Mom’s Obsession

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Big Tits

AUTHOR’S DISCLAIMER: The DVD’s mentioned in this story are fictional titles. Any DVD’s having such titles are purely coincidence.


I couldn’t wait for the final bell to ring, ending the school day. Once it did, I hurried to my locker, tossing my books and grabbing my light jacket. I ran out of school and ran home as fast as my legs could go. I’ve been waiting for a special package in the mail for the past five weeks now, and I was hoping it had arrived today. When I got home, I checked the mailbox.

“Letter. Letter. Junk mail. Fuck! No package.” I said now saddened, bringing the mail inside.

It was the same for the next few days. When I checked the mailbox, there was either bills or junk mail inside, with one day having no mail at all. By Thursday, I ran home again as I had for the past two weeks. I didn’t want my mother to find this package before I came home. Even though I was eighteen, What I’d ordered wouldn’t make mom too happy if she knew what I bought. When I got home, I checked the mailbox again. This time there was a plain silver package with my name on it.

“YES!!” I said holding the package out, slightly away from my chest.

I could feel the hard plastic jewel cases inside the silvery envelope. I counted four DVDs. It was the exact amount I ordered through a catalog my Uncle Jake had at his house. It took me a while to save up enough money to get these videos. This was between mowing lawns and working at mt Uncle Jake’s auto garage.

I ran into the house, happier than all hell. I ran upstairs to my room, closing the door behind me. I opened up the package, removing the contents inside.

“Nice!” I said to myself looking at the DVDs while tossing the envelope on my bed. As I examined them, I saw each title. There was; “Family Orgy Party IV”, “KInky School Sluts”, ” Sorority Hazing”, and “Teen Anal III”. My smile grew with each title I read. I peeled off the clear cellophane to each DVD. Seeing the time, I realized my mom would be home any minute. Looking around, I tried to find the best hiding place where my mom wouldn’t find them. I went to my closet, where I brought down an old shoebox I use for odds and ends. There I placed the DVDs inside the box. Within minutes I heard my mom enter the house.

“Christopher? Christopher? Are you home?”

“Yeah, mom. I’m upstairs.”

“I don’t feel like cooking tonight. Do you want to order out?”

“Sure. Pizza okay?”

“I’m not that hungry. So get what you want.”

“You okay mom?” Showing concern as I came down the stairs.

“Oh, I’m fine. We had a party for Patty. She’s retiring tomorrow. I ate way too much.” Holding her stomach. So you call and order what you want.”

As I waited for my pizza, mom and I chatted for a while. Once the pizza came, she went upstairs to change while I ate my dinner. Later on, she grabbed a slice. We sat and talked while watching TV before going to bed.

My mom was very attractive for her age. She had me when she was nineteen, my older brother a few years earlier. She was a petite woman. Four-foot-nine, with very nice curves. What she lacked in height, her double D’s made up for. Her long blond wavy hair cascaded down to her shoulder blades, often resting alongside her neck. Her sparkling blue eyes were like emeralds in the sunlight.

She had her share of boyfriends, some even abusive. Her last boyfriend broke my brother’s jaw when he was thirteen. That was the last straw for mom dating douche-bags. She never bothered to date again. Though she had many others ask her out, she turned down every one due to the scum-bag who beat the shit out of my brother.

The next day, I ran home from school. When I got into my room, I stripped my clothes off. I went into my closet, grabbing the DVDs I got the day before. I put in Family Orgy Party IV into my DVD player. Turning on the TV, I changed the channel to ‘video’. I laid on my bed waiting for the DVD to start.

“Damn fucking ads!” I said hitting the skip button on my remote. “Fucking A!! How much of this shit do they have on here?” Pressing the skip button numerous times. Finally, I got to the movie title and selection screen. The first scene was of an older lady, about my mom’s age, cleaning her daughter’s bedroom. As she’s making her daughter’s bed, she finds a dildo underneath the mattress. At first, she looks at the hot pink plastic dick curiously, then she puts it in her mouth as she unbuttons her blue and white checkerboard dress. I begin jerking off as I watch her put the dildo down her bra. She then gets on the bed, pulling her dress up. She moves her underwear to one side, showing off her shaved pussy. My strokes get faster as I watch her tease her cunt with her daughter’s dildo. She pulls up her bra, squeezing her tit as she inserts the dildo in her pussy. She chuckles with excitement as she pushes the dildo further up inside her. This actually brought back memories of the time I accidentally caught my mom fingering herself in her room. The vision canlı bahis of that day was still fresh in my mind.

My eyes were closed, no longer watching the scene on the TV. Now my mind was focused on my mom playing with herself. I could still hear the woman moan as she was getting herself off. It made me remember seeing how my mom was rubbing her fingers along her pussy. I was aroused by seeing her nice snatch with short sandy brown pubes surrounding her wet pussy. I could still see the look on her face as she got closer to her climax. I was stroking my eight-inch cock really fast now. I could feel my dick throb and my balls tighten as I was about ready to cum. I heard a loud gasp as a stream of cum squirted out of my cock.

“Oh shit!!” I said as I tried to cover myself up at the same time seeing my bedroom door closed.

I never heard my mother come into the house or come up the stairs. The look on her face was ghastly as she saw me jerk-off and ejaculate all over myself. Cum was still inside my cock, and I had no choice but to continue to stroke my dick until it came out.

“Man!! This is fucked-up embarrassing.” I whispered to myself as I fumbled for the remote shutting off the DVD player.

I got off my bed, wiping the cum with the small towel I used to cover myself when my mom caught me jacking off. I opened my door just a few inches, looking out into the hallway, checking to see if my mom was nowhere in sight. Noticing that the coast was clear, I made a mad dash towards the bathroom. I cleaned myself up, went back into my room, got dressed and headed downstairs.

When I got to the living room, I could hear my mom in the kitchen cutting some type of veggie on her cutting board. She saw me as I passed through the archway separating the living room with the dining room. She only looked up for a second, then looked back down as she continued to cut up her vegetables.

“Hi, mom!” I said in a cool manner. “You’re home a little early. Everything okay?”

“Hmm-hmm.” Was all she said.

Man!! She must really be pissed, or she’s in too much shock to want to speak to me. I didn’t understand what the big deal was about. I heard everybody pleasures themselves. It’s not a crime. Hell, even she was caught playing with herself. That’s the fucked up thing about parents. When they do something it’s alright. But the moment they catch their child doing the same thing?! Well, it’s like the devil is possessing their precious baby. I saw the bowl my mom had on the counter where she had cut up some lettuce and cucumbers for a salad. As I liked to do, I plucked a cucumber slice out of the bowl.

“I hope you washed that hand before putting it in the salad bowl.”

“Yes, mom. I did wash my hands.” I said a bit sarcastically. “So. Are you going to need some kind of therapy after what you saw me do?” Grabbing a piece of lettuce out of the bowl.

She spoke not a word but gave me one of those evil mother stares that mom often does when she doesn’t know what to say and needs time to say the right thing. Then she turned away, looking out the kitchen window that was above the sink.

“I don’t want to talk about what I saw you doing.” Rinsing off the cut vegetables.

“Okay, mom. But hey! Now we’re even.” Smiling as I said that to her.

“I still haven’t forgiven you for that either. But you’re right, we are even.”

I stole another cucumber slice and headed into the living room. When dinner was ready, we both sat at the dining room table. Dinner was eaten in silence except for asking for this or that. I tried to talk about other things but all I got out of her were “Huh huh” or “That’s nice”.

“Damn, mom. You act as if you were the one who got caught masturbating!” Now getting perturbed by her silent treatment.

“Let’s not talk about this at the dinner table!” She barked.

“So you’re just going to give me the silent treatment? So you caught me jerking off. Big deal. I should be the one avoiding you, but I’m not. I was embarrassed when you saw me doing what I did, but I also realize it’s natural.”

“Honey. I’m not trying to give you the silent treatment. But I am still a little shocked that I saw you naked. I’m trying to get the image out of my mind. That’s why I’m being quiet.”

“Then let’s talk about something else. That will get your mind off of it.”

“Fair enough. I’m sorry for acting this way. It is natural. But why not just get a girlfriend? Let her do that for you and more.”

“After all the shit Jill had said about me last year. I’ll never get a girl from school to go out with me!”

“What did she say about you? I thought you broke up with her because she was still seeing her ex behind your back.”

“She was. But she told her friends how I had supposedly given her an STD. That we had bugs.”

“WHAT!!” Breaking in. Her face turning red. “That little bitch said we had bugs?”

“Yep. Said our house was a pig-sty. Especially my room.”

“And kaçak iddaa her friends believed her.” Still pissed at what she heard.

“Not all. But you know kids. Once a rumor is spread around, they’ll believe it whether it’s true or not. My friends wanted to spread shit about her, but I told them it’s not worth it.”

“You’re right on both accounts. And it’s not just kids who believe every rumor they hear. Grown ass adults who claim they’re mature do the same thing.”

“yeah.” Snickering. “I know some teachers that nick-pick about every little thing. Even with homework. They’ll read one thing, take it out of context, and make stupid criticizing comments about it.”

“You’re not telling me anything new under the sun, dear. There’s this site called Literotica. It’s a site where people can write sexy stories. Well, I read some of the comments that people leave for the author, and believe me, there are some very immature dicks on there. What’s worse is that they make idiotic comments under ‘anonymous’. Can never reveal their username. Even on a website, they have to be cowards.

“What’s it called?

“Literotica. I’ll help you set it up on your computer. You can read all kinds of sex stories. But if you ever comment on a story, don’t be like those assholes who just want to be trolls. Be honest about your comments without being an asshole. And don’t nick-pick about just one line, or a paragraph.”

“Okay. Could I write a story on there?”

“If you think you can, sure. It’s a free website.”

Mom seemed more relaxed now talking about this website. It was the first time we ever talked about sex openly. I was intrigued by the way she did talk about it. She didn’t make it seem dirty or perverted. I know she missed having a man in her life. She even admitted how she would pleasure herself reading some of the stories she clicked onto. After she told me that, I wondered if she would ever do that while reading mine.

After dinner, we went up to my room. She helped me to find this website. Once on, she showed me how to sign up and get started. I stared in awe as I saw the numerous categories this site had.

“There must be tens of thousands of stories on here!!”

“There are. Here. Try this one since you like incest or taboo.”

She clicked on this one story. I read the first page which wasn’t too bad, a little long but it gave me great descriptions of the characters and places. The second and third pages really got my cock hard as I read how this guy went into his drunk mother’s room, pretending he was his dad. I began rubbing my cock through my pants, forgetting that my mother was sitting next to me.

“Oh shit!! Sorry, mom.” Breaking out of the trance of the story.

“That’s okay. I’ll leave you to your reading.”

She got up, giving me a kiss on the top of my head before leaving my room. I continued to read this story. I was getting really horny reading how this guy was fucking his mom. Before long, I was pulling down my pants, then jerking off as I read on. I was really getting into the story now. Even closing my eyes pretending that I was the son in this story fucking the mother. I never even finished the next two pages as creamy white spunk shot out of my dick. I wiped up my mess before finishing the story. I was generous and gave it five stars for making me cum that quick. After that, I turned off my computer and went to bed.

The next morning was Saturday. I woke up horny as hell, but I didn’t want to put in a DVD to jerk off to in fear of my mom hearing it. I really love to hear the sounds of women moaning as they’re getting close to climaxing. It was a real turn-on along with some of the faces they made. So I thought about the story I read last night. I began thinking about how the son tricked his mom into believing he was his dad. It wasn’t long before the image in my head changed. Now it was my mom in my mental picture. I kept stroking until I ejaculated my cum all over my hand. I got up wiping my sperm off my hand and dick, then headed to the bathroom for my daily routine of shit, shower, and shave.

When I was done, I went back to my bedroom. I only had a towel wrapped around my waist. I took it off, giving my body one last dry down and hair scrub. I stood by my dresser stark naked as I put on some deodorant and a splash of cologne. Musk was my favorite, and even though I had the cheap imitation kind rather than the really expensive brand, it still did the trick. When I pulled out my dresser drawers to pick out my clothes, I noticed my door was opened slightly ajar. I thought for sure I closed it shut, but maybe the bolt didn’t catch, and that another door opening in the house could’ve created an air pressure that made my door swing open. Better than thinking the house was haunted by a ghost. I didn’t see or hear my mom on the other side, so I just continued to get myself dressed.

I went downstairs making myself a bowl of cereal. Mom was sitting on her favorite chair reading kaçak bahis one of those tabloid magazines. I sat on the couch eating my cereal while watching an old retro western show on television.

“So, how was the story? Did you like it?” Mom asked without even putting down the magazine.

“It was alright. Had some hot moments, but the ending kind of went weak.”

“Hmm! I thought that too. I was tired when I finished the story.”

“You wrote that?” My eyes popping out of my skull hearing her confess that it was her story.

“Yes, I did. Thought I’d give it a try. Did you rate or comment on it?”

“Gave it four stars. Didn’t make a comment, though I saw some of the nasty shit anonymous people wrote. You were right, mom. They talk about one little thing and make a stupid issue out of it, while others who used their usernames gave you some positive advice or gave it a great review.”

“They can be nasty and stupid, that’s for sure. Some I had to even throw in the trash.”

“What do you mean by ‘throw in the trash?’ How can you do that?”

“There’s an icon of a trash can with every comment. If there is a comment that’s considered stupid, or if they’re just being a troll, I can delete their comment. You know, throw it in the trash.”

“Have you done that?”

“Some I did. Others I kept on to show their stupidity.”

I laughed admiring her great attitude about it. I finished my breakfast, getting up, throwing my bowl into the sink. After calling a friend, I headed out the door, not coming back home until later in the day. The rest of the weekend I just relaxed, doing nothing but lounging on the couch watching sports on TV.

Monday I was swamped with homework. I had no chance of watching any of the movies I had. I was glad though, gave my cock a break. But by Tuesday I was horny again. Especially when I saw Mrs. Miller’s crotch as she sat at her desk. Mrs.Miller was my biology teacher. A twenty-nine-year-old married strawberry blond bombshell who just loved to tease the fuck out of high school boys. She loved to wear tight skirts with the slit running down the right side of her leg. Usually black, but one she wears is zebra striped. Then there are her blouses. Mainly light colored, like white or yellow, but never buttoned past the top of her nice double C-cup breasts. So whenever she bends down, you get a great shot of her lacy bra holding those nice pairs of jugs.

But today it was seeing her crotch. Maybe she did, and maybe she didn’t know that her legs were opened just enough for me and a few of my male classmates to see her white cotton panties under her sleek black nylon pantyhose. I just sat there fantasizing how I got under her desk, ripping her pantyhose and undies, eating out her beautiful pussy. I then imagined how the rest of the class gathered around her desk watching as she pushed back her chair, putting her legs wide on the desk as I ate her out. My dick was getting hard and it began to hurt pressing up against my pants. But I still sat there daydreaming about Mrs.Miller. I envisioned throwing her on her desk, ramming my cock into her nice tight pussy. My classmates cheering me on, as I fucked the hell out of our biology teacher. I even imagined a few girls getting fucked as well turning it into a classroom orgy. The daydream was rudely interrupted by the sound of the school bell. When I came back to reality, I noticed my cock was still hard and protruding out of my pants. I grabbed my books holding them down at the crotch, trying to hide the bulge in my jeans.

“Yo, Chris. Are you sporting a hard-on? What the fuck were you thinking about? Were you dreaming about Mrs. Miller’s hot bod?” One of my friends asked.

“Damn Alex. Can you say it any fucking louder!!” Now feeling my pecker going soft.

“Sorry, buddy. So what did you fantasize about?” Whispering.

“That I was fucking her on her desk while everyone else looked on.”

“Dude!! That is so fucking hot!! Hey!! Tell me more during lunch.”

Alex made a sharp right turn to his locker as I went down the hallway, turning towards the stairwell, going up a floor to my next class. After two more class periods, I was in the cafeteria sitting with Alex and a few more of my friends. As we ate, I told them about the fantasy I had fucking Mrs. Miller. I could see them reaching down under the table trying to adjust their swollen cocks inside their pants. It was fun watching them squirm in their chairs as their cocks got hard while listening to my story.

“Shit, Chris. I had a similar dream, except I was alone in class with her.” My friend Vic said.

“Come on!!” My other friend Joe interjected. “Who hasn’t dreamt about fucking Mrs. Miller?”

“Gays!” Alex said.

“Yeah. Besides them!” Joe sneered. Let’s face it, Mrs. Miller is just about everyone’s fantasy girl. I bet even the married male teachers would want to dip their dick in her hot cunt.”

“You’re too much Joe.” Alex snickered. “Hey, look! There she is sitting next to Mr. Jackson.”

“Poor old bastard. She’s going to give him a fucking heart attack.” I said laughing.

“Shit!! As old as he is, he probably can’t even get it up.” Vic joked. He’s probably wishing he was a hundred years younger.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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