Morning News Ch. 05

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One of our multimedia correspondents, Meghan, who had started with us right out of college and been on staff for about three years, had decided to move on to greener pastures. As we typically did for departing staff, we had a going away party. Some of these were fairly mundane affairs, cake and punch in the break room, but some were more elaborate if the person had been with us a long time, or was particularly well liked. Meghan fell into the latter category, as she had made friends quickly, and was well regarded for her good reporting.

Paige, ever the party girl, had made arrangements at a local place for a private room, where we’d have cake, drinks, music and dancing. One of the great things about being in broadcasting, is that there is always someone who can DJ, and we always have the equipment to make it happen. Thus it was, on a Friday night, we were all at Meghan’s going away party.

I was helping Paige with the event, after which the plan was to go back to my house for a little after party fun. As the party wound down, Meghan, who had been having a good time and didn’t want to leave til she had seen everyone off, was left with Paige and me as our sound man/DJ broke down his equipment.

“So, what are you guys doing after this??” asked Meghan.

Paige and I looked at each other. She had dressed to tease me, in a short, shimmery party dress that gave me a good view of her large braless tits as she moved around the party. It was working-I’d been in various stages of hardness all night, and was now anxious to get her home for some relief. Meghan picked up on our reluctance to answer, then a look of realization came over her face.

“Oh, you’re…wait, Tom, aren’t you seeing Laura??” I looked at Paige.

“Yes, we’ve been known to go on a date occasionally.” We’d been trying to keep that fact under the radar, probably too much to expect in a place full of people who make their living asking questions and investigating things. “Rumors got out, I guess.”

Meghan smiled. “You know how hard it is to keep a secret around here.”

I laughed. “True.”

Paige, who’d had one or two more drinks than she really should have, piped up. “Tom and I date once in a while too,” she said, looking at Meghan. Paige looked at me. “Sometimes all three of us go out together.” Both of us looked at Meghan, checking to see if she was connecting the dots.

Suddenly, Meghan’s eyes got big as she realized the implication. “Ohhhh…” Meghan was wearing a black skirt and a dark red silk top. I could see her nipples poking out as they stiffened under it. Paige and I realized right away we had a winner.

“Want to come back with us?? We’re going back to Tom’s place for a nightcap.”

Meghan thought a moment, then smiled. “Sure. Want me to follow you??”

“Yeah,” said Paige. “But let me give you his address, in case we lose you.” We swapped info, and we were headed to my house.

Paige rode with me as Meghan followed. “That worked out pretty well,” said Paige as we drove. I had my hand on her thigh as soon as we got in the car. I was already rubbing up under Paige’s short dress, hoping to find very little between my probing fingers and the blonde honey pot I knew was waiting for me.

“How’s that??” I asked.

“I’ve been wanting to get with her for a long time. I just hadn’t figured out how to approach it.” I rubbed up higher, finding a thin pair of panties. They didn’t have much coverage, as I could feel Paige’s blonde curls outside the leg band. I love a hairy pussy, especially when it isn’t completely contained. Paige knows this, and wears her panties to tease.

“You just need to find the right moment. Sometimes, it gets handed to you.” I looked over at Paige, who was starting to slide down in the seat to give me better access. I slipped my middle finger inside her panties, playing in her pubes for a moment before finding her already open and moistening twat.

“Yeah, but I thought it was never going to happen.” I slid a finger inside her. “Mmmm…” said Paige tipsily. “You’re going to make me come. I’m going to come all over your hand.”

“Did you ever think of just coming on to her??” I poked in and out of Paige, making her squirm.

“I did, but she never really gave me a signal that she was receptive. Given all the furor over harassment these days, I didn’t want to do anything that might be seen as unwelcome or aggressive.” I rolled my thumb and middle finger over her clit, making her jump.

“Yeah, I can see where you wouldn’t want to make any unwelcome advances. It worked out, though, like a ‘Hail Mary’ pass with ten seconds left in a tight game. So you’ll get your wish after all.”

Paige winced as I put some pressure on her clit. “Oh, that feels so good!!” Paige looked at me, slightly glazed over. “And you didn’t want her??” I rubbed over Paige’s clit again.

“I do find her attractive, but also never seemed to get the right moment. I might have approached her, but, like you, no signals, and also it occurred to me it might seem creepy for almost 60 year old me to come Ankara Escort on to 25 year old Meghan.” I put two fingers inside Paige, still applying pressure with my thumb to her clit. That did it, and she cried out, hips thrusting, as she came on my hand. She grabbed my arm, and put her face into my shoulder, biting it.

“You drive me crazy,” said Paige, catching her breath. She laid her head on my shoulder as I drove. She kissed me sloppily as we waited for a traffic light. “I can’t wait for you to fuck me,” she said quietly into my ear, giggling as we pulled away from each other when the light changed. Paige after a few too many drinks was sounding like a different girl. I might have to get her tipsy more often.

“That’s fair. You’ve been making me crazy in that dress all night.” We arrived at my house, Meghan right behind, and I let us in.

Once in the house, I got everyone a glass of Bailey’s, and we settled in the living room. I toasted Meghan, saying that while we were sad to see her go, we wished her success in her future, and we’d miss her. Meghan smiled and thanked me, kissing me gently on the lips. I said she was most welcome, and we really were going to miss her, and I had enjoyed working with her on those way too early remotes from some accident scene somewhere, or in a snowstorm, which freaked out most of our staff who were not used to heavy weather in our southern town.

Meghan laughed, then kissed me again, a little longer this time. “Yeah, I hated doing those, it was so cold. Didn’t seem to bother you, though.”

I hugged her as we sat on the sofa. Meghan was showing me more interest than she had in the past three years, and I was going to make the most of it. She didn’t seem to be resisting; in fact, her kisses were getting more insistent. “I’m from up north. I can do snow. When I lived in upstate New York, we had over 100″ a year. This is a piece of cake.”

Meghan looked at me with her big dark eyes. “I always did feel safe when we did those awful location pieces, and you were driving. I could tell you knew what you were doing. It felt like you were really looking out for me, too.” Meghan kissed me again. I felt Paige sliding up next to me, then she reached over and hugged both of us.

“Poor baby, had to go out in the snow,” Paige teased.

“Hey, we’re not all from Chicago,” Meghan shot back. “Some of us come from warm places, where we’re not freezing our butts off 8 months out of the year.”

We all laughed, and I got us another round. We talked some more, then Paige gave a toast similar to mine, ending with a wish that we could get together in the future, wherever our lives took us.

“I know where I want life to take us right now,” said Meghan, kissing me, then Paige on the cheek. She stood up, and I could see she had lost her bra on the way over, her nipples now poking prominently through her top. She’d also opened up a button since we left the party, and was showing a bit of cleavage from her B cup tits, her dark skin contrasting against the red of her top. Paige and I stood as well, Meghan taking us by the hand. The hall to the master in my house is easy to follow, and she had no problem finding her way, Paige and me in tow.

When we got back to the bedroom, Meghan turned to me, kissing me deeply. Paige watched with a look of surprise; we had commented on our way to my house that Meghan had not shown much interest in me during her tenure. I reached to Meghan’s tits, feeling their softness. She giggled as I pressed the silky fabric of her top against them. I opened the remaining buttons, reaching in to fondle her dark breasts before pushing her shirt off her shoulders. She did the same to me, and we again kissed, now pressing our bodies together, her tits on my chest. They felt soft and wonderful.

Meghan broke our kiss, resting her head on my chest, taking a couple of strands of hair in her teeth. “I love a guy with a hairy chest. It’s so…manly.”

“Well then, you won’t be disappointed with the rest of me.” I reached around behind Meghan, unzipping her skirt and letting it fall to the floor. She stepped back, holding my arm to reach down and undo her heels. She now stood before me in just a pair of black panties. She looked over at Paige, who was still taking all this in. “Come on, girl. I can’t be the only one naked.”

Meghan unzipped me, letting my jeans drop, revealing my now hard cock. At the same time, Paige pulled her dress over her head, revealing her still wet panties. She was now standing in just heels and a very wet G string. Meghan drew in her breath as she looked Paige up and down, taking in the sight of Paige’s full breasts and long legs, and noting the state of Paige’s underwear. “Looks like someone had a good time on the way over tonight.” Paige blushed.

“OK girls,” I chimed in. “Time for the big reveal. Who’s first??” I looked at each one. “Time to drop ’em.” Paige and Meghan looked at each other and smiled. Simultaneously they pulled down their panties. I knew Paige was going to give me a good look at her soaked blonde bush, its spread Ankara Escort Bayan reaching wide across her pussy. Meghan was new territory, so I focused on her as she pulled her panties from her hips, slowly coming down past her crotch, revealing a nicely trimmed black bush, not as thick as Paige’s, that covered her mound.

Paige looked at me, then at Meghan. She was clearly impressed with Meghan’s slim, well proportioned figure, and mocha skin. Paige looked back at me. “Go get her, it’s her party.”

Meghan leaned over and kissed Paige on the cheek, then kissed me. “I’ve wanted,” she kissed me, “to do this,” she kissed me again, “with you,” another kiss, “for a long time.” She pulled me to the bed. I eased her down, getting between her legs. I noticed as I climbed on the bed that she was already getting aroused, her dark outer lips parting, her pink inner lips poking through.

I laughed. “I wish I had known that,” I kissed her. “We could have been playing a lot sooner.” I kissed her again. “Guess we’ll have to make up for lost time.” I kissed Meghan deeply, then broke away, kissing her cheeks, her ears, her neck, lingering as I moved down to her breasts, making her giggle. Her giggle turned to a moan as I latched onto her left nipple, tugging on it gently with my teeth before taking most of her tit into my mouth, playing the nipple with my tongue. I repeated on her right breast, making her squirm as the feeling jolted her like an electric shock. I kissed her again, then resumed my journey south.

I kissed down her belly, then her hips, then jumped to mid thigh and started up, kissing her inner thighs, drawing ever closer to her opening pussy. Her hips shook in anticipation as I reached the goal, and she jumped when I barely grazed her pubes and outer labia with my tongue. I looked up and licked my lips.

Meghan looked down at me. “Oh, God…” she said, realizing what was happening next. I guess guys don’t go down on their dates much nowadays; some of the younger women I’ve been with seem surprised when I get down between their legs. I flat tongued her pussy, making her start. She grabbed my head with both hands as I licked up her labia, flicking my tongue side to side, then moving back down, slipping it into her hole. Her grip tightened and her breath got short. I licked back up, this time running my tongue deep between her now wet folds, ending up at her clit. I flicked my tongue over it, and she jumped again. I felt the bed move, and noticed Paige had climbed on, and was now sitting on the opposite side, two fingers in her blonde snatch, slowly working herself as she watched us.

I slowly worked up and down in Meghan’s pussy for another ten minutes or so, just teasing her to the edge, then backing off, til finally I took her clit between my lips and sucked, just enough pressure to give her an orgasm like rolling thunder, building up inside her til she exploded, grabbing my head hard, pushing my face into her spasming, juicing twat as she came.

When finally the feeling subsided, she let go of my head, and I kissed up her body, ending in a long, deep kiss. I pulled away, and Meghan caught her breath. “That was amazing!! I can’t believe I was missing that all this time.”

Paige piped up from across the bed. “I’m missing it right now. How about letting Tom have a crack at me for a while??”

Meghan didn’t miss a beat. “You just want him in your crack, that’s all,” she said, a broad smile coming across her face.

“Now, girls…” I said, kissing both their hands.

I moved over to Paige, who was now sitting up against the headboard. Her legs were spread, and her labia were wide open, the result of her self amusement while I was going down on Meghan. “I hope your tongue isn’t too tired now,” said Paige, baiting me. I leaned to her, kissing her, then started my move down Paige’s more voluptuous frame, kissing her neck and tits, making sure I sucked and bit her sensitive nipples, giving her a small come as they became like pencil erasers. She cradled my head to her as I sucked on them, and I could feel her grip tighten when the shock waves jolted through her.

I kept on, working down her belly, then to her blonde curls. I kissed around the edges, teasing ever closer to her spread lips. I finally dove in, licking straight up her center, making her jump when I hit her clit. I latched onto it with my lips, tonguing hard as I sucked on her little button. It didn’t take long for her to start panting. I felt her fingers getting tangled in my hair, then tighten around my head. “You’re going to make me come so hard,” she cried out.

I let go of Paige’s clit long enough to stoke her. “Yeah, and Meghan’s going to watch. Ever have someone watch you come before??” I knew the answer to that question; she and Laura had done a three way with me on a couple of occasions.

Meghan leaned over to Paige at that point, and said in a loud whisper, “Yeah, Paige. I’m going to watch you come. I’m going to watch as Tom makes you juice all over his face.” Meghan then gently kissed Paige’s cheek.

It Escort Ankara had the desired effect, and Paige came immediately when I put my mouth back on her clit, her hips thrashing as she cried out in an orgasmic frenzy. Meghan had also been slowly stroking my cock as I went down on Paige, and I was now ready for some more serious action. I released Paige’s clit and kissed my way up her body while she was still coming. When I reached her face, I kissed her, at the same time putting my cock at her opening. I pushed in, making Paige scream as I went all the way in, my balls slapping on her ass. I held a moment, then started pounding. Paige went wild, her hips thrusting up at me as her orgasm stepped up a notch. Off to the side, I could hear Meghan say, “Wow!! That’s hot!! Fuck her hard, Tom.”

When it seemed like she was coming off the high, I slowed my pace. I looked down at Paige, who had a look of exhaustion on her face. She pulled me to her, kissing me softly and deeply. I was getting close by now. I backed away from our kiss, looking at Paige. “I’m going to come in you, but not all of it.” Paige knew what that meant; we had edged each other many times. I wanted to have some sperm left for Meghan when the time came.

Paige smiled, and I slowed my pace way down. She looked over at Meghan. “Watch,” she said. I pulled back so only the head of my cock was in Paige’s pussy. I felt the surge, and relaxed my butt cheeks so my come would flow. I slowly seeped into Paige, letting the come flow like a lazy stream into her still pulsing pussy. She closed her eyes, her mouth opening as she felt the spreading warmth inside her. “So hot, so hot. I love your come inside me, just filling me slowly.”

My flow ebbed, and I pulled out of Paige, sperm still oozing from the head of my cock. Paige looked down at me, then reached to me, wanting me to straddle her so she could reach my seeping dick. I put it in her face and she licked me clean. Meghan was rapt at the scene, her eyes big as she watched Paige clean me while my come dripped slowly from her pussy.

I moved off Paige, and took Meghan’s hand, easing her onto her back. “Your turn again.” I said, taking my place between her legs. Meghan’s pussy was wide open, first from the licking I had given her a few minutes before, and from the arousal of watching Paige and me in some serious sex play. I put the head at her opening, and pushed in. Meghan closed her eyes as she felt me spread her, then the shaft of my cock enter her. I slowly thrust forward til I could feel the head at her cervix, and my balls resting on her dark skinned ass. She let out a short moan as I hit bottom inside her.

I relaxed as much as I could. After edging into Paige, I had receded from the brink, but was still pretty close. I wanted to make sure I’d give Meghan another orgasm before I came. One of the good things about being my age is that I don’t come as readily as when I was younger, and I’ve learned how to pace myself, though sometimes in a really hot situation it required some patience-such as now. I slowly moved in and out of Meghan’s well juiced cunt, drawing the top of my shaft over her clit, putting some pressure on. I did that for a few minutes, then leaned back, watching my cock work in and out of her dark skinned, dark haired pussy. I’d pull out, tease her clit with the head of my cock, then push back in, all the while holding Meghan’s hands. I let go when her breathing started to get short and erratic, taking my thumb and playing it on her clit. That set her off, and she had a good orgasm, not as intense as when I was going down on her, but still refreshing.

I was now ready to finish with the rest of my load, so I moved back into a position atop her where I could pull out. I picked up speed, and slung my dick into Meghan, my balls slapping on her ass. That also sent her into an orgasm, and I kept stroking while she came. Just as she was settling down, I was there. I kissed her, then pulled out, holding my dick as it pulsed and shot a long rope of sperm across her belly, the bright white of my come contrasting with her dark skin. I shot another, then another, some dripping from the head of my cock into her dark bush. I finished off with another three or four shots, all landing in puddles and blobs on her belly. She gasped and watched wide eyed as my cock spewed its soon to be sticky batter on her.

Paige was looking on with a great deal of interest as I coated Meghan in a pool of white. “Wow, Meghan, you have no idea how hot that looks” said Paige as she looked at the contrast of my semen and Meghan’s skin.

Meghan looked at the white puddle on her dark belly. She dipped a finger into the sea of sperm, gathering some up, and licked it. “I have a really good idea how hot it looks. And it tastes pretty good too,”

I backed away from Meghan, and Paige took my place. “I want to taste it,” she said, looking at Meghan. “I want to taste you.” Paige licked her lips, kneeling between Meghan’s legs. She went to Meghan’s belly first, licking up a good slurp of my semen, then kissed Meghan on the lips. The girls tangled tongues for a few moments, then Paige went back down, making a pass at Meghan’s still open pussy before lapping up another tongueful of my come, swallowing it, then another, which she licked into Meghan’s pussy, making her jump from the electricity.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32