Mother I Hate

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As of the time of writing this, I had no idea what I wanted to write. I am not a professional writer; so judge my work lightly. I will try my best to use appropriate grammar, the right punctuations, and limit the misspellings to the barest minimum, but I make no promises.

The story is going to contain incest, at this stage that’s all I know for sure; so if that’s not your cup of tea, I’ll advice you not to read this. Helpful comments are always welcome; I’ll like to know what I’m doing wrong and what I’m doing right.


Everybody in this story is 18 or older. All the characters are fictional, and this is a fictional story.


My life was normal for the most part; everything was going well, at least on the surface. I was the first of two children and the only son. My parents seemed happy; my mom was a partner at the law firm she worked, my dad was an executive at an accounting firm. I was in my sophomore year at Caltech studying computer science. My baby sis was a senior at the high school I graduated from.

I lived at the dorm in school even though my house was only an hour away. Picking a university to go to was a really hard decision for me, I wanted to leave town; branch out on my own, but the school that I had the most recommendation for was in town. I could go to any university I wanted; I graduated from one of the most prestigious high schools in America with a fairly high GPA, but I ended up in Caltech because that was where I wanted to be.

Now if you heard that I was in the computer department you’d probably imagine a nerd with a serious case of acne who was used to the name four eyes because he wore dorky glasses; I was anything but. I am very athletic, even played football in high school and no, I wasn’t a bench warmer. I am quite the lady’s man, I scored a lot of pussy, but at nineteen and in the university I was ready for something serious.

Not to sound narcissistic, but every time I stare in the mirror I am amazed at how good I look. I inherited my mom’s blue eyes, pink lips and snow white skin. So did my sis. From dad I got my blonde hair, height; I was 6’3, and big build. The fact that I spend a lot of time in the gym has helped a lot with my figure.

Enough about me let me tell you about the rest of my family; my sis is on the swim team, she has long brunette hair that falls a little below her shoulder. She has my mom’s pale skin, blue eyes and pink lips. She also has my mom’s height, although she was a little taller at 5’7. She wasn’t too busty but her breast weren’t small either; at least a C cup. She had long legs that seemed to go on forever, a slim waist, but her hips were flared, her best asset was her ass. At 18 she was a bombshell.

My mom was almost identical to my sis, but she had all the advantage of being older; some of the disadvantage, long brunette hair, blue eyes, full pink lips. She was the shortest in the family at 5’5. At 41, porno izle saying she aged gracefully would be the biggest understatement of the century. She barely had any wrinkle, no grey hair at all and no sagging body parts. Okay; maybe her breast sagged a little, but I swear it wasn’t even noticeable. She was considerably curvier than baby sis, and she took advantage of this in the way she dressed. In her profession she needed to be intimidating so she always wore suits and heels, and let me tell you it worked. Of course her no nonsense attitude helped a great deal.

Now to my dad; he was the tallest in the house at 6’4. He had blonde hair, brown eyes and an athletic build. Unlike me he didn’t like sports, not even a bit. But he did spend a few hours of the weekend in the gym; my sis and I might have gotten our exercise habits from him. He looked really, really good, but he had none of the confidence that should come with such good looks. He was incredibly shy, he was so meek. He was 39.

In our family dynamic, it was clear to me at an early age who wore the pants in the house. At first I attributed this to the age difference between him and mom, but as time went by I soon learned that dad was just a pushover. Whatever my mom said was law in the house, and no one defied it; not even him. So yeah, I feared my mom, but I also resented her more than a little because she had a mean streak, something my baby sis also inherited.

My dad was as loving to me as mom was mean. I couldn’t seem to please her in anyway, so after a while I stopped trying and started living my life. So when one hot afternoon mom called and told me she and my dad were getting a divorce and I’d be staying at my dad’s new apartment, I didn’t even object; although that could be because I was gobsmacked by the news. Of course baby sis would stay with mom.

When summer break came; I returned home, well my dad’s new apartment. It wasn’t bad; it was one of those apartments in those high-rise 24 storey buildings with a doorman. Dad’s apartment was on the 13th floor. It had an insane view of the city at night.

I asked dad why they were getting a divorce the first chance I got and he said mom just said the spark was no longer there and she wanted something better, typical selfish mom. He said he suspected there was another guy, but she swore there wasn’t; like anyone would believe that. Of course if she admitted to having an affair, dad was going the wipe the floor with her in the divorce settlement, she knew this.

I was only suspicious, but my suspicions were confirmed on one very hot February afternoon. Even though sis was living with mom on the other side of town, we still kept in touch. I knew every detail of her life, thanks to facebook, which was how I knew she was spending the whole weekend at a friend’s house. I don’t know why, but I decided to go by the house. I knew mom would be at work, but I still had a key so I could amatör porno let myself in. I was feeling nostalgic I guess, so I got in the car I got from dad as a graduating gift even with all of mom’s protest, and drove to my old house.

I don’t know what I was expecting, but I can tell you what I found wasn’t it. When I got to the house, there was a silver Porsche parked in the drive way, it obviously wasn’t mom’s; not that she couldn’t afford it, but mom would never splurge on a thing like that. The way it was parked made it obvious whoever did the parking did it in a hurry; either that or the person was a terrible driver. I don’t know how big a role the Porsche sitting clumsily on the driveway played on the sequence of events, but it was the beginning of something I could never had seen coming.

I had always suspected mom was stepping out on my old man, but I never thought I would find proof; certainly not the way I did. The Porsche had me thinking, what if her lover was in the house right now? I didn’t actually think he would be, but sneaking around was fun, and so for the thrill of it I decided to park farther down the road after I drove past the house.

I snuck back to the house and stared in the kitchen window; I couldn’t see much, so I crept to the front and peeked in the living room window; what I saw almost knocked me out. There on the couch was my mom riding some guy, she seemed really into it, but I couldn’t see much from my current vantage point. I ducked down almost immediately and took a minute to gather my thoughts. After taking a deep breath, I took out my iphone and decided I needed to get pictures.

After taking a couple of pictures through the window, I got bolder and decided I needed to get in there, not least of which was because I needed to hear what was going on in there. After looking around and realizing the neighbours hadn’t spotted me, I decided to sneak in through the garage. In my car was the garage door opener, the door was automated, but sometimes it had glitches so we had the keys made. I ran to the car to get it and ran back as quick as I could. Thankfully the door was very silent, so I could get in the house undetected.

Taking position in the dining, I could get a very clear image of the action, after taking loads of pictures, I had a million dollar idea, why not video it? And so I switched to video.

Mom was a screamer, and she had such a filthy mouth, cursing like a sailor. She also liked being called names. It took a while, but I finally found out who the guy was. He was a junior executive at my dad’s firm.

Mom was on all fours in the living room floor now, almost naked except for her skirt bunched on her waist, and her stocking that reached mid thigh and her black high heels shoe.

“Oh yeah, fuck me you son of a bitch,” she growled in a low deep voice.

“Bitch— slut you like that don’t you? You like it rough anal porno don’t you?” asked Joshua Brennan who was kneeling behind her, thrusting fast and hard. One hand grabbing her hair and pulling, the other fondling her tits from behind.

“Oh yeah you know I do. Fuck me hard, come on. Make me your fucking whore,” the pitch of her voice was rising now, and she was thrusting her upturned ass fast at him now.

Joshua spanked her ass, extracting a deep moan from her, “I don’t need to make you my whore; you already are.” As if to make his point he pushed her head to the ground with the hand holding her hair, stood behind her with his knees bent and started thrusting into her.

Mom was screaming now, the dirty talk just rolling off her tongue. “That’s it you fucking motherfucker, give it to me hard—make me scream,” and make her scream he did.

Josh removed his dick from her dripping pussy, turned her around and plunged head first between her legs. I couldn’t see his cock clearly from where I was, but I was certain it wasn’t anything huge; and that confused me, because the way mom was reacting one would think he was at least above average in size.

“Oh you dirty son of a bitch, you like eating my pussy don’t you?” mom said as her hand flew to his head. She held him in place as she ground her pussy all over his face. Josh forcefully extracted his head from her grip, gripped her hair and stood up, forcefully pulling her to her knees.

Kneeling in front of him, he thrust his cock into mom’s mouth and proceeded to fuck her face forcefully. “Bitch you like that young cock don’t you? Well since you like it so much why don’t you worship it,” he growled at her, hand still grabbing her hair. Mom just moaned her reply.

He pushed her on her back again, spread her legs as wide as he could, kneeled between them and proceeded to fuck her hard.

“God I love a man with stamina,” mom said smiling as she played with her nipples. As if that was some kind of signal, Josh pinched the other nipple hard, making mom scream.

“Ugh—argh. That’s it, fuck me hard. Fuck me like the demented whore I am,” mom was screaming now. “Oh god I’m cumming, make me cum you son of a bitch; make me fucking cum,” mom screamed at him. And with a loud scream she reached orgasm.

As if on cue, Josh pulled out his cock and sprayed his cum on her tits, then inserted it in mom’s mouth; asking her to lick her clean.

I was finally able to slip out of the daze I’d been in throughout the whole thing; with my brain now working again I noticed my painfully erect penis. The precum leaking out from it left a tiny barely noticeable wet spot on my shorts.

Too nervous to care if mom and her lover noticed me or not, I made my escape the same way I came in. I ran to my car and drove home, the only thing my mind was getting off while the hot scene I’d just witnessed was still fresh in my mind. No doubt the video I’d recorded would be serving as my own personal homemade porn; till I found another use for it at least.


Now, if I get enough good comments I may continue this story, if not I may just abandon my writing career altogether. I hope you enjoyed this story.

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