More Coffee?

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When I arrive at Your home, You greet me with a slow gentle kiss. It is early afternoon and You tell me that W/we have a number of tasks to accomplish. Inwardly, I am disappointed because I don’t want to share You with anything or anyone. You tell me we have to go to the grocery to get some things for dinner and that You plan to cook for me this evening. The afternoon passes quickly and Your dinner is wonderful. After W/we do the dishes, You prepare coffee for dessert. I relax into Your arms as You lean against the kitchen counter and You whisper in my ear.

“I want you to go upstairs and prepare yourself for Me. After you take off your clothing and put baby oil on your breasts and bottom, come back downstairs” I follow Your instructions, all the while thinking about what may happen. W/we are so new to each other and every time W/we are together, I feel You lead me gently to the edge of my experience. I complete my tasks and return to the living room. While I was upstairs, You lit a single candle and turned off every other light in the house. By the light of that candle, You direct me to get on my hands and knees on the floor.

You kneel beside me and touch my back, Your hand warm and firm. That same hand cups my left breast then massages my nipple until it is hard. Carefully, Tipobet You pull my nipple down and quickly attach the clamp to it. Not expecting the clamp or the sudden pain, I hold my breath for seconds then let it out with a moan. You have moved to clamp the right nipple now. Once finished, You massage both breasts briefly as I adjust to the pain and marvel at the ability of my body to convert this pain into pleasure. For some reason, I feel like laughing. Standing over me, straddled my back, You deliver an open hand smack to my bottom. “What are you laughing at?” I apologize to You, unable to explain. You move then, away from me.

I kneel for what seems a long time. You return and tell me to get comfortable and instruct me to rest on my elbows with my bottom up. You nudge each knee with Your toe to make me spread my legs further apart. You kneel behind me and begin to massage my back and bottom. I moan as You move a hand to cup my pussy and ask me why I am so wet. Fingers separate my lips, nudge my clit, and enter me slowly. You push a finger into my bottom. Then You stop, move away from me again.

I feel something warm, round, heavy on my low back. “That’s a cup of coffee, little one. I am going to make you cum, but you need to be careful. Do not allow the Tipobet Giriş coffee to spill. I do not want coffee all over my rug. Do you understand?” After my quiet yes, Sir, You kneel behind me again. The presence of the cup on my back is quite distracting and I cannot imagine how I can possible cum without spilling the contents. Remaining as still as possible and waiting for You to touch me is almost more than I can manage. I so want to move to offer my body to You – to wiggle and writhe at the softest touch. I am still.

A vibrator, hard and cold, humming on low is pressed to my pussy. You are massaging my bottom, reinserting one finger, then working up to two, three. The vibrator has found the right spot. The fullness and the stimulation on my clit, the clamps on my nipples, all serve to take me beyond modesty. my moans and squeals fill the air and seem to feed my desire to cum. I can hear and feel Your fingers fucking my rear. It feels like a river is flowing from me. Without warning, the first orgasm takes me and I am barely aware of Your voice telling me to be careful not to spill the coffee.

As the orgasm ebbs, I think You will turn off the vibrator and pull away from me – that the coffee cup will be lifted off my back and I will be able to relax Tipobet Güncel Giriş in the hot glow. Instead, You continue, pressing the vibrator a bit harder, You fingers moving a bit faster. I am breathless and quivering, moaning loudly and working hard to be still. You tell me to cum for You and Your command causes the second orgasm to start. No O/one has ever made me cum twice. Your voice is telling me to be careful and do not spill the coffee.

Sounds I have never heard make their way from my mouth to my ears. I am acutely aware of the clamps on my nipples rubbing on the rug with each ragged breath – of Your fingers fucking my ass with fast, firm, deep strokes – the vibrator on high pounding my clit. It is all pain. It is all pleasure. You are taking from me. You are giving to me. Again You tell me to cum and I do. A warm trickle slides from my low back to my neck – the rich smell of coffee assaults my nose. You growl and then laugh. “Well, its only coffee,” You say. I collapse on the rug, satisfied beyond imagination.

Slowly, You remove the vibrator from my pussy, then Your fingers from my bottom. You leave me there on the floor, but soon return, drying Your hands. Gently, You wipe the coffee off of my back, then lift me to have access to my breasts. The right nipple clip is removed and there is a rush of hot pain that You massage away. You remove the left nipple clamp, massaging and pulling me into Your chest. W/we laugh. You lay me gently on the floor and cover me with a blanket. I mumble a thank You, look up, and see Your smile.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32