Morgan Watches Ch. 02

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I know you’re expecting to read something about my wife Morgan and myself and you will. I promise! But there’s some background about me that you need to have before you can fully appreciate me and her. Trust me- – -you’ll like it all and bi the time it’s all finished you’ll have cum buckets!

Jack was in junior college when I started sucking his cock. So I only had about eighteen months to get my fill of his big dick and all it could do for me. I certainly didn’t consider myself gay and my sex with Jack never involved kissing or anything other than my sucking his dick til he came either in my mouth or on my face. I just had a thing for his dick. I was addicted. At the same time I was dating girls and trying anything to have sex with them usually to no avail.

A few months after I started with Jack I started dating this girl named Diana. She was really petite at only about 5’2″ and maybe a hundred pounds soaking wet. Light brown hair, blue eyes, pretty mouth, a cup tits and nice legs. Of course the tit size was speculation since I’d gone out with her twice and was lucky to have gotten a couple of kisses but that’s about it. But she was such a cutie and I had hopes of more.

On our third date she and her friend Ann came over to Jack’s place when his parents were out of town for the weekend. Jack and Ann had gone out a couple of times and I knew he’d done no better with her than I had with Diana. The plan was to watch a movie, drink some beers, smoke a little pot and hope for the best. We watched some lame comedy and by the time it was over we were all moderately fucked up. Diana was actually making out with me and I had confirmed the a cup but couldn’t seem to get any further. After the movie we smoked some more and Jack asked if anyone wanted to watch “one of my dad’s” porn movies. The girls giggled and after the tiniest bit of coaxing they went for it. Jack put a DVD in and hit the go button.

The film started with a good looking guy and a girl who actually looked a bit like Diana together in a bedroom. They were on the bed making out and she was rubbing his cock through his shorts until there was a sizable bulge. She fished his cock out and it WAS a big one. He helped her get her clothes off and she his until they were both naked and he was hard as a rock. She was on her knees between his legs sucking his cock and he was gripping the bedspread with both hands telling her how good she was. We were all making comments on her technique when from slightly off stage in the movie you could hear a male voice say something like “she may be good but not as good as I am”. Then this very good looking guy comes into the picture and of course the girl is startled. Guy number one just lays there while guy number two takes off his clothes and joins them on the bed (porn is hardly ever believable!) and of course she just kind of moves aside while number two starts sucking on number one’s dick. Our two girls were totally shocked and did the “O my god!” thing but certainly didn’t take their eyes off the scene.

Ann asked Jack if there were really male male female scenes like antalya escort in the movie. Diana asked me if I thought the two guys “looked gay” and I said no. Jack said that guys didn’t have to be gay to do stuff with each other. As he started down this line of conversation I kept getting more nervous and uncomfortable.

“There’s guys that like having their dicks sucked by other guys and there are straight guys that just like to suck an occasional cock. Doesn’t mean anything. It’s just something that they like.” He said as we all watched the action on the screen.

“Oh come on Jack!” Exclaimed Diana. “That’s bullshit. I sure never heard of any guys that were into that kind of stuff without being gay.”

“Well there’s plenty of deals like that where one guy likes to suck the other guy off and eat his cum and neither of them are gay. I know guys like that and they’re hot for girls too.” Said Jack as he turned to look at the three of us.

“Who?” asked Ann as she unglued her eyes from the screen just as the sucker deep throated the suckee while the girl had his cock pulled back between his legs and was sucking the bottom of it.

“Well, if you must know” said Jack as he looked directly at me, “Rick sucks my cock and eats my cum all the time dontcha Ricky.” Both girls’ mouths dropped open as they turned as one and looked at me. I sat there totally shocked not knowing what to say.

Diana turned to look at Jack and said “Oh bullshit Jack, you’re just messing with us.”

“Am I messing with them Ricky?” Tell them.

Diana was staring at me and I just kind of stammered around. “Oh my fucking god! I’ve been going out with a fag!” She said.

I said that I wasn’t a fag and Jack said that I was just one of those guys that liked to suck cock. At that point in the movie number two pulled his mouth off number one’s dick as it shot cum all over the place. Number two and the girl scooped it up and then ate it.

“Do you suck his dick like that Rick?” asked Diana.

“I’d like to see that happen.” said Ann as she absently started rubbing her crotch. Jack had his hands all over her tits.

“Want to give these girls a show Ricky? Want to let em see what a real cocksucker can do? Asked Jack.

Both girls were looking at me very intently. I said that I wasn’t interested and the coaxing started. They were all into the idea now and were telling me that since the girls knew I did it what difference did it make if the watched or not. And how we were all horny from the movie and how they all knew I wanted to and Jack wanted me to. Finally Diana says “If you’ll suck Jacks cock and eat his cum for us I’ll blow you. Swear!”

Well, we now had that crucial dilemma. Given that I ALWAYS want to suck on Jack’s cock and given that I’d probably give a portion of my soul to have Diana’s lips wrapped around my own cock what could I do? I gave in. I told the girls that I’d do it for them to see but they had to get naked on the couch next to eachother so we could see them. They bitched for a minute but ended up taking their clothes off. They both looked alanya escort so fucking good that I had this feeling that the whole thing was going to be worth it. They were sitting on the couch next to eachother.

“OK Rick. Do it for us,” said Ann as she fidgeted with anticipation.

Jack was sitting in a club chair and I was across from him ten feet away. He stood up and took off his clothes doing a sexy strip for the girls and me. When he got to his briefs he lowered them in front until his cockhead poked over the top of the elastic waste band. The girls giggled and stared and I stood up and started taking off my clothes as he pushed the briefs down over his knees and ankles and stepped out of them. He stood there and let us all look at him with his big semi hard cock. The girls eyes were riveted on him as I took off my boxers revealing my not unsubstantial 6 ½ inch dick. Jack sat back down on the club chair and scooted low in it so his cock and balls were hanging off of the edge of the cushion.

“Cmon Ricky. Get on your knees and crawl over to my big dick you like so much. Show these two pussy girls just how good of a cocksucking whore you are.” It was like I was hypnotized. I sank to my knees and started crawling over to him never taking my eyes off of his dick.

“Oh my god he’s going to do it! He’s really going to suck his cock! ,said Ann as her hands found their way into her lap.

I got over to him and licked up his thighs to his big balls and licked them too. I could see the girls without moving my head away from Jack’s cock area and they were both sitting there mouths open with their hands in their laps. I held up Jack’s now hard cock and moved my lips forward to fold them over the head.

“Oh fuck he’s got his dick in his mouth! Fuck I’ve never even done that!” whispered Diana as she moved one hand up to her right tit. “Oh yeah Ricky, show me how you do it so I can do it good to you baby!”

My tongue was all over Jack’s cock slathering over the head while I stroked up and down on his hot hard shaft. He was pinching his nipples while I sucked on him and doing his usual name calling. “Oh yeah Ricky baby. Suck my cock like only you can you little slut cunt! Show these two bitches how to do it!” He was holding my head thrusting his cock into my mouth. Fucking me with it like the slut I am. “Come on over and get close to the action girls! Get up close so you can see my big cock going into his mouth pussy.”

The girls scooted over to us and were down close watching me blow him. Ann moved up to his chest and replaced his fingers pinching his nipples with her hot mouth and teeth sucking and biting them. Jack was moaning while getting done at both top and bottom. I jerked off his shaft while my mouth slid down to his balls. I took each one in and sucked it. I hummed on it. His hips were coming up off the chair as I did his cock and balls while Ann sucked and bit his cherry nips. I slid my lips and tongue lower and started licking his asspussy.

“My god my god you’re eating his ass. Anne he’s sucking alanya rus escort Jack’s asshole! Are you sticking your tongue up into it? Are you fucking it with your tongue Ricky?” breathed Diana as she watched me while furiously rubbing her pussy. I sucked his ass and fucked it with my tongue til it was all wet and slutty and then I stuck my finger into him as I again covered the head of his dick with my lips and tongue. “Finger fuck him Ricky. Put two in him so I can see it.” Ann had moved down so she could see what was going on. I pulled my fingers out of Jack and used both hands on his cock and balls while I sucked and swirled around the head. Diana had moved into my place and had three slender fingers in Jack’s ass and was fucking him with them. “Your ass is so fucking tight Jack! Feels like its gripping my fingers in a vice!” Jack was moaning from all the attention.

“Oh fuck you’re going to make me cum you fucking cunt! Suck it out of me suck it out of me oh fuck yes!” he cried as he held my head and pumped his cock up into my mouth like it was a pussy he was fucking. His cum really did blast into my mouth in what seemed like torrents. He came so much I couldn’t hold it all and some leaked out the side of my mouth.

“Shit he came in your mouth Ricky! Do you have the cum in your mouth baby?” moaned Diana as she looked at my cummy face. To answer her I opened my mouth and let her see the load in there. Some of it drooled out and she lunged forward to kiss me sucking some of the cum out of my mouth and into hers. I knew it was the first time she’d ever tasted it so it was particularly hot. Before I could feed it all to her Ann broke us apart and planted her hot lips on mine so she could get some as well. I fed the rest into her with my tongue.

As Ann and I swapped the cum Diana was reaching between my legs and grabbing my hard dick. I turned over so that I was on my back on the floor and she scooted between my legs. “I don’t know how good I’m going to be at this but I just have to have it in my mouth to see what its like!” With that she lowered her head over my rigid dick and closed her lips over the head. Her mouth was so fucking wet as to feel like warm liquid. Ann and Jack were in the chair together and she had his barely interested cock in her hand while they watched Diana start her life’s first blow job. She was instinctively bobbing her head up and down on my shaft and on every intake the head of my cock was bumping the back of her throat. I was so hot from having done Jack’s dick and doing it in front of the girls that I didn’t last two minutes before I was holding her head and plunging my cock into her making her gag and choke. I didn’t care. I felt my cum rising and just held her there while I told her I was going to shoot in her mouth. The overwhelming sensation hit me and my cum poured out of my cock and filled her mouth.

“Don’t swallow it Diana! Don’t swallow it and we’ll love it together.” I pulled her up to me and kissed her hard forcing my tongue into her mouth and tasting my cum. She forced some of my own cum back into my mouth and we both swallowed all we could.

Diana became my steady girl for two years. We did everything imaginable together. This was all years before Morgan and she didn’t know a thing about any of it the first time we had a male male female scene together. That’s cumming soon so be patient and enjoy.

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