Mom’s Surprise Ch. 02

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Lisa was just 18 when she had her son Mark. He had been the product of a one-night-stand with a local boy who left for boot camp the next day. Though she wrestled with the pregnancy and how a child would change her life she was determined to see it through. But the minute she laid eyes on him she was in love for life. When she looked at his precious face, she knew he would be the best thing in her life for the rest of her life. Times were tough for a young girl who was a single mother living in rural Kentucky.

Her mother, Corinne, had given birth to Lisa when she was only 15. Corinne had faced many difficulties growing up while raising a baby girl. The only thing that she had going for her was land; and a lot of it. Her family had owned most of Grayson County and when her father had passed away, she had inherited it all. That is when things changed for the Heaths.

Mark had just turned 18 when his great grand dad passed. He was the apple of his great grand dad’s eye. Jed, his GGD, felt so responsible for the small family that he left everything to them. Part of the reason that Jed had been so loving and generous to Corinne, Lisa and Mark was a little known family secret.

Lisa and Corrine had been more than close for almost five years. After leaving her son, Mark, to his own bed for the boy’s sake, Lisa had been forced to take up bedding with her mom. The small cabin in which they lived only had two beds. What had started as a heart-breaking turn of events had led to a sweet romance between mother and daughter. Lisa and Corrine had quickly become lovers. They felt no remorse or guilt for their incestuous passion for each other and had the most wonderful sex for several years now.

Lisa had graduated from college and was now working as a nurse in the local hospital. She was now 32 and her life change with her mother had done her good. With the help of her mother, she had learned to appreciate her body more. She had taken up yoga and helped her mom with more of the “Chores” around the farm. The result was that, like her mom, her body had become tight and toned. Her ass was firm and was her most magnificent asset. Her 34B breasts were in perfect compliment to her ass. And, owing to the yoga, her abdomen was smooth and muscular. Her angelic and unblemished face was framed in very curly brown hair; just like her mom’s.

Corrine was now 47 and her years had been kind on her body as well. She was “Fit as a fiddle” and could have passed for her daughter’s slightly-older sister. The only major difference in the two were Corrine’s breasts. They were firm but they were also large, she sported a rack of 38C’s that were perfect. They were her most prominent feature and garnered the attention of all who met her.

Though many were interested in both women in the small town of Litchfield, they had eyes for only each other. The two were more than satisfied with their sex life. Though they didn’t consider themselves lesbians, they certainly were great lovers to each other. Incest was what controlled their lives. They were in love; mother and daughter! And it was that love that fueled their desire. Their sex was unrivaled passion and their bond was unbreakable. It was the purest of mother-daughter love.

The night after Jed’s funeral, Corinne had dropped a bomb on Lisa. It was then that she found out that Jed wasn’t just her grand dad, but he was also her father. She was floored. It took a long time to sink in and when it did, she was furious. She wasn’t mad because she was the product of incest; she was mad because she didn’t have a chance to know Jed as her father. She had loved the man and he had treated her with a kindness and caring beyond that of any parent; direct or grand. She loved the man and was upset that she never called him dad.

The two women had held each other tightly that night and had forgone the normal sexual escapades that normally filled their evenings. Though Lisa was upset, she didn’t blame her mom. Corrine was under strict command of her father not to reveal his relationship to their daughter until after his passing. Corrine had struggled with it many times as she too had wanted Lisa to know. This was particularly true after the two women had become lovers themselves.

The next morning was Saturday. As the two awakened, Lisa was laying on her mother’s chest. She felt her mom toying with her hair. The two had slept clothed, which was a rarity. Placing her hand on her mother’s breast, Lisa moved her cheek softly across the other. She heard a soft “Mmmmm” illicit from her mother.

“Mom, how long were you and grand dad, I mean dad, lovers?” she asked.

“Well, baby, that’s hard to say. As you know, my momma had died years before you were born. And poor daddy was just so lonely. I’m not sure, honey. I do know that after I had you. We didn’t do nothin’ for years. Then when I turned eighteen, I just wanted nothin’ more than to be with him. So he finally gave in and we did it for a few years avcılar grup yapan escort until you got old enough to know things. And, well, we just kinda stopped,” she replied.

“Do you miss it? Do you miss the sex with a man?” asked Lisa.

“Well, I did until you and I started, well … makin’ love,” she said with a smile. “But now that you mention it. A good hard cock inside sure feels mighty nice,” she added.

“What about the ones we use on each other? They don’t really do it, do they, mom?” asked Lisa.

“It’s just different baby. I’m sure you understand. I mean, after all, you had your share of dick in your time,” she said with a chuckle.

“Yeah, you’re right. It’s just different. But I like what we have more. I mean, I know we are missing out but, the love we have is so strong and passionate. I love you, momma!” she said as she rolled over and kissed her mother. As she broke the kiss she spoke, “There just ain’t nothing to compare with family love.”

It was then that the seed was planted. Both of the women thought the same thing at the same time. They lay there for a bit, both entertaining the same thought. It was Lisa who eventually vocalized it. “Mom, do you think it would be wrong for us to have sex with Mark?” she asked.

“Oh my God, baby! I was just thinking the same thing. Wow, are we crazy or what?” said Corrine.

Lisa laughed. “Yes, I think we are. But who cares. I bet he would love to have either one of us sexy women. Have you seen how he looks at us?” she said. Lisa bolted upright in bed. “You know, I have seen some things that make me think something now,” she added as she took her mom’s hand. She added, “There have been times, like this past Sunday, when you were dressed all ‘hot’ and stuff, you know, you were wearing that little sundress you had got that I liked so much. You know which one; the little yellow one that is all billowy and loose at the bottom and just above the knee. The one without straps that just your sweet titties hold up. Your nipples were giving that material a fit and and I had seen him eyeing you. Every time I saw you bend over, I looked and he would lean this way and that trying to get a peek up your dress. Remember? He had jumped up and almost run to his room. Said he was going to take a nap. He never takes naps in the afternoon. Then the next morning when I changed his sheets there was a big ole come stain in the middle of the bed. I bet he was wanking his crank thinking of his nana.” She giggled.

“You have something there. I have caught him looking down my shirt a few times and he is always eyeing your behind when you bend over near him,” said Corrine. “But do you think he would really want us to have sex with him? I mean, after all, isn’t that just boyish curiosity and such? I’m sure he has a million of those young girls chasing after him. And don’t you think that he is doin’ something with that girl of his, Amy?”

Lisa’s mind was spinning. Could she really be thinking this? Why not? After all, she loved Mark as much as she loved her mother. And he certainly loved her. And wasn’t sex supposed to be the ultimate expression of love? But it would need to be his decision. she would let him decide. But what harm would there be in baiting him a little.

“He may be having sex with Amy, but I doubt it. Even if he is, how could he turn women as hot as us down? Let’s leave it up to him. But let’s give him a ‘Little encouragement’ along the way. No harm in that, right momma?” asked Lisa as she nuzzled her mom’s neck. She slipped her hand down her mom’s belly inside of her shorts. As her fingers found her slit she exclaimed, “Why momma, you’re excited about this. You are already wet!” Her fingers slipped inside her mother’s pussy as she kissed her neck.

Corrine lay back and enjoyed her daughter’s finger play. She had to admit that the thought of fucking her handsome grandson was inviting. She imagined his hard cock slipping into the hole where his mother’s fingers now delved. Her hand caressed her own breast as Lisa fingered her expertly to orgasm. She was there in no time. She shuddered as she came thinking of how good it would feel to have a nice real cock inside her again. She kissed her daughter lovingly. “Let’s raise the ante and see what he does. If he is getting turned on sneaking peeks at us, then I am sure if we give him a real show that he’ll be hankering for some family pussy in no time,” she said.

“Like you told me the first time you and I played together, ‘no time like the present’, right? We’ll start today,” said Lisa.

“But I have some business to finish first,” said Corrine as she rolled her daughter onto her back pulling up her shirt. She kissed her way down her chest pausing to lick and suck on her daughter’s nipples. She nuzzled her smooth flat belly as she slid Lisa’s panties to the side. They were soaked and the scent of her pussy told her that Lisa too was feeling avcılar masöz escort very excited at the prospect of mother-son sex.

Lisa welcomed her mother’s tongue on her clit. She could feel her mom lapping up all of the juices spawned by the thoughts of incestuous sex with her son. She thought of how manly and handsome that Mark looked. She thought about the times that she had seen the bulge in his pants and wondered what that cock looked like. Now she was wondering how that cock would feel slipping into his mother’s pussy.

She wondered if he ever thought of her as he masturbated. She closed her eyes and pictured him laying in his bed thinking of his mom; his hand pumping his cock and strings of cum shooting in the air and onto his belly. She began to come. She grabbed her mother’s head and pushed it harder to her mound as she came. She couldn’t stifle a loud groan as she bucked and jerked coming hard at the thought of her son jacking off to the thought of her.

Mark awoke thinking what a terrible week it had been. His great grand dad had passed away. He had really been close with the old man. Jed was only 67 and Mark felt cheated that he had been taken away so soon. He had loved every minute that he had spent with his GGD. And to make matters worse, his high school girl friend had broken up with him. He had pushed her too far to have sex. He had been true to her all the way through high school. Many girls had thrown themselves at Mark. He was a magnificent specimen of a man. He was six-foot-four and weighed 200 pounds. He was all muscle. He had a chiseled jaw that set off a handsome tanned face beneath a shock of dark hair. His green eyes were always alight with happiness and kindness. He was a catch. The need for sex was driving him hard. But, he had saved himself for Amy. And now she had dropped him; just when he had found out that Jed had died. To make matters worse, he had seen her at his great grand dad’s funeral with another guy. How dare she show up with someone else.

As he lay there in bed, Mark was on the verge of tears. He had wept so much in the past few days. “Not now, I gotta get myself outta this hole I’m in,” he thought. Just then there was a knock at his bedroom door. “Come in,” he called.

His mother walked in and sat on the edge of the bed. “How are you doing, baby?” she asked.

Mark lost control. He burst into tears hiding his face in his hands he sobbed. Lisa lay next to her son on top of the blanket and held him to her. “It’s OK baby, it’s OK to cry. Just let it out. We all are gonna miss him terribly,” she said as she began to weep herself. She leaned against the headboard of the bed cradling her son’s head to her chest as she gently rocked him.

“I really loved him, ma but it’s not just loosing Grand Dad, mom. Amy broke up with me this week,” he sobbed.

“Oh, baby, I am so sorry,” she said genuinely. Lisa knew how much he cared for the girl. “Why on earth did she do that?” she asked.

“I don’t know, mom. I always treated her good. I guess I just put too much pressure on her,” he said.

“Pressure! What kind of pressure could she have possibly had with you? You always treated her like a queen!” said Lisa

“I don’t know, mom. Maybe I was pushing too far for us to have sex. I mean I never have done that and she was my girlfriend and all and … I don’t know. I guess I was just being stupid. It’s all my fault. And now she is with Randy Cummings,” he sobbed again.

Lisa held him tighter to her breast. She let slip a little smile. ‘So her baby was a virgin,’ she thought. “She didn’t deserve you, baby. You were too good for her. She’ll realize that after she’s seen what someone else is like,” she said. She could feel the wetness of his tears through her t shirt onto her breast. “Don’t worry, sweetie, mommy is here for you. You, me and Nan; we’ll get through this. The right girl will come along someday. I promise,” said Lisa.

“I know, mom. It’s just hard. I’ll be strong, I promise, just like grand dad. He was the strongest man I have ever known. He was just like a daddy to me. And I am so glad that I’ve got you and Grandma. You all are the best,” he said as he slipped his arms around his mother. He hugged her tight. For the first time, he realized that she wasn’t wearing a bra. He could feel her soft, barely-clad tits against his face. And she smelled so good. He held her tight as she stroked his hair.

Suddenly, other things were less important. He looked at his mother’s bare legs. She was only wearing panties! He could see clearly the crotch of her underwear. She was wearing just panties and a t-shirt; nothing else. She never wore just panties around him. He pushed his face into her breast. He could really smell her now. It was a curious combination of recently applied perfume and another smell. He had never smelled it before. It was a musky sweet but savory odor. He looked at the crotch of her panties. They avcılar otele gelen escort were white. But where her legs came together, they were darker.

Mark skid his head down his mother’s chest onto her stomach. Now he was inches from her crotch. The odor was stronger now. ‘Could it be her pussy that I am smelling?’ he wondered. He felt his mother’s hand on his head running her fingers through his hair. It felt so nice.

Lisa looked at her son laying on her belly. She almost felt bad for her intentions; almost. But, now she was renewed in her intent. He was starring at her panty-clad pussy. And to top it off, those panties were soaked from her play with her mother and the excitement she felt for coming into her son’s room so scantly clad. She stroked his head lovingly; partly for consolation for him and partly for the sexiness of it. She could feel herself becoming aroused.

Mark’s head was spinning. The smell of his mother had started something inside him. Sadness was gone. It was replaced with a sudden burst of lust. He was, after all, a teen with raging hormones that had been denied sex. Pussy was pussy! And there was wet pussy inches from his nose. He didn’t even think about the fact that it was his mother’s. It was just pussy. Without thought, he pulled his arm from under the blanket and laid it on his mother’s thigh. Her skin felt great to the palm of his hand. He didn’t move it; just let it lay there.

Lisa watched as her son placed his hand onto her thigh. It felt white hot. She had unconsciously stopped stroking his head. She resumed, thinking that he would interpret it as being shocked or repulsed by his move. How could she get his hand to move to her cunt? She wanted his fingers on her. She needed his fingers inside her lips. She made as if to lean down to kiss his head sliding her body down in the bed a little. As she kissed his head gently, she saw that his hand was in the same spot; unmoved.

Mark felt his mother move and then he felt the kiss on his head. She was so sweet to him. He felt bad for thinking of her pussy. “I love you, mom,” he said as he placed both arms around her and hugged her tight. As he did, it caused her shirt to ride up. He could now see her low cut underwear and her navel. Her belly was so sexy. It was smooth and flat. He felt a twinge in his cock. Pussy was pussy, even if it was his mother’s. He held her taking in the beautiful sight and luscious smell. Things were better now.

Lisa cringed as his hand moved away from her thigh to hug her. She had wanted it to creep up to her crotch. But, ‘too much; too fast,’ she thought. She opened her legs a little to get up from the bed. But, she felt a tightening of her son’s hug.

Mark noticed his mother’s legs spread to get up. He held her tighter to stop her. Now he could see the inner sides of her thighs right by her crotch and the smell was stronger. He could see moisture on her inner thighs near her pussy. Now his cock was completely hard. He released his hug with reluctance and allowed his mother to rise. His eyes followed her ass as she stood. Because her panties were wet, he could see her ass crack clearly at the bottom. And, boy were they wet. The wet spot was as big as his hand. He wanted to touch her ass. It looked so good. It filled her small bikini panties stretching the material tight.

Lisa stood and, leaning forward exaggeratedly, made a show of her ass to her son. She knew that she had created a puddle and that her panties would be almost clear. She looked subtlety over her shoulder. He was starring at her ass. ‘Step one; accomplished,’ she thought. She turned and leaned over to kiss him on the forehead. She leaned way over. She knew what he could see and she saw him see it.

The view of his mother’s tits was fantastic. He could see down the neck of the loose V-neck shirt and was looking squarely at her nipples and all of her titties. He could even see her panties through this window. His hand went straight for his cock. “Come on, sweetie. Get outta bed and we’ll have a great day,” she said as she turned to go.

As the door closed, he began to pump his cock. In seconds cum was shooting everywhere. He didn’t even think about anything. No fantasy, no visualization. It was as if she were still present and he had just fucked her. He just came and came and came. It felt so good! He could still smell her scent. But now it was mingled with the odor of his cum. “Man, I’d love to hit that,” he said aloud.

Outside the room, Lisa turned and pressed her ear to the door right beside her mother. She wasn’t sure what she expected to hear, but, what she did hear made them both grin. “Man, I’d love to hit that.” They walked away holding hands and went back to the bedroom where a sweet sixty-nine finished them off quickly.

Later, at breakfast, Mark wasn’t sure if it was a left-over horny nature or were his mom and grand mom actually looking hotter than ever. His Nan wore black yoga pants that stretched when she bent over becoming almost translucent. He was sure that she wasn’t wearing any underwear. He could see the impression of her mound from the front and even the rear when she leaned over; which she seemed to do a lot this morning. She wore a sports bra that barely contained her ample tits, pushing them together so as to create a mountain of cleavage.

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