Mom’s Friend was My First Love Ch. 06

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Some of you have written to ask why Shirley did not divorce her husband. Why would she stay married and have an affair with someone half her age? I have no answer to that question but it occurred to me then and many times since then. Her life changed drastically two years later including divorce and failing health. I do not know if she was waiting for MJ to turn 18 or what else could have motivated her. I was 19, very horny and very much in love with this wonderful lady so whatever her motivation, I didn’t question it.

I remember that I didn’t sleep much that night. I kept thinking about Shirley and MJ and the past three days of wonderful sex. I also thought about her story of punishment by her cruel stepfather and I admit, even then I found it hard to believe. I also know that every time I replayed it in my mind I had an erection of my very sore penis. Four day’s earlier I had been a virgin and now vast worlds of sexual fascination had opened up to me.

I slept past the alarm the next morning and was over an hour late driving out to the farm. We had several more days work to finish the hay fields and when I got to the farm Shirley had already gone out to mow the next area. Since there was still hay to unload from the wagon and to stack, I got busy on it right away.

Soon after starting the tractor, which ran the elevator, MJ appeared at the barn. She told me that I was supposed to come to the field as soon as I finished. I worked for over an hour with her sitting and watching and trying to talk to me over the loud tractor and clanking elevator. I pushed myself hard and finally stopped for water and to take a breather. When I stepped outside for water, MJ retrieved her pack of Marlboros and followed me.

Outside she lit a cigarette and I again noticed how her style of smoking was identical to her mother’s. Today MJ was wearing another tank top and through the thin material it looked like her bra had a flower pattern. Her long underarm hair was peeking out, even with her arms down at her sides. When she raised her arm to take a drag from her cigarette I could clearly see the ball of hair. Looking at MJ was giving me an erection. She had been rattling on about the fair and the farm and school and a lot of other things but now she looked very serious.

“Do you like my mom a lot?” she asked.

“Sure,” I said, “She is a great lady.”

MJ took a very long deep drag on her cigarette and sat down beside me before exhaling slowly. At the end of her exhale smoke began to stream from her nostrils, just like her mother. “When I went to fix supper last night I looked back to the barn and I saw you kissing mom inside the door.”

I was stunned. We had been careless and had been caught and I was suddenly afraid. I didn’t even think of lying to her. “What are you going to do?” I asked her.

“Nothing,” she said. “I just wanted you to know that I know. I told mom what I saw and we talked a long time last night about it and you.”

I was quiet for a long time while she continued to smoke and exhale her long slow Shirley-like exhales. Finally I asked her, “What did your mother say?”

“She said that she had been very unhappy for a long time, and now you make her happy. She said she knows it is wrong but she could not help herself. She told me the you are a really good guy and that she feels bad about how you might someday feel about this.”

“Your mother is one of the most wonderful and special people I have ever known. I care for her very much and I would never do anything to hurt her.” I didn’t know what else to say.

“I am glad she is happy and I promise not to tell anyone,” she said. “I was mad at first but after talking to mom I think it is cool.” MJ got up and slowly walked to the house leaving me standing there more than a little bit shaken.

I finished stacking the hay and quickly went to the sincan escort bayan hayfield. Shirley had a great deal of the tall grass down already and when she saw me she drove the tractor into the wooded grove where we had made love. I followed her and without saying a word she took my hand and led me safely behind several large trees.

“We have to talk,” she said as she sat down on a log.

“I know, MJ told me.” I didn’t know what else to say.

Shirley lit a cigarette and took several long draws and exhales as I stood there not knowing what to say. Finally, she said, “We weren’t careful and I think MJ is very hurt, although she says she is happy for me. She also promised, without me even asking, to never tell anyone our secret. I don’t want to, but I think we should cool it.”

I certainly didn’t want to “cool it” but I agreed to do whatever she wanted. I again told her how much I cared for her and she smiled. She kissed me softly and then walked back to her tractor.

The rest of the day we worked hard and quietly in the hot sun. When lunchtime came I ate little and we continued working until it was dark. Shirley told me she was sorry if I was hurt and then she told me good night. I went home and after my previous nearly sleepless night I fell into a troubled slumber.

The next morning I returned to the farm, determined to finish the job and keep my distance. When I got there, Shirley did not come out to meet me so I went to the barn. I began to fuel the tractors and to grease the baler. When I finished I heard Shirley calling me to the barn. I climbed to the loft and she was sitting there on the hay. She was wearing a white dress that buttoned up the front. Through the thin material I was sure I could see her dark areolas and dark pubic triangle.

“MJ and I talked for hours last night. This morning I took her to her friend’s house to spend the day. I was awake thinking most of the night, and in spite of all that we have probably done wrong, I don’t want things to end this way.”

She stood and stepped into my arms and kissed me. Her mouth was once again scrubbed and minty with only a slight taste of tobacco smoke. Our kiss was very light and lingered for several minutes with our tongues gently exploring each other. My cock was at full mast and the heat from her body felt scalding through her thin dress. Shirley picked up a cloth sack and taking me by the hand led me down from the loft and though the pasture.

We walked across the pasture past several dozen head of tame lazy cattle and into the trees. After walking hand in hand for nearly a quarter of a mile we came to the little stream that ran across the farm. Shirley spread a blanked that she pulled from the bag and again stepped into my arms. Our kisses were gentle and deep and long. Again I was erect but wanted her to take the lead completely. Finally she stepped back and slowly unbuttoned the dress. When it was open all the way down the front and hanging open I saw she was naked beneath it, as I had suspected. Her huge rubbery areolas and nipples were bumpy and erect.

I slipped off my t-shirt and took off my shoes, socks and jeans and stood before her in my underwear. Shirley knelt at my feet and pulled down my underwear releasing my hard cock. She then stood again, and let the dress slip from her shoulders. We didn’t touch and I was unsure of what to do next.

“I think this is going to be our last time to make love,” she said, “My daughter knows we kissed and suspects a whole lot more. You have been wonderful to me and for me and I hope there is never anything bad that happens to you because of this.”

I told her that it had all been wonderful for me and I didn’t want this to end. She told me that we could not hurt other people, and that she had never been unfaithful before and this had just been a tandoğan escort bayan slip of desperation. I had no idea at the time what she meant, but years later understood it fully.

“This morning, you and I are going to give each other everything that we might want or even think we want. We are going to ask each other for anything we want without being embarrassed or judgmental. If either of us isn’t comfortable with something we must say so right away, alright?”

I assured her that anything she said was ok with me. She then looked at my hard bobbing cock and asked me if I would like to start by “taking the edge off.” I nodded eagerly.

We sat on the blanket and as Shirley took my cock in her hand she asked if I wanted anything special. Should she suck me or give me a hand job and should she do anything else to please me. I knew she would have her cigarettes and Zippo in the bag and knew she had not smoked in quite a while and would be craving one. I reached into the bag and taking them out I put a cigarette between her lips and lit it. She smiled and then inhaled deeply before exhaling a long white plume past my head.

“Well, what would you like?”

“I would like for you to jack me off like yesterday and let me cum in your mouth.” I hesitated, embarrassed, until she nodded to me to continue, “and I would like for you to talk to me about whipping again.” I couldn’t believe I had said it and felt like some kind of a pervert.

Shirley smiled, “I would be happy to. Would you like to hear about my whipping again or would you like to hear a story I once read about a woman and her daughter being whipped for stealing?”

“Tell me about the mother and daughter,” I said. I admit MJ crossed my mind in her pose from the day before. The picture in my mind of her holding the binder’s twine with her arms stretched above her head had been burned in my mind. I could remember the thick dense hair under her arms and the freckles on her face and upper chest. Her hard nipples under her tube top were there in my mind too.

Before me was the beautiful naked woman that I had grown to love. She settled between my legs and first taking a big drag on her cigarette, she bent to take my cock into her mouth. She slowly sucked it and swirled her tongue around it. The smoke from her nostrils surrounded my cock and her mouth as she slowly gave me a couple of slow wet strokes.

Rising up she took another drag and then talking with smoke coming out of her mouth, she said, “I wanted to get you wet first.” Shirley then began to slowly stroke my cock with her hands as she began telling me a story about a woman and her daughter who was arrested for stealing food. They were put on trial and sentenced to public whipping. I still remember her story as she told it to me in great detail. She would slow down or stop stroking my cock if she thought I was getting too close to cumming. When she told me how they were tied, she put the cigarette in her mouth and held her hands high over her head posing for me. I looked at her raised arms and had to reach out to stroke her furry underarms. The hair was soft and long and slightly damp. I kissed her breasts and nipples and ran my nose and lips through her underarms. I loved the feel of her hard rubbery nipples and soft musty underarm hair.

Shirley brought her arms down and taking a deep drag she ordered me to lie on my back. She then slowly told me of the woman being touched and aroused by the executioner who was going to whip her and how she agreed to suck his cock if he would whip her daughter only lightly. She told me the story about the whipping as she stroked my cock. She must have pinched off my orgasm a half dozen times while she talked making the buildup last.

Finally, I was painfully close and she began to jack me harder and faster. As I felt my groin tunalı escort bayan tighten and began to thrust into her hands she bent down to take me into her mouth jacking my spurting cock onto her tongue before sucking me as deeply as she could fucking me deeply with her mouth. My orgasm was my longest and best so far and she kept my cock in her mouth, sucking it gently for many minutes after I stopped cumming.

Shirley slid up alongside me and we held each other and kissed. The combined taste of my cum and her smoky mouth did not bother me at all. We lay there for several minutes cuddling and kissing and then Shirley lit another cigarette and I asked her if she wanted anything special. She took another deep drag and seemed to hesitate as she slowly exhaled.

“I want you to whip me and then eat me and then fuck me.”

You could have pushed me over with a feather. “I couldn’t hurt you.”

“Well, not really whip me, just pretend. I couldn’t have my family see me with welts on me, could I?”

She stood and walked over to a tree limb that was parallel to the stream and about six feet off the ground. Dangling her cigarette in her lips, she reached up and grasped the limb with her hands three feet apart. “Get the whip from the bag”

In the bag was a woman’s belt. It was short and round and the buckle had been removed. I took it and walked to her. “I cannot hurt you.” I said again.

“Pretend, just slap me with it and make a noise.”

I went behind her and lightly swung the belt across her back. It struck limply. “Harder”, she said. I tried over and over with her begging each time “HARDER”. No matter how hard I tried I could not bring myself to really whip her with it. Looking back, knowing her need and knowing now her time was limited, I almost wish I had given her the real whipping she begged me for.

Instead, I sank before her to my knees and buried my face in her thick pubic hair. I found her pussy soaking wet and began to run my tongue up and down her creamy slit. At the top I found her clit peeking out from its hood and I paused at the top of each stroke to lightly lash it with the tip of my tongue. She tasted and smelled wonderful and she continued to stand there hanging onto the branch and smoking the cigarette that was still hanging in her lips.

I shoved my tongue inside her and she bucked against me wanting more. I inserted two fingers into her soaking pussy and placed my mouth directly over her clit and she bucked against me harder, bruising my lips. Taking a last drag she spat the cigarette away and said, “play with my asshole.”

This was something new and rather distasteful but after disappointing her with the whipping I was not going to do it again. I began to suck her clit with my mouth as I fucked her with two fingers. With the other hand I spread her ass cheeks and began to rub her asshole. I dipped the fingers into her pussy juice and lubricated her asshole and slipped a finger inside. Shirley began to buck and moan and I sucked her clit harder and finger fucked her as deeply as I could.

She took one hand down from the limb and began to pinch and cruelly pull and twist her own nipple. If anyone had been within a quarter of a mile they would have heard her moan and cry out. Her pussy shuddered over and over as she fucked herself against my mouth and I sucked her clit so hard I thought she might cry out in pain. With my mouth on her pussy, two finders of my left hand buried inside her pussy and the index finger of my right hand up her rectum rubbing and fucking her, Shirley cried out over and over as she orgasmed.

Finally she let go of the limb and limp legged she sank onto me and then to the blanked. I continued finger fucking her and sucking her clit until she pushed me away and said, “No more, please, no more.” She lay there panting with me holding her close and kissing her tears away.

In the next part I will finish the story of our morning together and take you ahead in time. I do welcome feedback and miss the comments some of you folks were giving me at parts one and two. I would still love to find someone to discuss these stories with.

Thanks again for reading.

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