Mom’s New Family Affair Ch. 23

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I settled into my computer’s desk chair and brought up the encrypted drive. “Do you just want to see the ones she’s chosen or do you want to see them all? They’re kind of divided into the directories she copied from their computer.”

Mom stood next to me with her hand on my shoulder and her tit only inches away from my head as she asked “Is there any way we can easily see them all? I don’t mind if there’s more than one copy of them. We could put them on a slide show and fool around in bed as we watch them.”

“Sure” I said as I created a new directory and then started copying the contents of each of the original directories with exception of the one she had filtered into the new one so they’d all be together.

The copying went fast because it didn’t have to transfer to another drive. As they copied, I reached over and turned on the 39 inch flat screen I have in my room and adjusted the source to PC manually since the remote was on the night stand. The screen suddenly filled with the bright screen of that of my monitor.

As the final directory copied, Mom said “Before we go into slide show… show me the ones you were telling me about earlier… Can I see them first?”

“Sure, but it will be easier to find them in the smaller directory. So I pulled it up clicked over from the file explorers detail settings and changed it to small icons to fit more on the screen saying “Let’s see…a black cock in a white face should be… There it is!” I said as my mouse hovered over it.

Then I looked down the screen at the other files below it and added…” that’s right… Beth never finished editing this folder, there’s going to be a lot more threesome shots than I saw in the one she was creating” then I clicked on the file. A close up of the side of Eleanor’s head popped suddenly up on both screens with her mouth wide and filled with a fairly thick black cock.

In the brightness of the TV screen we could see how her lips were frozen just above the line of his cut mark and where his shaft shone from moisture where her lips had just dragged back from wetting it. The contrast between her light skin and makeup and that of her hand holding he base of his cock was incredible.

“Mom gasped and giggled as she said “Oh my god, Eleanor!”

I let it soak in for a moment more and clicked onto the next one she was on her knees now sucking him with his hands on her head as his head leaned back with his eyes closed as if he was loving every second of it. I clicked to the next and this one showed both men, Jim, Beth’s dad and Charlie standing together in front of the camera, both of them had a hard-on. Jim’s cock was sticking straight out at an angle from the camera, hard and bold while Charlie’s was pointing down slightly.

Mom chuckled… “I always wondered… not bad, not bad at all… I see they’re comparable but if you get with Beth and her dad, he might get penis envy compared to you.” She said with a giggle.

“Beth said she already told him I had a bigger cock…”

I clicked on the next one which showed a close up of Charlie eating Eleanor, and mom giggled saying it’s hard to picture him as a deacon. I clicked on and then next one was the one Beth had chosen and I had described for mom where Beth’s dad was laying back watching is wife sucking his cock while Charlie was fucking her from behind.

Mom gasped again and said “Oh my, that is hot! I can see why it caught her eye. The next one I clicked on showed Charlie and her in 69 but the one after that showed her bent over a stool with Jim fucking her from behind as Charlie fucked her mouth. Mom giggled saying “Now for the first time I can relate to that first hand!”

Mom then proclaimed she was getting too fucking horny and wanted to play and that we should start the slide show. I did and as I stood mom gave me a sultry look as she saw I had become 80% hard just from seeing the pics. My cock hung at about a 45 degree angle as I slid off my shirt and she, her robe and we got on the bed. This time it was my turn to tell Mom to prop up a pillow and lean back against the headboard.

She did what I asked and I eased between her legs and spread them, I had seen a lot of these pictures so I thought this was the perfect opportunity eat Mom’s pussy, I was just thinking the other day about that.

Mom let out an “Oooooh! Looks like someone’s in a pussy eating mood! As she looked down at me and raised her knees and spread them wide.

“Yep, you’ve got that right” I said as I used my fingers of each hand to spread her pussy lips apart and expose her luscious vagina and clit. Her vaginal opening was like the opening of a cave from the way I was spreading her the entrance was about a half inch deep until the walls of her vagina, came together blocking the depths from being seen. It was deep pink, and glistened in wetness that had already started to pool at the base of the opening. The opening I was born from, the opening the head of my cock presses open every time I get to fuck my Mom’s hot, wet, sexy cunt.

My tongue sunk into that sweet xnxx vagina as I pressed my face deeper into her sex, where my lips encompassed her lower labia, wetting them first with my saliva as my tongue rolled and started to explore her secret tunnel more. I heard Mom take a sudden breath and then let it out with a breathy “Ohhhhhhhhhh” at which time I let out a slurp from the heavy mixture of her wetness and my saliva and Mom immediately let out another more guttural wet soft moan of “Oh that’s it Sweetheart, eat your mama’s hot pussy…” as I felt her hips start to gyrate ever so slightly and felt her fingers run through my hair.

I stared working my way up toying with her labia like Beth had taught me until I was slowly working on her clit. I did it in such a way as to not get her too close to cuming. I wanted this to be enjoyable for her and I must admit I wanted it to last for me too. Every so often I’d let my eyes glance up to see Mom’s eyes totally focused on the pictures of the screens in front of us, her mouth open slightly as she watched while her other hand toyed with her nipple.

“Ohhhh they do love their anal, don’t they…” said Mom with a chuckle. That’s hot… And I see they like trading off and taking turns as to who’s the boss!… “

My lips came off her pussy as I re-positioned myself wrapping one hand around her thigh to spread her from the top as I looked down on her slit and slid two fingers into her as I said “Oh I think Mr. P has always been into ass fucking, and probably Beth’s mom too. They always had a magazine or two we’d checkout when we were kids. But after what I’ve seen of Eleanor, it doesn’t surprise me that she likes it too and that they might have had it common from the start…”

Mom kind of sighed “Oh I think anal can be so naughty and nasty…”

I let the pressure of my hard cock against my stomach pulse hearing those words as if it had its own mind and was beginning to get jealous and in need of attention.

I licked her clit softly and kissed it and then asked in a playful tone “And are you feeling kind of nasty right now, because I could sure use a taste of my mom’s ass.”

Mom let out a guttural “Ohhhhhhhhhhhh your Mom is definitely feeling nasty… as both of her hands gripped her thighs and attempted to pull them back farther. I grabbed her hips and pulled her forward a bit more allowing he hips to roll back even more, thus exposing that rosebud of an anus. I took those two fingers and smeared some of her pooled, slick wetness over her rosebud and started to let my tongue go wild over it before I settled into a pattern of circles, then flickers, then mock fucking by trying to poke the tip of my tongue against her opening over and over again.

Mom gave me a whimpered moan then told me that I was such a nasty son and to keep eating my mother’s ass as she started to slowly massage her clit. I did for a minute or so before my cock pulsed reminding me again and indicating it wanted its share too.

I tried to continue to ignore it so Mom could enjoy the feeling of my tongue as I continued to lick her ass but finally my head came off and I rolled to the side of the bed as I said, “Damn, Mom, I can’t take it anymore, I’ve this super urge to fuck this sweet ass of yours…” as I reached over and opened the drawer of the night stand then drew out Beth’s bag that contained a vibe and bottle of lube.

“Ooooooooh I’d like that too but I’m not sure if the timing’s right, It might get messy.”

“I’ll take my chances and can shower each other off… So, how do you want it? Doggy? On your side? On your back? How?” I asked with a grin.

“Mmmmmmm, on my side sounds good, at least to start” she said playfully as she grabbed the vibrator and rolled over onto her side as said over her shoulder “Lube me up real good Honey… It might take some times to get me relaxed and I don’t want to risk dirty fingers…”

I poured a sizable amount of lube onto my fingers and started working it over Mom’s asshole as she laid there on her side with her top knee bent. She might not be willing to risk dirty fingers but I was.

My cock throbbed as I did and my enthusiasm took over as I let one finger slip in to the first joint… No problem I felt mom’s anus contract and relax twice before I let it slide out and added a second fingertip which gave me the same results. Noting dirty… no obstructions… my fingers backed out and I quickly applied a generous amount of the lube the head of my cock, aligned it with her rosebud and carefully pressed forward as I grabbed Mom’s hip and pulled it back slowly as I pressed forward…

Mom’s tight ass fought it for just a moment but then relaxed and with a” shhhhhhhhh” sound from inhaling over her teeth, then she let out an “Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh,,,,” right after it as her anus relaxed and the head of my cock cleared it and I slowly gave her my first few inches. Mom’s sphincter tightened for just a second and then relaxed then Mom let out a low moan as I started to back out just a little then pushed in more with each cycle. Mom continued bakire porno to stay relaxed and was really getting into it.

I remember thinking how her ass felt so fucking warm and tight as I pressed further, finally bottoming my base of my cock firmly against her ass with my cock as deep into her as I could get before I eased down on my side behind Mom, pulling her close, one arm sliding below her head, allowing her to use my bicep as a pillow and my other hand cupped the plentiful, fleshy globe of her lower breast as it contacted the mattress and started kneading it in my other hand.

I started working that cock in and out to allow her to become even more relaxed and used to it as whispered in her ear “How does that feel Mom?” and knowing her penchant for dirty talk added “Do you like your son’s hard cock up your ass Mom? Hmmm?”

Mom turned her head and looked over her shoulder putting her face inches from mine as she said “You are such a fucking nasty boy wanting to fuck your mommies ass, aren’t you?… Now kiss me…”

And I gladly did too. I gave her one of our better hot wet kisses. I relish kissing my Mom just as I do Beth and even Darla too. I always imagined it to be a female thing, even though I did like making out with Beth when we were teenagers, but I later found the passion it creates in them turns me on and I’ve learned to enjoy it all over again myself, just for the sake of the intimacy.

I must admit, kissing my mom can be especially exciting due to the incestual angle. Being so taboo and knowing she’s my mom… and how we kiss, fuck and all the things we do leaves me constantly excited and perpetually horny, above and beyond my normal hormonal urges.

As the kiss broke, Mom let out a sensual chuckle and said “Let’s try something… Pull out just a bit but leave the head in…” The vibrator was still in her hand and she twisted the base to turn it on at its lowest setting, lifted her leg and started inserting the vibrator into her pussy. She had to work it in in stages just from having the head of my cock still in her but she made it. I could feel the intense vibrations of the vibrator in on bottom of my cock only millimeters from its surface separated by a few layers of skin from her anal and virginal canals.

“Ok… now slide back in all the way John…” and let out a breathless “Ohhhhhhhhhh! Oh my god… that does feel quite filling…”

I my thrusts were careful and easy as I I’d feed her the length of my cock and pull back short of pulling out with each cycle of my thrust to help her get used to it. “How does it feel Mom? How does it feel to get DP’d by your son and a vibrator…?”

“Oh god I feel like a nasty slut! I always do when you fuck my ass… I still can’t believe I let my son… no! A better word is I WANT my son to fuck my ass! Oh my god!” Mom said breathlessly as I felt rhythmic movements start suddenly as she started rubbing her clit.

“Oh fuck Mom, just think now that a strap on’s been introduced, Beth can fuck that hot cunt of yours as I fuck your slutty ass too.”

“Mom moaned out loud on that one as I started fucking her faster and a little harder as I felt the direct vibration up and down the bottom of my cock as it worked in and out of her warm tight ass.

Mom gasped and said “Ohhhhhhh that will take some getting used to!… All of this will!… Oh John, yesssss fuck it! fuck my nasty bung hole!” as I felt her leg rise a bit and then felt mom working the vibrator in and out as she fucked her pussy with it for a few moments. I heard the low grrrowww rooow rrrooow of the vibe as it worked in and out then the pitch changed completely as she eased it out and ran it back and forth over her clit.

Mom moaned and then told me to hang on and that she wanted to get on her knees because she wanted me to fuck her hard and deep. I shoved my cock in deep to keep it in and in 5 seconds mom had dropped the vibe and was now on her knees and resting on her elbows with my hands on her hips as I started slamming my cock into her.

Her head was facing the TV and I immediately noticed our image in my dresser mirror and I saw the length of my shaft as I pulled back and thrust forward hard into her but what really caught my attention were those hanging breasts of hers that jumped and giggled with impact of my hips into hers.

One of Mom’s shoulders dipped as her hand went to her pussy to start rubbing her clit again. Mom moaned a whiny moan and then looked over her shoulder and proclaimed “Oh John! Pull my hair; pull it hard like you did before!”

I did as she requested and pulled her hair back so hard that she naturally bowed her back and pulled her up to where only her fingertips touched the mattress as she moaned and pleaded me to fuck her and talk to her like I did before too.

I knew exactly what she meant and clearly remembered the hot ass fuck we had before her trip. I started plowing into her and started calling her a slut and a nasty ass fucking whore. I could feel Mom start to peak from the dirty talk bedava porno as she responded with saying she wanted to be my nasty, slutty whore-mom… a whore just for me and how she wanted me to fuck her ass to make her my whore-bitch. her hand went to her pussy and she rubbed her clit furiously as she openly moaned “Oh god yes, I want to be your whore!” Those were her last words before her orgasm hit her hard.

I pulled her hair even harder as she peaked. I felt her sphincter tighten around my cock as she did to a point to where each in and out motion felt like I was being jacked off by it. As her tremors started to subside, I slowed like I usually do to match her decent and started letting her head and body ease forward.

Her hands were the first to come in contact with the mattress, then her forearms, but her slow momentum continued until her face was in the mattress with her ass still high in the air with my cock still in her as her chest heaved as she tried to catch her breath.

I slowly backed my cock out. It knew it was break time and had started to soften just a bit. I checked it out, yes, it was a bit dirtier than usual but only if you looked closely. I reached over for two tissues and wiped my cock with one and Mom’s ass with the other.

Moms knees slid out from underneath her as she stretched out her legs and giggled. “Dirty?”

I tossed both into the waste basket and laid down half on, half off her side pressing my cock into the cheek of her ass and I slid a bent knee over the back of her thighs in somewhat of a cuddle. “Not really, hardly anything…” was my answer as I kissed her shoulder.

“Mmmmmmm, good!” she said with a giggle. That was sooooo good! I came so hard, but you don’t cum did you?”

“No, I was too into fucking that sweet ass of yours, but you know how I get sometimes…”

Mom turned her head in my direction, giggled again and said “Mmmmm, yessss I’m finding that out!… But I promise I’ll make it up to you this afternoon. But you did enjoy it didn’t you? I must admit I get a little carried away with the talk… Tell me the truth.”

I laughed and said “No fucking way… I wonder how many guys out there would love for their mom to tell them she wants to be his own personal slutty ass fucking whore! To me this is like our own personal roleplay and I love it. I love your secret slutty side.”

Mom just smiled and gave me a “Mmmmmmmmmmm.” Then she suddenly sat up supporting herself on her elbows with wide eyes and said “When you pulled my head back I was staring right into the TV with the slide show I could have swore I saw- “

I spoke right up saying “Beth’s dad with a dildo up his ass?”

Mom gave me an emphatic “Yes!, So I did see that! Do you think he’s bi?”

“No, neither does Beth, she says she would have been able to tell and after seeing all of the threesome pictures with that Charlie guy I would have to agree otherwise we would have run across a shot of them sucking the other or something and we think Eleanor would have wanted a shot of that. I think it was Eleanor getting into her Dom role a bit over zealously is all.”

Mom looked at me and asked “Would you do that if Beth wanted you to do that?”

“That’s something I wouldn’t want her to ask me to do.”

Mom looked at me like she knew I didn’t give her a direct yes or no answer so she asked again and changed the question but asking “Would you do it for me if I said it really excited me?” turning her head giving me a side glance look with a devilish grin.

I looked her straight in the eyes and said with a half smile. “I love you to death Mom, a finger like you did that time in the shower, maybe. But a toy? No way. I’m a bit squeamish about that area.”

Mom Laughed and said “Don’t worry Sweetheart, I was just playing with you. Seeing the picture didn’t necessarily excite me, the only thing exciting was peeking into their sex life, It was more of a surprise than anything.”

“Same for me” I said as I eased up and off the bed. I closed down the viewer program, then deleted the new directory I created to view them all and shut down the encrypted directory. As I did I asked “What did you think about her dad in the photos?”

Mom asked behind my back “Why do you ask? I think I mentioned…”

I cut her off again and said “No, no, no, no.. Beth and I know that and we fully agree. But Beth said her mom and dad used to have 3somes of the FFM type when they talked about the Polaroids and their sex lives before she died. He just mentioned his missed that because he liked watching and participating, apparently he said Eleanor’s not bi and she’s got it in her head to try to get one going for him.”

Mom asked “Who in particular for the other woman?”

“Kari for one, but she doesn’t think she’s going to make it for a visit this summer, so she was thinking about asking Darla, but she said she wanted to ask you first and see what you thought about it.”

“Well, I didn’t think his physique or his cock were bad at all, and I can see where Beth would enjoy getting something like that going. Actually, I wouldn’t put it past Darla to say ok. She can be kind of wild like that sometimes and she has been known, at least by me, to have slept with a married man or two over the years. It wouldn’t bother me…”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32