Monica’s Interview

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Monica and I first met at a business conference. I had been invited to attend a corporate seminar/sales blitz by a distant relative because my background in computer business software was a reasonable match for his company’s product offerings. I wasn’t sure whether he hoped to attract me to the company, or whether his intention was to pick my brain for possible sales leads. I rather thought the latter, so my guard was up.

Monica and I arrived at the coffee urn more or less at the same time. I did my gentlemanly thing and poured coffee into her cup.

“Thanks . . . Calvin.” She had to check the “My Name is . . .” tag to verify.

“You’re most welcome.” I smiled and took note of her own tag without appearing to assess her chest. She was wearing a full dress, rather conservative, but not a power suit by any means. It was a chiffon type of fabric, with a bit of carry-on over the breasts that made it unclear whether she was hiding overly large or a particularly small cleavage. No skin was showing below the clavicle. The skirt portion was actually below the knee. I thought it was a bit of an odd outfit for the business portion of the day. I would have thought it more suitable for the evening wear.

“You seem to be assessing my outfit.” Her eyes seemed alert behind her rather conservative glasses. I had thought she might be near forty, but looked younger.

“Hardly. My knowledge of women’s fashion could be engraved on the head of a pin in a large font.”

She smiled a bit.

“Actually, I had to pick something for day and evening because I’m driving home right after dinner this evening, and I’ve checked out of my hotel already. Men are luckier than we are in that regard,”

“So, are you with Optimal Solutions?”

“No, I’m not. My company is thinking of Optimal as a solution provider and I’m assessing their offerings today. You?”

“I’m not sure why I’m here. Either they want me to join them, or they want me to bring some of my clients to the table for subsequent sales dog and pony shows. I’ll find out at some point.”

“Then you might end up as my solution provider.” Her eyes gave me a frank assessment, or so I thought. “Are you staying for the dinner?”

“I might. I’m booked until tomorrow, so I kept my options open in case there was a chance for hooking up with Optimal for some serious discussions.”

“Monica, so good of you to take the time to join us today.” An obvious sales type from Optimal swept up to the coffee area and levered himself between us. “Could you excuse us, . . . Calvin, Monica and I have been involved in some discussions and I would like to go over a few items prior to the first session.” He smiled vacuously and dismissed me.

“Perhaps we’ll get together later, Calvin.” She let herself be herded away towards an unoccupied portion of the rapidly filling space. Free food is always a big draw.

Monica and I ended up in different break out groups for the morning, and I didn’t see her again until lunch. The sales guy had somehow attached himself to her like a northern leech. I observed as he worked his way along the buffet table pointing out the obvious as only a sales type can. I could see that she had long since lost interest in his patter. Her eyes met mine as Willy Loman dabbed at his tie that had become coated with salad dressing. Actually, his name was Steve. She rolled her eyes theatrically. Noting his lack of success with the removal process, he excused himself promising to return immediately.

Monica slowly made her way over to me.

“You wouldn’t happen to have a pistol, would you?”

I laughed. Monica gave me an appraising look then spoke.

“I know this is going to sound a bit forward, but are you staying in the hotel?”

“Yes, and I was just about to go upstairs and give myself a bit of a rest from all this. I’ve decided that my client base is their real interest, and, frankly, I’d like it to stay, my client base.”

“Would you mind if I joined you. This is going to sound odd, but I am in need of a washroom and the facilities here are crowded and one of the john’s is out of service.” She arched her eyebrows.

“I can trust you to be a gentleman?”

“Indeed. I will not turn into a lady at anytime during the lunch break.”

It was her turn to laugh.

“The room number is 1216. I’m headed up now. I’ll wait for you.”

Moments later, her rap on the door started part two of our association.

“Hello, again.”

She slipped into the room without a trace of nervousness. Her glasses were gone, and her lipstick appeared to be touched up.

“The washroom is, well where else would it be.”

“And so it is. Actually, Calvin, I was hoping I could give you a blow job while I was sitting on the can. Would that be alright?”

My eyes betrayed my surprise. I tried to cover.

“Now that is amazing. And I actually believed you needed to use the can.”

“I do. And I hope I didn’t make a bad judgment, Calvin. You are straight, and you don’t need viagra, and you are not an objector to casual consensual sex.”

“My marmaris escort God. You must be a mind reader, Monica.”

She reached behind and deftly unhooked and lowered her dress to the waist. She turned and asked me to unhook her bra. Of course I complied. She turned and posed, obviously proud of two quite magnificent breasts. Both were completely unblemished, with large pink aureoles, and rigid nipples. They were completely natural, and sagged slightly with the heavy weight of D cup or perhaps larger sized cones.

“Good God, Monica. How could you possibly hide these.”

“Well, thank you, Calvin. So nice of you to show your appreciation.” Her eyes dropped to just below my waist.

She stepped out of her dress, letting the bra drop onto the dress, then stooped and picked it up. She stepped over to the closet and carefully hung it up. As she did, I noted the delicious curve of her nearly naked posterior, as she worn a thong. She turned, obviously aware of her extraordinary body, and slipped fingers into her panties and slipped them off without the faintest hint of embarrassment. Dangling them with one finger she posed and hung them up with the dress.

“Your turn, Calvin.”

I stripped with pious haste. My penis had already firmed up, and by the time I was totally naked, it was solid.

“My, my. That’s a bold statement of appreciation, sir, and an affirmation of my judgment. You are indeed glad to see me.”

She took me by the hand and pulled me gently into the washroom. Without missing a beat she sat on the toilet, and pulled me towards her. She looked up at me with an arch grin, and then proceeded to take my cock in her mouth. I watched her lips work skillfully up and down, and then heard the urine splash into the porcelain. She continued to suck me as she pissed for a long time. As she started to pick up speed, I could sense that she was keen to get me ready to blow by the time she finished. Normally I couldn’t get off that fast, but the skill of her fingers teasing my balls, and the absolute mastery of her lips, tongue and cheeks was going to make it close. As it turned out, she didn’t quite achieve her goal, but was a good sport and didn’t miss a beat. She kept up her metronome like pace and I wasn’t able to stop blowing right into her mouth. Without hesitation she milked and drained my cock, letting the cum run down her throat. As I groaned deeply through the orgasm, she pulled and tugged on me to get every last drop.

She looked up with a rather mischievous grin. With her lips tight for a beat, she opened and showed me the cum on her tongue, then swallowed theatrically.

“See, I thought you might become my solution provider.”

I let out a sigh of contentment along with a smile.

She leaned forward again and licked off a drop of cum. Then, turning, she took a wad of paper and dabbed her pussy.

I turned and took a face cloth, held it under the tap until the water got warm, then asked her stand up. I opened her legs a bit and gave her a warm wash between her legs. She had a neatly trimmed pubic area, with the lower portion totally clear of hair. She had trimmed the portion above her clit in a lovely thin line.

“Lovely design. This is how a pussy should look. And you have the super long legs, and slim build to make it look right.”

“Why thank you, Calvin. I thought you were ignorant of women’s fashions?”

“A slight understatement. Forgive me.”

“Mmmm, that is so nice.”

“I was hoping I might reciprocate. I think we have enough time. However, I prefer to do this on the bed, rather than while relieving myself.”

“Understandable, and acceptable.”

“By the way, do you get off with the suck and pee thing?”

“No, it just saved time.” She smiled archly.

I felt compelled, hell no, I felt eager to show her I could give as good as I got. It took a bit longer than I had thought, but she managed to cum with considerable gusto gripping my head with surprisingly strong thigh adduction. I shouldn’t have been surprised, however, as the adductor muscles are the largest in the body.

I repeated the warm water wash, had a piss, and we dressed efficiently. Monica gave me a peck on the cheek, and slipped out of the room.

I waited a tick, made sure there were no telltale signs on my clothes, face, or hands, and followed.

When I arrived, an anxious Willy Loman was wringing his hands as he trailed after Monica into the first session of the afternoon. She turned as she disappeared with the ghost of a smile on her lips.

Having already decided that Optimal was not optimal for me, I chatted with my relative for a while, then trailed after Monica, since the session she attended held some professional interest for me. Harold, my distant in-law, was needed elsewhere, fortunately, so I found a seat near the back of the room and took in the session. It looked as though, Steve, was surgically attached to Monica. He wasn’t reading he body posture as she was leaning away and had managed to turn slightly on her chair. I was chuckling inside marmaris escort bayan at the silly tableau. At the first break, Monica excused herself and headed for the washroom. She caught my eye and I circled over to the elevator bank. Monica left Steve pacing not far from the washroom door, but, unknown to him, there was a second entrance from the other corridor and she used that to ditch him. She walked quickly to the elevator and slipped in as I held the door for her.

“Thank you.”

She said this in deference to the matronly couple who had not appreciated my holding up their ascent. Bad bladders likely. They got off at the 8th floor, while we traveled in amused silence to my floor. Once in the room, she offered a repeat of our earlier scene. I suggested an alternative that raised her eyebrows.

She stood in front of me, and dutifully stripped as before, but now she had a sheepish look of a soon to be chastened and chastised little girl.

Once she was totally nude, I pulled her across my lap and gave her a rather firm spanking. I timed the slaps to permit her to adjust to each blow. Her acting was impeccable, even kicking her legs a bit, but she kept her gorgeous ass pointed right up for the next slap. Her milky ass flesh turned nicely pink, and then a deeper red as I worked over her entire posterior.

“God, Calvin, you aren’t missing an inch of my ass. I’m on fire.”

And so she was. After a few more stinging slaps, she slid from my lap and set to work with my thumping erection. She used all the skills of her earlier performance, and then some. As I began to feel myself preparing to shoot my load, I stopped her.

“I want you on the bed on your hands and knees. Right at the corner. Spread your legs right to the edges.”

She looked up at me askance, but complied without so much as a murmur of complaint. I positioned myself behind her.

“Of course, you know I’m going to fuck your ass. It is too irresistible like this.”

I slipped my cock into her pussy a few times to really soak myself. Then I proceeded to press it against her tight little hole. She pressed back, not balking at my rear entry in any way. She groaned as I pushed past her ring.

“Slowly, now, Calvin. Let me take it all in.”

She pressed herself back until my balls started to flatten on her cheeks. Then she moved back and forth at her own rhythm for a few strokes.

“Okay. Fuck me as hard as you want. I’m going to play with my cunt while you’re fucking me.”

Her hand went to work on herself, lashing her clit from side to side and then up and down just enough to unhood it. She was nicely appointed as far as her clitoris went. It was of a size that permitted good contact, and, when sucking it, you could work it around with your lips and tongue.

I pounded her without let up for a length of time until I couldn’t hold back. She was close and I could feel her asshole puckering and tightening over my pulsing prick.

“God, Calvin, shove the fucking thing all the way in!”

She came, I shoved, I came. We were hermetically attached as our bodies pulsed on automatic pilot. My nuts felt like they had collapsed, and my calf muscles nearly cramped as I lifted both of us another three inches off the bed. My hands gripped her under the thighs and I picked her right up and held her off the bed as my last drop of cum shot into her.

I slumped back on the bed pushing her flat out. I stayed fully engaged, although I was softening a bit.

“My, my. Aren’t we acrobatic?”

We laughed together, and I rolled us onto our side. I cupped her large breasts and tweaked the nipples, though not terribly hard.

“Ouch, sir. Take it easy on those little nips. I’m very sensitive. I might need you to kiss them better.”

“It would be my pleasure.”

I pulled out and she gave my cock a quick inspection.

“I hope I didn’t shit on you . . . much.” She bounced off the bed to get a cloth. She returned and gave my petered out pecker a thorough scrub. Then she finished by cleansing her own ass.

“The one problem with ass fucking is getting your ass closed afterwards and getting the spunk out before you have to entertain guests, or, in my case, Steve. Like it or not I’m going to have to deal with the shithead before I leave.”

“I suppose he’ll notice that we’re both missing from the seminar.”

“Fuck him, if he can’t take a joke.” I wasn’t a Steve fan, anyway, and I wasn’t going to be providing Monica’s company with an alternate solution.

“Let me shit this stuff out and I can get back with some bullshit story for him. There is a lot to be said for blow jobs when you only have a few minutes.”

I left her to her toilette while I casually put my clothes on for the third time that day. Monica had impressed the hell out of me. It’s not everyday that a man meets a woman who is knock out gorgeous, loves casual sex, has a really good sense of humour, and is exceptionally bright.

“Are you sticking around for the dinner, Calvin?”

“Not unless you are.”

“Why don’t we get together escort marmaris after this is over for a debrief. You can give me your impressions of the product offerings vis à vis their suitability for my application. I’ll fill you in, so to speak, over dinner.”

I couldn’t help by smile. She stepped out of the washroom looking as respectable as she did first thing this morning.

“Well, once more into the breech, as they say.”

Monica went down first. The session had already started. She went in and took a seat away from Steve, who had returned to his original seat. He looked more like a bobble head figure than a human being, and beckoned for her to join him, but she ignored him. Moments later he got up and slipped into a seat behind her.

“What happened to you?” His tone was urgent/annoyed.

“Later, Steve, I need to focus on this.” He sat back rather peeved.

I didn’t bother to rejoin the session, but went to the bar for a libation. Sipping on a scotch, I mulled over the situation. This was one remarkable woman. I couldn’t believe she was unattached, and wondered why she would have picked me for her interlude today. I also had to decide how to handle anything going forward. My wife was about as straight as a nun with regards to affairs, and this woman was worth more than a single day and night.

I had sucked back several shots of Johnny Walker Black Label by the time I could see some of the “here for the day off” types stepping lively for the exit. The sales personnel were glomming onto the prospects like flies on shit. And speaking of flies, I saw Steve hovering around Monica, who was hardly shit. At this point I saw a different woman. She gave Steve the brush as though he were a mouse dropping on the kitchen floor. I stood at the door way of the bar as she strode away from him.

I waved discreetly, and she turned towards the bar. As she approached, I saw Steve trailing after her. She passed me as though I wasn’t even there, but she slipped a note onto the table beside me. I carefully picked it up and turned back to the stool that my ass had warmed over the last hour.

“I’m taking a cab to Gretchen’s on Turcotte at 33rd. Meet me as soon as you can.”

I paid my tab and watched her carry on right through the bar to the street exit. She got into a cab and took off as Steve stepped out onto the street. I watched him slump, watch her leave, then turn back into the hotel. I went up to my room, changed into more casual clothes and took the elevator to the parking garage. I drove over to Gretchen’s, which I knew fairly well.

Monica was waiting in line for a table as I walked in.

“Hello, Calvin, fancy meeting you here.” Her smile was back.

“No sign of Steve. I saw him slither back to the hotel.”

“Christ, what a complete drag! The problem is, I might have to choose his stuff, and he is the guy in our territory. Fortunately he only sells. So. Hungry?”

“Yes, actually, I am. I worked up an appetite today.”

“You, too? Have you eaten here before?”

“I have. Food is great, service is slow. Waiters are so-so.” After a few more minutes, we got a table and ordered. I still had a bit of a buzz from Johnny, and passed on another drink. Monica went for some red wine.

we chatted about the software that we’d more or less learned about during the day. Monica, and this surprised Calvin, was really quite brilliant. She was able to discourse on the pros and cons of the Optimal products, even though she had been occupied during some of the session. She was particularly adept at identifying possible implementation issues. As Calvin listened, he could see why she had been selected to assess options for her company.

“Well, I’m sold, Monica. If not on the software, I am sure impressed with you.”

She laughed.

“So, Calvin. Let’s put the facts on the table. I like to suck cocks. I got turned on by getting spanked and fucked in the ass. You like my style, and, presumable the package. So, you’re thinking, what is Ms. Monica the software suck slut doing coming on to a more or less ordinary guy like me.” She leaned forward and took one of Calvin’s hands.

I shrugged.

“Well, actually, I don’t think you’re ordinary, or plain, or too old or any of the things you might think.”

“Gee, thanks.” I think I sounded like Richard Dreyfuss in Inserts. I was now a bit confused.

“You have a certain flare, a bit of an evil glint in your eye, a really nice cock, and the body is just about perfect. You’re handsome, sort of, but not pretty. You can listen, you can eat pussy, and your brain seems to work. And you have a sense of humour.”

“You talking about me?” I tried to make light of her observations, but she seemed to be rather genuine in her assessment.

“And, now that we’ve wined, and dined, I feel like taking you for another test drive.”

I paid the bill without blinking, and we strolled outside. By the time we got my car out of the overpriced parking lot, it was dark, but still warm for fall. She took my hand as we pulled out of the lot and slid it into her warm lap.

“I’m wet, by the way. My underwear are in dire need of removal, and, if we weren’t so close to your hotel, I’d have to lean over and take your cock in my mouth, with all that goes with it.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32