Morning Shower Fun

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Steven opened his eyes. It was dark and his eyes adjusted to the room around him. Groggily he reached for his phone on his desk. Switching it on, he was alarmed by the time. 6:30! He had to be at work in half an hour. Why didn’t the alarm he had set go off. No time to worry about that now, he didn’t want to be late for his first day of his job as a barista.

He scrambled out of bed and ran to the bathroom. His mom and dad weren’t up yet, so there wouldn’t be a queue for the shower. Just as he reached the bathroom, he saw his sister Jess coming down the hallway.

“You better not be going in there Steve,” she said threateningly. Steven laughed and ran into the bathroom and shut the door. Jess ran and slammed on the door. “Come on, don’t be a jerk, I have to be at my new job in twenty minutes.”

From the other side, Steve stood with his back to the door. He didn’t want her bursting in as he was pulling his boxers off. “I can’t help you, I’m in the same boat. My first shift starts at the same time. My boss will kill me.”

“You can’t be serious? You think making coffee is more important than me working at a law firm. I’m actually making a difference with my life, not just saving up to buy more beer for my friends when we have parties.”

“No can do, sis. I was in here first. You’re just going to have to be quicker next time.” Steve felt like he had won. Jess had fallen silent and he was sure she was going to walk away. He wasn’t game enough to leave the door unattended just yet. He hadn’t had time to lock the door yet and he knew that any sound of movement would have his sister crashing through it.

“Steve, I have an idea. It’ll sound crazy, but I think it will help both of us. That shower is pretty big and I’m sure we could both fit in there back to back. We could shower at the same time. It might be a bit awkward at first, but we both are in a hurry and this will solve our mutual problem.” She wait a moment while he thought about her proposal. She could almost hear this brain working. “Every second you think about it is holding us up.”

Steven wasn’t actually thinking about Jess’ suggestion. He was actually thinking about her body and what it would be like to shower with her. The idea didn’t gross him out at all. Quite the opposite actually. Jess had quite a good body. She was slim and cute. She stood at about five foot five and had an amazing ass. Once he had come across one of her bras in the bathroom and noted that she her boobs were 36B. To him, that was an good size.

“Okay, I think I can work with that,” Steven said as he stepped away from the door. Behind him, Jess opened the door and stepped in. He had only caught a glimpse of what she was wearing before she quickly ducked into the bathroom. She had on a small grey tank top and matching panties that didn’t leave much to the imagination.

“You gotta promise not to look. I didn’t offer to be your peep show.” Steven nodded dumbly at his older sister’s words. “Now you get in first. I’ll turn around while you take your boxers off.”

“But that means you’re going to see my ass when you get in.”

“I’d rather that than you perving on me if we did it the other way around.” Steven groaned as his sister turned around. He quickly stripped off his boxers and turned toward the shower recess. He was actually glad they were going to do this back to back, his cock was starting to swell from seeing his sister in her panties.

“Okay, I’m in the shower. Do you want me to turn it on?” He heard a murmur in the affirmative and started to warm up the water. Steven felt the air change as his sister walked in behind him and shut the shower door behind him. Suddenly he was very aware that she had seen his ass and was weirdly self-conscious. He had never felt that way with his body around any other girl. This time it felt different somehow. Again, he felt a surge in his cock and was glad Jess couldn’t see his cock.

Jess, however, had got straight to work washing herself. She didn’t even have time to think about how her body had reacted to seeing her brother’s naked back and ass. It had done something to her though. Steven had muscular shoulders from all the working out he did and had a surprisingly taut ass. The sight had made her a tad wet, but in the shower and with his back to her, Steven had no idea. A brief thought of how he might be feeling had flashed in her mind, but the fear of being late had soon taken over and forced to her to quicken her pace and finish washing herself. She was done in record time and quickly gotten out of the shower.

“Thanks for warming it up for me, that saved a bit of time for me. I gotta dash though. See you later on.” Jess grabbed a towel and decided to dry herself off in her room, in case Steven got the idea to take a glimpse of her if she did it in here.

Steven on the other hand had almost all but ignored what his sister had just said. He was dealing with his own problem. While he wasn’t fully hard, his cock had decided to have half an erection. It mainly had to do with the proximity to a naked girl, sex izle and the taboo nature just added to it. He willed his cock to go down because there was no way he had enough time to deal with it. By the time it had gone down, he realised how much time had passed and rushed to his room to get dressed for work.


That day at their respective jobs, both Steven and Jess had their heads in the clouds. They both had enough mindfulness to pay attention to learning about what they had to do, but somewhere in the back of their minds there were thoughts about what had happened that morning. They both tried really hard to suppress the feelings of arousal that they had felt in the shower. They were siblings after all. There was no way that they were attracted to one another. But when Steven thought about seeing his sister’s soft thighs before he turned around to get in the shower stirred something he hadn’t felt for a girl before. And when Jess’ mind wandered back to seeing her Steven’s muscled back and how strong he must be, she couldn’t help but want to know what it would feel like to be held in his arms.

That night when they were home, Steven and Jess avoided each other for a while. Even though they had spent their entire day thinking about what had happened that morning, neither knew that about the other. Even during the family dinner they were quiet. Their parents didn’t seem to notice as they were too busy gossiping about the people each of them worked with.

Later in the evening, Steven was sitting on his bed, looking at pictures of his Jess on Facebook. She really did have an amazing body and wasn’t afraid to show it off in pictures of her in a bikini. There was a soft knock at the door, which startled him slightly. He quickly closed the app and beckoned the visitor in.

It was Jess. She was wearing a pair of loose shorts and t-shirt. Without a bra, Steven noticed. “Hey Steve, I wanted to talk about this morning,” she said as she sat on the side of his bed.

“I know, it’ll never happen again. I promise. I’ll take a shower the night before so that we won’t clash. Please don’t be ma-” Jess stopped before he could go on any further. As she looked at him now, she thought how cute and innocent he could be.

“It’s okay,” she giggled, “that’s not why I came in here. I actually have another idea that will help us both with our early start times. From now on, we’ll just do what we did this morning.” Steven looked at her with shock, and maybe a little bit of suspicion. “It’s okay, I’m not trying to trick you or anything. We both have to get to work early and let’s face it, a morning shower is better than a night one. Mom and dad won’t know because they don’t get up until later anyway.”

Steven sat there stunned for a moment. He had gotten such a thrill from showering with Jess, but didn’t want to sound too eager in case she thought he was a creep. But something about how she said it made him think that she was eager to relive the feeling of their shared shower. “Okay, I’ll do it. Just as long as you don’t peek.”

Jess just poked out her tongue and walked out of his room. Steven was just left there to think about what that cheeky look meant. He also wondered how great it would feel to squeeze her cute little butt.


Even though they hadn’t agreed on a time to meet in the bathroom, both siblings had woken up early. Their anticipation had made sleep nearly impossible. Jess lay in bed with butterflies in her stomach. She had made up her mind that she was going to try and be as sexy as she could for Steven. Just to tease him, mind you. She didn’t want him to get the wrong idea. She was still his sister after all. Maybe there was a part of her that wanted to take it a bit further, but she was worried how he would feel about that.

When she heard him open his door down the hall, Jess slipped softly out of bed. The night before she decided she would wear a slinky little tank top and a thong. The one she was wearing was soft pink and framed her butt cheeks perfectly. She was quite proud of what she had chosen and knew that she would draw Steven’s eyes to all the right places.

Her bedroom was closer to the bathroom, so she waited a moment before stepping into the hallway. When she did, she got an eyeful of her younger brother. He was just wearing a pair of boxers, so everything was on display. He had quite a well defined chest from all the working out and weights that he did, as well as quite big biceps. That was something she really liked on a guy. As she looked at him, Jess felt her nipples stiffen against her tank. That sensation caused a shiver of excitement to run over her.

They both smiled as they caught each other’s eye. Steven let Jess go into the bathroom first and she nodded in thanks. She felt his eyes on her ass and was glad of her choice of her panties. She was sure it was having the desired effect on Steven. As they both stood in the bathroom, there was a nervous tension in the air. Yesterday they had felt nothing, but there was a feeling of expectation this time alt yazılı porno around.

“I guess since you were so nice yesterday, I’ll go ahead and warm up the water for you this morning,” she said. Jess was standing closer to the shower than Steven anyway. “Now turn around so I can get naked.” Steven did so, taking one last look at his sexy older sister.

Jess was going to leave her clothes on the ground near the shower recess, but came up with a naughty idea. She was facing her brother, so she knew there was no way he could see her. They were both facing away from the bathroom mirror, so he couldn’t even get a glimpse of her that way. She took off her tank top and threw in on the ground past her brother, but in his line of sight. “I don’t want my clothes getting wet now,” she said with a giggle. She slid of the thong and kicked that in the same direction. Steven just stared at it when it landed.

Jess walked into the shower and adjusted the water so it was nice and warm. Despite that warmth, her nipples were as hard as she’d ever felt them. The water flowed down her perky breasts and over her flat stomach to the v between her legs. She felt something incredibly sensual and arousing about the way things were playing out. There was a dull throb between her legs as she waited for her brother to get in the shower. She slowly put one hand between her legs and touched her bare pussy for just a moment, relishing the thrill of her younger brother potentially catching her in the act. “I’m in and turned around,” she called out softly.

Steven walked in and closed the door. His view of Jess was almost more than he could handle. He turned around and took a deep breath. His cock had already begun to grow and he didn’t want his older sister to see it and freak out. He went for the soap, but it was at the exact time that Jess went for it. His shoulder grazed against hers and he immediately recoiled, although the softness of her shoulder would be something he would savour.

“Oh, I’m sorry. You go ahead and use it.”

“Thanks Steve,” Jess didn’t feel as bad about their brief moment of contact. She was hoping it would happen, having taken a few steps backward so they were closer than ever. She was a tiny bit hurt that he had moved away as quickly as he did. She decided she would need to ramp up the teasing.

“Say brother dearest,” she said in her most girly voice, “I was wondering if you could perhaps help me wash my hair. It’s not all that often that you get an extra set of hands to make sure you don’t miss any spots.”

“Um, are y-you sure you want me to do it?” Steven stammered.

“Well of course I’m sure. I did just ask you.”

“How do you want me to do it?”

“Just turn around and I’ll hand you the shampoo bottle. I’ll still face this way okay?” Steven turned around and Jess handed him the bottle over her shoulder. Steven was so thankful that his cock was not fully hard or he would be poking his sister in the lower back. He squirted a liberal amount of the shampoo into his hand and went to work on Jess’ wavy brown hair. He hadn’t had any experience washing someone else’s hair, but he soon got the hang of it. He made sure to get it all.

When he was done, Jess leaned her head back and rinsed all the shampoo out. Without meaning to, but still not doing anything to avoid it, Steven saw Jess’ boobs over her shoulder. He was amazed at how hard her dark nipples were and he felt that familiar surging in his cock once more. She was standing quite close to him and they were almost touching.

“Can you do one more thing for me? I need to you to soap my back. That’d be a big help.” Before Steven could even respond, Jess passed him the soap. He took it and stepped back so he could soap her up. His hands worked magically across her spine and lower back. Jess cooed softly at how good it felt and wasn’t at all shy about the wetness coming from her pussy. “My sides too please,” she asked and Steven tentatively started washing the sides of her lower torso. “A bit higher please?” Steven only moved his hands an inch up. Fed up with the slow process, Jess grabbed both his hands from behind and moved them up so they were touching the sides of her boobs. He made a move like he wanted to pull away, but Jess just tightened her grip and moved his hands onto her boobs proper.

Steven grabbed them once quickly before pushing off her and saying “I gotta go.” He turned and quickly ran out of the bathroom. Jess was sure that she felt a full on erection pressed into her ass before he left. Tomorrow she would make her move.


Steven was in a daze for his entire shift at the coffee shop. He was forgetting orders and more than once, his boss Evan had to tell him to pay attention to what he was doing. But he couldn’t help it. He couldn’t drag his mind away from what had happened during that morning’s shower. Even though he had gone into it hoping something like that would happen, he realised he wasn’t as prepared for it as he thought he was. That’s why he had left so suddenly. altyazılı sex izle Not because he thought it was wrong.

If anything it had felt incredibly right. Standing so close to his naked sister, holding her body, and smelling her freshly cleaned hair had turned him on more than he had ever been before. His cock had been so hard as he ran from the bathroom, bobbing up and down with every step. When he got back to his room, he had hurriedly jerked off, the thought of Jess’ soft breasts still implanted in his mind. He had squeezed them ever so softly before leaving and wished he had stayed longer to prolong that feeling. Now as he thought about it, he felt his cock grow once more and had to excuse himself to the staff bathroom in order to jerk off. The next shower they had, he would do that. He was just hoping there would be a next time.


When Steven woke up the next morning, he was unsure if Jess would want to have a shower with him again. The night before they had barely spoken to each other and Jess had gone to bed quite early. When he had walked past her room on the way to his own room, her door had been closed. That was something she never did.

He lay in bed for a second, staring at the ceiling. He decided to get up and go have a shower. If Jess wanted to come join him, she would. If not, he would be ready for work extra early. As he started to walk down the hallway though, Steven heard the door to his sister’s room open. She walked out and winked at him. She was wearing something even more risqué than the morning before. She was wearing a nightie that was see-through and no panties whatsoever. The top was tented by her hard nipples and it stopped only just past her crotch. With every step that she took, Steven could see her bare pussy.

She slipped into the bathroom before he could even get there and he quickened his pace. As he walked in, Jess motioned for him to close the bathroom door. When he had done that, he turned back to see his older sister pulling her sexy nightie over her head. His eyes widened as she walked toward him. His cock was now rock hard and tenting in his boxers. It would have been pointless to try and hide it considering how obvious it was.

Jess giggled as she stood in front of him. “You certainly seem pleased to see me like this, little bro,” she purred as she stroked his chest, “I only got to feel it for the shortest time yesterday, but this morning I want to see your cock in all it’s glory.”

With that, she stripped Steven’s boxers off so quickly he barely realised it. He couldn’t believe it. He was standing absolutely naked in front of his sister, who was crouched down with his rock hard cock inches away from her face. He could feel Jess’ warm breath on his cock and he wished that she would just lean forward and suck on it.

Instead, she jumped up and twirled around, heading for the shower recess. She grabbed his hand and led him toward the shower. “I think it’s time that I gave you a wash, in return for the good job you did yesterday,” she turned and started the shower. Steven was emboldened by his sister’s approval at what was occurring and grabbed her ass. He had wanted to do this for the longest time and when Jess gave no objection, he started to massage it.

Once the water had warmed up, Jess walked in and pulled Steven in with her. As the water fell over them, he cautiously gave her a kiss. He was surprised when he was greeted not with resistance, but soft passion. Her tongue snaked out and entered his mouth, sucking on his own. Steven moaned with soft delight. The taboo nature of the kiss was turning him on in a situation where he thought he was already at his limit. Jess was able to feel his muscular chest that she had admired over the last couple of mornings. Slowly, her hands explored lower and lower until she was grabbing his thick cock. She cooed as she stroked it in her hands and was glad that Steven was no longer uptight about doing this with her anymore. She knew that he had lusted after her, but that he also had held back.

Steven was moaning into her shoulder as he was kissing her neck, and Jess knew that he was getting close to cumming. She didn’t want this to be too quick, so she slowed down and let go. She reached for the bar of soap and began washing her brother’s body, savouring the time she was spending on his chest. While she was doing this, she guided Steven’s hand down to her pussy. “While I’m cleaning you, you may as well give me some relief.”

Steven slowly inserted two fingers into her pussy. He couldn’t believe how tight she was. He slowly started to pump his fingers in and out as Jess began to lose her attention in washing his chest. She was moaning quite loudly as he increased his speed and tried to muffle the noise with her hand. Steven was pleased with himself, but was now glaringly aware of how hard his cock was.

Much to her surprise, Steven lifted Jess into his arms. She squealed softly and giggled as she caught his eye. “I guess we’re going to do this,” she said and Steven nodded with a grin. She reached down between her legs and positioned her younger brother’s cock into the entrance of her pussy. Steven slowly lowered her and they both moaned as she was entered by his throbbing cock. He held her in his strong arms as he thrust his cock into her tight pussy.

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