Mother’s Milk

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I consider myself extremely lucky to have the Mom that I do. She is smart, funny, loving, kind and, as an added benefit, stunningly gorgeous. My friends are constantly telling me how warm and caring she is, she always asking them about themselves and their families. They also let me know, sometimes to my embarrassment, how hot they think she is. I must admit that I also feel a sense of pride and perhaps even a bit of possessiveness when they rave about her that way, though of course it’s thoroughly warranted. It’s when they’re speaking with her and she touches their arms or gives them a big hug (she is very tactile) that I feel a bit protective or maybe even a bit jealous.

She shows a lot of her Irish heritage in her looks, with her shock of thick, flowing deep red hair, cute freckles, and glowingly smooth creamy white skin. My Mom stands pretty tall at 5’8″ with an hourglass type of figure. She is not heavy at 130 pounds or so, but has the most beautiful globular breasts. I’ve heard the word “pendulous” used for the type of breasts she has and I think that describes them well, swaying like pendulums when she exercises or even walks across the room. This is especially true now that she is breastfeeding my little sister.

There are 4 of us kids and my mom and dad started young. She was 18 when she had me and I just had my 18th four months ago. I can’t imagine having a kid at the age I am now, but my parents went right for it. Though honestly I think this last one, Jennifer, was a “surprise”. She’s 6 years younger than my brother Jesse and I get the feeling that my folks had had enough of the work of raising little kids. They seem a bit tired and are a bit more on edge. My Dad’s job takes him away on business trips a lot, so my Mom ends up having to care for a 7-month-old and the rest of us as well. I’m at home for the summer before going off to college in the fall. I took a part-time job at a park near our house so that I could help out with Jennifer since my Dad has to be away so much. It’s a shame he’s chosen a job that takes him away so often, he’s missing time with the baby and of course with his amazing wife. I can feel the strain of the work and loneliness on her, though, of course, she doesn’t complain. It’s hard raising kids when your essentially a single mother, so I pledged to myself to do everything I could to help her out.

Mom has always been a bit of what you might call a “natural” mother, never afraid of breastfeeding her babies in public. She thinks that if someone has a problem seeing her exposed breast that’s their problem, not hers. So I’ve grown up with a great respect for her and for those breasts, the nourishment they provide, and how truly beautiful they are. And as I’ve gotten older and my hormones have kicked in, what a source of fantasy they have been.

Lately, I will often sit in the living room with her and watch her breastfeed my sister. She looks at me with her warm smile as I gaze upon that simple scene. I don’t think she suspects that I also have an erection beginning to form just looking upon her pure beauty. But then again there is something about the way she looks at me that is enticing.

I was so entranced with her beauty the other evening that I couldn’t help but to say something to her, to let her know how I was feeling, as we are always able to be honest with each other.

“Mom, watching you nurse Jennifer is so beautiful. You have such gorgeous breasts. I hope it doesn’t make you uncomfortable when I look at them.”

“Well, first of all, thank you for the compliment that I know it was meant to be. And, to be honest, I also know that you are a healthy young man, growing into the prime of your sexual life, so I’m not naive enough to think that you wouldn’t want to look at breasts you thought were attractive, that is to say, most. I also know that men find my breasts particularly attractive, not that I’m proud or vain about them, it’s just the way it turned out for my body. Not my fault. Though I am glad to have a healthy, robust body. After all there’s also the fact that the milk that flowed out of these breasts fed you Seth. You grew into a very healthy, happy person in part due to that start and I’m grateful I could be a part of it. After all, look at you now. You are in incredible shape and have always been really attentive to your diet and exercise. You are quite the specimen!”

“Oh Mom…” I started blushing furiously…”you’ve taught me so much about being honest and taking care of myself, I appreciate that. As you may notice I do get…well…horny sometimes, I just don’t want my hormones to get in the way of our relationship. I don’t want anything to come between us. I also want to help you as much as I can while Dad’s away, I know it’s hard doing all the work while he’s gone.”

“Your horniness is another sign of good health, so don’t worry about that Honey. I do get a bit overworked I must admit and I thank you for staying close to home this summer. As I’m sure you’ve noticed, it’s hard not having your sex izle Dad around in more ways than one. It’s great that he can support us financially so well, but it has it’s costs. When he’s here there’s a little more tension than there used to be, but that will change as Jennifer grows up and doesn’t require so much of me.”

She gazed down at Jennifer who had stopped nursing. A gaze full of love.

“You were such a strong eater and could take all the milk that I had to offer. It’s different with Jenny, she doesn’t have nearly the appetite. Don’t get me wrong, I love her to bits, but she drinks much less than you did. In fact, when she’s full I still have a lot of milk in my breasts, as you can probably see right now.”

Mom cupped her breasts to show me how full they were, which I immediately felt as heat in my groin.

“Ohh…yes Mom they do look full. Do they hurt being so full?” I replied.

“Some times they do Honey. That’s when I use a breast pump to suck some of the milk out. Though honestly it doesn’t work as well as lips and a warm mouth, there’s no substituting fo the natural way of things. I probably shouldn’t say this but sometimes when they’re very full your Dad helps me out by drinking some of it.”

“Wow, does he like the taste of it?” I asked.

“Well, yes, very much I think.” she replied.

I didn’t know what to say to that as Mom picked up Jennifer to put her to bed.

I went off to watch TV for a while Mom hung out in Jennifer’s room for a while. My siblings were there but wandered off to bed while I kept watching. In each of the shows I watched that evening I was glued to the site of the women’s tits, which are often on display in a lot of shows. And I do mean tits, these were more tits than breasts, the way they are used to stimulate. Before i went to bed I even perused a little internet to check out the swimsuit models. I know I could just see naked women if I wanted to, but the swimsuit models, with their tits ever so barely covered had always gotten me hot. I would stroke my shaft just a bit through my shorts, just enough to get me going before I went upstairs to finish the job. And tonight I really needed to finish after my time with Mom. I was looking forward to making myself slowly cum fantasizing about her body.

So I went up the stairs toward my bedroom. But as I was passing Mom’s room I heard her say,

“Shit, this damn thing…God damn it!!”

So I poked my head into her room. Mom was sitting on the edge of her bed messing with her breast pump. She had on some thin shorts and no top.

“Are you OK Mom?” I asked.

“Ohhh, Seth, I’m sorry for that. It’s this damn breast pump malfunctioning again, and my breasts are starting to ache from too much milk.”

She hung her head down and began to cry ever so softly.

“And your father is away…again… on a lousy business trip. I know he does it for us but why does it have to be so often?”

And she started weeping for real, full on sobbing at this point. I didn’t know what to do so I went over and sat beside her on the bed. I put my am around her as she leaned to put her head on my shoulder.

“I shouldn’t burden you with all of this son, I’ll figure it out.”

I kissed the top of her head.

“It’s OK Mom, no one should go through this alone. I’d like to help but I don’t know what I can do.”

“Oh Seth, I know this may seem awkward and please say no if this is too much to ask, but there is something you can do.”

“Just say it Mom, I’m so happy to help.”

“Well Honey, you could suck the milk from my breasts like your Dad might do if he were here. I know that puts you in a strange position, but it would help me so much!. I really don’t know what else to do.” she implored.

“Of course I would do that for you Mom, I’d do anything you’d ask…how should we do this?”

“Well, your father and I lie side by side on the bed and that seems to work.” she said.

With that we lay side by side, with me on her left side, as we turned toward each other. We looked into each others eyes with a look of love, excitement, tension and, for me, a mild fear.

“Now move down a little Honey, so that your mouth is lined up with my left breast.”

I did that and her now huge and very full left breast was right in my field of vision. Her beautifully pink aureola and fully erect nipple just waiting for the touch of my lips.

“Now just do what comes naturally Honey.” she encouraged.

She moved toward me slightly as I moved toward her. My lips reached her nipple and then beyond as I began to suck her breast into my mouth. I didn’t know if i should use my tongue on her nipple but then I felt a strong desire to do so and she responded with a little moan.

“Oh…yes Seth, that’s good. You haven’t lost your touch…Ohhhh that feels so good Baby…I’m letting it down…here comes the milk.”

And with that the milk started flowing into my mouth, so much so that it was hard to keep up with fransız porno at first. The other thing that was happening was that my erection was starting to grow and it happened to be right between Mom’s thighs. There was no hiding this one as I continued to suck and I grew harder and harder. this was both a bit embarrassing and incredibly exciting. This vision of beauty with my hard shaft between her thighs as I sucked on her breast, and she is my Mom. As I continued to suck she turned her body a little more in my direction so that my cock was now rubbing against her right thigh and, maybe I was imagining this, but she seemed to press her leg into my growing hardness.

“Ohhh… yes baby…you can’t imagine how good this feels. I needed this release so badly!” she moaned as she held my head firmly to her breast.

“That’s it Honey, suck harder if you want and use your tongue to stimulate my nipple…Ohhhhh… Yesss…so sweeeet!”

It was indeed sweet, that liquid in my mouth. And not only was it a sensual treat to be drinking this milk but my body (and maybe hers) was responding in a very un-baby-like manner. I was starting to ride her thigh with my hard cock as she pressed her leg into me. My left hand started on her back but was now tugging on her long mane of red hair.

“Switch to the other breast now honey.” she directed.

I did that and got a fresh supply of milk from her right breast as we were locked together. I knew that I couldn’t do this much longer without cumming all over her leg, but it seemed like there was no stopping at this point. I was really close to cumming as I continued to ride her thigh and she wanted me to keep sucking her breast. I thought I needed to warn her so I pulled my mouth away for a moment and said,

“Mom, I’m sorry but going to cum on your leg.”

She said, “I know baby, that’s OK, it’s just a natural response. And what you’re doing for me feels so good as well.”

With that she pulled my head back to her breast.

“That’s it baby, suck me…Ohhhh… it’s just the best…you are so good at sucking your Mommy baby…go ahead baby, go ahead and cum on me.”

And with my Mom pressing her thigh against my rock-hard cock, now rhythmically moving her thigh against my shaft, I came in thick streams all over her leg and all the way up her shorts. She kept pressing into me with her leg as I slowly softened.

“That’s it honey, I know you needed that release, we can help each other.” she said, as my mouth came off her breast and she rubbed my head as we lay there silently together, me trying to take in what just happened. With my head on her belly I could smell the musk coming from her sex, I knew I wasn’t the only one feeling that energy.

“I’m so sorry Mom…it’s just that I couldn’t help it, it was feeling so good.” I finally said.

“There’s no need to apologize Honey, it was a completely natural response to what was happening. I love you very much and I know you love me, that doesn’t ever change. And truthfully I found it very stimulating as well, you are so good at making my body feel sexy…and of course you’ve grown into a real stud now with a large and gorgeous penis, that certainly adds to the sensations for me.” She responded.

“Well, I’d better get cleaned up here. I’ll see you in the morning dear, it’s time for me to get some sleep.”

So, my Mom went off to her shower and I went off to the one down the hall. I fell asleep pretty quickly considering what had happened, but then I woke in the middle of the night with a raging hardon. I had been dreaming about sucking my Mother’s breasts again. I knew this wouldn’t be the last time I thought about them while stroking my shaft.

Morning arrived bright and warm as our little family ate breakfast together in the kitchen. Jesse was away for three weeks at summer camp so it was my sister Sheila, Jenny, Mom and myself. I would drive Sheila and 2 other kids to her Day camp, where she would be until 5 when our car pool family would drop her off…

Mom was smiling broadly and humming a little tune as she worked around the kitchen. She gave me a huge hug as I came downstairs and whispered in my ear.

“Thanks for all you did last night Seth, you are such a good son, I’m very lucky.”

It being a hot day that was bound to get hotter, Mom was wearing some short shorts over her bikini bottoms, the kind that allowed a view of the curve of her bottom, and a loose, thin white shirt over the bikini top that barely held her breasts in. She would take a dip in our pool after she fed Jenny. I couldn’t help following her every move around the kitchen with my eyes. So much so that I wasn’t eating the breakfast that was right in front of me.

“Seth, aren’t you going to eat breakfast before you take Sheila?” she asked, with a little humor in her voice.

“Oh, yeah, I’m not focusing so well this morning Mom.” I replied.

“I noticed.” she said with a wink toward me.

I spent the day teen porno lost in thought as I worked my maintenance job at the park. I couldn’t wait to get home, just to be there, even if she didn’t ask me to help her again. On the way back home at about 3 I stopped in the florists and picked up a bouquet of flowers to give her.

When I walked in the door she was sunning herself out by the pool, reading a book, and had removed her shirt, bikini top and shorts. Of course the sight of her there like that was instant erection for me, causing my shorts to tent, as much as I tried to rearrange myself before going out to her. As she noted, I have a big cock that’s hard to hide when it’s hard. She put down her book as I approached with the flowers and enveloped me in her sweet smile.

“For a truly beautiful women!” I said.

“Oh, Seth, you shouldn’t have, how beautiful, and how sweet of you.” she said as I lent over to kiss her. A kiss on the lips this time, when we usually kissed on our cheeks. I think it surprised us both.

“Seth, I know last night was great and what we both needed. I wanted to let you know that I don’t want you to feel that you have to help me in that way if the situation happens again. I can manage on my own, especially if the breast pump works properly. I also don’t want to be constantly teasing you because I don’t like to wear clothes in the summer heat and sun. I can cover up more if you’d like me to Honey.”

“Well Mom, to be truthful, it does get me hot to see your fantastic body like that. I don’t want to deny that. And I actually really like it. I like getting hot seeing you. So I certainly don’t mind, but if you’re uncomfortable with my response you could cover up, your choice.” I replied.

She gazed at the bulge in my shorts for a long moment.

“I see. Well, let’s continue like this Seth. let me know if it changes and feels like too much for you.”

“Thanks Mom, I appreciate you being concerned about me.”

With that I walked off to do some work around the house. The lawn needed mowing, there was laundry to do. All that filled the time until Sheila got home. That evening passed in our pretty routine way, with dinner, a board game with Sheila, Mom and me. Though each contact between Mom and me seemed a little charged. Our hands would linger just a bit longer on each other. Our looks just a bit deeper.

That night, when I went to bed there was no stirring in Mom’s room, no calling out for help with her milk. I was left with my hand and my hard cock. It seemed like it had been hard all day and now I was about to get some relief. But as I began to stroke it I heard the bedroom door open and my Mom’s voice.

“Seth, are you still awake Honey? May I come in?”

Was I ever, this was music to my ears.

“Sure, come on in.”

“I don’t want to disturb you, but my breasts are full and a little sore again. Would you please suck on them for me. I would be so thankful. Just stay where you are dear, I’ll come to you.”

As she said this she got into bed with me and straddled me as I was lying there. I noticed that rather than having on her shorts and shirt she was wearing a very sexy, lacy, light blue, babydoll top with a satin bow across the front. She sat down right over my very hard cock, pressing it into my belly. She had no bottoms on.

“I know it’s not usual for a mother and son Honey, but I feel like we’re super hot for each other right now. Especially with your Dad being away so much, I’m full of fantasy and this is one of them.”

She untied the bow on her top and revealed her full tits to me. Yes, they were tits now as she arched her back to make their fullness even more apparent. She cupped them to lift them further.

“Please suck them son, suck my tits!” she growled as she leaned forward and placed her right tit in my mouth.

“Oh God yes, this can’t be bad.” she said as I began to suck her milk into my mouth. She began to move her hips to slide her very wet pussy lips along my growing shaft. She gyrated there in perfect motion as I held her ass, helping her slide along me, her wetness and my precum joining forces on my cock.

“Oh Mom you are so fucking hot.” I said, releasing her tit.

“Baby, it’s time for the deep dive!” she said as she raised up to grab hold of my long shaft, positioning it over her dripping cunt.

“I need this inside me.” she moaned.

And with that she lowered her cunt lips onto the head of my cock.

“Mom, are you sure you want to do this?” I said.

“You bet I do!” she replied, as she enveloped the head of my cock with her sweet wet labia.

I held her ass and pushed upward, driving my cock up into her pussy.

“Ohhh, Mom that feels so goooood. I love my cock being inside you!!”

Mom then lowered herself completely and began rocking on my shaft.

“Ohh…baby you feel so good inside me, you are so big and it’s so deep.”

At this point her tits were oozing milk so I reached up and squeezed them both…hard. And they started spraying milk all over my belly and chest. She lent forward so that her spray now went right into my mouth. She moved her hips up and down my pole and with each ride her tits would spray milk even faster into my waiting mouth.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32