More than Candy for my Birthday

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Life is filled with routines, habits, ruts and some come to us so slowly we don’t even notice until they are so well established they aren’t ruts anymore but ravines. Some people get up every day, do their rituals without conscious thought and find themselves getting into bed at the end of another day without having been present to the day that’s ending.

Once in a while, someone or something brings us out of the stupor and we suddenly are completely awake.

* * *

“Happy Birthday, Honey!” I heard her voice and my eyes opened. I could see my wife leaned over me and as I came awake she kissed me and repeated, “Happy Birthday!” I started moving and she put a hand on my chest.

“You get today off. Sleep in. You deserve it. Remember we’re going out for dinner. Bye!” Another quick kiss and as suddenly as she woke me, she was gone. I snuggled deep into the warmth of the bed, heard the front door close and went back to sleep.

While I slept I had a dream. In my dream all our friends and family came to my birthday party at my favorite little hotel in Dana Point California. We all ate at a great restaurant down in the marina and later went back to the hotel. All my favorite women were there. My wife, Candy and of course her hot younger sister, Beth. Their older sister Andrea and the twins, Marsha and Madaline who live in the neighborhood with us.

In my dream none of those women were with husbands, boy-friends or lovers. When we got back to the hotel Candy got everyone’s attention and said, “It’s Pete’s birthday. When a man turns forty he deserves a great celebration and a great present.” Everyone cheered. I saw a flash picture of a BMW then a Vette in my dream.

She turned to me and said, “Watch!” Each of the women reached into a bowl on the table and each got a small envelope. They didn’t open them. Candy said, “Pete to celebrate your birthday we’ve decided to give you the gift you’ve wanted for years. You are to go to our room, shower and shave and get into bed. One of us has the key that opens the door to your room. It isn’t me. Whoever it is will come to your room and be your lover for the night. At ten in the morning breakfast will be delivered and the gift is done.” All the ladies cheered and I staggered to the elevator and up to my room. I was getting a night of sex with one of my favorite women.

In that dream I showered, shaved and crawled into bed naked. I heard a key card in the door and saw a hand reach in and shut off the lights. I caught a glimpse of someone blond coming in and then the room was dark.

In the dream I felt someone slide into bed with me and kiss me. At that moment the phone next to my actual bed rang. My arm stuck out and grabbed the phone. I didn’t even open my eyes.

“What?” I asked.

Candy’s voice said, “Have you unwrapped your present yet?”

“I’m not even awake yet.”

“Oops! Sorry.” The line went dead. I hung up the phone, wondering if I could rejoin the dream already in progress. I pulled my hand back under the covers tesettürlü escort and froze. I could hear breathing.

Very slowly I turned over to face Candy’s side of our bed. Blond hair! Then I saw the face and it wasn’t Candy! Beth was in bed with me!

“Want to unwrap your present yet?” She asked.

I didn’t move. Did Candy know about this? Was this some kind of cruel joke? Was she wearing sweats and a cast iron bra?

A hand found mine under the covers and drew my hand to Beth. My hand bumped skin, warm skin.

The phone rang again. I flipped over and grabbed it. “Candy?” I asked.

“Oh good, you found her. I just called to let you know I know about your gift and I approve. From now until six o’clock tonight Beth is your lover. Happy Birthday!” The line went dead. I slowly hung up the phone.

I rolled back to face Beth. All I could see was her smiling face.

She said, “I couldn’t decide if you’d want me in a teddie, a bra and panties or a see-through nightie. Which would you like?”


She found my hand again and drew it to her chest. It found skin. It found the big firm breasts I’d admired for the eight years I’d known her. My other hand joined the exploration and found the other breast. Beth uncovered herself to the waist and asked, “I’ve been hoping you’d suck on my titties and make me cum. My sister says you’re the best at sucking on nipples.”

When I started to move my head towards her chest she rolled and presented her nipple between my lips. I immediately noticed it tasted like strawberries. I also noticed her nipple was fat and bigger than a blueberry. I sucked, rhythmically, almost like a baby does. Her hands went to my head and held me.

“Yeah! Like that. Just like my baby did.”

My hands held that breast and squeezed gently. Her sister loved that squeeze as I sucked. She moaned and said, “Suck harder, Pete. Almost bite me!”

I covered my teeth with my lips and bit down on her areola as I sucked her in.

“Oh God! Hold me just like that! Don’t let go!”

I felt her shiver and then shake as an orgasm built. I rolled on top of her and she spread her legs so I fit between them. As soon as the orgasm peaked I released her nipple and quickly latched onto the other one, sucking hard and biting down.

She rolled her head from side to side and screamed! Most of the neighborhood was either at school or work so I didn’t worry about a little noise. Beth grabbed two hands full of my hair and pulled my mouth off her breast. I held the suction until her nipple popped free. She relaxed back onto the pillows. I lowered my head between her pillows.

“Candy was right. You should offer classes at the community center for men. “How to Suck Titties 101.”

“I’m glad you enjoyed it.”

“When Brian was born they tied my tubes. I haven’t had anyone inside me in seven years. I think we’re safe for bareback sex. Candy agrees. Want your first go before türbanlı escort breakfast or after?”

“How about right now?”

“Seems like we’re in the position. As I remember my legs should be spread. Check. You should have a hard-on.” She reached and found it. “Check. You should move closer and somehow get that big long thing in my tiny pussy.”

I lifted myself enough to move up on her and her hand guided my cock inside her tiny, wet opening. It took a few thrusts to get inside, accompanied with grunts, moans and gasps from both of us. When I pressed my pubic bone against hers she said, “Check! Now the last part, moving us together until we both cum.”

We kissed. I thrust into her and she met my every movement with one of her own. She kicked the covers off us and we looked at what we were doing. I was amazed at how different she looked from Candy and yet it was obvious they were sisters.

She lifted her legs and thrusting into her felt totally different. She rolled over and we barked as we fucked and laughed. She rolled me onto my back and rode me for a silver buckle. I lifted myself onto my elbows and she put a nipple on my mouth as she slid back and forth with my cock inside her.

I felt the pressure building and knew I was about to blow. I rolled her onto her back and I spread her legs wide and pounded into her.

Load after load shot from me into her. She ground her pussy against me and was ever so close, but didn’t quite cum. I pulled out quickly and dropped face first onto her open pussy. My mouth and tongue got her home. She thrashed and held my head as she rubbed her pussy against my face.

Eventually, she let go. She relaxed into the pillows and I relaxed with my head on her lower belly, just above her slit.

I think we slept. Maybe a little. Then my bladder demanded action. I moved to get up and Beth said, “Don’t be gone long.”

When I came back I snuggled against her and started sucking on her nipple again.

Her eyes opened and she asked, “Aren’t you tired?”

“No. I’m hungry. If you didn’t bring a sandwich, I’m eating you.”

She leapt from the bed and said, “I’ll be right back!” I was still reliving the encounter with her body when she came back with a sandwich and some iced tea. I ate the sandwich and drank the iced tea. She sat and watched.

I put the empty plate and empty glass on the nightstand and turned to face her. She was sitting cross-legged and she smiled at me. “Happy Birthday!”

“I don’t want to leave this room today except to use the bathroom. Would you do me a favor? In Candy’s side of the bathroom under the sink is a pump bottle of body lotion. Would you get it for me, please?”

Beth stretched her long, lean body and stood. One of the things about both Candy and Beth that has always turned me on is the way they move. Their Momma had them train as dancers from the time they were three and they move as if they have fluid drive in their joints tüyap escort and music playing in their heads. I love watching them move. As Beth walked out of the bedroom naked I reaffirmed my love for both of them.

She came back carrying a quart sized bottle of skin lotion. I positioned myself behind her and pumped lotion onto my hands. I slowly massaged the lotion into the skin of her neck, shoulders and back.

Another pump and I reached around and massaged it into the skin of her chest and belly. The lotion I used is a professional lotion made to sink into skin slowly. One good pump and my hands could work her skin or Candy’s for almost ten minutes. When I needed another pump, I moved and rolled her over and massaged her ass and legs. I rolled her again and did the front of her legs and hips. The last place I lotioned were her outer lips. She spread her legs and when my fingers were as dry as I thought they might get, I slid one between her lips and brushed against her clit. Her hips jumped in reflex. Her eyes opened and she moaned, softly.

I spread her legs wider and stroked her pussy again. I shifted on the bed and Beth opened her eyes to see what I was up to. She saw me get between her legs and she softly said, “Please, Pete, no.”

“It’s my birthday. I may never get another day with you.”

She sat up and grabbed my shoulders. With her help I lay back and she snuggled against me. We kissed and she gently stroked me, keeping my attention focused. She offered a nipple for my pleasure and I took it between my lips and let my tongue enjoy it too.

She backed her breast just out of reach and spoke. “I need to ask a favor. I’ve been downsized. I’m not out of work, but poorer. I can’t afford my apartment any more. I’ve looked and there aren’t any better paying jobs. I need a place to live. I’ve spoken to Candy and she says talk to you. “

“She recommended you talk to me in bed this morning?”

“Yup. She said you’d be in a good mood if I screwed your brains out first.”

“What else did she say?”

“That if I moved in you’d get to fuck both of us, not just her. I told her your birthday was the test run. If you liked your birthday present we had a chance. I told her I’d talk to you over dinner tonight.”

“It isn’t noon yet.”

“I’d like to move in. You get a birthday present that may last years.”

“Just a minute.” I rolled and dialed Candy at work.

“I win!” She said as she answered.

“Win what?”

“I bet Beth she’d ask you to move in before noon. She said she’d ask when we had dinner tonight.”

“Talk to me now. How can this possibly work?”

“We buy a king-sized bed. The queen you’re in right now goes in the guest room. Beth sleeps with us and you agree to treat us both as your wives. We pool all the money and all the chores and benefits. Oh, there’s one more thing. Beth and I started having sex with each other when Beth was in eighth grade. That won’t stop.”

“I’ll rent a truck tomorrow. Thanks, Candy.”

As we talked and kissed our way to dinnertime Beth and I got very close. Candy made us get dressed and go out for my birthday dinner. Then when we got home the three of us found out how well we melded together. All three of us went to work happy the next day.

As Candy said, “Pete you’re a good enough husband, you deserve more for your birthday than just Candy.”

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