Mother and daughter: Lovers(part 1)

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This story, while obviously fictional, illustrates one of my deepest fantasies. Although I’m not a lesbian, or even bisexual, I’ve always been hopelessly attracted to my mother, who has been the source of my masturbation fantasies since I was 10. I hope you enjoy it.

Riona was 6 years old the first time her mother touched her like that.

After a long summer afternoon playing in the yard, Riona decided it was time to go inside and maybe get something to eat. She’d been playing Buffy, The Vampire Slayer with her usual entourage of imaginary friends and fiendish monsters. She was a bright girl and despite not having many actual friends, made due with her overactive imagination. She would string out a complex plot, complete with all the elements necessary to facilitate a cohesive story. But saving the world can be tiresome for a 6 year old girl, and so, she was to retire for the evening.
Walking in through the porch door, she called for her mother, but there was no reply to be heard. Riona’s tangled red hair hung in her face, forcing her to hold the loose strands apart so as to navigate the stairs up to the main bathroom. About to call again for her mother, she stopped short upon hearing a distorted voice coming from the other side of her mother’s bedroom door.

Deirdre had always been pleased with how strong and independent her daughter had become. Riona was a gift in every way. As an infant she was both calm and alert. As a toddler, she displayed her extraordinary intelligence in everything she did. Now, even alone, she was perfectly content to entertain herself for hours on end. Those times were also opportunities for Deirdre to entertain herself as well. While Riona was off on some grand adventure, the 40 year old would engage in hours of masturbatory bliss, taking the time to explore and pleasure every inch of her body. You see, Riona was the result of an indiscretion that Deirdre had with a 15 year old, and raising her daughter alone left little time for dating. She would, however, indulge in one night stands when the mood struck her, but touching herself became her art, her hobby, and her perfect release.
“Mommy?” Riona said through the door, pressing her ear to its surface at the same time.
“Shit…” Deirdre muttered to herself, withdrawing her fingers quickly from her dripping wet pussy. She picked up her bathrobe from the floor, throwing it on quickly before opening her door.
“Finished playing, sweetheart?” She asked with a slight shudder in her voice, her body silently scolding her for not providing it with its glorious moment of bliss.
“Yeah. I need a bath, ‘kay mom?” Riona said, noticing that her mothers hair was the same sweaty, red tangled mess that hers was. She also noticed an overwhelming, sweet-smelling aroma in the air. Although familiar, she never could ascertain its source or flavor.
“Alright dear, I’ll go run some water, you get undressed and throw your clothes in the hamper, okay?” Deirdre asked as she wiped the glistening moisture from her brow.
“‘Kay.” She answered, already pulling off her grass stained t-shirt as she turned towards the bathroom.

The warm water flowed over Deirdre’s hand as the temperature leveled out. She let the bathtub fill as she ran a brush through her hair.
“Ready, mom.” Riona’s sweet little voice chimed in behind her.
Deirdre turned to look at her daughters nakedness, and a feeling of appreciation took hold. Not realizing the significance, she carried on with her maternal duties. Turning the water off and helping her daughter into the tub, Deirdre felt a strange sense of anticipation at the thought of washing this little girl’s naked body. Sitting on the edge of the tub, Deirdre began by brushing Riona’s knotted hair, following it up with the application of shampoo and conditioner. Aftee clearing away the lather from her eyes, Deirdre sat silent, her hands framing her daughter’s angelic face. She admired the pale, soft freckled skin, so like her own.
“What a pretty little girl you are, Riona.” She said, more on impulse than anything.
“That’s ’cause I look like you, mom.” Riona flattered. It was true, she approximated her mother more with each passing year.
Deirdre found herself running her palms all over the tiny, almost shapeless body. Her fingers ran over the small, erect nipples, tracing their way down to her thighs. About to stop herself, Deirdre was suddenly encouraged to continue by the involuntary sighs of her daughter, who thought this nothing more than a standard bath. Riona didn’t even say anything when her mother’s fingers parted the lips of her hairless, virgin pussy. Biting her lip, Deirdre circled a finger around the tiny clit, and wriggled another finger just past the lips. Riona’s sighs soon turned to moans as she looked down to watch the source of this newfound pleasure. Deirdre found her daughters reaction and obvious interest intoxicating, and paused a moment as she dropped her robe onto the floor. She crawled into the water with Riona, leaning down to lick her sweet mound. Riona moaned deeply as the soft tongue of her mother slid up and down and inside her moistening slit. With continued encouragement, Deirdre’s lust increased, and she soon found herself not only licking her 6 year old daughter’s pussy, but tickling the surface of her clit and asshole with her fingertips.
“Mom… Mommy… Mmmmmm…” Riona gasped and moaned, reaching new levels of pleasure with every additional action.
“You taste so good, baby.” Deirdre said as her daughter’s flavor lingered on her tongue.
Seperating the tight lips of Riona’s virgin pussy, Deirdre’s tongue flicked and caressed inside, teasing and exciting the little girl as she unconsciously began rocking her hips forward into her mother’s hungry mouth. Pushing her tongue in deeper, Deirdre’s nose nestled inside, taking in the delicious aroma of untouched youth. She moaned into her daughter’s pussy while struggling to push her tongue deeper still. Grabbing hold of Riona’s small ass to still her made it easier. Riona offered further encouragement to her lust-filled mother by placing her diminuitive hands on the back of her head and grinding forward into her face with increased enthusiasm. After a few brief minutes of heightened passion, Riona let out a small high-pitched cry as her legs spasmed and her body tensed. Deirdre’s tongue continued to work as the small body writhed in unison with her gasps and groans of orgasmic release. She collapsed into the water, sitting back against the wall of the bathtub panting.
“Mom… Mommy what happened?” Riona asked through heavy breaths.
“You had an orgasm dear. I made you cum, sweetheart.” Deirdre couldn’t help but grin devilishley at her own words. “Was it good?”
“Mmmm, yeah. It felt so good. I like orgasm-ing.” She said as she pondered the wonder between her thighs and its new possibilities.
“Cumming, dear. Say you like cumming.” Deirdre wanted to hear her daughter say that word, curious to hear it spoken by innocent lips.
“I like cumming, mommy…” Riona conceded.
Deirdre was not disappointed with hearing her daughter say ‘cumming’, and she instinctively began finger-fucking her fire-haired pussy as she smiled at the tired little girl. She focused on her tiny pussy, the taste fresh in her mouth, for fuel with which to sate her increasing need to cum. Moreso, the fact that a 6 year old girl- that her own daughter- was watching her do it.
“Are you gonna cum too, mom?” Riona asked with a curious look, her eyes watching her mother’s fingers fast at work.
“Yes, sweetie. Mommy likes cumming too.” She said with a smile, her voice almost vibrating from the motion of her fingers.
“Can I help?” The little girl asked, already lurching forward. Her mother’s deep, excited sigh was enough of an answer.
“Give me your hand, baby.” She instructed. Riona did as asked, and Deirdre took her by the wrist. “This is called a pussy. I want you to fuck mommy’s pussy with your hand. Like this…” Riona guided all four of her fingers up inside her mother’s welcoming pussy. Her reaction proved Escort exciting for the little girl. “Ohhhh… Yes… There’s my good girl. I want your thumb, too. Don’t worry, your hand should be small enough to fit inside mommy’s pussy.” Deirdre loved saying dirty words to her daughter, and longed to hear her echo them back. Riona’s little hand did indeed fit, and she began mimicking the movements she had seen moments before.
Slowly, Riona’s open hand pushed up inside her mother. She very much enjoyed the noises she made. Quickening her pace, she smiled at the squishing noise it made. Moving her face closer to watch, Riona breathed in the familiar scent which often filled her mother’s bedroom, and she realized that her mother pleasured herself quite regularly. Deirdre held her daughter by the wrist, easing her into a steady in and out motion.
“Do you want to make mommy cum, Riona?” Deirdre asked, looking down at her beautiful daughter. Riona smiled and nodded intently. “Make a fist inside my pussy, sweetheart.”
Riona pressed her digits together inside, feeling her mother’s juices being pushed out from between them as her hand closed tightly. She marvelled at the sweet smelling liquid that ran down her wrist and dripped into the water below. Moving her head forward, Riona kissed and licked the soft tissue that surrounded her small fist as it thrusted in and out. Feeling the caress of her daughter’s lips and tongue proved too much to bear, and Deirdre cried out as a rush of liquid flowed around Riona’s pumping fist. Deirdre quickly pulled her daughter’s hand from her, unleashing a powerful stream of fluid, spraying the little girl’s face which was mere inches from its source. Riona giggled as Deirdre screamed and moaned. Stream after stream spattered across her little body as she backed off. Her mother shook and grunted one last time before collapsing into the water.
“What happened, mom? This isn’t pee…” Riona asked after swallowing what juices had ended up in her mouth.
“You made mommy squirt, sweetie. You fucked mommy so good that she squirted. You’re a very talented little girl, Riona.” She praised her daughter.
“Can I squirt too?” Riona asked with a hopeful look in her soft, green eyes. Her mother smiled.

2 years later…

What had begun as a sexually frustrated and horny mother taking advantage of her daughter’s young flesh, soon developed into a loving relationship. The months immediately following that first encounter proved full of discoveries, both physical and emotional, for both of them. Their sexual needs soon expanded to include a deep love, more than familial. In each other, they had found a soulmate.

Riona’s hands gripped the headboard firmly as she straddled her 42 year old mother’s pretty face. They stared into each others’ green eyes while Deirdre’s tongue violently invaded her now 8 year old daughter’s pussy. With one hand on the small of Riona’s back, Deirdre used the other to tease and please her tender asshole. She pressed 2 fingers inside, up to the knuckles. She reveled in her daughter’s throes of unbridled sexual energy.
“Faster, mommy…. Ohhhh, fuck my asshole harder…..Mmmmmmm…” Riona urged her mother on. In her experience over the past 2 years, she noticed that her mother’s enjoyment always increased whenever Riona would talk dirty to her, and call her ‘mommy’. Her observations were very much accurate. Deirdre loved the sound of those words coming from such a young, sweet voice.
Deirdre tongue-fucked the small pussy furiously, darting about in all directions while her fingers mirrored those same movements inside Riona’s tight asshole. The little girl reached down suddenly to rub her clit. Her hand was clumsy but effective in its motions, and she cried out to accompany the mess of clear liquid which drowned her mother’s face. Her shrieks of pleasure continued with every blast, enjoying the sounds her mother made as she swallowed and coughed.

They lay motionless, embracing each other snugly in their pleasantly tired state of satisfaction.
“I love you so much, mommy.” Riona said with a happy sigh as her fingertip circled on her mother’s stomach.
“I love you too, sweetheart.” Deirdre said, never growing tired of hearing the words, despite their frequency.
Deirde reached over to her bedside table, taking the small laptop from its surface and setting it next to her on the bed. She shifted her body towards it to better optimize its use, and Riona snuggled up behind her. With a few key strokes and mouse clicks, Deirdre developed a very large grin, biting her lip as she scrolled down the page. Returning to the top quickly, she turned to her daughter.
“Riona, honey?” She whispered behind her.
“Hmm?” Riona lazily breathed.
“I got an email from Charlotte. She sent photos, dear.” Deirdre smiled as she watched her daughter’s interest pique from the corner of her eye. Crawling in front of her mother, Riona nestled her ass against the soft hairs that adorned her mother’s pussy. She joined in with the smiling, taking in the email, which read:
Thank you for the pics you sent, you and your daughter are absolutely gorgeous. My boys can hardly wait for the chance to fuck you girls(neither can I). They’ve been talking of nothing else for the past month. I hope you like the pics, we made them just for you two.
Talk to you soon,
Love Charlotte.
Her mother again scrolled down, revealing a photo of a short, stocky nude woman with very large breasts and wide hips. She looked to be around 40. Her long blonde hair was in pigtails. She sat on the floor with her legs spread, showing off her shaved pink pussy. She had a warm, caring smile. The photo was labeled: Me(Charlotte), hoping you’ll be tasting this soon.
The next photo was of her husband. Impressively attractive for an older man, with a decently fit, tall frame, he was standing on an angle, the photo featuring him from mid-thigh to his face. He smiled wide as he gripped his large, firm cock in his hand, which was speckled with a mix of brown and silver hairs at its base. The photo was labeled: My husband, Jake. Looks like he’s started without you, lol. don’t worry, I’m sure he’ll save some energy for Riona.
The next photo was of two boys, one in his mid-teens, the other somewhat younger. The older one had long, jet black hair, and a thin, lanky body, he was modestly attractive as he also held his erect cock in his hand, which was quite long and thick. The younger boy had blonde hair like that of his mother, and was obviously smaller and thinner than his brother. He smiled with his hands on his hips. His sparsely haired balls were very large, framing the average sized cock that hung in front of them. The photo was labeled: Damien(15), and Alan(11). Those are the cocks that I enjoy so much, Deirdre, and I know you’ll both love them too.
Following that were a series of half a dozen photos of the family in various hardcore sex acts. Riona picked out her favorite immediately: Charlotte getting fucked in her pussy, asshole, and mouth all at the same time.
“Are they gonna do that to me, too?” She asked as her arousal increased.
“If you like, sweetheart. Those boys want to do a lot of things to you. Can you handle them all?” Deirdre asked as her hand moved between her daughter’s thighs, noticing her desire.
“I want them to do everything to me. To both of us, mom…” She was about to continue, but gave up when she felt her mother touching her soft mound.

Deirdre and Charlotte had met in an adult-themed chat room some weeks earlier. After discovering there mutual interest in both incest and young girls. It became apparent that a meeting was inevitable. Deirdre had expressed an interest in introducing her daughter to cock, and Charlotte had always wanted to watch her husband fuck a preteen girl. After bringing up the fact that she was fully sexual with her 2 sons, Charlotte had Deirdre hooked. Deirdre dreamed of the excitement of fucking a young boy again, and the notion of 2 was simply intoxicating. After long chats and emails, they’d finally Escort Bayan set up a reasonable meeting: Since they were separated by 3 states, they’d meet in the middle. They’d searched online, and discovered a small motel along the highway that would perfectly serve their mutual needs.

Deirdre pulled the car up to the door marked ‘3’. There were no other vehicles nearby, and the desk clerk had confirmed that the motel was completely vacant except for Deirdre and Riona. It was hoped that would be the case, which is why they chose to meet in the morning during the middle of the week. Upon entering the room, they were surprised to see that it was quite a bit larger than it had appeared from the outside, with a very spacious living area with 2 double beds against the wall adjacent to the door. There was a small bathroom near the kitchenette with a shower stall.
They settled in, putting their bags down inside the closet with their shoes and jackets. Deirdre had done both her own and her daughter’s hair in similar pigtails, expecting their new friends to appreciate it, especially Charlotte. They sat on the bed together, after changing into similar nightgowns, both pink with a high hem and low neckline. Deirdre checked her watch. They were on time to the last digit, so now it would be waiting.
“Nervous, sweetie?” Deirdre asked as she petted her young lover’s head slowly.
“A little. But I’m real excited too. I can’t wait to feel a cock inside me.” She relayed with an anxious tone.
“I know you’ll love it, baby. Soon all that work we did getting you ready will pay off.” Deirdre reminded her.
Since the 2 women had decided to get their respective families together, Deirdre has been acclimatizing Riona’s young pussy and asshole, getting her used to larger insertions and rougher penetrations. She’s just as excited to watch her little girl get fucked as her little girl is to get fucked. Before another word could be spoken, Deirdre’s cellular phone rang. It was Charlotte, asking if they were at the motel yet and what room they were in. Deirdre let her know that they were, so far, the only ones there, and that hers was the only room with a vehicle out front. While still conversing, they heard a car pull up outside. Riona jumped to her feet and ran to the window, cracking the blind to see outside. Sure enough, she saw them. They had arrived. Riona grinned exitedly to her mother as the latter closed her phone and smiled back. After a few moments, a knock at the door made them both jump, despite their anticipation. Deirdre took her daughter’s hand and they walked to the door together. They took a simultaneous deep breath, and Deirdre opened the door.
Charlotte stood in the doorway, flanked by what she affectionately calls her ‘boys’. She wore a tight green halter and a leather miniskirt with matching knee high boots. She smiled as she looked the girls over.
“You girls look adorable!” She exclaimed, walking in and embracing the two, one in each arm as the men of her family shuffled past her. Alan, the youngest boy, closed the door and locked it as his father instructed him. “Shall we all sit down, then?”
Deirdre and Riona sat together on one bed, while Charlotte, Jake, and their sons spanned the edge of the other bed.
“Well, I have to say thank you, Deirdre. My boys have been so excited about this for the past few months that they’ve had a lot of extra energy. So, guess who’s been getting all the extra attention?” Charlotte giggled. Her boys smiled, almost blushingly at her comment. “But don’t you girls worry, I’m very generous and I love to share.” She added.
As the conversation continued, mostly between Deirdre and Charlotte, the heat of anticipation only increased. Jake, Charlotte’s husband had been staring at Riona the whole time and rubbing his erection through the front of his jeans. Riona, however, didn’t take much notice as she was exchanging glances with 11 year old Alan. It was almost a form of courtship between the 2 of them, and they obviously shared an attraction. Damien was obviously lusting after Deirdre, who grew very excited at noticing the bulge in his pants. Deirdre herself surprised everyone when she cut the conversation short:
“I think that’s enough small talk, don’t you boys think?” She sent a special smile to Damien, who returned it. She sensed in Damien what seemed to be an almost rapist attitude, and she desperately hoped he’d be as rough with her as she wanted him to be. Deirdre stood up and stepped in front of the boy. Everyone watched intently as she took his hand up her nightgown. Damien grew all the more excited when his fingers found a wet, freshly shaved pussy which seemed much tighter than he’d expected. He put his head up under her gown, and what he did was hidden from view. Deirdre’s breathing quickened sharply, mixed with giggles as she turned to watch Jake pulling out his cock. Riona opened her mouth as he clutched the back of her head and pulled her forward. Riona was about to grab the firm shaft until Charlotte stopped her. She sat behind the little girl and reached around and up her nightgown, fondling the small, moist treasure that was waiting for her. Jake pushed his cock in as far as he could until Riona gagged. He held back a bit from that point so she would be comfortable and not choke.
“Alan…” Deirde said to the boy as he was just finishing undressing. “… Go lick Riona’s pussy. I know you want to. You’re mother told me all about how you love to eat pussy.” Alan happily nodded his agreement as he knelt down in front of Riona.
Charlotte lifted Riona’s gown up over her head and tossed it aside. She then watched intently as her husband fucked the little girl’s mouth, and her youngest son buried his face in her delicate little pussy. Riona moaned with excitement around the hard cock that pumped her mouth.

Meanwhile, Deirdre had backed away from Damien, watching him undress. Once he had finished, Deirdre decided to tease him a little, in hopes of inciting some forceful behavior.
“Now you.” He said.
“No.” Deirdre responded with a lusty smile as she crossed her legs. It took him a moment, but eventually he understood what the game was. Damien stepped forward, quickly grabbing the back of her neck, holding it firmly in his grip.
“So, you know my brother likes eating pussy, right? Well, did my mom tell you what I like to do?” He sneered as he scanned her thin, lithe body. He leaned further in and whispered:”I like to fuck assholes.” He said with an almost evil grin. This is exactly what Deirdre had hoped for.
Forcing Deirdre onto her stomach, Damien wasted no time. In one smooth motion, he pushed his cock balls deep into her warm, moist pussy. She let out a sharp gasp at the sudden push, but was surprised when he simply held it there.
“Holy shit!” He exclaimed, gaining the attention of everyone in the room. “This old cunt is tight as fuck! You haven’t had a cock in a long time, have you, bitch?” He leaned over, his cock still held firmly in place inside her. “Don’t worry, you’ll stay tight for now. It’s not your pussy I want anyway.” With that, he pulled out of her pussy and, having gained sufficient lubrication from her juices, forced his throbbing cock into her hungry asshole. Deirdre cried out as he stretched her hole to new limits. Gritting her teeth and digging her nails into the bed, she tried to brace herself. He pumped her ass fast and hard, with no warm up or foreplay. Deirdre was overjoyed at how violent this boy was. She never realized how much she had missed cock, or the nasty, sweaty, dirty sex she used to have.

A few inches away, Riona was struggling with her first cock. She whimpered and shuddered as Jake’s cock pushed past her tight pussy lips. He groaned with pleasure as he watched her struggle to envelope him. He exchanged lustful glances with his wife as they both relished the occasion. Alan sat next to her, with a hand on her chest, as if to comfort her. Charlotte was now naked, masturbating as she watched her husband violate this cute little pigtailed girl.
“Jake, baby, look at her, Bayan Escort at what you’re doing….” She said “… You fucking pedophile! You’re fucking an 8 year old girl’s pussy! You sick fuck!” Charlotte knew exactly how to rile up her husband, as every word she said was met with deeper, harder, and more rapid thrusts into the shrieking little girl. “She really knows how to take it, mommy taught her well, didn’t she?” Riona looked up with teary eyes and pain-filled whimpers, although she didn’t outright complain. “Repeat after me, sweetheart…” Charlotte instructed as she leaned in close to Riona’s ear to whisper to her what she knew Jake would love to hear.
“It hurts daddy… Why are you hurting my little pussy, daddy?” Riona repeated word for word what she’d been told.
“Because you fucking deserve it, you little teasing bitch!” Jake grunted, overwhelmed at how arousing her echoed words were to him.
“I didn’t do anything, daddy. Please stop, it hurts so much!” Riona’s own excitement grew as she spoke. Her little body was shaking and shuddering with pain and delight as the man she now called daddy ravaged her cunt.
“You think you can just walk around looking so hot and get away with it? You dirty slut!” Jake almost yelled at her, his acting was very convincing.
“This is how daddy treats little wannabe whores like you.” Charlotte said aloud as she watched intently while finger-fucking herself, her voice quaking with preorgasmic anticipation.
“Aaahhhhh… Fuuuuck!” Jake groaned and grunted as he pulled out just as he shot his first load. The white stream painted a path from Riona’s over-used pussy up to her cheek. She gasped, both from his sudden withdrawal and from the multiple loads that continued to cover her small naked body. Jake frantically jerked himself off, swearing and moaning as he directed further seminal shots onto her face and into her mouth. Riona happily accepted the gift, enjoying not only the taste, but the new sense of being objectified. Behind her, Charlotte’s hips wriggled and writhed as she also reached orgasm. She called out as the waves of pleasure took her over. Even before she finished, she was already licking up the cum that had spattered onto Riona’s face, and in turn, deposited it into Riona’s mouth with passionate kisses.
No sooner had Jake climbed off of the tiny girl than his youngest son, Alan, took his place. He closed Riona’s legs and pushed them up into her chest. Holding her by her ankles, he pushed his considerably smaller cock into her now swollen red pussy. His size made it easier to not only push in and out of her, but gave her more fredddom to enjoy it as well, especially since she had yet to cum. Jake and Charlotte sat together on the opposite bed to watch and regain their strength.
“You’re really pretty.” Alan said as he thrusted in and out. Riona didn’t even realize that his compliment would have made her blush, had she not been flushed already. His large balls slapped her puckered asshole, causing them both to share an endearing giggle.

“You fucking dirty old whore! You like how this feels in your ass, bitch?” Damien grunted as he continued to bury his large, thick cock into his new favorite slut, Deirdre.
“Ohhh… Fuck yes… Yes, I love it!” She cried as the weight and force of his body caused hers to rock violently on the bed.
“You know your place, don’t you, bitch? You know you’re just a hole to me- something to shove my dick into… Ohhh fuck…” He slowed his pace slightly to stave off his orgasm.
“Yeah, baby… I’m just a hole… Fuck, I love your dirty mouth, boy…” She panted.
“My dirty mouth?” He stopped cold. Before Deirdre could react, Damien flipped her over and sat on her chest, shoving his cock down her throat forcefully. Her intense excitement made the taste of her own ass all the more desirable as she sucked, licked and gagged. “Who’s got the dirty mouth now, you worthless cunt?” Deirdre kept her eyes glued to Damien’s expression. She found herself fantasizing about being truly raped by him. In a few short minutes, Damien pushed his cock down so that his balls hit her chin. She started to choke as he let loose with his thick, warm semen. Shooting straight down her throat, swallowing proved unnecessary. He pulled out of her watering mouth and coated her face in thick white jets as she coughed and panted. Damien leaned in close to whisper to her. “And now I’m gonna go rape your daughter’s ass.” He snickered as he climbed off of her. Deirdre rolled onto her side to watch.

Alan was now underneath Riona as she bounced up and down on his cock, they even traded cute little kisses every so often. Damien smiled to Deirdre as he circled behind Riona. Deirdre watched intently as he placed one hand on the small of her back, and used the fingers on his other hand to penetrate her asshole. She shrieked from the unexpected sensation, making a myriad of expressions on her face, from pain, to discomfort, to pleasure, back to pain. Alan seemed disappointed at the invasion, he`d obviously hoped to have Riona to himself. Then, while still finger-fucking her tight little asshole, Damien grabbed onto one of her pigtails and pulled her back towards him.
“So are you just as nasty as your mom, over there?” He goaded her while hooking his fingers inside her. Alan took over the motion, fucking upwards into her pussy, as Riona was now too preoccupied to keep a steady rhythm. “Mmmmm, I’m gonna enjoy fucking this little hole…” Riona looked at her mother with fear and worry in her eyes.
Deirdre was about to say something when Charlotte came up behind her, quickly pushing a few fingers into her as yet unsatisfied cunt. Deirdre flinched and moaned in response.
“Don’t worry about your little daughter, Deirdre. My boys will take very good care of her.” Charlotte reassured her while feeling around inside her dripping pussy, which was beginning to make considerably large wet spot beneath them. “Now watch and enjoy. See there? Damien’s ready again.”
Sure enough, Damien’s cock had hardened again to its full size. He eagerly withdrew his fingers, forcing them into Riona’s mouth to give her a taste of her own ass, and also to quell her inevitable cries. He insulted and objectified her as he had Deirdre before, slowly pushing his firm cock into Riona’s quivering asshole. Deirdre would have protested had Charlotte not began so furiously to eat her out.
“You’re a squirter, aren’t you?” Charlotte asked between licks. Deirdre was unable to speak, and simply moaned an agreeable response. “I thought so, now keep watching them…” Deirdre’s gaze returned to her imperiled daughter as Charlotte returned to her feast.
Tears flowed freely from Riona’s eyes, but she stifled her cries by biting her lip hard. The boys were now alternating pumps. Damien signaled their father, and stood up on the bed above Alan, and forced his hardening cock into Riona’s small mouth. Riona got her wish, she now 3 cocks in her, one for each of her holes. However her pleasure was not nearly as apparent or immediate as that of her ‘rapists’. They each grunted at their own pace, sometimes in unison, sometimes overlapping. It wasn’t long before Riona began shaking and writhing, she jerked her body straight up, breaking free of all 3 cocks as a powerful stream of fluid sprayed downwards, coating her inner thighs and Alan, who was somewhat surprised. The boys all started laughing, soon joined by Charlotte once she took notice. Riona shook violently as she continued to cum, the boys had to hold her steady for the duration, letting out sounds of awe with each additional burst. Damien, however, grew impatient, and quickly and forcefully re-entered Riona’s asshole. Her response was an even louder cry that when she was cumming, and the others took it as a sign to continue. Her spent body was used and jerked about like a ragdoll.
Watching her daughter in this state sent Deirdre over the edge, and without warning, she sprayed her own reward all over Charlotte’s face, neck and tits, who happily giggled as she caught some in her mouth and got splashed by the rest. Deirdre’s whole body vibrated with pure orgasmic bliss, and she soon passed out. She had no idea that her daughter’s rape would continue for another 2 hours.

To be continued…

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