Moms Tied Up 1

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Steve Mason trudged slowly home. Snow fell silently as he walked. Steve was an eighteen year old wrestler and had been at his high school waiting to leave for a meet with another school. Although his record was very good, his team wasn’t.

The snow was worse to the west, which was where their meet had been cancelled due to the weather. He had called home for a ride, but didn’t get anyone. He wasn’t surprised as he knew his parents drank heavily when he was gone.

Walking home let him decompress. He’d been all ready to go. Instead, he found himself walking back home for another boring evening.

The family car was covered in snow as he approached his house. Only a few lights were on, which he thought was odd. He made his way to the front door, fumbled for his key and finally got the door opened.

His eyes adjusted to the dim light in the hallway, he dumped his bag on the floor and looked into the living room. His dad lay sprawled on the couch. Steve was surprised to see him naked there. An empty vodka bottle was on the floor, and another partial bottle was between his arm and his chest. He was snoring deeply.

Steve walked over to him and pulled the bottle from him. His father grunted, but otherwise didn’t respond.

“Dad!”, Steve called loudly but received no response. “Jeez”, he thought, “he’s really out of it.”

He looked at his father sprawled on the couch. They weren’t really close. Steve had always been interested in sports, unlike his father. He and his mom had always had more in common. She was often the one to take him to sporting activities, while his dad was more into his business career.

With a smirk Steve looked at his dad. “Wow, he sure has a small cock!”, he thought, “I didn’t get my size from his side of the family.”

Steve turned and left the room, but took the partial bottle with him. He turned and went up the stairs towards his own room. He set the bottle down and got out of his hooded sweatshirt and sweatpants. He stood naked except for his jockstrap and admired his muscled body in the mirror. “Pretty buff!”, he mused. Then he pulled on a pair of gym shorts and t-shirt. He’d see if his mom were awake enough to let her know he was home.

He padded softly down the carpeted hall to his parents’ bedroom. He knocked quietly on the door and listened for a response. He heard his mom moan and a quiet buzzing sound, but no response. He knocked again, and then opened the door.

“Mom, I….”,he said suddenly stopping. There were several lights on low and he looked across the room. The bed was opened but empty. He looked around the room and was surprised to see a figure bent over. He looked more carefully and realized that the figure was his mom! To say he was stunned was an understatement.

As he fought for a handle on the situation, he realized several things almost simultaneously. His mom was naked. She was secured to something that looked like a sawhorse. She had some kind of mask on, which covered her eyes and the top half of her head. The buzzing was coming from her pussy and the crack of her ass which was covered by a strap of leather.

There was also a strong smell of vodka in the room. As he looked about, there were several open bottles near the bed and sawhorse.

He was breathing hard and his mouth was suddenly dry. He walked over to where his mom was. Suddenly, he recognized the sawhorse thing. It was usually in the basement in a disassembled state. He had once asked about it and was told it was for making saddles. The top was broad, but more slender in the middle and covered with leather. There were several eyebolts in the legs and now straps led from them to his mom’s arms and legs. She was on her stomach levent escort on the cross piece.

As Steve looked at his mom, he was surprised in his evaluation. He’d always though of his mom as beautiful, but he’d never imagined seeing her in such a revealing state. Her secured legs looked great and her ass was amazing!

It suddenly occurred to Steve that he didn’t know what to do. It was so hard for him to look away. He slowly backed from the room and found himself standing in the hall. It was obvious that both his parents were unconscious from the vodka they had drunk. He made his way downstairs and checked his dad again. He shook him firmly but got no response. “Yep”,he thought, “he’s completely out.”

Steve made his way back upstairs, careful to shut the door at the bottom of the stairs. He was unsure of what he was going to do, but he did know that if he had any ideas of progressing further, he didn’t want to be surprised by his dad. He walked back to his room. Steve slid his hand into his shorts and stroked his cock. He could feel his cock getting thicker and hardening. He reached over and took a short drink from the opened bottle he had brought from downstairs.

“Fuck my mom?”, he asked himself. Steve knew what incest was. Once of his friends told him that once that he’d been sucked off by his sister, but he never knew if that was the truth or just boasting. He had never thought of it as other than a fantasy with a sister who didn’t exist for himself. Suddenly, he spotted his digital camera. He’d received it as a present for his last birthday. He checked that camera, but it was dead. Fortunately, he had a battery on the charger. He slipped it into the camera and flipped the switch. It came alive in his hands.

492, it read. That meant he had space for 492 pictures, or about 15 minutes of video. He slid his shorts off. His cock was now erect and sticking out of his jock. He looked at himself in the mirror, and on impulse took a photo of himself. His t-shirt hid his cock, but it was tented out. He liked how it looked and took another one. This time he pulled his t-shirt up and used the mirror again, zooming the camera in on his cock and jock. He looked at the picture and could see his clear pre-cum oozing from his hard 8 inch cock.

He walked back down the hall to his parents’ bedroom. His mom was exactly as he had left her. He shook her and called her loudly again, but got no response, just low moans that must have been caused by the vibrator buzzing away in her pussy. Steve let his left hand stroke his mom’s exposed ass. It was soft and warm. He looked at her ass through the display on the back of his camera. The light was a little too dim for the camera, so he walked to the bedroom door and flipped on the light switch.

He waited to see if the overhead light had any effect on his mom. Everything stayed just the same, so he walked by to the sawhorse and knelt down to the level of her ass. Looking through the LCD he saw a beautiful vision of her ass and pussy covered by the strap. He pressed the shutter to take a picture then checked his mom to see if she had any awareness. His mom’s face was unchanged, what he could see of it that the mask didn’t cover. Her mouth was open slightly and she continued her steady moaning. Her heavy breasts were splayed out to either side of her chest.

Steve couldn’t resist running his finger over her exposed nipple on the right side. He brought the camera up again and photographed her exposed breast and one of his hands gently squeezing it.

“Mmmmmm… Mmmmmmm”, she groaned as his hand held her breast.

He moved back to where her ass stuck out obscenely over the end of the sawhorse. taksim escort Steve backed away slightly and took a shot of her ass and legs. You could see plainly in the photo that her legs were secured to the legs of the sawhorse. As he moved back towards her, he noticed a stream of juices running from under the strap over her pussy and down one of her legs. His camera captured a nice close up of her strap covered pussy and the wetness on her leg.

He ran one finger through the wet stream and brought it to his lips, “Yum!”

Steve took a few more photos from different angles. Then he paused for thought. He decided to check on his dad one more time to be sure he was well and truly out. He was out like a light and snoring loudly. Steve set the empty bottle on the couch, next to his dad. If he got up, he’d probably knock it off the couch, which ought to make some noise.

Steven retreated back upstairs, carefully closing the door behind him. He stood in the hall, thinking. His cock was hard as steel and there was a large wet spot on his t-shirt from the constant stream of pre-cum from the head of his cock. Was he going to do something with his own mom? Was he going to be a mother-fucker? Steve had never thought about literally being one with his own mom.

He walked back into the bedroom and picked up the camera, looking at the pictures he’d taken. He looked at his mom again. Frowning, he walked back to the sawhorse. He examined the harness she was wearing. It was soft black leather with steel rings attached at various places. He’d never seen anything like it. He figured the rings must be to restrain the person’s hands, or something like that. Looking at the strap that ran down to her pussy, he realized the strap was secured by a snap at the waist.

Steve reached over and pulled on the strap at the snap and tugged on it. It took a little effort, but it came loose. He let the strap dangle between her legs. Her complete ass and pussy was exposed to him. There was a circular object on her ass. Steve took a hold of it and tugged on it. His mom’s moans suddenly increased. He released the object and it settled back on her ass. Steve was puzzled and took a hold of it again and pulled on it a little harder. He gasped as her realized the rest of it was up his mom’s ass!

He released the butt plug and, as if by magic, his mom’s ass sucked it back inside, accompanied by more moans.

Steve’s mom suddenly stirred, as much as she could stir secured as she was. Steve froze. He held his breath to see if he had went too far and she was going to come to. She subsided, but worked her mouth. She licked her lips and then in a slurred voice, “Oh God, fuck me, please!”

Steve’s mind had a hard time really believing he had heard his own mom asking to be fucked. “Mmmmmmmm, fuck me…” she moaned again.

A thunk woke Steve from his daze. He looked on the floor and realized that the buzzing vibrator that had been in her pussy, had fallen out. He bent down and picked it up. It took him a moment to figure out where the switch was and shut it off. The vibrator was soaked with the juices from her soaked pussy. He looked at the vibrator and thought it was about the same size as his dad’s dick had looked. “That’s not too big.”, he thought. Obviously, from the wet condition of it, with the vibration it was effective.

Before he straightened, he took a close look at his mom’s exposed pussy. It was pink and very wet. Looking underneath, he saw that she was completely shaved. He brought the camera up and switched to the close-up setting and took some pictures of her wet pussy and her ass.

“Now what?” he asked himself. His mom was quieter now without the fatih escort vibrator in her pussy. Steve set the camera down and took a deep breath. Shaking a little, he stroked his mom’s pussy lips from top to bottom. Her pussy was warm, wet and sticky. As he stroked it again his mom gave a deep groan. She shifted her hips and repeated in a low, husky voice, “Fuck meeeee.”

Steve suddenly felt like he was burning up and shed his t-shirt. It was soaked with sweat. He stood there, wearing only his jock strap. His cock poked up out of it. With shaking hands, he pushed the jock strap down to his feet and stepped out if it. He was completely naked, with the hardest erection he had ever had, his mom was naked, strapped to a sawhorse and asking to be fucked.

He looked down and saw his cock, bobbing up and down as he breathed, dripping pre-come in a clear trail. He had fucked a few girls. His first was a cheerleader who took his cherry as a reward for winning a match for her. He knew that he knew how to fuck a woman, but the thought of his own mother made his mind whirl.

Steve looked back at his mom. He raised his hand and stuck out one finger and slowly slid it into her pussy. As he pushed the finger into her, Steve’s mom groaned. With a slurred voice she said, “Oh baby! Give it to me! Mmmmm, feels so good…”

He hadn’t felt a hotter or wetter pussy! He slowly moved his muscular finger back out of her pussy and then back in. More moaning came in response. “I’m finger fucking my mom!”, he thought. After a minute, he pulled his finger all the way out and inserted two fingers. His mom responded a little louder. He knelt down and retrieved his camera and got a couple pictures, one of his fingers barely in his mom’s pussy and another with them all the way in. He slowly fingered her and she responded by pushing her pussy back against him. He pulled his fingers back about half way out of the soaking pussy and held them there. After a moment, his mom started pushing back and forth, fucking herself.

As he watched his mom work back and forth on his fingers, he tried to think. Fuck his mother? She was asking for it, literally, but Steve knew this was a decision he couldn’t take back. He slowly pulled his fingers from his mom. He rubbed the fluids onto his cock using the two fingers. He moved his damp fingers up to the head of his cock and mixed his mother’s pussy juices with his pre-cum. The thought of that nearly made him cum!

He moved around to the other end of the sawhorse. The black hood on her head covered her ears and eyes, but left her nose and mouth exposed. He held his cock in his left hand and rubbed it on his mom’s face and lips. As he did so, her tongue licked the head of his cock. As he slid his cock between her lips, he took several more pictures. When he had several inches of cock in his mom’s mouth, she began to suck on it.

Steve responded by sliding more of his cock into her mouth and she continued to suck. Suddenly, he realized he was going to cum and wasn’t going to be able to wait! Before he could do anything, his cock began spurt cum. The first couple of shots felt like he was dumping a quart of cum each time. His mom swallowed the first shot, but started to choke on the second. He quickly pulled his cock from her mouth but continued to cum. The next spurt landed on her cheek and lips, the second onto her nose, and the remainder onto her mouth and chin.

By the time his orgasm ended, he was almost panting. He looked at his mom’s face. It was covered with his cum. As his brain began to function again he took several more pictures of his mom’s face, covered with his cum. Then his mom slowly stuck her tounge out and began licking her lips, licking his cum and swallowing it!

He took several steps back and sat down on a nearby chair. As he looked at his cum covered mother’s face, he could feel his lust beginning to build again. He was going to have to fuck his mom while he had the chance!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32