Mother In Law

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I arrived home from work to find we had a visitor! Tracy’s mother, Jessica, had flown in unexpectedly and unannounced from interstate, declaring that she desperately needed to have a week’s holiday from her grumpy husband! that was something of a family joke, as Tracy’s father was one of those people that never stopped smiling and was one of life’s real characters! still, it was a delight to see Jessica, she and I had hit it off right from the first time we met! in fact, some strange electricity had passed between us that first time, a silent message that we both heard, but both chose to ignore! and on the few occasions we’d met since during my three year marriage to Tracy, that same electricity had been present! it wasn’t hard to see where Tracy got her beauty because at 38 Jessica was still a compellingly beautiful woman! it was therefore an enjoyable, laughter filled dinner that we shared that evening, apart from one small problem, Tracy was due to leave the next morning on a 3 day camping trip with a group of her girlfriends, something she had been planning for over 6 months and simply couldn’t cancel, but Jessica said that it was ok and she should still go as she’d find plenty of things to occupy her until Tracy returned and they’d go on that long awaited shopping spree together, I groaned! Tracy and Jessica on a shopping spree was a recipe for poverty!!

Tired after her flight, Jessica went off to bed early and Tracy and I completed all the last minute checking and packing for her trip before retiring also. With Tracy being away for three whole days we made the most of the short time left and fucked long and loud!! so loud at times that Tracy kept on saying “Shhh!mom will hear!!” which, considering she was doing most of the crying out, was a crazy thing to say!! when we finally decided to call it a night and get some sleep, the last thing Tracy said was “That’s strange, I’m sure I talked to mom about my trip a few weeks ago, guess she must have forgotten!”, then she fell asleep.

Next morning it was all last minute panic, up to and including the time her friends arrived to pick her up, and she was halfway down the street in the car before she realised that Jessica hadn’t put in an appearance and leaned out of the car window to yell back, begging me to look after Jessica for her! I went back inside and made myself some toast and coffee and sat at the kitchen table to read the morning paper, enjoying the sudden quiet. It was so quiet that I’d almost forgotten that I wasn’t alone in the house, until there was a slight clearing of a throat and a rather breathy, “am I too late for breakfast?” I glanced up with a grin which quickly became a smile of delight as Jessica walked into the kitchen , she looked stunning! hair still damp, so obviously fresh from the shower and wrapped in a green satin robe which hugged her body! “No! not too late, I’ll get you some toast and coffee if that’s ok?”, I said, she smiled, “That sounds great, it’s a long time since I got served at breakfast!” I grinned to myself, enjoying the possible double meaning of that answer! Jessica was well known for her witty talk and double meanings! She asked if Tracy had got off alright and how I thought she’d enjoy her trip and whether she and the other girls would be safe out in the national park, and it became clear to me that Jessica hadn’t forgotten about Tracy’s trip at all!! Breakfast ready I moved around the table to place it in front of her, she was stretched out leaning slightly back, with her hands behind her head, and that had two effects, it caused the robe to fall apart below the waist, giving me a clear uninterrupted view of her gorgeous legs – a feature she was very proud of as she was quite an athletic person! – and it tightened the satin material of her robe over her equally gorgeous breasts!! tightened to the extent that it left no doubt that she was not wearing a bra! I felt my mouth going dry as it suddenly occurred to me that fresh from the shower, she was probably completely naked under the robe!! as I placed the plate and cup on the table I got partial confirmation of my thoughts when she straightened up and leaned forward otele gelen escort and the robe gaped momentarily to reveal two very naked, and incredibly perky breasts! complete, unless my eyes were deceiving me, with stiff and swollen nipples!!

I quickly backed off and returned to my seat opposite, a little discomforted by what I’d seen, but more particularly with the way I’d found myself reacting! I was glad that the table between us effectively hid the massive erection I was suddenly sporting!! we indulged in some light, inconsequential talk as we ate our breakfasts, but there was a definite, slightly strained atmosphere between us! finally she pushed away her plate, thanking me for the meal, then perched her chin on her hands and grinned at me, “I think we need to talk” she said, I grinned back, “I thought we already were!” I answered, “True” she said, “But I mean we have to talk about us! the very first time we met, something happened, some connection was made, and each time since, that seems to have grown! I thought maybe it was my imagination, and I still can’t define what it is, I only know that it creates feeling that I’m not used to! have you noticed something too?” part of me didn’t really want this conversation to continue! but part of me was unusually eager!! “Yes, I noticed!” I replied “but it always makes me feel so good that I just accept it!!”, she looked slightly surprised, “Oh! and how does it make you feel?” she asked, I grinned even more widely, “That’s the self same question that Tracy asked me!” I replied, she gasped, “Tracy noticed!” she croaked, I nodded, her tongue came out to wipe the dryness from her lips, “and what did you tell her?” she asked quietly, I threw back my head and laughed, “I told her it makes me feel horny!” I answered, this time she did look shocked, “You told her that?” she gasped, “Of course, we always try to be honest” I said, she was quite speechless for a while, “and how did she react to that?” she finally asked, “Oh, she said that as far back as she could remember you had that effect on men!!, so I told her that if my observations at parties were anything to go by where she was invariably surrounded by drooling men, then it was obviously a hereditary trait!!”

She suddenly pushed her chair back and stood up, the robe had loosened slightly and I was now seeing the slopes of her breasts quite clearly, although she didn’t appear to notice! I certainly did and was surprised at how high and firm they appeared to be! without a word she turned and walked away into the lounge room, and when I followed her in she was standing looking out of the window, her arms wrapped around her body, I walked up and stood behind her, but didn’t touch, the atmosphere was electric! ” and how does it make you feel?” I asked quietly, and I heard the slight groan and saw the slight shiver that ran through her, “You don’t have to answer” I said, “but sooner or later it will have to be faced and dealt with ” I added, “I know” she whispered, then she turned to face me, and a slight grin came to her face, “and I guess since I raised the subject, then I’d better deal with it now!” and she straightened up, dropping her arms to her side and almost lifting her head in a defiant gesture “The truth is, Alec, that whatever passed between us that first time, and all the subsequent times made me feel good, made me feel alive, and yes! made me feel incredibly horny too!! and I don’t know how to deal with that!!” The electricity passing back and forth between us now was almost visible! I can’t ever recall being so incredibly turned on! I was only wearing brief shorts, and my cock was almost bursting through them! her eyes had dropped after she’d made her surprise admission and when they alighted on the huge bulge in my shorts I heard the sharp intake of breath and saw another flush of pink rush through her face! Without a word, I reached out and took hold of her waist and drew her towards me slowly, there was a momentary resistance, then she seemed to flow into my arms, and I held her quietly, just held her, feeling the pounding of her heart pendik escort trying to outdo mine, feeling those glorious breasts pressing into my chest and feeling my hard cock pressing against her body. Then, lifting one hand to the back of her head I drew her head back until we were face to face only inches apart, I could see the fear in her eyes fighting a battle with the desire and the lust and knew that the same battle was being fought throughout her whole body and throughout me too! we stared deep into each other’s eyes for a long, long moment, then my lips descended onto hers! lightly at first as I felt the shiver run through her, then more deeply and passionately as the battle lines shifted, as lust and desire took over in both of us!

She made one last effort and pulled away to arms length, breathing raggedly, “We can’t!, we mustn’t!” she said almost pleadingly, I let her go completely and took another step away, “If that’s the way you really want it” I said, my voice almost cracking with the fire that was flowing through me, “But wouldn’t that mean a wasted journey? you did know Tracy was going camping this weekend because she remembered telling you, you knew but you still came, why? we both know the answer to that!” and I slowly began to unzip my shorts, then pealed them and my underpants down over my hips and let them drop to the floor, one step out of them once again brought me within reach of Jessica, but I made no attempt to touch her, she was staring wide eyed at my throbbing rampant cock pointing straight at her, and she was shivering almost constantly. “all you have to do is tell me to leave and I’ll leave! if all you came to do was to confront your own demons, bring them out into the open and see what they really are, then you’ve done that, you know for sure now that you still have the capability, the beauty, the body and the inner sexuality to drive a man wild, to make him want you totally and completely! this isn’t just words any more, not teasing, not flirting, no double meanings, there’s a man standing in front of you totally naked, totally aroused and you know without a shadow of a doubt that he wants to fuck you!!” I said, emphasizing the last few words! a huge shudder went through her! and her head shook from side to side “I can’t!, I can’t! oh god, I can’t ask you to leave!!” she sobbed, then her eyes came up and held mine as her hands came up and undid the cord at her waist and she shrugged from the satin robe to stand before me totally naked!! my jaw dropped and my eyes popped at the first sight of her incredible body! it would have been the envy of any 20 year old! there wasn’t even the suggestion of a droop in her magnificent breasts! they weren’t overly large, but so incredibly firm, with delightful tall nipple jutting impishly outwards, a concave stomach, and beautifully shaped hips, then her pussy! Mmmm I drooled just looking at it, light brown pubic hair cut and shaped in a heart formation around it, her pussy lips seemed unusually thick, as if they were swollen already! and there was just a suggestion of the pink inner peeping through! needless to say her legs were long and shapely, she could easily have passed for a model!! a fact I was quick to tell her!

It really must be hereditary! I recalled having the same thoughts and feelings the first time I saw Tracy totally naked!! and I knew this one was going to end the same way! I didn’t make a move to touch her until I had finished telling her how beautiful and exciting each part of her body was!!, then I drew her towards me and began to kiss her again, this time feeling her naked body pressed against mine, allowing my hands to roam over her back and her ass cheeks as our tongues dueled in a mounting frenzy of desire! then I picked her up and carried her to my bedroom and laid her on the bed, and kneeling beside her began to kiss and lick and stroke every inch of her body, “Oh yes, Alec!” she whimpered “that feels so good, oh god, I love it when you suck my nipples like that! oh, it’s so, so nice, don’t stop, please don’t stop, I’ve wanted this for so long, wanted you touching rus escort me, wanted you tasting me, wanted you inside me!” then she giggled “does it excite you that I’m your mother in law?’ she asked, Hell didn’t it!!! I raised up for moment from ministering to her swollen, sensitive nipples and grinned, “It excites me that you’re such a beautiful woman! it excites me that you’re such a horny woman!! but yes! oh yes! it excites me like crazy that I’m about to fuck my mother in law!!” then I went back to work, moving ever closer to the heart of her problem!! her hot, horny pussy!! and when I got there and slid my tongue inside for the first time, she went off like a rocket!! and as I kept on sliding my tongue in and around her pussy and her clitoris, she continued to explode at regular intervals! god, she tasted delicious!! just so juicy! I could have stayed there and lapped her up for ever! but that wasn’t exactly what she wanted or needed! oh yes, by this time I’d realised that she was well overdo for a good hard fucking!! and she wasn’t going to wait any longer as she grabbed my rock hard cock and guided it to her pussy entrance! and I wasn’t going to wait either! I rammed it deep inside! causing her to leap high off the bed with an almost banshee howl!! and as she came back down on to the bed I rammed it deep again!! and I kept on ramming my cock into her jerking, writhing, bucking pussy!! and she kept on crying out for more!! “Harder!, oh yes! deeper! oh god yes! fuck me Alec!, oh please fuck me, fuck me, fuck me!!” I was pounding in to her now, the heat and the friction almost unbearable, “Oh Jessica! oh god, you’re so tight and so hot!! you’re driving me crazy! I can’t hold on much longer, I’ve just got to empty this load into your pussy, I just have to!!” it was my turn to give out with the banshee howl!!, “Yes Alec!!” she screamed ” shoot your cum into me!, fill me up! I’m cuuuming, oh god I’m cuuuumimg!!!” and she shook and shuddered with even greater vigor! and I was cumming too!! shooting my juice into her so hard and so long that I felt like a fireman trying to put out a fire and finding that it wasn’t water in the hose but petrol!! because every spurt of juice seemed to drive her even wilder!! – and there was an amazing amount of juice! more than I ever remember shooting before!!

It seemed an incredibly long time before either of us stopped shaking and shuddering, and my softening cock slipped from her pussy, but we still held on to each other, kissing and stroking each other’s bodies, it was during this time that she told me of her husband’s work accident some years before that had left him unable to function sexually, and the gradual build up of frustration that had taken place! how her husband had even begged her to take a lover, but she had refused, contenting herself instead with the small amount of oral sex that he felt comfortable about ( he’d always been a fairly conservative lover!). Then she’d met me, and that electricity had been there between us and she knew that sooner or later she just had to do something about it, even if I was married to her daughter! and for some crazy, inexplicable reason she felt that with me it wouldn’t feel like she was cheating on her husband! I grinned, “That’s strange!” I said, “because with you it doesn’t feel like I’m cheating on my wife either!!” and we both laughed, then her eyes took on a heavy lidded look and she murmured, “It’s been so long, do you think you could fuck me with that gorgeous cock of yours one more time?!!” I grinned, “absolutely not!! one more time doesn’t even come close to what I intend for you this weekend!! and we’re going to start off by taking a shower – together! have you ever been fucked in a shower before?” her face took on a sudden animation as a huge grin crossed it, “No! I’ve never been fucked in the shower! and there are lots of other places I haven’t been fucked either!!”, picking her up and carrying her into the bathroom, I said “if you’d like to make me a list! I’m very good at filling lists!!”, our laughter was drowned by the sound of water pouring from the shower head and my hands were stroking all over her gorgeous naked body, her breasts, her ass! and much, much later her howls eclipsed the sound of the shower as my cock powered into her eager pussy once again!! we had a few years of frustration to deal with and at least three days to do it in!! I said ‘at least’ because I was already getting the germ of a very exciting idea! – but we’ll leave that for the next time!!!!!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32