Mom’s in Town Ch. 20

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He Tai

After Christophe had licked and sucked his cum off her dainty feet. He got up, still shaky from his intense orgasm, and started to apologize while trying to wipe himself off using his shirt tails before tucking them in.

“No need to apologize. It was an interesting experience and I enjoyed everything. It was the least I could do for a new pair of Louboutin’s.”

“Shall I put you on the list for a calendar? Your picture will likely be in it.”

“Absolutely. I am sure Rachael will pass on my contact information. But if not email me at [email protected]. My husband will want to see ALL the pictures. Do you share?”

“Yes. Let me pack up and when I get back to the store I will download the images and have my dad send them to you. Let us know which ones are your favorite and we’ll see if we can include one or two them in this year’s calendar. My dad and I select the images so I can pretty well guarantee you at least one of the pictures we took will be in it. We would love to fit you again and I know my dad likes to meet all the ladies who appear in the calendar. Here is my card. Do call.”

Christine watched him pack up and when he had left she reclined on the divan, tucked the business card into her purse and took out her phone to call to husband. The call went to voice mail so she left a message. There was a text from her son so she decided to call him.

“Brian darling…oh so sorry. Brianna, It has been quite a day. After you left I had a request from the hotel staff to stay overnight. I checked with your dad and he said go for it. I have been pampered in the spa all day. I am so glad you can make this evening and that your friend Jennifer will come with you. I guess I will be staying in the executive suite, the front desk will know where to direct you. Yes, I think 11:30 would be perfect. Depending on how I feel and if you were up for it, maybe we could all go down to the bar for a drink and then come upstairs after. If Jennifer wants to stay over we could likely manage that. See you then honey!”

A soft knock on the door. “Mrs. Smith. If you are ready – time for your massage. We will meet you in the same room as before.”

The room had been tidied up, new crisp clean white sheets put on the padded table and lighting mood changed. The harsh lights needed for the close up waxing work had been replaced with soft indirect lighting and overhead heat lamps. The table had been lowered for easier manipulation and was surrounded by Jasmine and the two women that had done her facial and mani-pedi.

“If it is gaziantep escortlar ok with you and since we are running a bit late due to Christophe’s showing up, I have asked Gloria and Tamara to help. By working together we should be able to shorten the time required for a full body massage and still give you the experience Rachael requested. This way you can still make your Sephora make-up appointment. Mrs. Smith, Gloria thinks that after the facial it would be a good idea to put on a cooling mask. It helps revive the skin under the eyes. Would that be ok with you?”

“If you think so, I would appreciate it.”

Gloria takes an opaque mask out of the drawer, kneads the gel inside to activate the chemicals, then carefully places it over her client’s eyes. She closes the velco straps loosely and Christine finds herself in total darkness.

“Perfect, let me help you off with your gown”

The mask meant she could not see anything as she stood there and felt the robe being removed. Slightly scared she stood there naked, letting the 3 women assess her smooth tanned body. The heat of the lamps was warm on her skin and her nervous grew as the silence continued.

“Now then, let’s get you up on the table. Let’s start with you face down. That’s it.”

Unseen multiple hands gently coaxed any tenseness out of her muscles. The hands massaging the top of her back were strong. The hands kneading her left thigh felt small and soft. The hands on her right glut were probing the deep tissue. The six hands never left her body. They swirled and trailed their fingers between areas. Tantalizing the skin and searching for aches and stiffness their coordinated movements suggested the trio had previously coordinated their magic touch. As the hands on her legs swept up her thighs she gave into the wantonness, welcoming the opportunity to spread her legs and allow the edges of the hands and the fingers to sweep softly over vulva. Her cheeks were separated and the edge of someone’s hand or maybe it was two different hands split the crease and dragged along her ass. A thumb rubbed her rosebud and some warm oil was spread over her throbbing opening. The hands working her shoulders reached down her back, pushing sexual energy into her crotch. Then, when sweeping upwards, they traced the side of her rib cage and began to caress the side of her breasts. The repeated motions inflamed her as she lay there in absolute darkness, letting it all happen.

“Time to roll over. I just need to lower the table a little.” came a soft voice from the darkness.

The pneumatics silently lowered table. This was harder on the three masseurs as they had to bend over more. The hands continued the massage with the warm oil. Working from her toes upward, the sexual energy from the toes that had been worshiped by Christophe toward the welling nether lips that were on displays. Christine could not see, but instead felt a slight urging tug from Gloria and Tamara. They wanted her legs open.

With nods of affirmation from the two assistants, Jasmine, stepped back from the table and remove her clinician’s uniform. Jasmine, standing naked, her nipple rings sparkling from the light and her swollen pudgy pudenda was bathed in shadow, at the head of the table watched as her client’s naked body was being kneaded in a way that was more caress and fondling. Just enough pressure being applied so as to be therapeutic but in a manner that subtly lustful. Perfect, she thought to herself. She allowed her hands to sweep the brow, follow the nape of the neck and extend out to the shoulders. She repeated this a few times, each extending more down the arms. Leaning over Christine, Jasmine’s excited nipples and their cold rings dragged softly across the upper chest below her. She rocked to and fro allowing the slightest of touches. Straightening up, she soon bent over to whisper in her client’s ear.

“I am going out on a limb here, but I think you will like what happens next.”

Jasmine placed her hands on the padded table and lowered a nipple so it just traced over the lips beneath the mask. Startled, Christine’s intake of breath, caused the nipple to grow even longer. Jasmine dropped a little lower letting her nipple fall between the soft waiting lips. The three workers watched as a small warm tongue came out to caress the nipple being offered and toy with the ring. The tongue inserted itself if the ring and gently tugged on it, pulling and stretching the nipple even more. Gloria and Tamara coordinated their massage efforts to that at least one pair of fingers were stroking and rubbing the vulva that was on full display. Christine’s hips responded by slowly beginning to rise and fall in time with pussy play.

“MMMMM, I though you would like that. I am hoping you are going to like this next part even move.” Jasmine whispered just before standing up.

The lowered table enabled Jasmine to straddle Christine’s face. While she wanted to be able to be excited to see what was going on, Jasmine opted for a reverse cowboy approach to face-sitting. She knew that by placing a leg, on either side of the headrest she could lower herself onto Christine so that her wet cunt would be right over the unsuspecting mouth and tongue.

Christine could not see what was happening but felt the brush of naked skin on her shoulders and ears. Her world got a whole lot darker and tighter as she felt Jasmine squatting over her. In an instant she could imagine the scene and knew what was happening. She opened her mouth and extended her tongue and let it explore the nether regions of the masseuse. She took the swollen lips in her mouth. She suckled on them as Jasmine humped her mouth. In the darkness, she felt a swollen clit rake her tongue and she eagerly sought a purchase on it. She took the satin smooth nub between her lips and let her tongue taunt the surface with little deft flicks. She searched to stretch and pull it before Jasmine rocked her hips away so that Christine’s tongue was now close to her ass. She felt Christine surge and push her face upward searching for more. Christine’s body was on fire as she ate out the woman. She wanted to be fondled, she wanted to cum. No she needed to cum. She knew that if Jasmine came then she would. She attacked the cunt on her face aggressively. She felt Jasmine’s humping become faster and she let her tongue and lips be the instruments of release.

The fingers and hands of the other two women were groping Christine. One hand had three fingers inside. One had was pulling on an inflamed and distended nipple. One hand was holding leg open and the fingers of the last hand were make their way to her ass. On either side of the table the two women and her legs up the air and Christine knew that her ass was soon to be invaded.


Jasmine gave a slight wave as she her head thrashed from side to side. A loud moan dame from deep inside her and she convulsed around the soft tongue that split her wet cunt lips. Gloria pushed her three fingers deeper into Christine’s cunt and Tamara slipped a finger into the waiting ass.

Christine could only stifle a groan as her own orgasm ripped through her body. The darkness of the mask and the mouth full of fresh pussy juice stimulated an erotic tsunami and she bucked wildly as the sensations curled her toes. Minutes elapsed as the orgyistic actions subsided.

“I think we should leave the blindfold on for few minutes as you rest up.”

Christine could only nod as she felt the legs step away from her head and a warm blanket placed over her almost comatose body.

The three clinicians, softly closed the lights and stepped out of the room.

“Give her ten minutes. Then get her up and ready for the Sephora appointment.”

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