Mother’s Adultery

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Double Penetration

Let those who abhor love and compassion depart this story.


Karma was on top of the bed half sitting, leaning back on a pillow propped up against the head of the huge heart shaped bed she and Mark had bought when they first got married.

She was dressed in a flimsy nightdress, the sort that Mark had loved to see her in. It had given him seductive glimpses of the delights that lay behind the fragile fabric, and at times he had ripped the garment from her in his desire to get an unveiled view and access to her lovely breasts and her sweet cleft with its faint trace of pubic hair.

She had often laughed and said he was costing her a fortune in nightdresses, and threatened to resort to tough cotton nightdresses. Peter would return her laugh saying she was untruthful because it was he who paid for the nightdresses anyway and he insisted she continued to wear them. She had no problem with that.

Over the years the bed had seen many passionate, even wild and uninhibited sexual couplings, but now Karma sat desolately staring unseeing at the opposite wall as she remembered those times.

Jeremy, her twenty year old son, known to most people as “Jerry,” but always “Jeremy” to Karma, and so to us, bounded into the room as was his custom to say goodnight to his parents.

He was also ready for bed dressed in pajama shorts. His parents had always gone to bed together at the same time, unless his father was caught up in an occasional business dinner, or his mother was kept late at the church council of which she was a member.

“Where’s dad” he asked, “out at one of his business functions?”

On Jeremy’s entrance Karma had stirred and seemed to become agitated. “No,” she said shortly in answer to Jeremy’s query.

Karma moved restlessly and patting the bed beside her she said in a husky voice, “Come and sit down darling. There’s something I have to tell you.”

He clambered onto the bed. The bed had always been there; in fact it was playing on its vast expanse, his mother chasing him under the bedclothes, catching him and holding him to her breasts and telling him he was her “lovely boy,” that was one of his precious childhood memories.

Sometimes the bed and even his mother seemed to have a strange smell, rather like the smell in the kitchen when his mother was preparing fish for the evening meal. He didn’t dislike the bed and mother smell; in fact it had given him a rather pleasant and slightly exciting sensation.

He had learned to love her dearly and that love had never wavered as he grew towards manhood.

His relationship with his father was a little different. He admired his father for his energy and drive, and there was no doubting his father’s love and care of him. It was his father who had taken him fishing, taught him to play cricket and football, and no matter how busy he was he had always found time to attend parent school functions, whereas many of the students only had their mothers present.

The love and care of his parents Jeremy had rewarded by returning that love, and if he had not entirely stayed out of trouble, at least the police hadn’t had reason to come knocking at the door.

But when it came right down to it, it was his mother that Jeremy was most attached to. Like many sons he thought his mother beautiful, and it was at that point there lay the touch of ambivalence regarding his father. He was aware of the close bond between his mother and father, and in typical Freudian manner there was a touch of envy because his father seemed to have more access to his mother than he.

Jeremy had never given conscious shape to these feelings about his father, but they lurked somewhere in the depths of his young psyche. With the onset of puberty he gradually became aware of his parents’ manner of expressing their love, and understood what that fishy smell he had experienced in his early childhood meant.

Now, aware that something was troubling his mother he took another pillow (there always seemed to be an excessive number of pillows on his parents’ bed), propped it up against the bed head, and sat beside Karma.

* * * * * * * *

Not anticipating what he was about to hear he asked, “What do want to tell me mother?”

Karma did not answer his question directly, but said, “I have to tell you before someone else does.”

“What… what is it?”

“You’re father isn’t here, darling.”

Jeremy laughed softly and said, “Yes, I can see that, where is he?”

As if struggling to speak the words Karma said, “He…he won’t be here ever again.”

Visions of his father having died or being killed flooded Jeremy’s mental vision; “Mum, what’s happened,” he said agitatedly.

He Kurna Escort could see now that Karma was struggling not to cry as she said, “He’s left me…us.”

“What…why…what’s happened?”

Karma reached out and touched hand saying, “When I’ve told you might never want to have anything to do with me again.”

Now thoroughly alarmed Jeremy said, “For God’s sake mother, what is it, what’s happened?”

There was a long pause and Karma seemed to be trying to swallow something that was stuck in her throat. Finally she said in a strangled voice, “You know Mr. and Mrs. Dunstan — Peter and Kitty?”

“Of course I know them mother, they’ve often been here, and only a couple of weekends ago you deserted me to go to their shack with them. What about them?”

There was another long pause until she said breathlessly, “Peter.”

“Yes, what about him?”

“Oh my God it’s all my fault, I’ve caused it, I’m to blame, you mustn’t blame your father.”

“What’s your fault, what mustn’t I blame father for?”

Karma’s hand was now holding his hand tightly, and making an effort to stem her tears and speak steadily she said, “We were all down on the beach together; we’d had a swim, and then your father and Kitty decided they’d go out in the boat to do some fishing. Peter and I said we didn’t feel like fishing and would stay on the beach.

Karma stopped speaking and Jeremy, thinking that this was the full story was somewhat bewildered as he asked, “Well what’s wrong with that?”

“That’s not all darling; we watched the boat start out to the fishing grounds and as it was getting quite hot Peter and I decided to go back to the shack.”

Another pause and Jeremy said encouragingly, “Yes, so what happened?”

“You see darling, I was still wearing my bikini and…well…Peter and I have always been fond of each other and he was only wearing his swimming shorts and…and…”


“Oh darling I’m so sorry to have to tell you this, I don’t want you to hate me.”

“I won’t hate you mother, I could never hate you what ever you did, so just tell me.”

“Oh darling your such a lovely son,” Karma said, starting to cry again. “We were alone and Peter’s shorts didn’t hide very much and I could see how he was feeling, and I started to feel the same way and…oh God it was my fault…my fault…I kissed him and…and…”

Jeremy hardly needed any further information to imagine what happened but he nevertheless asked, “So what happened.”

“Peter said, and we both agreed, it would be nice, just once. No one would ever know and so…so…”

“You fucked,” Peter said sharply.

“Oh darling, that makes it sound so crude and it wasn’t like that at all. Peter was so gentle and it was really lovely and I’ve never done it with another man, there’s only been your father and I wanted to know what it was like with another and man and so…so it happened, but I swear it was only going to be that once.”

Jeremy, feeling thoroughly confused said, “You surely didn’t tell father or Mrs. Dunstan what you’d done so how…”

“I didn’t need to tell him. Oh God it was awful.”

“Then how did father find out?”

“The boat.”

“The boat, what about the boat?”

“Well, they got part of the way to the fishing grounds and the engine started to misfire, and so they turned back. Peter and I were on that big divan in the lounge, you remember the big divan?”

Peter remembered it from the visits he had paid to the shack and so he said dully, “Yes, I remember it.”

Peter and I had just finished but he was still…still…still with me when your father and Kitty walked in. It was terrible; they just stood there looking at us for what seemed ages and Peter and I could only stare back, waiting for one of them to say something, but they didn’t. In the end they just walked out of the room.

“Was that it, was that all that happened?”

“No of course it wasn’t. I knew I had to face your father some time so I went looking for him. He was in our bedroom sitting on the edge of the bed.”

“What did he say, what did he do?” Jeremy asked.

He didn’t do anything, he just sat there staring at me, and then he said, “Well?”

“I told him…I swore to him that it had never happened before not with Peter or anyone and it would never happen again. I begged him to forgive me and told him I loved him, only him. He might have forgiven me except for one thing.”

“What one thing?”

“He said Peter might have made me pregnant, and of course he was right.”

Jeremy grappled with that for a few moments and then said, “But mother, if you did get pregnant how would you Kurna Escort Bayan know if it was Mr. Dunstan or father who…who…”

“Darling,” Karma said through her sobs, “You know your father can’t.”

Light dawned, “Of course, father has had the little operation, hasn’t he, so he can’t…”

“Make me pregnant, of course he can’t.”

“So what happened?”

“It was terrible, everybody so angry and grim faced and not speaking; even Peter wouldn’t speak to me. It was impossible for us to stay the rest of the weekend and so we came back, you remember we came home early.”

“Yes, you never said why but I did wonder.”

Peter was heavily engaged in his university course and he had perhaps not taken as much notice of what went on around him as he once did, but he had noticed an “atmosphere” but hadn’t taken it seriously.

“So father hasn’t forgiven you and he’s left.” And then putting his arm comfortingly over her shoulders he said, “He’ll come round mother, you’ll see. We all make mistakes and when he thinks about it and given a bit of time, he’ll come back.”

“No he won’t,” Karma wailed, “he’ll never come back and it’s all my fault for letting Peter…letting him…and even he hates me now.”

“Hates you? You let him have sex with you and he hates you?”

“You see darling, that isn’t all.”

“For God’s sake mother, what more can there be?”

“Kitty,” Karma said ambiguously.

“Kitty, what about Kitty?”

Trying to calm herself again Karma said, “Hand me that box of tissues will you darling.”

He handed her the box and Karma mopped her tear stained face and blew her nose, and the went on, “I’ve known for some time that Kitty fancied…had feelings for your father and now he’s gone off with her, they’re going to live together. I suppose I should have ended the friendship with the Dustan’s when I saw how Kitty felt, but it’s hard to break off a longstanding friendship, I mean, Kitty and I were at university together and she was a bridesmaid at my wedding and… “

“What a bloody mess,” Jeremy sighed heavily. “When did father leave?”

“This morning while you were at lectures, he took some of his things and said he’ll come back for the rest of them. He asked me to tell you he’ll be in touch.”

Jeremy smiled sadly and said, “So he’s not leaving me as well?”

“Of not exactly darling, it’s just that you’ll have to wait until he and Kitty are settled somewhere and the you can spend time with them.”

Karma burst into tears again and through her sobs said, “Can you forgive me darling, you won’t hate me will you.”

“Mother,” Jeremy said gently, “I’ve told you I could never hate you, I love you too much for that, and as I said, we all make mistakes it’s just that you made a rather bad one and got caught.”

“Will you give me a hug darling; I need you to hold me.”

Jeremy drew her close, her head resting on his shoulder, her hair brushing against his chest.

On other occasions when he and Karma had embraced he had felt a stirring in his groin. Now, with her soft warm body pressed against him, and the vision of her lovely breasts through the thin material of her nightdress it was more than a stirring; his penis began to harden.

He wondered how his father, even though Karma had been unfaithful, could have left her. He tried to imagine what, if she was his wife, she would have to do to cause him to leave her. He also wondered how his father could have left his mother to go and live with Kitty. Admittedly Kitty was attractive and he’d often fancied her himself, but in Jeremy’s eyes she could not compare with his mother’s beauty.

Karma snuggled closer to him and said, “I suppose we’ve just got each other now.”

Sad though he was about his father’s departure, the idea of having his mother to himself rather appealed to Jeremy. He did however wonder how long it would be before some new man came into his mother’s life, and into his.

“You don’t think I’m a slut, do you,” Karma asked gravely.

“Of course not mother, one slip up doesn’t make you a slut.”

“I’d never do it again,” she said reflectively, “if I had someone who loved me and I loved them.”

“And I’m sure there will be someone who loves you.” Jeremy said this to comfort her, although the idea of his mother with the hypothetical lover did not appeal to him. His faint envy of his father had been enough, so what would it be like if Karma had a lover?

Karma raised her face to his and said, “Kiss me darling.”

He bent over her and their lips met briefly and then they looked questioningly at each other. Karma drew his face close to hers and kissed him Escort Kurna again, this time the kiss lingered and her tongue flickered over his lips. Once more they looked at each other and as if by mutual consent they kissed again and their mouths opened and their tongues battled for entry and exploration.

When breathing heavily they broke from the kiss Karma began to stroke his bare chest saying, “I do love you darling, I really do love you and I’m so sorry I betrayed you, and I’ll never do it again.”

Jeremy was not sure what she meant by betraying him, it was his father she had betrayed.

He was about to ask her when she said, “Touch me darling, I need you to touch me,” and with that she drew the thin straps from her shoulders and pulled down her nightdress to expose her breasts. She drew his hands to cover her breasts and pressed his fingers round them.”

“I love you so much,” she said in a quavering voice, “You can’t know how much I love you.”

Their lips met again as Jeremy fondled her breasts, and then he felt her hand slip inside the top of his pajama shorts and take hold of his penis. She began to squeeze and caress it until finally she pulled the top of his shorts right down to completely expose his penis to her gaze.

As she continued to stroke it she murmured, “Its lovely darling, so long; you don’t mind me touching it, do you?”

“Ner-no,” Jeremy gasped.

Karma moved to poise her mouth over the head of his penis, gazed at it lovingly for a few moments, and then took it into her mouth and began to suck and lick as her hand continued to stroke his length.

She made faint noises, “Mm…mmm…mmm…mmm…” as Jeremy, stroking her face and hair, gasped and groaned, “I love you mother…I love you…”

Karma ceased sucking his penis, but while continuing to stroke him pressed her lips to his again. The kiss became increasingly feverish; Jeremy was still sitting, his back against the pillow, and Karma let go of his penis and sat across him, her thighs on either side of his. Their lips were still clinging together as she lowered herself onto him, feeling his penis slide into her tunnel.

As Jeremy felt the delicious warmth and moistness of her vagina he broke from the kiss crying out, “Mother…oh mother…mother…”

She began to ride his penis, slowly at first but with increasing speed.

“Lovely darling…lovely she cried out,” as Jeremy gasped, “Oh…oh…ha…oh…mum…oha…”

Karma felt her orgasm building, and as it burst over her she cried out, “Oh my boy…my baby…my darling boy…oh…oh…ohha…ha…yeeees…”

Jeremy, unable to hold back his orgasm, he shot the first spurt of his semen into her.

Feeling it Karma screamed out, “My baby…my lovely boy…love you…need you…oh God…oh God…” She was weeping again but this time they were tears of joy — of ecstasy.

Gradually they calmed down and they ceased all movement, breathing heavily and looking into each others eyes, Jeremy’s penis still in her vagina. He was unwilling to withdraw from her, and he started to kiss her softly on the lips and stroke her breasts.

“If you want me, darling, I promise you I’ll never be unfaithful, never. There is so much I can give you — want to give you and I…”

“I’ve just come to collect…” a voice said, but didn’t go on. Jeremy’s father had entered the bedroom.

He stood staring at them as Jeremy and Karma froze his penis still in her. There was no hiding what they were doing and had been doing, and his father seemed to stand there for an age, although it was no longer than half a minute, and then with what sounded like a disgusted snort, he turned and left them.

That was the last time Jeremy ever saw his father.

* * * * * * * *

The shock of his father’s arrival meant there was no more sex that night, but their first coupling had been so good that next day they gradually recovered, and Jeremy began to discover the things his mother wanted to give him.

The bed was frequently redolent of their activities and Jeremy often smelt the aroma he remembered from his childhood days in bed with his mother, only this time he was a partner in the loving that produced the smell.

They both came a lot closer to the smell and in addition the taste because one of their favourite positions was the 69. After making each other come like that they always kissed so that they could smell and taste each other.

There was one small cloud that hung over their relationship for a while because they could never be sure whether Karma’s pregnancy was the result of her coupling with Peter or Jeremy. With the birth of the baby its colouring seemed to suggest the father was Jeremy, since it had brown eyes, while both Peter and Karma had blue eyes.

In the end it mattered little because they had both found the sweetest of all sexual experiences, that between a loving son and mother, and as Jeremy was wont to say, “You can’t get better than that.”

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