice and strong grip froze her in place, making her heart skip a beat. A rekindled fire. She wanted to turn around to look at him but his hand was locked in her hair. She couldn’t move. He pulled a little on her hair to guide her head back down to the pillow next to him. “Did i say you could leave?” His voice was calm. She could see his eyes now. Her focus is on his mouth. “I wasn’t leaving. I was gonna blow you. I want to before you go.” She gave him a big smile then put her hand on his thigh. He pulled his leg up over hers to secure her more in place. She loved how he handled her. How he always showed her his strength and power but never forced her or hurt her. “Hmmmmm” his big response, a low rolling growl, like a lion that purrs to show his lioness who’s boss. He looked at her for a long moment, trying not to smile. He let her go and started to get up. After thinking about where his clothes might possibly be he turned around to look at her. Giving her his hand he said “Come. Take a shower with me.” Her upper teeth grabbed her lower lip with delight. She loved to shower with him. And he loved what she lets him do to her in the shower.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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