Morning Shower

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The water is hot, it feels good. Last night was mostly a blur, flashes of images, things that don’t make a lot of sense. I feel fine, maybe a little dizzy, but nothing too bad. I close my eyes and let the water hit my face and run down the front of me. I feel like I’m going to pass out, still tired and the hot water is lulling me into a daze. I’m just about to doze off when the sound of the door opening pulls me from near sleep.

“Sorry, someone is in here buddy!” I yell out, my eyes still closed. The shower curtain opens and a naked man stands before me. He is skinny like me, but with a bit more weight. His body hair is neatly trimmed, his pubic region bald. His cock was flaccid but long. He was uncut, something I’m not totally used to. I want to be angry at him for interrupting my shower, but I couldn’t stop staring at his cock. It grew more firm as I stared at it.

Without a word, he stepped into the shower. I stood in shock and intrigue. My cock was growing hard very fast. He reached out and lightly ran his hand over my rock hard meat. I shuddered in a mixture of fear and excitement. His hand felt smooth, gentle on my quivering member. His cock was fully erect now. Maybe 8-9 inches in length, thick, but not too thick. His balls were large and bald. My head was filled with dirty thoughts, my mouth wet with hunger.

He grabbed my arm and spun me around, pushing me against the wall. His meat stick pressed against my ass hole and I gasped. I shook Ankara bayan escort my head no and he laughed a bit. The cock slid hard against my ass hole then down, sliding between my legs. His pubic bone rested on my ass, the shaft of his cock rubbing my taint while the head popped out beside my balls. I reached down and tickled underneath his bulbous head. He started rubbing his massive meat back and forth, massaging my taint with his shaft. His hand reached down and gripped my cock.

He started stroking me hard. My hips shot back and I was pressing firmly against his body. It felt good. Our wet skin rubbing against each other, his pubic bone slamming against my ass hole, everything about the situation was driving me crazy. I moaned out loud, gripping his cock firmly in my hand. He pulls my hair back and locks onto my neck with his lips. His tongue swipes over the flesh on my neck. Waves of ecstasy wash over me. I start to shake in desire.

“FUCK MY ASS!” I scream out. My desire had taken control of me and lust filled my body. I wanted to feel his hard cock inside me, fucking me. I’d never felt like this before, but this was true, this was what I needed.

“First you have to get it slippery.” He said, spinning me around. I was face to face with him. He embraced me and I started to kiss his neck. Slowly, I moved down his body, kissing his skinny frame, feeling his flesh under my lips. He was moaning in delight as I moved lower and lower. My Escort bayan Ankara tongue traced back and forth over the taught skin on his stomach. I reached his pubic bone, just inches from his throbbing hard cock, his freshly shaved skin smooth under my wanting lips. I kiss lower, the hot water running down his body, washing over my face as I get closer and closer to his cock. I reach the base of the shaft. I hesitate for a second, nervous about what I’m going to do, but I dive in. I let the hard, wet flesh drag across my cheek. Soon I reach his engorged head. My tongue dances over the head, his body going taught with desire. His hands find their way to my head and he pushes my face down, the thick shaft sliding into my wet mouth.

The head filled my mouth, but he was gentle. He didn’t go too deep, allowing me to control how much of his tasty meat I let in my mouth. At first I’m slow, feeling it in my mouth. I let my tongue dance as much as it can. As I start to bob more, he pushes deeper, shoving the head against the back of my throat. I gag and he lets go. I spit a large amount of thick saliva over the shaft and start stroking it vigorously. He moans more and more and my hand manipulates the beautiful member.

“I can’t take this anymore!” he yells out, lifting me to my feet. He spins me around, gets on his knees and starts licking my ass hole. His hand plays with my balls as he licks my little sensitive rim. His face feels so good buried in between Bayan escort Ankara my skinny little ass cheeks. I start to moan out as loud as he was. Waves of extreme pleasure wash over me, consuming my body. He stops suddenly and stands. His hard cock presses against my tight little hole. I feel pressure and then it breaks in. My ass feels full but good. I push back, burying the cock deeper inside me. At first he’s slow but soon he’s fucking me hard.

“Fuck me, oh god, FUCK ME!” I scream as his cock violates my ass over and over again. His body presses against mine and we start to make out as he fucks my hole. His tongue pushes inside my mouth and I let out a muffled moan. I can feel him tensing up more and more, his orgasm is imminent. I feel the cock let go, thick spurts of hot liquid fill my bowels. I can feel it convulsing inside me, his teeth bite down on my neck as he finishes his climax. I feel the large member go a little flaccid. Very gently, he pulls the defeated cock from my ass hole. After a moment of panting, he starts to kiss down my back.

Once again, he starts licking my ass hole; his cum slowly drips out of my ass. He laps up the thick semen while he strokes my cock. I cannot control myself anymore. My cock explodes in his had and he makes his best effort to catch it. Standing up, with a handful of my jizz, he starts to make out with me. He holds the cum dripping hand over our mouths and we lap it up as it drips down. Our tongues lap in unison, the hot liquid lubricating out kisses. The salty fluid slides down my throat and I start to pass out. He catches me. I wake up in my bed a few minutes later, laying on his stomach. We make out a few more times, exchange numbers then part ways.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32