Morgan’s Detour

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From where Drew lay collapsed and recovering on the rumpled bed he could see the lights of the city outside the hotel window. He turned his head and Morgan smiled and blushed at him.

“Sorry, I attacked you,” she said softly.

He smiled back, “No, it was amazing. You can attack me anytime.”

She giggled.

A little while earlier…

Wearing a lacy black top and panties, Morgan paced the floor, nervous and trying to squelch the urge to vomit. She still couldn’t believe that she had made a detour in her trip just so she could meet someone and give him a blow job or several. Chatting online for months had only made her want to suck Drew’s cock more every time, and now she was here to do just that. She stopped at the mirror to check herself for the fifteenth time, all of the usual thoughts running through her head about looks and whether or not he would find her attractive.

There was a soft knock on the door. “No backing out now,” she whispered to herself. She opened the door and looked up into Drew’s beautiful blue-green eyes. She smiled at him before she tugged him into the room. All of a sudden she was overcome with the need to see his cock in real life and taste him. Without a word, she pushed him against the wall and slid down his body. She had his belt opened and pants down before she even thought about what she was doing. She mentally told herself to slow down as she tugged his boxers down. She gasped and literally started to salivate the minute she saw his perfect cock. She again had to admonish herself to not start sucking on it right away like it was her favorite kind of lollipop.

She stroked his thighs with her fingertips and looked up at him. His head was resting against kartal escort bayan the wall, with his eyes half closed, looking down at her. Softly she asked, “Are you sure?”

Drew nodded his head and wound his fingers into her soft dirty blonde hair, nudging her toward his growing member. Morgan smiled up at him before sticking her pink tongue out and trailing it up his thigh. She stopped and laved at the top of his hip and then trailed her tongue across to the other side to do the same. She could feel his cock getting harder against her breasts. When she lifted his balls a little with her hands to play with them, Drew inhaled deeply.

She wanted to tease him and take this slow but she was losing control. His clean male scent was driving her crazy. Her nipples were hard and sensitive as they brushed against him occasionally. She wanted to dive right in and swallow him whole. The tip of his cock was starting to glisten with pre-cum. Drew’s fingers seemed to grip her hair tighter as she greedily licked the tip to taste him. She closed her eyes savoring it for a moment before standing up.

Morgan took Drew’s hand to pull him toward the double bed. As he sat down she stood between his legs and unsuccessfully tried to nudge him to lie back on the bed. Instead, he slid his arms around her waist as his tongue licked her lace covered nipple. Her loud gasps broke the silence in the room. She arched against his mouth as he sucked and tugged on one sensitive nipple before sliding to the neglected one. Holding his head against her, Morgan’s hand ran through his thick brown hair. Her gasps turned to moans as he continued to play with her breasts.

She leaned into Drew and slid her hand down escort maltepe to stroke his cock again. Distracted Drew released her taunt red nipple and moaned softly. She slid down his body and helped him pull off his remaining clothes. Kneeling in front of Drew, she slowly licked the juices from the tip of his cock again, moaning in pleasure. Looking up into his eyes, she licked the underside of his cock. First with the just the tip of her tongue flicking the sensitive spot under the head and then the entire length with the flat part of her tongue. She licked up and down like she would have a Popsicle. When she came to the end she swirled her tongue around the head. Drew looked down as Morgan’s free hand slid into her panties. With her eyes closed, she continued to stroke and lick his cock as she played with her wet pussy.

“Are you wet for me, baby?” he asked. Morgan opened her eyes and smiled as though she had been caught with her hand in the cookie jar. Nodding her head, she pulled her fingers out of her pussy and brought them to her mouth to lick clean.

Drew leaned forward kissing her, his tongue exploring her mouth and tasting her. He kissed across her cheek to lick and suck on her ear, making her moan again. He whispered, “Suck me, my slut,” in her ear and Morgan felt herself get even wetter.

He lay back on the bed as Morgan slipped the end of his large rod into her mouth. She slid her mouth up and down on his cock slowly, taking more in each time. Each time she came back up she twisted her head a little and rolled her tongue around the head.

Drew raised his head and brushed her hair back to watch his dick being revealed and then swallowed again by her mouth. She was pendik escort moving up and down faster than before, following with her hand. His cock glistened with her saliva. His head hit the back of her throat. She slowed down wanting to take all of him in. She relaxed her throat, focusing on how good his cock felt sliding in and out of her hot mouth. With each downward motion she was able to take him a little deeper. Breathing through her nose, Morgan swallowed his cock completely. Drew moaned as she paused, her throat muscles moving against his hard cock. She began thrusting her head up and down, his cock gliding in and out of her throat. She could feel him get even harder and his hands were clenching her hair.

She guided him out of her mouth and his grip relaxed. She smiled shyly, as she stroked his cock with both of her hands before taking him in her mouth again. Morgan began sliding her mouth up and down his cock with more force. Drew realized what she wanted and urged her back so that he could stand in front of her.

She gobbled his cock back up as soon as he had his footing. Drew buried his hands in her hair on both sides of her head and started thrusting her face against him. He pounded in and out as she did her best to breathe thru her nose, and steady herself by holding on to his hips. She could feel his grip begin to get tighter and his breathing become harder.

She was ready when he pulled his cock out to explode all over her face. She stuck out her tongue to catch the rest of his cum in her mouth. She waited patiently for Drew to open his eyes and look at her face covered in his cum. One of his hands was still buried in her hair as he tried to catch his breath. Slowly he opened his eyes and looked down at Morgan. Her face and hair glistened with his cum. When she had his attention she opened her mouth to show him his cum before swallowing it. He moaned in appreciation and fell back on the bed. Morgan crawled up next him to recover in no hurry to clean up.

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