More with Jeremy and John

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Well since writing about my new life with Jeremy and his friend John and how the threesome came about I am being regularly fucked every Saturday when John visits. I have no qualms about that, I do enjoy the idea very much and the thought of being all ass for them which is really lovely, but come bedtime on a Saturday night, when John has gone looking very happy and gratified, I am just about done and dusted, feeling numb all over and thoroughly uses and when I hit the pillow that is it – and usually it is the same with Jeremy who, every other night when we go to bed has his regular fuck of me.

But although I get about four hours undisturbed sleep on a Saturday I am still awoken at about 3pm feeling Jeremy’s hard cock beating into me as he talks about the evening before and how it was for him. He moulding my ass cheeks as he whispers what he loves to do with it.

I do feel so special now with the both of them. And as we have grown accustomed to the way we are with each other I have grown accustomed to the various ways they like to use me, not always at first to my liking when John took to spanking me across his knee making my ass pink and hot before his regular asshole suck and fuck.

But illegal bahis although it still stings I have the absolute pleasure of both of the guys spoiling afterwards when they pamper my ass cheeks and balls in wonderful delightful interludes of sucking, licking and everything I love like the squirty cream episodes, the way John like to tie me up so that my feet are stretched high and wide and backwards over my face, my ass open for both guys perusal and how they peruse!

Watching each of them enjoy me like that is a feeling so good and belonging, how they plant their faces into my crotch pushing their long tongues into my hole and licking it around, sometimes the added bonus of when Jeremy is fucking me like that, getting a perfect lovely deep penetration, John stands facing Jeremy, rubbing his cock and balls over my face, me getting the full extent of him, most times he having just taken his jeans down and he is rubbing my face with his soiled briefs still in place, me smelling the rampant potent scent of ripe cock through his briefs, he manipulating it through his briefs, rubbing and wanking himself until he spurts his cum inside his briefs, then he opens them up to smear my face illegal bahis siteleri all over and I am suddenly treated to fresh wanked soiled cock still climaxing freely into my mouth as Jeremy watches and hard fucks me all the more, hearing them both moan and grunt telling me about how good my ass fuck is and then as soon as Jeremy has cum too, I get a dose of his sticky cock into my face and mouth so I enjoy a bog off so to speak, and another very strong taste of potent ripe well fucked cock into my mouth and over my face until we are all well and truly sucked and fucked.

It all sounds so very crude writing it but in real life the experience with two guys you adore is absolutely wonderful and so complete, I feel truly comfortable to be all ass for the both of them and will do almost anything they ask me to do except yellow rain, to feel the surge of each cock inside me is so wonderful; John a little bigger than Jeremy but Jeremy makes up with the certain way he manipulates his severe hard on inside me whilst John usually goes for the straight hard and deep fuck, groping my balls as he fucks me, that feels good too, the way he sometimes cums over my ass felling his hot cum dribble down canlı bahis siteleri between my cheeks and onto my balls is so thrilling and wonderful.

They both like me to perform for them in my crotch less boxer shorts and braces, and I so enjoy teasing them, just the suggestion of rubbing my ass up to their faces and just as they go for the feel and touch I reel away making them yell and shout until I have them almost on their knees waiting for there dose of sniff ass and cock and ball feel. When I do that though I have to be prepared for the consequences because often enough my taunting, tantalising and prick teasing has driven them absolutely stark raving crazy and when they hold me down, Jeremy by my neck so I cannot budge any more to tease, and John, gripping my hips, takes my ass straight and true and I am servant to the strong ripe deep fucks that follow, feeling again the rich experience of being fucked from all angles, my hole stretched and stretched with each penetrating deep thrust and sometimes having been gagged with Jeremy’s soiled briefs, tasting the nectar of his unwashed cock in his underwear and that making me all the more acute to a good hard fucking, wanting them to take my ass again and again and do all they want to do with me, finishing in the shower each of us washing and sponging each other. Given the occasional suck cock so good and always wonderfully soothing.

Yes I enjoy Saturdays, always so very special,,

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32