Mother in Law’s Suitcase Ch. 05

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Sarah’s hands squeezed my cock harder than normal as she heard the telltale sound of a text arriving and I reached for my phone.

On the screen it said 1 MESSAGE FROM ANN. Eagerly I pressed the button to open the text and see what Ann had sent. The text opened and announced that it had a picture attached which I clicked on to open.

I stared open mouthed at the screen while Sarah squeezed my cock mouthing “show me show me…”

“Have you received the text yet?” asked Ann.

“I am just opening it up Ann” I replied.

I turned my phone so that Sarah could see the picture, her eyes widened as she stared at it and her hands moved up and down my pulsating shaft with renewed vigour. Her lips were parted and I could see the tip of her tongue dancing along them as she looked.

I turned the phone back so that I could look again. The screen displayed a beautiful picture of Ann taking a selfie, she had a nervous smile on her face as she was taking it but from what I could now see she had no need to be nervous.

The picture showed Ann from her tummy upwards and apart from the bra she was naked. The bra was exactly as she described being black with semi transparent cups and nice lacy patterns. The cups pushed her ample tits together creating a cleavage between them that looked perfect for cock. I could also clearly see her semi hard nipples through the material, nice and pink with nice round areola, in fact similar to Sarah but slightly larger.

My cock was rigid almost to the point of pain and I could feel Sarah working the shaft with her two hands, up and down with a firmness of grip that felt just about perfect. Pre cum was dripping from the head, coating Sarah’s fingers and dripping onto my tummy.

“What a beautiful picture Ann” I exclaimed “you look so sexy in that bra, it is amazing.”

“Do you really like it?” she asked.

“Excuse my French Ann, but fuck yes” I almost shouted.

Sarah’s hands were a blur as she pumped them up and down on my throbbing cock, her eyes locked on mine listening intently to the conversation.

“The bra is too young for me is it?”

“Not at all Ann, you shouldn’t think that at all, in fact most women would probably envy you if they saw this picture.”

I smiled at Sarah and added “I am sure Sarah would be.”

At that Sarah slide one hand from the shaft of my cock and cupped my balls, lightly caressing them and rolling them between her fingers. Her other hand continued to wank me, managing to extract more and more pre cum.

“I don’t think so” said Ann.

“Well why don’t we test it Ann?”

“What do you mean?”

“I could show Sarah and see how she reacts Ann.”

“Oh no, you promised you wouldn’t show anybody.”

“Yes I did Ann, and I will keep that promise… If…”

“If what?”

“If you are sure you don’t want another opinion” I finished.

She went quiet, clearly thinking it over.

I smiled at Sarah and mouthed “got her!” at my wife and Sarah nodded. I reached out and placed my hand onto the top of Sarah’s head, letting my fingers tangle in her short hair. Gently I pulled her head towards me and more importantly towards my cock. Sarah kept her eyes locked on mine as her lips moved to within a hairs width of my cock head and then she flicked her tongue out, letting it brush across my slippery wet cock head.

“I think we should keep this to ourselves” said Ann, breaking the silence.

“If you think that is the right thing to do then ok Ann” I replied.

I was finding it harder to speak with Sarah wanking my shaft with one hand, massaging my balls with her other and teasing the slit of my cock head with her warm tongue.

“I had better go now, speak to you and Sarah soon” said Ann and quickly hung up. I assumed she had realised what she had done and felt guilty.

I looked down at my wife between my legs and said “your mum is a sexy woman in that bra”. Sarah lifted her head as if to answer but I stopped her by pushing her head back towards my cock.

“Keep going darling, no need for you to speak. Your mum has fucking fantastic tits Sarah, and we are going to get our hands on them.”

At that Sarah started to raise her head to speak but again I pushed it back and this time thrust my hips upwards which pushed my cock head right into her mouth.


“That’s it Sarah, now suck the cum out of me while I look at this picture of your mums amazing tits.”

Sarah relaxed a little and began to bob her head up and down on my cock, letting the head pop in and out of her mouth, timing the bobs of her mouth with the strokes of her hand on the shaft.

“I am close now Sarah, so close to cumming while looking at your mum’s tits.”

I thrust my hips a little more, helping Sarah to get a little more of my cock into her warm mouth.

“I want to grope her tits and make her nipples hard Sarah and more than that I want you to watch me darling.”

At that I felt the familiar tightening on my balls as the cum started to rise along my shaft. I put both hands onto Escort Bayan the back of Sarah’s head holding it nice and still, she tensed a little knowing what was coming.

I let out a loud “fuck yes!” and my cock exploded, it jerked as the cum sprayed out of the head into Sarah’s mouth. Sarah instinctively started to swallow but there was more cum than she was expecting and she started to gag , I released my hands from her head and she was able to lift her mouth away a little.

Cum was still emptying from my cock and as Sarah started to lift her head it dripped from her mouth back onto my cock head, her breathing was a little erratic and she managed to gasp out “how much fucking cum was that?.”

“All for you darling” I said smiling.

“You are a fucking dirty git” she replied.

“Don’t play innocent with me. You loved that picture of your mum’s tits and they turned you on in the super sexy bra of hers.”

“What do you mean?”

I just smiled and then said “and now I need to clean up.”


A couple of days later I was driving home from work and the car phone rang and the word HOME flashed up on the screen in front of me.

“Hi Sarah” I said “anything you need?”

“Hi there yourself and yes I need a favour please darling. Mum called and is having a problem with her laptop, would you be a dear and call in on her on your way home and see if you can help her out?”

“Sure, I am only a few minutes from her house now, I can call in and then head home when I am done.”

“Thanks darling, see you later, bye.”

“Ok, see you soon” I said.

A few minutes later I swung my car onto Ann’s driveway and turned the engine off. Jumping out of the car I walked up to the front door and gave it a smart knock, shortly after the knock I saw a shadow through the frosted windows coming towards me.

The door swung open and I saw Ann standing there. She smiled at me and I returned the smile.

“Aha my computer fixer” she said.

“Yes I am Ann, here to help you out in anyway I can.”

She turned and walked back into the front room, I followed closing the front door behind me. I saw her laptop on one of the chairs and walked towards it.

“Would you like a drink?” Ann asked.

“Yes please, tea would be great.” I picked up the laptop “let me see what I can do.”

Ann walked into the kitchen and I heard her filling the kettle, I turned my attention to the laptop. It started up fine and I called out “what is the problem with it Ann?”

She leaned her head back into the front room and answered “whenever I try to open the internet I get a funny message and I don’t know what to do about it.”

“Ok, let me look.”

She disappeared back into the kitchen and I clicked on the internet explorer icon to see what happened. Explorer opened and went to her home page and then a pop up appeared which said Silverlight needs updating. I simply clicked OK to update it and the message vanished, how simple was that?

I turned as I heard Ann walk back into the room with two cups of tea, she passed one to me and took the other over to the sofa and sat down opposite me. I thought I had better make it look like I was doing something so I went back to the laptop.

Glancing up over the top of the screen I could see Ann sipping her tea, but more importantly I could see that her blouse was stretched very tight across her chest, in fact it looked like it was only just managing to restrain them.

My cock was twitching as I stared at them and then Ann looked at me, embarrassed I quickly looked back at the laptop screen.

I clicked the internet history to see what Ann had been browsing, the first couple of pages were normal things like news and weather but as I scrolled down I stumbled across some more interesting items, names like lingerie to go, girls for girls, and then one which almost made me spit my tea out.

It said big toys for naughty girls and I thought “what the fuck…”

I looked back across at Ann.

“Is everything OK?” she asked.

“Yes it is Ann, I have managed to fix your problem so your laptop should be fine now.”

“Oh great, thank you so much, I have missed being able to get onto the internet.”

“I can understand that, you certainly need to get back to some of your favourite sites I bet.”

She paused for a moment “yes I do” she said. I looked across at her and it was clear she wanted to say something else but didn’t know how to. I was enjoying how she was squirming in her seat, each small movement was being magnified by her tight blouse.

I deliberately sat quietly which just increased the tension until you could almost touch it. Eventually Ann could stand it no more and broke the silence.

“Did you delete my picture?” she asked in a whisper. Although I heard her perfectly I decided to increase the tension one more notch.

“Sorry Ann, I didn’t hear you properly.”

She was blushing now and repeated in a louder voice “did you delete my picture?”

I looked into her eyes and answered “of Bayan Escort course I did Ann, like we agreed.”

At that she visibly relaxed back into her chair, “thank you” she said.

“But it was very sexy Ann, you looked lovely.”

“Thank you… did you really like it?”

“Yes I did Ann, very much, in fact it helped me out quite a lot.”

“What do you mean?”

She was looking eager to hear the answer and I thought I would push on and see where it went.

“I used to look at while wanking Ann, it helped me to cum.”

She turned crimson as she heard me and the words sank in. So on I went.

“Your tits are lovely Ann, I used the picture to help me spunk a number of times.”

She sat there, face bright red, looking at me seemingly lost for words.

“I can only imagine seeing them for real” I added.

She didn’t move. I picked up the laptop and moved it to the table and leaned back in the chair, my hard cock visibly straining in my trousers. I let my hand fall to my lap and my fingers rested on my shaft, Ann’s eyes were glued to my hand.

I slowly slid my fingers along the length of my cock and was pleased to see Ann’s eyes following the movement. I repeated “I can only imagine seeing them for real.”

“Why don’t you show me for real Ann, and I will show you what they do for me.”

Ann sat still watching me so I let my hand grip my cock through my trousers making it blindingly obvious that I was rock hard.

“Just a couple of buttons Ann…please.”

Her eyes never left my hand which was squeezing my cock but her hands lifted to her blouse, and seemingly without thinking she undid the top button, and then the next.

“Good girl Ann, keep going.”

In quick succession she unbuttoned the blouse completely.

“Pull it open Ann.”

She reached up and pulled her blouse open for me and then leant back. Her open blouse exposed her body to me. Her tits were encased in a white lace bra, the cups of which were see through and her dark nipples clearly visible. The bra pushed her tits upwards and together creating a cleavage of epic proportion.

She lifted her eyes and looked right into mine, there was a glint in her eye, something I hadn’t really noticed before.

“Your turn” she said.

I lifted my hands towards my shirt when she tutted, I looked up and she just smiled and then let her eyes drift downwards towards my crotch and repeated “your turn.”

It took me a moment but then I realised what she was suggesting. I moved my hands downwards and unbuckled my belt and the moved on to the button on my trousers, deftly my fingers slipped it open. I looked across at Ann who was staring intently at my hands, she was leaning slightly forward and her nipples had hardened, clearly visible through her bra, this made my cock jump.

My hand moved to my zip and as I started to pull it down I lifted my hips slightly to ease it’s passage. The sound of the zip pulling down seemed magnified in the silence, the atmosphere was electric. With the zip fully down my hands moved back to the top of my trousers and lifting my hips further off the seat I push them down until they were half way down my thighs.

I sank back on to the chair and leaned back, my hands on the arms of the chair and my cock straining at my boxer shorts, a small patch of pre cum was visible.

I shot Ann a glance and it looked as those she was transfixed by my cock, I flexed it a couple of times and she giggled.

We looked at each other across the room and it was one of the most erotic moments of my life. I was staring at my mother in law sitting opposite me with her blouse pulled wide open showing me her tits in her bra, her hard nipples standing proud. She was looking at me flexing my cock for her in my boxer shorts with my trousers half way down.

“Your turn Ann.”


“Your turn” I said again.

Slowly her arms started to raise moving towards her bra. I coughed. She looked back at me and I let my eyes fall to her lap.

“Oh!” she said.

She stood up and reached around the back of her skirt and I heard a zip. She let go of her skirt and it fell to the floor, quickly she stepped out of it and stood in front of me in her white bra and black panties. I was pleased to see that they were hi cut briefs with a lacy panel on the front. My cock was no longer twitching it was now rock solid and trying to rip through my boxers.

Ann sat back down and looked back at me, a smile across her red face.

“Now you” she said.

I didn’t need a second telling, my hands moved up to my shirt planning to unbutton it but I was surprised when Ann coughed. I looked at her, puzzled, until I saw her staring at my cock.

“Naughty girl” I said as I stood up. I turned my back on Ann and hooked my thumbs into the top band of my boxers. With a slow movement I pulled them down until they reached my trousers around my thighs.

I then bent over a little and pushed my boxers and trousers down to my ankles and then stepped out of them. Slowly I turned to face Ann.

She Escort sat there staring at me, her eyes glued to my cock which was pointing directly at the ceiling with a small bead of pre cum on the head. I sat back down and allowed my legs to fall open giving Ann a clear view of my balls at the base of my rigid cock.

Now what I wondered? And then it was obvious to me.

I moved my left hand from the arm of the chair and moved it towards my cock, my eyes never strayed from Ann and as I hoped her eyes were fixed to my cock. As my hand neared my cock my fingers opened and moved around the shaft just below the head.

I relaxed in the chair and moved my hand up and down my hard cock enjoying the sensation. Looking across at Ann I stared at her tits while I stroked my cock and I had to fight hard against the urge to cum.

I caught Ann’s eye and smiled at her, she smiled back and then looked back at my cock, so I give my cock a few quick strokes, up and down the entire length of the shaft and let out a small moan.

Ann gasped as she heard me moan, her mouth open and her eyes wide open.

“See what your tits do to me Ann?” I asked.

“Oh yes I can… You look so hard.”

As she spoke I wanked my cock for her, it was so erotic, so sexy and I loved it.

As my handed moved up and down the shaft I pointed at Ann with my other hand.

“Play with your gorgeous tits for me Ann.”

She didn’t hesitate, both her hands moved quickly to grab her tits and she started to maul them eagerly through her bra. Watching her grope herself turned me on even more and my hand speed increased on my hard cock. Every few seconds I noticed that Ann pinched one of her nipples between her thumb and finger and as she did so her legs closed together tightly. It seemed that her nipples were connected to her pussy.

As I watched Ann leaning back and playing with her tits while watching me wank my cock felt so hard that I thought it might burst. I had to deal with this so I moved my free hand to my shaft and wrapped it around the shaft below my other hand. I was now wanking my cock with both hands and making sure that I hit my balls on the down stroke and up over my cock head on the upstrokes.

Ann let out a little moan as she watched me wank my cock for her and her hands were working giving her tits a really good work out. One hand reached into her bra and pulled a tit out, she leaned back to let me see, one tit still encased in her bra, the other hanging over the cup. Both nipples were standing proud and they looked much bigger than Sarah’s.

“Lovely Ann” I said.

“Your penis looks very erect” she replied.

I couldn’t help but smile, even now she was still a little coy.

“You mean to say that my cock looks hard for you.”

“That’s what I said.”

Looking down at my cock I could see that it was covered in pre cum, I let a finger trail across the head and wiped it around in the pre cum until it was covered. Looking at Ann I raised my finger towards my mouth, Ann was watching intently wondering what I was going to do.

As my finger reached my lips I opened my mouth and placed my cum covered finger onto my lips and then slowly I pushed it in to my mouth, noisily sucking the pre cum from it.

“Ohhhhhhhh” said Ann “that is dirty.”

“It tastes lovely Ann…”


“Yes it does.”

The hand remaining on my cock was moving up and down the shaft quicker as I talked, the fact that Ann was sitting watching was just such a turn on for me. The fingers around my shaft instinctively gripped the shaft a little tighter as my lace increased, I couldn’t help let out a small moan of pleasure.

Ann watched my cock and hand, her eyes riveted to the sight of my hand pumping up and down at an increasing speed, her hands were now on her legs as she sat looking. Her one tit was still hanging out of her bra, the other wrapped in the bra cup, the nipples stood out like bullets.

“Are you going to, you know… climax?”

“Climax?” I joked “say what you mean Ann.”

“Are you going to…”

“Go on Ann.”

“Are you going to … cum?” she whispered.

“Oh yes Ann, I am going to shoot my hot cum for you, my spunk is going to fly. Do you want to see my spunk Ann?”

“ummmmmmmmmm yes I do” she answered going bright red.

“Good because I have a big hot load building for you.”

My hand was moving quickly up and down my cock, it was covered it pre cum and you could hear it squelching with each stroke. I let my legs open further so Ann could see my balls bouncing as I wanked and seeing her looking just made me wank harder and faster.

“Fucking hell Ann, I am getting close, almost ready to blow for you.”

“Ohhhhhhh” she said.

As I wanked I could start to feel my cum starting to build in my balls, so I slowed down my wanking ever so slightly, I had an idea and I wanted to try it out.

“Take off your bra Ann” I said.


“Go on Ann, take that sexy bra off for me.”

Slowly she reached both hands around her back and unclipped her bra, leaning forward slightly she let it fall into her lap. Both of her glorious breast were now free and were much firmer and perkier than I had imagined. The milky white skin contrasted with the dark hard nipples both of which still stood proud.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32