Monsters, Men, and Magic Ch. 18

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The cock pulsed against Casey’s tongue and a thick flood of cum ran down it. The teenager kept working along the man’s cock, encouraging every drop she could out of his balls. The hot seed filled up her mouth, and when he finally pulled out from between her lips, she swallowed it all down greedily in one go. Casey smacked her lips, waiting for the next man to appear.

That was the eighth one so far to visit the glory hole. While waiting for the next man to arrive was annoying, she couldn’t complain about the easy access, no questions asked, approach to getting cock. Casey was feeling better after every cock she sucked. At this point, she could barely feel the charm’s pressure on her at all. It seemed like this was finally doing enough to suppress the urge, at least for now. But she was enjoying herself, so why leave now? Magic or no magic, sucking dick was fun, so why wouldn’t she do more of it?

Casey didn’t have to wait long before another shaft pushed through the hole. This one was already rock hard, so she was able to immediately wrap her lips around the head of it and slide down the length. Her tongue slid along his shaft, softly caressing it as his cock surged forward into her mouth. She really couldn’t complain about this arrangement at all.

“You are an eager one,” the man chuckled from the other side of the wall. He was the first truck driver to say anything to her. The rest only moaned when they came down her throat. “I love a slut who knows her place.”

Casey murmured a response around his dick; she wasn’t exactly in a position to offer a reply. Her lips were wrapped around his cock and sliding down him as her tongue eagerly lapped along his length. Still, she moaned in acknowledgment, enjoying his words. There was no denying that both of those things applied to her right now. Casey had never thought she would have ended up whoring herself out, but here she was.

“It’s good to have a wet warm hole to put your cock after a long night on the road,” the truck driver groaned. “I’ll have to give my compliments to Antonio for getting such a good cocksucker to work the booth.”

Casey continued pleasuring him, licking along every inch of his offered cock. Her lips caressed the entire length, worshipping him with her mouth. As his cock began to pulse against her lips, she went back to taking him down her throat.

“I want you to pull off of my cock slut, I want you wearing my nut as a badge of honor for the gebze escort rest of the night,” he ordered.

Casey mumbled her agreement around him, smiling to herself. So far, she was remarkably clean considering she had sucked eight cocks already tonight, nine including the one in the parking lot. She did as instructed; her hand came up and took the place of her mouth, and she quickly jerked him off. The head of his slick cock pressed against her face, smearing her own spit across her features until he came.

“I’ve been saving up a fat load for a slut like you,” the driver groaned.

His cock erupted right in her face, and it was a truly heavy load; the man wasn’t kidding about that. The heavy white cream shot onto her face, painting her with thick lines. It coated her forehead, and her nose even sprayed onto her cheeks. His cock twitched again, and more of his seed covered her lips and chin. Some of it even dripped down and started to stain her black tank top.

Casey kept working his cock until the few drops leaked out of him, dripping down onto her nose. With his cock spent. she gave his head one more lick before he pulled back out of the hole. “Thank you, sir,” she murmured, the first words she had said to any of her customers.

“No problem slut, you certainly earned it,” he chuckled. “Now you look just like the slut you actually are.” With that, he left the bathroom.

She was left alone again, now with a fresh glaze of spunk decorating her face. Occasionally, her tongue darted out, and she licked a few drops of the man’s seed off of her face, but for the most part, she let it stay there. Despite how late it was, Casey wasn’t the least bit tired right now. Maybe it was from all of the excitement, but she felt like she could do this forever.

Fortunately for her, she didn’t need to wait too long for her next customer. The swollen cock appeared through the hole, and she quickly went about her job, happily sucking along the fresh shaft. As she bobbed her head up and down, she felt her phone vibrate as she got a text. One positive to her position was that the customer couldn’t see what she was doing. So as she licked and worked his cock she pulled her phone out to the text.

It was from Jordan, the trickster, and it was short. “I know it’s late, just checking to see if you’re alright.”

She quickly typed out an answer. “Yeah, I’m awake.” Casey göztepe escort focused on the dick in front of her until she got a reply.

“I hope it’s not the charm keeping you up.”

“Yeah, it is,” she answered.

“Really sorry about that, was it strange dreams again?”

“Didn’t even get to sleep yet, the mark was acting up.” Casey pulled back on the man’s cock, keeping just the head in her mouth as her tongue swirled around him.

“That bad? I’m really sorry about the charm, I didn’t know it would affect you like this.”

The man’s cock pulsed inside of Casey’s mouth and shot a few ropes of cum down her throat before the man suddenly pulled his dick back out of her. The rest of his load poured down onto her face, and without her aiming him, down lower. Most of his seed landed down on her collarbone and between her breasts. The man chuckled, knowing he had coated her, and pulled back out of the hole and left.

Casey didn’t really mind the mess, honestly. After the first facial, she’d have to clean herself off anyway. She turned her attention back to her phone and answered the trickster. “What happened happened. Thanks for the concern though. Just keep looking for something to help out.”

“Gonna check in with a few contacts,” he replied. “Hopefully they can help.”

Her texting was interrupted by another customer entering the bathroom. His cock was even harder than the last one to come through. The head of it was already red and swollen. Casey planted a wet kiss on the crown of his cock before pushing herself all the way down his length.

She typed out a reply as she bobbed her head back and forth. “Thanks.”

There were a few minutes where Casey waited for a reply and just focused on sucking the cock in front of her. This man was utterly silent and just let her work his cock. Casey slipped off of him for a few moments, licking along a thick vein on the underside of his cock and planting wet kisses against him. The cock was quite thick, and Casey was enjoying herself. Jordan finally responded, and she checked the message even as she drove herself down the man’s cock until his balls were resting against her chin.

“So…how are you handling the charm then?” he asked.

“How do you think?” she replied, her spit dripping down from the cock.

“Well last time I was there to help you out. I was just curious,” Jordan texted back.

Instead halkalı escort of describing what she was doing, Casey figured it would be easier just to send him a photo; a picture was worth a thousand words. She pulled slightly off of the man’s cock and opened her mouth wide, showing the head of his shaft pressing along her tongue. Along with that, there was all of the cum dripping down her face and running down between her breasts. She snapped the photo and sent it to Jordan. “This is what you’re making me do.”

It was only a moment for Jordan to respond. “Quite the step up from fucking in the backyard. You look like you’re enjoying yourself,” and then there was a winky face.

“You know how I am,” Casey responded. Of all the people to sext with, she hadn’t ever expected a trickster to be on the receiving end of it.

She wrapped a hand tightly around the cock and slowly stroked it as she kissed and licked at the head of it. The man let out a deep groan at the feel of her, the first sound he had made since arriving. Casey worked his cock faster and faster, jerking him off steadily with his head pressing against her tongue. Her lips wrapped tighter around his thick cock, keeping him trapped in her mouth.

“Too bad you couldn’t stay in Hilbury for longer,” Jordan texted back.

“Miss me already?” Casey answered.

“Yeah, the sorority girls in town had nothing on you.”

The cock in Casey’s mouth twitched, and she brought her phone up. She started to record a video as the man came in her mouth, capturing every moment of it. A hot rope of cum landed on her tongue, and then the next plastered the back of her throat. After that, she opened her mouth and stuck out her tongue, keeping his cock pressed against it as he came but letting the phone record it all.

The man’s load was thick and heavy and even more tasty than the usual one. His seed poured into her mouth, and Casey hungrily swallowed it down. Even then, he still wasn’t finished. Casey aimed his cock further down, letting his spunk land on her breasts and stain her tank top. The man’s orgasm finally came to an end, and she smeared the last couple drops from his cock on her forehead before he pulled back out of the hole.

So far, that had been her favorite cock from the twelve she had today. Casey stopped recording and sent the video to Jordan. “Just pretend that’s you. If we ever see each other again I’ll do the same thing to you.”

The response came as soon as Jordan had time to watch the video. “You’re a hell of a girl. I bet you would have found your way into a glory hole eventually with or without my magic.” He was probably right about that. Casey was having enough fun that she wasn’t even thinking about leaving yet, and she couldn’t even feel the charm’s effect on her.

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