Morning Sex

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Big Tits

It’s the weekend and we have been hanging out in bed all morning watching movies and cuddling. Our hands have been kind of roaming the last couple of minutes. A nipple pinch here, a cock rub there, everything playful and light.

You look at me and say your going to be right back don’t move.

As you walk into to the closet I can’t resist from grabbing myself. My penis is kind of hard and wants to be free. I hear you moving stuff and I can only see fragments of what is going on through the crack of the open door. I have one hand stroking myself and the other cupping my balls thinking about bending you over.

I hear the door open and you have put on your black lingerie. You stand in the doorframe with a wicked look in your eye that is sexy and powerful. I can’t believe what I see. I can hardly guess at what you are wanting to do.

You walk over to me, I hear the piercing hits of your high heels hitting the floor. Your strong legs looking even better in your shoes. Your breasts bouncing, the look in your eye hasn’t changed. With your hands on your hips, your feet slightly wider than shoulder width, a stance of power and domination.

“Take off your clothes,” you command. There is no way I will argue with this.

I take my clothes off as fast as I can and continue laying on the bed. You open the side table of fun and my eyes never leave you. You have full control of me and I have trust in you. Tekirdağ Escort

You hand me a sleeping mask and tell me to put it on.

“Today, you will do everything I say or you will be punished. The punishments will start off low and build the more you disobey me.”

The look in your eyes mean business. This intensity and power you are exuding is such a turn on. The control of the room and no second guessing has put me in my place and I am at your mercy.

All I can do with your command is to just nod.

“Now, get on all fours and show me your ass. You have some punishments from before to owe up too,” as you snap the paddle against your thigh.

I jump up off my back and into my knees. The mask still covering my eyes. Not seeing on top of not being in control is wild. Bring your slave is a big change of pace. All I can think about is…

Smack, “10” the paddle has hit my ass and I flinch a little bit.

Smack, “9” you hit the same spot; my head is clear and all I can think about at this time is the stinging.

Smack, “8” the paddle has made the word sexy raise on my skin. My head is hanging feeling the sting.

“We will finish these as we go. Lay on your back with your head on the edge. You are going to need to get comfy…”

And with the direction that was given I find my new position on the bed. I’m not sure what to do with my arms Tekirdağ Escort Bayan so I put them along my sides. I just want to take off the mask; not knowing what is going to happen is driving me crazy. My ass cheeky is bound to be red with three “sexy” words stamped on me.

You see me settle into my new position and straddle my face. Your lace covered pussy smells so good. I feel the edge of the paddle circling my chest. I know I need to keep licking to not get a smacking. I still have a few left. You reach down to your pussy and pull the material to the side so I can taste you. You put both of your hands on my chest for better support. Now it’s time to smother me. You are grinding yourself on my face. You are placing yourself where you want to be kicked and sucked upon. The speed of movement is increasing along with your moaning.

Smack “7” I feel the stinging on my thigh. The pain doesn’t bother me because you never leave your rhythm.

You reach for my cock to give it a stroke, “You better not cum; I will tell you when.”

As you say this you look down and my mask has fallen off.

“Back on all fours, we have a few paddles to give out. You have been so bad. “

Smack, smack, smack, in quick secession. “If you are a good boy you will only have four left. Now you are going to want to relax.”

I feel one hand on my cock stroking it and a finger go into Escort Tekirdağ my butt. Once one finger is easy so move in and out another one is put in.

“Remember there isn’t any cunning allowed. You don’t want to know what will happen…”

And with that I feel the cold glass dildo touch my sphincter. I breathe out to try and relax to allow this into me. I feel the curvature of it. Your hand never stops stroking my hard cock.

You are slow with the dildo allowing me to get used to it. My breathing is speeding up. The two sensations feel great, almost overwhelming. You can hear my orgasm getting closer.

“Not yet, flip onto your back,” as you take the dildo out of me and take your thong off, “I want you before you get off.”

You climb onto of me and grab my cock, rubbing your wet pussy and clit with it. I can’t believe how wet you are and with on swift movement my cock fill you. Your head is thrown back in relief as this is what you were needing. You lean back and start tuning your clit and pinching your nipples. Your eyes and closed as you ride up and down. Your just feeling the sensations. Your breathing is quickening with each pinch and rub. I can hardly contain my self and I watch you. The sexual power you have been displaying has been incredible.

Watching you get yourself off on my as your own personal toy is too much and when you have fully engulfed me I cum every ounce that is in my body. Only moments later with moans of pure please you get off. Your legs are shaking as you are coming down from the high of the orgasm.

“I didn’t say you could cum yet. As punishment, I will be sitting on your face. I am expecting another orgasm. We will finish the paddlings next time.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32