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I’m not going to tell you that my mother is one of those statuesque gorgeous mature women that teenage boys are supposed to lust after, because she’s not. I’ve more chance of building a rocket in the back garden and flying to the moon than she has of appearing on the cover or even back page of any men’s magazine or being head-hunted by some modelling agency.

She is your typical, common or garden, housewife and mother. With her slightly rounded face and mousey coloured hair cut and bobbed, I suppose she is pretty enough, but she is never going to set the world alight. Her bosom is more than ample, definitely a good handful there, unfortunately, so too is her belly, thighs and arse.

At just over five and a half feet tall, I would call her small and dumpy or rotund rather than tall, slim or svelte. But at the end of the day, she is my mother and I love her to bits. Have I ever thought of her in a sexual context? You have got to be joking, why at eighteen would I be interested in a middle-aged, thirty-eight-year-old plump woman and especially one who happens to be my mum.

Honestly! I have never thought of her like that. I have always had girlfriends, slim, firm bodied young women eager to share my bed whenever I had the need and I suppose it would have carried on like that until such time that I found someone special and decided to get married. But then and much to my astonishment, a particular Sunday evening happened.

There was nothing on the television, so I had retired to my bedroom and my laptop as I clicked through various porn sites. ‘My God,’ I was thinking, there were some exceptionally attractive young women out there, all too eager to display their bodies on the various pages. Clicking on pictures brought up photo-sets and on some occasions, other websites, and then suddenly I was on a webpage where each of the thumbnails was of a middle-aged woman.

Perhaps it was curiosity that made me click on that first picture. Dressed, I wouldn’t have given her a second glance out in the street. But as she undressed in the sequence of pictures, there was actually something quite alluring about her body. She was mature and rounded, overweight and sagging in places, but that final shot of her laid on a bed with her legs open wide and pussy gaping suddenly caused a reaction beneath the covers.

Clicking on each thumbnail in turn, I started to admire those mature older woman as I worked my way through that first screen. Surprisingly, I found my hand had slid beneath the sheets as ever so slowly I teased my flesh. Page one finished, I moved to page two, totally engrossed now as each new non-descript elderly female increased my arousal.

Reaching the middle line of that second screen, a thumbnail on the bottom row suddenly caught my attention, strangely, that tiny picture looked very much like my mother. Clicking on it, I waited for the new page to open and then let out a startled gasp. ‘Holy Fuck!’

Either mum had a twin out there that she knew nothing about, or the pictures were unmistakably her. Over a selection of ten pictures, she was disrobing as she looked coyly at the camera. I couldn’t believe it as picture after picture showed her undressing and exposing her womanly bits. “Curvaceous Claire”, the title read, my eyes glued to that final picture of her laid across a couch, her legs open wide as she cupped and forced her large breasts upwards.

Astonished and with my mind in a daze, I hurriedly closed the page, only to return to it seconds later, finding that I couldn’t stop looking at her naked. And then it struck me, these were not pictures perhaps taken years ago by my father before their divorce. The more I studied the pictures, the more I realised that they must have been taken recently because she looked all of her years. Despite my shock, what she got up to was none of my business and I tried to ignore them as I carried on, feeling that I should not be looking at pictures of my mother in a state of undress, but I was continually drawn back to the sight of her nudity.

The thing that was really surprising me was that I was not finding the pictures of her distasteful or revolting. If anything, I was finding them arousing, my hand moving faster and faster up and down my shaft as I imagined myself sinking my cock into her cunt and fucking her. I came as a gush of semen spurted across my belly, my eyes focusing on her inviting vagina as I imagined my cock filling her with my cream.

Afterwards, I felt disgusted. Not at my mother for baring all, but at myself for having fantasied about shagging her. Slamming the laptop lid down I grabbed some tissues and cleaned the cum off my stomach, but no matter how hard I tried to forget what I had just done, my mind kept returning to it.

Opening the laptop once more, I returned to the webpage and for some unfathomable reason, downloaded each of her pictures.

“Curvaceous Claire naked” I typed into the search engine, hundreds of hits popping up bayan arkadaş on the screen. One by one I trawled through them, searching diligently for any more pictures of her. I was still searching when I heard her come up to her bedroom, for a moment imagining her undressing as I went back to scouring the webpages.

I wasn’t having any luck and so changed tact, searching for amateur mature women. Honestly, it’s surprising how many sites were out there as I went from one to another. Eventually, I gave up, I had college in the morning and a glance at my bedside clock told me it was late. It was a restless night, lurid dreams and images filling my head. The next day at college was no better, I couldn’t concentrate and wanted the lectures over with so that I could return home and continue my search of the internet once more.

Once tea was out of the way, I immediately retired to my room, giving mum the excuse that I had some studying to do. Over the next hour and a half, I browsed one site after another, all to no avail. No matter what I typed in the enquiry box, the pictures I had come across seemed to be the only ones. And then I got lucky.

“Lucious Lisa”. It was definitely her but under a different name. Bit by bit over several more hours I discovered numerous photo-sets of her displaying her charms. All of them seemed to have been photographed in a similar vein as she undressed and touched herself using either her fingers or a dildo and I surmised that perhaps they had been taken over the last couple of years, judging by her age in each group of pictures. By the end of my search, I can tell you that I had a raging boner in my pants.

And then came the icing on the cake as I came across a video clip, my eyes going wide and my mouth hanging open as I watched my mother getting fucked.

I just couldn’t help myself as I quickly undressed and replayed the clip, wanking furiously as I watched mum getting shagged. Whoever the man was, the camera purposefully never caught a clear view of his face, but he certainly seemed to be pleasing her. She squealed continuously as his cock sank into her flesh while my hand ran up and down my throbbing shaft until the dam burst and a large spurt of cum covered my stomach and chest.

Cleaned up and in my pyjamas, there was no disgust this time, just a determination to find out where the pictures and clip were being hosted from and if there was more. I knew instantly that I couldn’t say anything to her, how do you even start to approach something like that? ‘Hi mum, I’ve come across pictures of you naked while I’ve been looking at porn sites and I’ve seen a clip of you getting fucked.’ I think not.

Ashamedly, my thoughts had suddenly turned to the wish of having sex with her as I became infatuated with my mother’s body. But how do you start that type of conversation? ‘Oh, by the way, mum, would you mind if I fucked you?’ As if that was ever going to happen.

Over the course of that week, I became obsessed with finding out which website the pictures had originally come from. I browsed site after site looking for clues, “Curvaceous Claire” seemed to be the latest name she was using but found other instances with the same pictures but using another name, none of which was close to her true name of “Emily”.

And then, at last, I found it, a member-only site that was going to cost me to join. Filling in fictitious details, I picked a username and password and after making a payment, I was in. Perusing the site, I found several surprises, the first was that I encountered more clips of my mother either getting fucked or enjoying a lesbian experience. Another surprise was that as I went from profile to profile, I encountered at least four women from our town that I knew and that were some of my mother’s acquaintances.

The greatest surprise was saved till last, just as I was about to give up for the evening. “Tessa Tease” was the name beneath a profile and a set of pictures. I seemed to stare at the screen for ages, astonished at what I had found. I knew the woman’s real name which was Molly Hardman, and she was living four doors down the road from my house.

She and my mother had always been thick as thieves, either she was around at our house or my mother was at her house each day. Every Friday or Saturday night they would go out together down to the social club or out with their other friends in town. It seemed that I had known Molly almost as long as I had known my mother, she had been one of those constants in my life so far.

I saw her nearly every day and she was always dressed the same, normally a t-shirt or blouse with an old cardigan on top and usually a pair of slacks. When occasionally she wore a dress, it was always below her knees and was what I would call a “mumsy” sort of affair.

Molly looks-wise, is plain, with her ruddy complexion and lived-in face topped with curly blond hair. I guessed she was in her early to mid-forties bayan partner but from her looks and the way she dressed you got the impression that she was at least ten years older than she was. Which was why I was so astonished as I looked at her pictures. Despite her looks and hidden below all those frumpy clothes was a body that would not have looked out of place on a twenty-something. She had full ripe breasts with no discernible sag, a stomach as flat as any of the girlfriends I’d had and legs that went on forever. Body-wise, she was gorgeous and a real stunner, just a shame about the face which looked a little like the backend of a cow in action. And yet, without hesitation, I knew that given the chance, I would bed her in an instant.

I couldn’t help myself as before finishing for the night, I pushed my pyjama bottoms down and massaged the tight flesh of my already erect cock. I teased it while gazing at pictures of Molly naked and imagining that it was her hand wrapped around my shaft as I massaged her magnificent tits. This time I caught my cum in a tissue which saved me having to get up to clean myself off, wondering if there would ever be a chance of getting into her knickers.

I hadn’t the confidence to confront either her or my mother, it was better for the moment that neither of them realised what I had found. Studying her profile page, besides the ability to leave a comment, most of which were crude, to say the least, there was also a way of leaving a private message.

Typing quickly and nervously, I just wrote, ‘Have seen you on several occasions, Molly. Never realised what a fantastic body you have. Luv Randy Rick.

“Randy Rick” was the username I had picked as a laugh and hopefully the message was just enough to perhaps pique her interest. Switching off, I turned out the light and settled down, wondering whether she would reply or if she got plenty of messages like that and just ignored them.

I checked each evening after that, usually, once I had wanked myself off to clips or pictures of my mother or especially Molly. Nearly five days had passed before I found a message in my inbox. It was short and to the point, ‘Do I know you?’ I didn’t want to write back too quickly or show my hand to soon, so I left it a day or two before replying, ‘You maybe know of me. I just wanted to say that your pictures are stunning, and you have a gorgeous figure. RR.’ I hit the submit button and wondered if she would reply.

I didn’t have long to wait this time, getting a return message within the hour, ‘Where do you live?’ It was becoming a game as I typed a brief answer, ‘The same town as you!’ The reply was almost immediate, ‘What’s your name, you seem to know mine.’

‘That must remain a mystery for the moment,’ I wrote, ‘I don’t wish to cause any embarrassment. I just wanted to say that I find your pictures highly erotic and arousing.’

There was a pause of perhaps thirty minutes which left me wondering if she was having second thoughts about our communication. ‘You don’t seem to have put any pictures online yet. Are you married?’ The message popped through once more.

‘Sorry, I’m still trying to organise some pictures as I’ve only just joined the site. And no, I’m not married, yet. I promise to send you one when I get some taken. It’s been very nice to speak to you, perhaps we could do it again sometime. RR.’

I sent the message through and waited, but nothing more was forthcoming that evening. As I snuggled down that night, my mind was a hive of activity. I knew exactly what kind of pictures she was referring to and I was trying to work out how I could take some of myself without giving away who I was.

Quite a lot of the male photo’s on the website were of middle-aged or older men and quite frequently just shots of the genital area. I wanted to get something that showed all of me but without disclosing my face. Now don’t get me wrong, I’m nothing special, just a normal teenager with a normal cock. I’m not built like a donkey or anything, but I have never had any complaints in that department. Having never been a hairy person, I decided to shave my pubes off as all the male participants in the clips I watched had done the same, and it made their cocks look bigger.

When the weekend came, Saturday was a warm sunny day, so grabbing my digital camera I set off for a brief walk into the fields and countryside that surround the small town I lived in. Once there, I balanced the camera on a fence stoop, paced away from it and dropped a twig on the ground. Returning to the camera, I put it on the timer and moved back to my marker and waited for it to click.

I had to do it several times until I worked out the correct distance that would give a full body shot but still show enough detail. The spot I had picked was secluded enough, but hopefully, the background would show some of the town and the church spires so that Molly would know that bdsm escort I lived in the same vicinity.

The very thought of what I was about to do was arousing, my cock springing up and standing to attention as I quickly undressed, set the timer and retreated. Over the next hour, I got about a dozen shots, frequently dressing and undressing lest anyone wandered in my direction. Satisfied with what I had, I headed back towards home.

With the pictures downloaded, I ran them through a program and created a swirl over my face on each photo before uploading them to the website under my profile. The best one I saved till last. My body looked good and if I say so myself, my shaft looked bigger than I thought it would. This was the one that I sent to Molly. I knew she wouldn’t reply yet because she and my mother were out in town shopping.

Saturday evening, she and my mother were out together, and I was in town with the girlfriend and some mates so did not expect a reply until maybe Sunday or at least the next week. It had been a great evening and I was home in bed, it was late but unable to sleep, I was browsing the website. Suddenly a message popped through, ‘Thank you for the picture. You look youngish. How old are you?’

I typed a quick reply, ‘Your welcome. And in response to your question, let’s just say that I’m old enough to appreciate an attractive woman.’

Her reply came back just as quick, ‘Pity I can’t see your face, but the rest of you looks very interesting. By the way, I noticed the background.’

It felt that I had her hooked, enough to make a suggestion as I typed my reply, ‘Thank you, glad I don’t disappoint. Perhaps one day when we get to know each other better we could have a coffee?’

Her next message was short, ‘Perhaps, goodnight for the moment.’

The next two weeks were quiet, I would leave brief comments against any pictures she put up, but other than that, there was no communication between us, and I was starting to think that I had shit out. I saw Molly most days, only now I found myself watching her closely each time she was around at our house. It was hard to reconcile my feelings. With both women sat in the kitchen gossiping, I felt no different about them than I had always done and there was nothing about either of them that sexually attracted me. But the minute I looked at their naked bodies, I wanted to fuck them both. I’d given up all hope of anything happening when a message popped through one evening.

‘Perhaps we could get that coffee. Am I the only one that you recognised?’ She had written.

Immediately I typed back, ‘No. There were some others that I recognised who live locally. I have seen you and “Curvaceous Claire” out together in town. A coffee would be nice.’

Molly told me a date, a time and a place, to which I readily agreed. It was only once we had said goodnight that the implications kicked in and left me feeling scared. This wasn’t someone of my own age, someone who I had plenty in common with and who I could easily impress. This was a mature woman, older than my mother, a woman who had been around the block a few times and who, from her video clips, had entertained more than a few men. Scared I suppose was the wrong word, it left me now feeling petrified.

The date and time were not a problem and the place she had suggested was easy enough, it was in the next larger town a few miles away and where I went to college. Our meet was a week away and, in that time, I lost track of the occasions that I suddenly decided to “chicken out”. What would I say to her? Would she take one look at me and laugh, let’s face it, at the end of the day, compared to her, I was still a schoolkid.

On the night before our mid-week meeting, I was still in two minds as to whether I could actually go through with it. Logging onto the web site, the laptop pinged to signify I had a private message. Presuming it was from Molly and that she couldn’t make the rendezvous, I felt relieved as I opened it and then found my stomach lurching.

It wasn’t from Molly, it was from “Curvaceous Claire”, my mother, and spelt out in crude coarse language exactly what she would like to do to me and what she wanted me to do to her.

‘Holy shit’ I was thinking, I had forgotten about the pictures that I had submitted under my profile for other members to browse, and now I’d had a reply, from my own mother!

Please, be honest, what would you do? You want to fuck your mother and she has just told you plainly what she wants to do with you. The only trouble is, she does not know your true identity. Do you just come out and say something, do you drop hints, do you write back and tell her that you are her son? To me, it was an impossible conundrum and one that I wasn’t capable of processing at that moment.

Wednesday, I only had lectures in the morning which left me with plenty of time before I met with Molly at two o’clock. I hung around college for a while before making my way to the café she had related, getting there early so that I could mingle on the opposite side of the street and watch her arrive. It was a good job I was watching intently because the woman that arrived was the Molly from the pictures and not the one that regularly visited my house.

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