Mom’s Love and Games

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Note: This is a relatively expansive story that involves mother/son incest, cheating, slutty behavior, and is based on some real-life stories told to me by others. If any of these things is a turn-off for you, then you will not enjoy this story.


Shannon was proud of herself. It was the first time she delivered a tray of food to a table without bumping into something, nearly spilling a drink, or missing one of the items. It had been a month since Shannon had started working at the diner at nights. Being a waitress was a huge change from being a teacher, but due to stagnant pay and a lack of overtime pay for supervising clubs afterschool, Shannon wanted to find a better way to help contribute to her son’s upcoming college bills.

“Table 7 is still waiting on their meatloaf,” a younger waitress, Jenny, announced into the kitchen.

Shannon glanced at the current college student and felt embarrassed that at the age of 39 she had the same job as someone with no experience. The only consolation was that on some recent nights Shannon had been making close to what she would have made for an entire day of teaching.

Shannon was attractive, and she knew it. It was no wonder she was snapped up by her husband when she was only 20. Even when dressing in a casual manner, her wavy dark auburn hair, her 32D buoyant chest, and her sculpted lower body turned Shannon into a distraction.

When taking the orders for the next table, Shannon asked the family of five what they wanted for dinner. As the youngest child lisped through her order, the second youngest knocked over a glass of water that sent a chill through Shannon’s body.

The parents stood up and held out napkins as they apologized profusely. Shannon graciously took the napkins saying, “It’s alright, it’s alright,” hiding her frustration.

As she got back to the kitchen, Jenny gawked at Shannon and held back her laughter.

“Well, now I have to finish the rest of my shift looking like I peed my pants,” Shannon scoffed with a hint of humor.

“I am so sorry that happened to you.” Jenny let some laughter slip as she responded. “And I think I have some extra pants in my car.”

“Are they black?”

“Yeah, they meet the dress requirements,” Jenny smiled. “I’ll get them now before we get the huge rush of late night customers.”

“Does that late rush usually happen? I don’t remember that happening right when I first started. Or maybe it was happening, and I was just too focused on not screwing up to notice?”

Jenny and Shannon laughed together. “No,” Jenny answered, “we never had that until about a week after you started working here. Most of the late customers are men, so maybe it’s because of you,” Jenny winked.

“Oh yeah, I’m sure,” Shannon rolled her eyes. “They can see all the women they want online, and those women aren’t wearing pants and a polo.”

Jenny ran out to her car and came back in with a pair of black pants. Shannon thanked her and took them into the ladies’ room.

It felt odd taking off her pants in her work bathroom, but she was glad she did not have to walk around the rest of the night in soaking jeans.

Shannon and Jenny were both about 5’6″, but what concerned Shannon was that Jenny was skinny, and Shannon had the type of thighs and butt that were evidence of regular squatting and spinning in the gym. “Beggars can’t be choosers,” Shannon sighed as she squeezed into the black yoga pants.

Stepping out of the stall, Shannon turned in the mirror to see how she looked in the pants that she was trying not to rip. It was funny to Shannon how the back seam of the pants was basically buried in the valley formed by the two semi spheres of her round, firm ass. “There’s no way I can wear these,” Shannon chuckled.

“Shannon, where are you?!” A terse voice was muffled by the bathroom door. “The rush is coming. Let’s get these orders out.”

Shannon washed her hands and left the bathroom.

As the night went on, the volume of customers picked up. The first time Shannon saw Jenny since putting on the pants, Shannon thanked the young woman again, and Jenny replied with a playfully imitative voice, reminiscent of a man, saying, “Damn, girl!”

“I know! They are a bit tight but thank you so much anyway.”

At Shannon’s next table she was greeted by a booth of men from a wide range of ages. Before she started her spiel, one of the men spoke up. “Let me guess- You are Shannon, and you will be our waitress this evening?”

Shannon smiled, “That is exactly right!” She was not wearing a nametag, but she figured they had her introduce herself at another table.

She then read them the specials, but she got the sense their attention was elsewhere.

Later in the meal, Shannon came back to the table to ask how their food was. They all seemed happy to see her as they said the meal was delicious. “So,” a white man in his mid-fifties quipped, “do they make you wear those pants as part of your uniform?”

The waitress’ cheeks blushed. “No, there was an accident. I normally do not wear these pants.”

A bedava bahis black man in his thirties whose head was shaved seemed to be the ringleader of the group. He smiled brightly, “They definitely should make those pants part of your uniform.”

Shannon felt uncomfortable and put her head down. As she turned to walk away, she heard the digitized sound a phone camera, and glanced back to see the man holding his phone up with the lens pointed in her direction.

The married woman’s eyes went wide as she realized that the man had just taken a photo of her backside. It was incredibly violating and concerning, but she did not want to cause a scene and risk getting fired. She just walked back to the kitchen to continue doing her job.

At the end of the meal, Shannon came back to the table to find a 10% tip. Shannon’s face was beet red. She mumbled, “You sexually harass me at work and then leave me a crappy tip?”


It was a long day at work, and Shannon kicked her shoes off in relief as she entered her home at 2 am, once again wearing her damp jeans. There was a startling presence in the room. “Jesus! What are you doing up?”

Charlie, Shannon’s 18-year-old son, was lounging on the couch in a tank top and basketball shorts. “Just texting some friends about coming over to swim in the lake tomorrow. How was work? You look exhausted.”

The mother was about to comment on her son being up so late, but she was so pleased to have someone to complain to that she let it slide. “Thank you for noticing. I am exhausted. First, some kid spilled water on my jeans. Then some creepy guys harassed me. And then, my boss kept pushing me to work faster because he still does not have the diner staffed appropriately for the number of late customers we get now.”

“Wow, first the Windex fiasco, and now this,” Charlie quipped. Shannon smiled, impressed that Charlie had been listening to her last week when she was complaining how her boss yelled at her over using Windex near food, even though there was no food near the glass display cases at the time.

“Keep listening to women like this and you’re going to make one very happy someday. Now get some sleep.”

“Yes, mom.”

After seeing her son head to his room, Shannon followed him upstairs and got ready for bed. Her husband, Sean, awoke. “Hey.”

“Hey. I had a long night tonight. You wouldn’t believe some of the things that happened tonight.”

“That’s okay, you’ll find a new teaching job soon,” Sean said promptly.

Each time Sean made a comment like that, it dug into Shannon’s skin a little bit more. She knew that part of him was just trying to help her feel better, but the other part of him was embarrassed. Sean used to beam with pride as he introduced Shannon as a teacher. “It’s a noble profession,” he would always say. Ever since she left to become a waitress, Sean made sure to briskly say to friends, “She is between teaching jobs.”

It was a true statement, but it was one that ignored the current financial contributions Shannon was making through her work at the diner. His comments had been following a recent trend.

The biggest change in their relationship seemed to be that the level of sex had decreased drastically in the last month. There was a five-or-six-month period where it was as if they were on a second extended honeymoon. Shannon knew her occupation should not determine how much she was getting laid, but regardless, she hoped she would find another teaching job soon to get things back to normal.


The waitressing job late at night was starting to take a toll. Two nights later, Shannon was working another late shift. Around midnight, Shannon cringed as she noticed the same group of creepy men were in her section. After the day Shannon had been having, she was not feeling as Zen as she was last time.

“Excuse us, Shannon, can you take our order?”

“Why should I?” She asked sternly, her hands on her hips. “Last time you were here you barely left me a tip, sexually harassed me, and then took a photo of me without my permission.”

In a reversal of roles, the men found themselves discomforted and flush in the cheeks. The same well-dressed black man from last time responded, “You just looked hot in those yoga pants and I thought people at my work would like to see the photo.”

Shannon was not amused. “Get out of here before I call the police.”

The men immediately exited the diner.

As Shannon went back to the kitchen counter, Jenny whispered to her, “What was that all about?”

“Jenny, do you know how long those men have been coming in here?”

“Hmm, maybe a month ago. Why?”

“They just are a bit rude, to put it politely. Do you know anything about them?”

Jenny pondered for a moment. “Well I know a couple of them work for a business with a yellow logo,” she giggled.

It was an odd piece of information for Jenny to just know off-hand. “How do you know that?” Shannon asked curiously.

Jenny explained, “When I was working the lunch shift a couple weeks ago we had the win-a-free-lunch casino siteleri promotion. All the customers put their business cards in the raffle bowl. I just remember two of those men had bright yellow business cards.”

“Do we still have those business cards around?”

“I’m not sure. Based on how slowly things move here though, I bet we didn’t even choose a winner yet. The bowl would be under the bar counter if we still have it.”

Sure enough, inside the bar, there was a bowl of folded business cards. It was easy to find the two bright yellow ones. “Greenville Private Library,” Shannon read aloud. There were just two business cards with the yellow background and red lettering. One had the name Brian, and the other had the name George, and both had the same address.

The name was confusing to Shannon because she knew based on how seedy men were that they did not work for any sort of fine bookstore or new philanthropic library.

At Shannon’s last table of the night, she was once again serving a group of men that fit the MO of the other tables of men. As she brought them foam clamshells for their leftovers, she asked, “Do any of you happen to know what the Greenville Private Library is?” The men awkwardly glanced at each other before snickering.


Wednesday was Shannon’s day off. After sleeping in and going to the gym, Shannon punched the address from the yellow business cards into her phone GPS. The place of business was just a few minutes from the diner, off an exit ramp.

When Shannon arrived at her destination, she saw there were trees on each side of the building, giving it a sense of isolation.

It was immediately apparent what type of business it was. A giant yellow sign that read “Greenville Private Library” rested on a pole. On the yellow awnings hanging off the sprawling brick building, the slogan, “Books, babes, adult movies, toys & more,” was written in the same red font repeatedly.

The reason Shannon was willing to use part of her day off to seek out the men’s place of work was because of a comment one of them made at the diner. He mentioned that he took the picture because people at work would enjoy seeing it. Shannon was suddenly more concerned by what he could have meant.

Tepidly walking towards the entrance, Shannon breathed deeply before opening the door. She was surprised by the pleasantness of the temperature controlled, cleaned, carpeted room. She tried not to look closely at the covers of the raunchy DVDs and magazines neatly organized on racks.

In another surprise, Shannon was greeted by a woman her age.

“You look lost,” the woman behind the counter grinned.

“Is it that obvious I’m out of place?” Shannon was relieved to see a well-kept woman rather than a perverted man.

In a hospitable tone, the woman behind the counter replied, “Oh nonsense. Everyone should feel welcome here. Nearly everyone has a sex drive, and there’s no shame in indulging it a little. I’m Alana, I’m the owner.”

She reached out, and the two women shook hands. “So, what can I help you with today?”

Shannon did not know where to start, but she felt comfortable confiding in Alana. “Well, the reason I am here is because I work at a nearby diner, and I have had a couple bad run-ins with someone who I believe is one of your employees.”

Shannon could already see that the gears were turning in Alana’s head. Alana ran her eyes up and down Shannon’s body. “You work at the diner on Maple. You must be Shannon.”

Shannon was stunned, and her concern increased. “Yeeeeesss…”

Alana quickly realized she needed to explain herself. “Your diner has become big with my customers- And so have you,” Alana said suggestively.

“What do you mean? Why?”

“Before we talk anymore, tell me which employee has been giving you an issue. That’s not acceptable. Sometimes they forget when they are at work, and when they are out in the real world.”

“His name is either George or Brian. He was black and he had-“

“It was George,” Alana confirmed. “I’ll make sure he never does anything disrespectful to you again.”

Shannon was confident in Alana’s pledge. “Thank you so much! I did not come here to get him in trouble. I simply wanted him to stop.”

“Thank you for bringing it to my attention. And is that all regarding that matter?”

“Actually no,” Shannon reminded herself, holding up her finger. “There was another thing. He took a photo of me and said that people at work would enjoy it. Do you know what that means?”

Alana bared her teeth uneasily, “Yeah, I do. And I don’t think you will be happy, so I apologize in advance. I was about to show this to you anyway. Follow me.”

The blonde owner led Shannon down a dark hallway that led to a series of rooms. Alana opened one of the doors that was the entrance to a room the size of a small walk-in closet. It had black walls, a laminate wood floor, was decently lit, and had monitor playing a pornographic video.

Shannon was already becoming desensitized to the adult content in the building. She noticed bahis siteleri that on the wall were a bunch of photos with name tags. “None in this one, surprisingly,” Alana interrupted Shannon’s thoughts. She then led her to the next room.

In the identical room next door, Alana scanned the wall. “Here we go.” Alana pulled down an 8×12 photo that was thumbtacked to the wall. Alana held the photo of the ass stretching out a tight pair of black leggings to the point where the outline of a thong was clearly visible. On the bottom of the photo there was a thin strip of beige masking tape labeled in Sharpie as, “Shannon- Greenville Diner.”

Shannon’s mouth was agape. “Why is this in here?!” She knew the answer but was hoping Alana would say something else.

Alana winced, “Guys come into these booths to jerk off, and this photo of you has already become quite popular. I can remove all of them if you want.”

“All of them?! What do you mean by that?!”

Alana rushed through her statement to get to the good news, “George printed a bunch of them out and put them up, but I will remove ALL of them right now.”

Shannon’s blood pressure was coming down, but it was still high. “How many are there?”

The owner counted the remaining rooms in the hallway. “Probably about 5.”

Trying to calm herself down, Shannon controlled her breathing as she examined the photo and compared it to the others of other women on the wall. She saw the other photos had wrinkles, torn edges, and glistened with a dry white substance. “At least mine haven’t gotten much attention from men in the town.”

Alana had another awkward explanation to deliver. “Well, no. This photo was reprinted this morning. In fact, all of them had to be reprinted each of the two previous mornings due to excessive use.”

“Eww,” Shannon shook.

To make the disgusted woman feel better, Alana suggested, “Try taking it as a compliment. I wish I could get that amount of attention from men.”

“These are men who actually see me daily! My son probably goes to school with their kids. Why would they want to do gross things with my pictures when they have an unlimited supply of porn?”

In an honest, and almost wise answer, Alana responded, “The reason they are most attracted to you out of any pornstar on tape, is exactly because they see you every day. You are more attainable in their minds. And plus,” Alana brought back her flirtatious grin, “I think you know how fucking sexy you are.”

A lot of thoughts were running through Shannon’s mind. She was becoming more understanding of the situation and the culture, but she was still upset with the violation of her privacy. “I get why this is good for business, but as a woman, why would you support men going around and taking photos of women to jerk off to in here?”

“Well, Shannon, in my defense I thought you had already consented.”

“How? When did you think I consented to have the entire town use my body as jerk bait? I’m a married woman.”

“Wow, this just keeps getting more uncomfortable,” Alana said bluntly, “It was your husband who brought the first photo of you in and posted it in one of the booths.”

Shannon was no longer listening. It was like she had entered the twilight zone. Her pupils were large, and for some reason she did not even doubt the truth of Alana’s statement. “Why? Why did he do this?”

“I understand this must be startling news for you. I don’t usually invade the privacy of others, but I guess since your husband kind of violated yours, it’s okay for me to tell you this. Your husband started coming in here maybe six months ago, and then after he had an altercation with another gentleman over the way he was using the photo of you he brought in, he quit cold turkey. And that was about a month ago.”

A devastating and angry truth became apparent to Shannon. Sean did not stop sleeping with her just because he was embarrassed of her profession. He had been getting his libido revved up at the “Library” and then coming home to fuck her. Once he stopped going to the Library, his libido returned to normal. “I just- I don’t understand…”

“Why your husband would hang this photo of you in here?”

A dismayed Shannon nodded.

“Believe it or not, a lot of men like knowing and seeing other men being sexually attracted to their wives. See those cameras?”

Shannon looked towards a top corner of the small room to see the camera lens.

Alana continued, “Those can be turned on and off by the person in the rooms. And they live feed into the theater if people want to watch. But most of the time they just watch porn films.”

After walking farther into the ever-expanding complex, Alana held a red curtain back for Shannon. The curtain was the entrance to a small theater that had three sets of seats facing three different screens on three different walls. “See those screens? People in here can watch people in booths live or watch a porno.”

Shannon could barely speak. After seeing this new world, she was beginning to think of her husband like he was an alien. It was not that he had these strange tendencies, it was that he hid it from her and involved her without her knowing. He did not cheat, but Shannon felt cheated of the truth and it was a betrayal of privacy. She did not hate him- she was angry with him, and almost embarrassed by him for a change.

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