Morality and Immortality Ch. 03

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This is a continuous story. In order to understand it fully it is best to read it in its entirety, starting with Chapter 1.

Chapter 03 – Incest with Kathy

After a couple of weeks of having sex with Mandy, Josh decided it was time to move on and find someone new. Mandy had been great, she gave him confidence and knowledge. Two things he had been severely lacking. She had given him an idea of what he liked as well as what women liked. Now it was time to put his new found knowledge and experience to use.

Josh still using the body of the Frenchman decided to go out to the bars in Houston. It was rich ground. There was every type of bar imaginable from the cool and trendy night spots to the upscale bars. He had started with the trendy bars and had some success taking a girl to his hotel room about one out of every four nights he had tried. It was harder than he thought it would be because there were an equal number of sexy guys to the number of sexy girls.

After three weeks, Josh finally decided to try the upscale bars. This was where all the professional people would go after work.

Josh sat at the bar turning a slice of apple around in his drink. It was a Friday night and the bar was crowded. Ever bar stool taken and ever table occupied. The Green Olive was a nice upscale martini bar. Dark ambiance with candle lit tables about. There was a nice mix of young and middle aged professionals.

Josh felt a body pressing slightly against him on the right side. It was not the first time it had happened, people would squeeze in to order their drinks before departing to go back to their group of friends. “I would like an apple martini please.” Said a sultry and familiar voice.

Josh looked and could not believe it. It was his mother. He was about to smile and say “what are you doing here?” before he caught himself and remembered his mother did not know about his cloning.

Still staring at her in disbelief, his mother smiled and said, “Sorry it’s a little crowded.” She was wearing a short black dress, stockings and heels. With red lipstick and her hair fixed, she looked sexier than he had ever seen her. He then noticed something even more shocking. She was no longer wearing her wedding band.

Josh getting back into role, smiled. “It’s OK I don’t mind.” Offering his hand he said. “My name is Ethan.”

His mother shook his hand. “My name is Kathy. That’s quite a stare you have.”

Josh laughed. “Sorry, you look a lot like someone I know.”

Feeling a little emboldened Josh asked, “Can I buy you a drink?”

“I already have one, but thank you.” she replied.

Josh could not get past how amazing she looked. “Are you here alone?”

“I am supposed to meet some friends here after work. But I think they might have gotten spooked by how crowded it is.”

Josh remembering his manners stood up. “Please.” He said, offering his bar stool. “Maybe we can talk while you wait for your friends to arrive.”

Josh noticed the hesitation his mother showed. She was clearly not use to the attention and unsure if she should proceed.

Finally working up the courage, she smiled and said “thank you” as she took the offered seat.

Josh decided not to come off to strong. He kept a comfortable distance from her, but still close enough to hear her over the noise of the bar. He decided to start with the standard small talk. “Do you come here often?”

“No. In fact this is the first time I have been out in a long time.”

Josh knew what he wanted right there and then. The possible fruition of all the fantasies he had as young teenager. Spending years seeing his mother walk around the house in night gown and short robes. He occasionally caught a glimpse of her breast or panties if she shifted to a more comfortable position on the sofa. “I am glad you chose this night.”

Josh’s mother smiled, clearly flattered that a younger man would show such an interest in her.

Kathy’s friends had failed to show up and Josh had spent the next two hours talking with his mother as a stranger. He had told her he sold medical equipment, living out of hotels and traveling around a lot. Giving her an entire made up history, he had rehearsed over the last few months with other women. She had told him that she was widowed and that she had two children.

As the noise in the bar began to peak, listening to stories he already knew, Josh began to use a move Mandy had done on him. When ever he had something he wanted to say, he would place his hand on her thigh and talk into her ear. Seemingly innocent, they were both aware of the hand. Yet she made no move to stop him.

It was now 2AM and the bar was closing so Josh walked his mother out to her car. Had this been one of the other girls he would have asked if she wanted to go back to his hotel room, not really caring to much altyazılı porno if they said no. But, since this was his mother and he didn’t want to scare her off. He was unsure of how to proceed. Fortunately she gave him the opening.

Instead of just saying goodnight and getting into her car she paused at her door. Not moving for a second she left her keys in her handbag and turned around leaning against the car door.

“I had a really good time tonight. Thank you for the drinks and conversation. It’s been a really long time since I closed down a bar.”

Josh smiled. “I am glad you had a good time, so did I.” He could tell it was not easy for his mother to be doing this and she was using every bit of courage she had.

Josh decided to go for broke. He leaned forward and gave her a soft kiss on the lips. She did not resist. He was exhilarated at the sensation of kissing his own mother even though she did not know he was her son. Her lips were soft with a flavor of apple from the martinis she had been drinking. With one hand now on her hips and the other on the back of her neck, Josh kissed his mother for several minutes.

With his hands still on his mother’s hips but no longer kissing, his mother starred into his eyes looking for any signs of warning. Josh gave her none.

Josh could tell she was not going to be the one to escalate this, so he decided to act. “Would you like to go back to my place?” He asked, hoping beyond hope.

Kathy hesitated for a moment. “It’s been a very long time since I have done this, in fact several years. I would feel more comfortable if we went back to my house. You know familiar surroundings and all.”

Josh immediately thought of his sister Sam. “What about your daughter?”

“She’s spending the weekend at a friend’s house.”

Josh felt as if he were about to burst inside. He was about to experience something forbidden to everyone, save a very small few. He was about to know his mother the way only his father had before. “OK. I will follow you.”

To Josh the drive to his home seemed to take forever. The thought of having his mother had given him an erection that would drive nails. Finally they had arrived.

Once inside his old house Josh sat on the sofa while his mother went to the bar to fix them both drinks. Neither of them spoke much beyond “this is a nice house.” Josh decide not to wait and got up and went to the bar were his mother was fixing the drinks.

Josh put his hands on her hips, leaned against her and began kissing her neck. His mother responded by putting down the liquor bottle and moaning softly. Slowly she turned around and they were again kissing in a passionate embrace. Josh ran his hands down his mother’s side and to her ass. He could feel though the thin material of her dress that she was wearing a garter with stockings and a thong. Josh was amazed to feel his mother’s hand on his ass, trying to push him into her.

Josh leaned back, removing his right hand from her ass and began to caress her exposed chest from the low cut dress. Josh slowly dipped underneath the fabric brushing her breast. Josh wanted to see more. He slid the thin should straps off each shoulder causing her dress to fall to the floor.

There she was, his mother standing in front of him in a bra, panties, stockings and high heels all in black. She had a perfect body and could have easily been a lingerie model if she had chosen to be.

Kathy stepped over the dress that had fallen to the floor and slowly unbuttoned her son’s shirt. Sliding it off his shoulders and throwing it on top of her discarded dress. Caressing his muscled chest she ran her fingers down his stomach to his belt buckle. Josh kicked off his shoes. Tilting her head to the side as if just now making a decision she kneeled in front of him. Josh’s mother started massaging his hard cock through his jeans. Expertly undoing his belt and unbuttoning his jeans with her free hand. She then pulled down his jeans and gave him a second to step out of them.

Taking off his socks josh now stood in front of his kneeling mother wearing only his boxers.

After stroking this stranger, her son’s cock a few times through the boxers, Kathy pulled them down and grabbed that which she had been without for so long. The ten inch cock was huge in her small hands. She slowly stroked the entire length of the shaft.

“It’s been almost four years since I had one of these.” Said Kathy with a smile.

“Well then. We have a lot of time to make up for. I wanted to make love to you as soon as I saw you in the bar.” Replied Josh.

“I don’t want to make love. I’m not ready for that. I just want to be fucked.”

All Josh could do was nod his head. He was stunned at the words that came out of her mouth, even more than the fact that she had said it to him.

Kathy, still zenci porno holding her sons cock leaned forward and started rubbing it on her face, caressing her cheeks. She then took the tip of his cock into her mouth and began sucking. Taking in a little more of his cock each time. About four inches down Josh expected her to stop, just as the other girls did and start stroking the bottom half. She didn’t.

Josh grabbing the back of her hair, watched as his mother took inch after inch. Until all ten inches was down her throat. His first deep throat and it was his mother doing it. Josh closed his eyes and slid his cock in and out of his mother’s throat. Only stopping every minute or so, so she could catch her breath. Grabbing her hair he began to thrust in and out of her a little faster.

With a slurping sound she took his cock out of her mouth, while still jerking him off, using her own saliva as a lubricant. “That’s it Ethan, fuck my face. Ram that cock down my throat.”

That was the sexiest thing Josh had ever heard. He gripped his mother’s hair even harder and began thrusting it in and out of her throat, driving it all the way in until his balls were touching her lips. Josh watched as her throat expanded, accepting this long overdue treat. Over and over it was repeated, with noises of ecstasy escaping from both of them.

Both the actual blowjob and the fact that it was his mother giving it to him were too much for him to take. After only ten minutes he could feel he was about to cum.

“I can’t take anymore Kathy, I’m about to cum.”

Taking Josh’s cock out of her mouth, she said. “That’s it Ethan, cum all over me, on my face in mouth, all over. I haven’t had a cum bath in years. I want to feel it all over me. I want to taste it.” She continued stroking his cock inches from her face, opening her mouth in anticipation of the drenching she was about to receive.

Josh could not believe that this was that mouth that use to kiss him goodnight when he was a child. His mother who had always given an appearance of modesty and wholesomeness was actually as nasty and perverted as any of the girls he had seen in porn movies. Sex starved and cum hungry. Her eyes were glazed over with only one ambition.

Josh exploded all over his mother’s face. The first shot leaving a trail from his mother’s lip, across her eye and into her hair. She took the next few cum shots directly into her mouth. The last streaming shots went onto her face. When Josh was finished she kept her hold on her new found toy. Licking her lips and savoring the flavor of the treat she had so richly earned. She spent another minute using Josh’s cock to smear her new creamy make-up all over her cheek and then taking it into her mouth to clean it off.

Josh decided it was her turn. Lifting his mother up off her knees, he led her to the bedroom. At the edge of the bed Josh took off his mother’s bra, exposing her beautiful tits. After messaging her breast for moment and tweaking her nipples with his fingers he finally laid her down on her own bed, with her face still covered in his sperm.

Josh sat down nest to his mother and began running his hands over her body, exploring all the places that until now had been a mystery. He ran his hands along her breast, down her stomach and then to the place that had conceived him. Slowly up her thighs to the snaps that held the garter to the hose. Unsnapping each one, he disconnected the garter and hose. Now that he could slide his mother’s thong off at will, he returned his attention to the area known only by one other man. Josh ran the tips of his fingers over her mound; his mother’s panties were drenched. Kathy reacted by spreading her legs a little further apart and moaning.

It was time for Josh to get a taste. He slid her panties off, exposing her perfectly bald mound. Josh spread his mother’s legs wide. He then placed himself between them leaning on his left elbow. With his right thumb he began to rub her lips, working his way to her clitoris and rubbing it in circles.

“Oh yes. Right there.” Exclaimed Kathy as she grinded her pelvis into her son’s hand.

Josh then slid one finger into her. He pushed his finger back and forth, easily penetrating her wet pussy. While he finger fucked his mom, Josh placed his mouth to her clit and began sucking.

Kathy arched her back violently. “Oh GOD YES!!! Eat my pussy Ethan. I want to cum in your mouth just like you came in mine.”

Kathy began grinding harder into Josh’s mouth. Right as she was about to orgasm she reached down with both hand forced her son’s face hard into her pussy. This sent her over and she began shaking as years of pent up sexual frustration was released into her son’s mouth.

Josh was now hard as a rock again. He got up, kneeling between her legs. Taking his erection aldatma porno and sliding into his mother. Holding her legs apart, one hand on each ankle, Josh pounded his mother.

“Is this your fantasy? To have your pussy pounded by a twenty two year old.”

“Yes Ethan. Fuck me. Give it to me deep and hard. I want to be fucked. I want to be fucked until I can’t walk straight.”

Josh smiled as he watched his mother take all ten inches and moan with pleasure.

“I like that nasty mouth of yours to.” Said Josh, starting to get more into it.

Kathy smiled at him, cum still spattered all over her face. “I’m sure you especially liked it when I used it to suck you off and then take your load into it.”

Josh decided to try some new things with his mom, given her willing and eagerness. He slid his cock out of her.

“Get on your hands and knees. I want to fuck you doggie style.”

Kathy complied right away. She got on her knees and laid her head and chest on the bed so that her back was beautifully arched and her ass was up in the air. Seeing his mother like this with her ass up, just begging to be fucked was more than enough invitation. Josh got behind her and slid ten inches in.

Josh fucked his mother doggie style. Given how hard she was pushing back on him. Josh was not really sure if it was him fucking her or her fucking him.

Kathy rammed back hard after each thrust. “Yes…Yes…Give it to me Ethan. Spank my ass. I am being bad. I want to see a hand print there in the morning.”

Josh obeyed his mother and spanked her ass. Each time he did it she gave a cry of delight.

“I can’t believe when I met you at the bar you would be this erotic.” said Josh as he hammered his mother doggie style.

“I decided if I was going to do this. I was going to do every dark fantasy I ever had. And you’re the lucky one who gets to see it.”

Josh took his right had from her ass and rubbed his thumb in the cum still on her face. Taking his now slick thumb, Josh began to rub his thumb at the opening of his mother’s ass. As he kept pumping her pussy he began slowly applying more pressure to his thumb. As she began to relax her anal muscle, slip. The tip of his thumb was now in his mother’s ass. Slowly he began working it in and out, until he could bury his thumb all the way to his hand in side her ass. As her ass became a little looser, he licked his other thumb and inserted it into his mother.

As he continued fucking her, he began applying pressure to both thumbs and started stretching her. There was now a thin opening between his thumbs so that he could see inside his mother’s anus.

Kathy sensing were this was going and more than willing to go along with it said. “You want to fuck me in the ass? Go ahead, bury that huge cock of your inside it.” She pulled away from his for a second, reached into her nightstand and pulled out some KY. She put a generous amount on her hand, turned around to where Josh was still kneeling and applied it to the length of his shaft, then just as quickly got back into her position ready for the anal impaling.

Josh didn’t hesitate. He placed his cock at his mothers opening and began to push it in. It had tightened up a little after she had gotten the KY. Josh slowly pushed the head in. Then working it in and out he began sliding in more. After about five inches he couldn’t get any more in.

Kathy then began wiggling around, while at the same time pushing hard against him trying to got more. After a minute of trying she found the right angle and the last five inches slid into her anal cavity. “Oh godddd, that feels so amazing.” She said.

Seeing ten inches of cock penetrating his mother’s ass, this was with out question the horniest Josh had ever been. Josh slid his cock in and out of her ass. Every once in a while pulling all the way out of her so he could see inside her, the hole staying open now that she had relaxed her anal muscles.

Josh fucked his mother in the ass for another twenty minutes.

“I’m about to cum.” Said Josh as he could no longer hold it in.

“Yeah Ethan. You want to cum inside my ass?” Kathy asked.

Josh thought about it for a second. “No. Turn over on your back. I want to cum all over your face again. I want to watch you swallow my sperm.”

Kathy flipped over onto her back, her head tilted foreword leaning on a pillow. Josh straddled her and began jerking himself off.

“Open your mouth, so I can fill it full of cum.”

Josh’s mother even more cum hungry than before replied, “Give it to me baby. Blow your wad all over my face and down my throat.”

Josh blew his load all over her face and into her mouth. By the time he was finished, his mother had cum in her nose, over her eyes, in her hair and all over her face. In Josh’s mind she had never looked more beautiful.

Josh fucked his mother twice more before he had to leave because his little sister was coming home. Besides he had to go home so he could change back to his own body so he could come back later that night and have breakfast with his mother and sister the next morning.

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