Mother-In-Law Lust Pt. 03 – Hotel

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Big Tits

The rest of the morning went by without incident. I couldn’t stop thinking about my sexy mother-in-law and all the events that happened for the first time. Within the span of the last 13 hours or so, Diane was on her knees in a public parking lot sucking my cock dry, cumming all over my fingers, and letting me cum on her face and tits after titty fucking her in the hot tub. If she would have let me, I would have fucked her like an animal in the hot tub.

The gang was back from breakfast and I was getting out of the shower when my wife came back into the room.

“Honey, I know we aren’t leaving until tonight but can you put everything in my mom’s room? I want to check out of ours but get some more skiing in.”

I was excited to swing by her room until my wife decided we would just drop it off on the way out. Her mom was in the bathroom when we dropped our bags off.

“Bye mom! We’ll see you over at the lodge.” yelled my wife as we dropped our stuff and darted out. I was dreading today a little bit. I would be driving home so I would likely be the only one not drinking. Since I didn’t ski, my afternoon was going to be spent likely sitting out on the patio watching the skiers fall down the hill.

I watched some kids getting some lessons and watched some snow-boarders jumping a ramp. At least it was more entertaining than I thought it would be. There were still a bunch of people drinking but the atmosphere wasn’t that great being a Sunday. I kept looking around for Diane but never found her. I assumed she was up on the slopes skiing one of the trails.

Lunch time came and my wife found me and asked me to order a few sandwiches. It was then that she noted her mother had decided not to come and stayed back to relax and sleep off a headache. We ordered her an extra Italian sub and my wife asked me to run it over to her so she didn’t have to leave the hotel. Realizing I still had the room key, my cock started to stir thinking I may have an opportunity to see her again before we leave.

“Yes mom, I’ll have Brian bring you something by. We have to be on the road between 4:00 and 5:00. Love you too!” she said, hanging up the phone. I told my wife I’d also stop by the grocery store to pick up some snacks for the ride home and make sure the car was gassed and ready for the trip home. Anything to buy me some extra time.

I kissed my wife on the forehead and told her to have fun and enjoy the slopes. I made the five minute drive back to the hotel, grabbed the sandwiches and made my way inside. It was then that I remembered I had my mother-in-law’s room key still in my wallet. I made my way past the front desk and down the hall hoping she would be there and in the mood to play a little more. I knew we didn’t have a ton of time before we had to leave but I’d love to feel her lips on my cock again.

Without knocking I put the card key in the door and started to open it slowly. “Diane!” I called out as I opened the door. The rooms were pretty small and as I opened it I could see the entire room. I was greeted with the vision of all my masturbation fantasies coming completely to life. Looking directly at me, my mother-in-law was laying on the bed plunging a dildo inside her spread legs over and over.

“I tried waiting Brian, but thought you would never get here.”

I’ve never seen her look as sexy as she did at that moment. She was dressed like my exact fantasy eryaman arkadan veren escort from a porn video. She had on a black lace teddy. It was likely one size too small but pushed her chest up and really showed off her perfect large tits and cleavage. She was lying on her back with her legs spread holding a vibrating dildo deep inside her. What really got my attention was her sexy legs encased in black, sheer thigh high stockings with the lace band at the top. There was a seam running up the back of her legs and on her feet were what I can only describe as “fuck me heels”. They were so tall and sexy, nobody could walk around on them comfortably but at this moment, I can promise they were serving their purpose.

Looking at me with complete lust in her eyes she started moving the toy in and out of her pussy slowly and methodically. Eyes glazed over and moaning. I have never been as turned on or wanted to fuck someone as much as I did right there in that moment.

I don’t even remember where I put the sandwiches but likely dropped them right there on the floor. I kicked off my shoes and went over and climbed on the bed with her. I was almost in a daze as I put my hand out and touched her thigh. Lightly rubbing the soft, smooth nylons her legs were wrapped in.

“You like this outfit don’t you Brian? I know you like to look at my legs and breasts. I bought this outfit just for you and this occasion.”

“Diane, I have never seen you look sexier than you do right now.”

She sat up and started lifting my shirt over my head. The touch of her hands was electric on my skin.

“Do me one favor please?”

“Anything”, I said.

“Don’t call me Diane. I want you to call me Mom.”

“Anything for you Mom.” as I leaned in and started kissing her. My tongue played with her lips while she unbuttoned my pants in a blur trying to get them off my body. My hands rubbed all over her sexy lingerie like it was almost an overload on my senses. They slid over the cups of her breast down to her waist. I could feel the lacy, soft material that perfectly covered her sexy body. I slid my hand down her hips. It made my cock even harder, feeling her soft thigh followed by the tops of her stockings and I slid my hand down further exploring her body. I literally couldn’t get enough of that feeling. Having wiggled free from all my clothes, I was now completely naked while my hands explored her body.

“Do you like your surprise Baby? This is why I didn’t let you fuck me in the hot tub earlier today.”

“Mom, this is the best surprise I’ve ever had.”

Up on my knees I lifted her leg straight into the air. I planted a little kiss on her sexy high heel before starting to kiss and nibble my way down her legs. I could feel her hand between us grasping for my cock while I continued enjoying her legs and feet. I ran my tongue up the back of her heel and down to her ankle before moving up her calf. I bent her leg over my shoulder and could feel her nylons on my shoulder as I kissed my way up her thigh towards her torso.

I picked up the discarded toy and slid it back through her crotchless teddy and into her wet pussy.

“Oh my God Brian, please fuck me!” she said loudly enough anyone could have heard in the hallway.

She looked at me surprised when I told her not yet. I slid down the bed and lifted her other leg to my other shoulder. I wanted sincan escort to taste her pussy as I pushed the toy deeper inside her. As I pushed farther, she arched her back raising her tits to the ceiling.

“Brian, it has been so long since I’ve had this.”

As I pushed the toy deep into her pussy I leaned in and ran my tongue between her lips. She was so wet and tasted so good as I licked up and down her opening. I was probably just as turned on feeling her stocking clad thighs wrapping around my head while I went down on her. The feeling of them sliding against my back and feeling the heels of her sexy shoes digging into me was amazing.

Looking up, I could see her head thrown back and her chest thrusting into the air. Her hands wrapped around my head pulling me into her pussy. I continued playing with her clit while pushing the dildo into her deeper and harder. Literally fucking my mother-in-law with her toy while licking her trying to make her cum for me.

I continued my assault on her for maybe five minutes before I knew she was close.

“I’m going to cum…oh fuck, I’m going to cum.”.

I’m sure the people in adjacent rooms were able to hear her.

I felt my mother-in-law pull my face tighter and squeeze her thighs around me as her orgasm hit her. I don’t know what came over me but I pushed the dildo as deep as I could and said, “Cum for me you fucking slut.”

Her body continued to shake as she came. With her eyes closed and head thrown back I wished I had a camera to get some pictures to remember this moment. After a few moments, I decided it was time to finally fuck the woman of my dreams. She was laying here, breathing deeply after cumming, dressed in an outfit only seen in my fantasies. I rose back to my knees keeping her legs pointed straight in the air on each side of me. Looking down, my cock was like a rod of steel pointing straight at her pussy behind her crotchless lingerie.

“Are you sure about this? There’s no going back.”

“Yes!” she said. “Please fuck me.”

Sliding my left hand along the side of her leg, I took my right hand and wrapped it around my cock. I put it right against her pussy and rubbed it up and down her wet lips. As the head of my cock slipped a little into her we made eye contact before I pushed all the way inside her in one long, hard stroke. She moaned loudly as I drove my cock deep enough that my balls hit against her ass.

The worry that people would hear was outweighed at how good finally fucking my mother-in-law felt. I drove my cock into her over and over trying to get deeper inside her. My hands were now on both of her legs, feeling how soft her nylons were with her “fuck me” heels pointed towards the ceiling. Starting at the back of her knee, like a man possessed, I ran my tongue up the seam over her calf.

Diane sounded like a porn star with each thrust of my cock. Grunting and moaning while looking sexier than I’ve ever seen.

“I want you to fuck me from behind Brian.”

I pulled my wet cock from her pussy and she turned around in front of me. With her legs together she pushed her ass back towards me. The sight in front of me was beyond anything I ever thought possible. I straddled her lower legs, and with my hands rubbing along her hips and ass, I pushed the head of my cock just barely into her.

“Fuck my cock mom.”

Without me moving, she pushed gölbaşı çıtır escort her hips back forcing my cock into her wet hole. She dropped down to her elbows giving her more opportunity to push back and upwards, pushing me even deeper inside her.

“Mom, I want you to cum on my cock.”

We were both oblivious to anything people outside would hear. She moaned loudly as she was pushing back wildly onto my rock hard pole. I saw her work her other hand beneath her and start rubbing her clit while fucking me hard. Knowing she was close to orgasm, I smacked her ass and pushed forward even harder into her.

“Oh fuck!!! I’m cumming!”

With a final push, I could feel her tense and hold my cock inside her. “Cum on me mom!”

After her orgasm, we both fell forward. She was exhausted and laying flat on the bed with her tits smashed between her and the sheets of the hotel bed. I slide my body forward, never taking my cock out of her tight, wet pussy. I was lying flat on top of her with my cock still buried inside my mother-in-law to the hilt. I could still feel her stocking covered legs against me as I had a leg on each side of hers.

She moved both hands forward to grab a pillow as I started fucking her flat on bed. There was nothing sweet or romantic about our actions. I was pushing into her so hard her body was rocking the bed giving out obvious squeaking noises that someone was being fucked on it. I was grunting like an animal with each thrust into Diane’s pussy.

“You like being a slut for me Mom?” I asked.

Not expecting a response I was surprised when she said, “Yes Baby…make me your cum slut. I want you to cum inside me.”

It was the first time I had thought about the fact I was inside her unprotected. I didn’t even know if she could still get pregnant but it wasn’t even under consideration at that time. Hearing her say that was all it took to push me over the edge. With my weight bearing on my arms, I felt her legs lift at a ninety degree angle, somehow making her pussy tighter. I could feel the back of her calf and her smooth stockings against my ass.


I pushed forward as hard as I could and felt my cock erupt. Likely the biggest orgasm I’ve ever had, I felt rope after rope of cum fill my mother-in-law. Holding my body up, I could feel her pussy squeezing me. She was milking out every last drop of cum from my body. I felt like I blacked out for a moment before sitting back up and slowly pulling my cock from Diane’s body. It slid easily out followed by an enormous amount of cum dripping from her pussy onto the hotel bed sheets.

“You like calling me a little slut don’t you Brian?” she asked.

“I’m so sorry. I don’t know what came over me.”

“I loved it in case you couldn’t tell. I love how you and that cock make me feel.”

I told her I hoped this wasn’t a one-time thing and she assured me that if it was up to her it wouldn’t be. However, the weekend was quickly coming to a close with and with a good drive home we needed to be headed out. I kissed her one more time and we started gathering up clothes and making sure we didn’t leave anything behind. Diane had her own car and was going to meet up at the lodge and drive home together.

“You might want to do something about that.” I pointed at her leg where my cum was visibly running down over the tops of her stockings and leaving a white, slimy trail.

We both laughed, kissed one last time and I turned to leave. I had to make sure I filled the Jeep up and got some snacks to ensure my alibi worked. Walking down the hallway, two older guys were standing there talking. They laughed and gave me a high five as I exited and headed back for the lodge.

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