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Last year, one of the many feedback e-mails I received for my story, “CURIOUS” was from Richard R. a 70 year old man living on the west coast. After several exchanges, he suggested that we contribute alternate segments of a story about two older men who meet in a motel bar.

The project went beautifully until the day, I lost all contact (no reply) with Richard. After nearly a year, I have edited what we had and added the last six segments on my own.




I sat at the motel bar enjoying a martini. I wore a suit and tie. I had been through the first day of meetings on personal business. I hoped I to be finished in the next two days and go home. The weather had been hot and humid but the air conditioned bar was finally cooling me off. The bar area was fairly crowded with local business men and what looked like mostly tourists or travelers passing through.

Looking around, I saw that most of the patrons were in their 30’s and 40’s and of no interest to me. Like most bars, this one was mirrored so I could watch the scene behind me without turning. I asked the bartender for the names of some good restaurants and killed time before going to dinner. Out of the corner of my eye I saw an older man enter and look around. The only vacant stool was next to me. I shifted my body a to make room in case he was there for a drink. My attention returned to the game on the TV.


I saw the only empty seat at the bar and the oldest man in the place move over slightly to make room which I took as an invitation to come sit. I brushed against him as I slipped onto the stool. I apologized and he shrugged it off. I ordered a Heiniken.

I sipped the cold brew from the bottle and waved away the glass mug. “Always tastes better from the bottle.” I said to the older man on my right.

He sipped his martini. “Just passing through?”

I nodded. “A much younger crowd here than I would have expected in a motel bar.”

“I’d say we’re the oldest guys in the place.”

“And I’ve got some age on you.”

“Oh I don’t know. I was 70 last month.”

“Hell! I was 70 ten years ago.”

“You don’t look it.”

“Don’t feel it either.” I finished my beer and nodded to the bartender for another for another.

The man extended his hand. “Name’s Richard.”

I took it and felt a strong but not crushing grip. “I’m Clark.”

He shook his head in disbelief. “So you’re 80 years old. Everything still working?”

I smiled and put my hand on his shoulder. “Was the last time I pulled it out.”


That made me smile. “Good for you, Im impressed. I hope I can say that in ten years”. In my mind I suddenly saw this old man with his cock in his hand having himself a jerk. Does he do it as often as me? Does it feel as good when you’re 80? Have he ever, like me, thought of trying someone else’s cock. No, I thought, that’s just me.

“This hot humid weather makes an old fellow feel horny,” I said. “Unfortunately, most women our age all seem to be dried up, It’s enough to make a man wanna switch to boys”.

My remark was meant innocently but I wondered if the would pick up on it. Probably not. I mean, what are the chances of meeting someone in a bar to help you live out a lifelong fantasy. I felt a stirring in my dick. I decided I should change the subject fast before he ups and calls me a fag.

“Let me have another,” I said as the bartender walked by.

I moved on my stool and my leg touched the old guys knee. instinctively I pulled it back. “You staying here?” I asked.

Without waiting for an answer I said,” I got a list of restaurants from the bartender. I’m trying to decide where to have dinner. Problem is, I’ve been in this suit all day. It would feel good to change into something casual. If you wait till I go to my room and change, we can keep each other company”. I tried to force all thoughts of what his dick and balls looked like from my mind.


I had picked up on Richard’s, “It’s enough to make you want to shift to boys,” remark but I tried not to give myself away. After all, that was forbidden territory though recently I had been picking up on men’s cocks on the internet more than normal. I found myself wondering more and more how a hard cock would feel and taste. I wondered about Richard’s dick. How big? Did it still get hard at his age. Would he cum a lot. I couldn’t ignore tingling in my groin.

What the hell, I thought, after tonight, you’ll never see the guy again. Since I had already changed, and Richard wanted to get into something more comfortable escort bayan gaziantep before we left to find something to eat. I suggested that I accompany him to his room with him while he changed. “It will save time,” I argued.

Richard finished his drink and placed his empty glass on the bar. His knee brushed my thigh as he spun his ass on his stool. I felt the pressure and my 80 year old cock thickened. “Good thinking,” he breathed. “Let’s go.”

When I turned and slipped off the stool I’ll swear, though it may have been an accident, he accidentally bumped into me from behind. I could have sworn I felt something hard in his pants. I hoped it was his cock.


(Before I go any further I think I should say something about myself. As I said I am 80 years young. I stand six feet one inch tall and I weigh a shade over two hundred pounds stripped. I have a modest gut that I try to keep pulled in. I have brown hair, gray eyes, and a nicely trimmed white beard. I have been told thatI’m not too bad looking.)



I needed to drain that drink. The idea of a man agreeing to come to my room had me flustered. How would I let him know I wanted to see him naked, look at his cock and balls, touch him, perhaps suck him? No, I couldn’t do that. Not tonight. I wasn’t ready for that. Better I jerk off when I read stories, look at naked men, dream only.

The instant it took for those thoughts to race through my mind made me hard. I got off the stool and my stiff dick brushed his ass. Damn, was that me? Was I horny for that big handsome man? What should I do next? Desire mixed with fear filled my mind as we rode the elevator to the 4th floor. The walk to my room was pure torture. I was afraid to get to get too close to him. My hand shook as I fumbled for the security card.

We walked in the room and I closed the door. “Why don’t you get us a couple of beers from the room cooler?” I removed my jacket and tie and put them on the hanger. I opened my shirt and wondered if you were looking at me. I kicked off my shoes. The pants came off and I folded them over the back of the chair. With my black bikini underwear showing more than I should I walked to my suitcase, opened it and removed a clean sport shirt. My dildo and KY jelly were clearly exposed but I don’t want to draw attention to them. I dropped the shirt over them and said, “I think I better take a leak.” I entered the bathroom. I pulled the bikinis down my thighs and pissed into the bowl.

I wondered if you’d been watching, if you knew what I felt, what I really wanted. I love holding my half hard cock in my hand. I love hearing the strong stream of piss splash the water in the toilet bowl. I wondered what your cock would look like standing across from me. I shake off the last drop. I turn to walk out of the bathroom starting to tug at my briefs.


(You sound like a big beautiful man. I’m 5′ 7″, 160 lbs., have a bit of a belly, clean shaven, gray on top, not too much body hair. Was at one time a nice thick seven inches which has lost about an inch in the last few years, still get hard and have a one spurt cum and then ooze.)



I saw the dildo and KY jelly in Richard’s suitcase. I tried not to let on. What a turn on. The man obviously was into some kind of anal auto erotic stimulation. My cock stretched and tingled in my briefs. My asshole tightened and quivered. I must confess; I am terribly anal. Over the years I have enjoyed my fingers and many objects I have inserted up the old dirt chute. In the past few years I have had the itch to enjoy a nice hard cock up there. So far, I havehad neither the opportunity nor the nerve to approach another man for sex.

What if he turned me down? What if he laughed and called me a queer or worse a sexual deviate? I knew not a single friend or acquaintance I could trust with my secret yens.

Richard, now stripped to his bikini briefs, had walked into the bath room. He hadn’t closed the door. My GOD! He had lowered those briefs and not twelve feet from my eyes, exposed his hairy balls and semi-hard, old man’s cock. I adjusted my cock in my pants so that it pointed upward and tented my jeans. I tried not to stare as he shook the last drop from a nicely expanded but not fully hard six inches.

As he turned to the bathroom sink, I said, “Maybe I should drain off a bit of my beer before we go.”

“Be my guest.”

I felt his eyes on me as I unzipped and pulled out my engorged but still flexible six inches. It took me forever to get the yellow stream going.


(There was a time, long ago, when my cock, I swear, was 8 inches, surrounded by curly, red hair. I could bend it back and the head would fit into my navel. Today I barely make it to six inches. The hair is kinky but not so curly anymore and half has turned white.)



While I washed my hands I checked the mirror reflecting Clark’s cock. I was afraid he might catch me staring. “It’s beautiful,” I thought, “now what do I do? Why did he stand so I could see it? Did he want me to look at him? I saw the kinky hair showing from his fly. I wanted to see his balls. I wanted to see the man naked and hard. My dick strained against my briefs. Finally I found the courage. “Excuse me for staring,” I said,” Nice looking dick. I’ll bet your lady really enjoys it”

Reaching for a towel. I turned towards him knowing my dick showed it’s cut head through the material. I ached to show it off. To take it out and hold it in my hands. To hold both our cocks in my hands. GOD! I was so fucking hot.

He’s so fucking good looking. His dick is so so fucking good looking. He’d make a great first time lover. Big and beautiful.

I stall while wiping my hands. My eyes were glued to his cock. I tried to think of other things to say. Suddenly I was afraid again. Had I gone too far? Would he he be angry? Would he hit me. Beat me up? Why did he stand there showing off his meat? He knew I was watching him. I wanted to run but my feet were frozen to the floor. I wanted to look at this mans cock. I want more than to just look. I wanted it.


My pubes are also kinky. I’ve never trimmed them so I’m bushy around my cock. Dark with white mixed in. My balls are a little hairy. Right now I’m hard Imagining us in the story. I’m going to look for some old guy pics to suck and jerk off to. Hope you had a good jerk today.)



I felt his eyes on me as I nervously shook away the last yellow drop. I saw the healthy lump in his briefs move, maybe throb. Was his cock growing? Was this an invitation? Was my dream coming true? How could I tell him that I would gladly suck his cock but I could never bring myself to kiss another man on the lips?

I saw that big, mushroom head beautifully outlined against the material of his briefs. I wondered how it would feel, forcing its way up my virgin ass. We avoided each other’s eyes but were fully aware of the other’s gaze. I moved to reluctantly put my cock away and zip up.

“Please don’t.” Richard’s voice was almost a whisper. I was not sure I heard him correctly.

My heart stopped. I caught my breath. “What did you say?”

“I’m sorry. I should not have said that.”

I licked my dry lips. “I thought you said, ‘Please don’t.””

“I’m not really queer. I swear. It’s that. . . I sometimes get. . . You know?”


Richard nodded.

I shrugged, “What the hell. Me too.” I fumbled with my belt, unbuttoned the waistband and unzipped my fly. My pants fell to my ankles. I shoved my briefs down to join them. I suddenly felt very cold and shivered My cock pointed approximately straight out. While I am not circumcised I do have a short foreskin and when at rest the head peeks out and it looks much like a oversized acorn. I reached down and and retracted the skin to behind the head. “See anything you like?”

I watched him lower his briefs and reveal once more, this time face on, I saw his beautiful hard-on rising above his hairy balls.


There we stood, two men, naked from the waist down. Our rampant, hard cocks pointed upward. Both appeared hypnotized at the others honest, revelation of the forbidden.

I was seeing, in the flesh, for the first time in my life, another man’s throbbing hard cock. And he was doing it for me.

I don’t know how long we stood like that before we closed the few steps separating us. Our arms went around each others waists and the two hands of each cupped the spare, rounded buttocks of the other until we were pressed hard cock to hard cock.

Clark was taller than me so his cock pressed into my belly and I definitely felt the velvet smooth head of his hot cock caress my navel. The circumcised head of mine seemed to be trapped at the base of his hard shaft and was definitely being tickled by the kinky hairs on his tightened ball sac.

I loved his hands on my ass, squeezing my tight globes, molding them with his fingers. I wondered if he would part the cheeks and go for my hole with his fingers. I was certainly willing to do the same for him.

“I’ve never done this before,” whispered Clark as if he were in total awe and disbelief of what was happening.

“Me neither,” I confessed, “but I’ve wanted to.”

“Your ass feels good,” said Clark.

“It surely does,”I said, “especially with your roaming hands exploring so nicely back there.”

“Should I go further?”

I moaned as he parted my cheeks. “That’s totally up to you.”


I wanted his asshole. I wanted to shove my hard cock up his tender rosette. I hoped he wanted to do me. I ran a stiff, middle finger up the furrowed cleft. He moaned as my finger crossed the puckered indentation. I remembered the hastily covered dildo and KY lubricant in his suitcase. He certainly would not be averse to a strange finger up the old shit chute.

Still, I did not want to ruin what was turning into a night I had only dreamed about in lonely jackoff sessions. “I don’t want to spoil what was turning into everything I think I’ve missed,” I said. “How far do you want this to go?”

Richard’s head rested on my chest. I felt his hot breath and then his tongue on my left nipple. His finger pressed into my crack and tickled my tender hole. “Just as far as you want it to. I just want you to know I am not into pain.”

“That would be an absolute last on my agenda.”

“Good. What do you want to do to me?”

“I don’t think I could ever kiss a man but I sure would like to play with your cock.”

“I want to suck you.”

“That too.”

“You can fuck my ass if you want to,”said Richard.

“”I’m curious to know what a hard cock feels like up mine,” I confessed.

This is going to be a long beautiful night,” said Richard. “Let’s move to the bed.


We stepped back a step. Immediately, our fingers closed on each others bobbing, hard cock. Without letting go, we led each other to the bed and lay head to cock where we played an adult form of the ancient kid’s game of doctor.

“You’ve got a nice one,” I said.

“Doesn’t get as big as it used to,” said Carl, “Or as hard.” He watched my thumb and forefinger move slowly up and down his cock.

On the upstroke, I brought the excess foreskin over a swollen, purple head. I nodded. “Mine either. That’s one of the drawbacks of old age.”

“Ain’t it the truth?”

“You have a nice stand of cock hairs,” I said.

“So do you.”

“Mine’s not as thick and curly as it used to be. And there’s some gray mixed in.”

“Adds character,” said Carl.”

“Balls are hairy too. Nice, masculine look.” I scratched his testicles. “You like to play with your balls?”

“My balls were always very sensitive.”

“A man has to really trust another person to let him play with his balls.” I gently cupped and caressed the man’s hairy sac.

“Jesus!” groaned CLARK. “That tickles so fucking good.”

“I think you’re getting harder.”

“Jesus! Who wouldn’t?”

I maneuvered the loose foreskin up over the swollen head and then back. “What would you like to do now?”

Clark wrapped his fingers around my shorter but thicker cock. He gently rubbed his thumb over the ever so tightly stretched, satin soft corona.

“Jezzuz!” I breathed. “My hand never feels this good when I do it myself.”

“For the past year,” confessed Clark, I’ve found myself, on on my computer, looking at old guys cocks more than I do women’s pussies. They hold a deep fascination I can’t explain.”

I nodded. “Me too.”

“For a long time now, I’ve wished for someone I could trust, a man, to suck my cock, play with my ass.”

I swallowed hard, then going for broke, I swallowed at least half his throbbing cock.


MY GOD! A man was swallowing my cock and while not exactly sure when it happened, my own mouth was filled with Richard’s solid shaft and my tongue was moving over the wet velvet hood of his cock head.

Save for the single salty drop of his slick precum, his cock was tasteless. I worked my tongue at the small piss hole and found he was doing he same to me. I squeezed his cock in my fist.

I felt the throbbing before the first jet of his bitter tasting cum shot onto my tongue. I swallowed as the second spurt hit the the back of my throat.

Then. . . I. . .I went off like a Roman Candle. As I tightened my ass cheeks for the first burst, I realized there was a long finger up my ass, massaging my prostate.


I was afraid he would taste awful. He didn’t. I thought he might be turned off by my fingering his back hole. He wasn’t. I hadn’t really meant to invade that place. I honestly believed he impaled himself and enjoyed it.


I looked up at Richard and licked my lips. “That was desert. What say we go eat?”

Richard said, “Food?”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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